Photo Hunt #64 - Sweet

Well I know that the theme is 'Sweet' but I'm pretty sure that most people entered their cooking like cupcake, cookies, brownies - mmmmm brownies. I was going to enter a shot of my wife making some brownies last night but I decided to enter something else. Something that doesn't get much attention because to the average eye it's a bit small. I'm talking about my computer, I use a macmini to work online and play games. The term 'Sweet' is something my kids use in a slang sort of way to mean cool or awesome. So here is a shot of my mac that stays behind the scenes and does all the work. It's measurements are 6"x6"x2", a small appearance but with an ape's strength.

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Going on a Date...

A question that most people ask themselves everyday when they don't have that special someone is when will I meet that wonderful person. Well I want to start out by saying that I met my wife online in the year of 1999 when online dating was considered a bit of a risk. Well I've been married to my better half now for seven years and two months and I could not be any happier. It's too bad that companies such as FriendFinder weren't around because I would of met my wife a whole lot sooner then 1999 Nonetheless, visit and sign up today and view the many profiles that are already there waiting for you to view and choose from. One of the features that they offer is the Blog section. Here you can talk to others on a board room environment. They also offer a chat format where you can pick a room by geographic region or by topic of interest. If you're a newbie to this then I recommend you start at the Lobby, this is a great place to get started on what will potentially be a future of fun and happiness. There's someone waiting to meet you right now, so quit hesitating and hop in and join the fun!

Fire can be stopped...

I just got done watching a video on what happened in lake Tahoe. Every time I hear of a wild fire spreading throughout the town destroying hundreds of homes I start to wonder if there is something that can be done to slow or stop these fires. I thought of a solution that can save many homes, "water it down". Many homes have this lavish spread of gardens with the most up to date sprinkler system. Why hasn't anyone come up with a system that would keep the home wet on the outside. Sounds silly but hear me out. If you have a home and you know that your home means a lot to you and your family then why not secure it forever. With the same concept of an in ground sprinkler system you can line the home with the same equipment from the top of the house right down to the sides. This system does not have to be running all the time all you have to do is flip the switch when ever trouble comes, kind of like when a fire is present you either call 911 or you pull the fire alarm depending where your located. The possibilities are endless as far as designing the system. This can probably save many home owners a lot of money on their insurance coverage.
Just thinking out loud.

Your Store - Online...

Most of you out there own your own business but you haven't ventured into the world of the internet to sell your product. Well I'm here to help you with that extra step you so strongly need. Take some time away from your busy schedule and listen up. AShop has exactly what you need to get started with selling your wonderful and innovative items to the world. Visit today and see what shopping cart software can help you out with. They stand behind what they call the top six reasons to choose.
2. EASY!

With those winning steps there is no way you can go wrong with their software. This is just the beginning of a great offer, not only are they at the top of the list but they back it up with a free ten day trial (with no credit card needed). What this means is that you can sample the software and determine whether or not you can profit from this software. Visit today and take advantage of this wonderful offer.

Trash It!

Here in Toledo there was an increase in our garbage fee to five dollars, three and change if you committed to recycling every other week. Well now we hear that some parts of Toledo won't be getting the service that they are paying for. It is being said that trash pickups that fall on holidays won't be picked up until the following week. That will cause some trouble for families that have more then the average amount of trash. I have a quick question - Will those residents receive a lower trash rate when the holidays come and they have to wait an extra week to get rid of it?


Enthusiast I am...

I just got done listening to yet another awesome song from the new Police Cd 2 disk set. Well the set belongs to my wife but I am planning on buying my own copy to take to work because I know she won't let me take her copy. Well she might have a good reason as to why she won't let me. Let's just say that my nick name around here is Sir Scratch a lot, most of my cds are completely ruined because I have this bad habit of not putting them back into their jewel cases after using them. All that is just fine because I just found out on the Police's banner that if I were to purchase a copy of their new cd collection i would receive a vintage poster of The Police. Now I know that some of you are wondering "What Banner" well that's were the following link will take you.
The Eyewonder Banner was created to help the viewers get all the details on the Police in one spot. You can find out the following from this banner:
- Videos
-Track List / Jukebox
- Tour
- Enter The Contest
- Send To Friend
- Ringtones
Get all of this in one central location without having to go from site to site. They released the dynamic 2 disc compilation CD on June 5th, which mens you are only a few weeks late. So get out there and get your copy today and remember that your copy will come with a one of kind vintage poster of them.

Hazardous Activities...

The title does sound a bit harsh but it's what most insurance companies call it when you participate in certain outdoor activities that may be a little risky. Do you participate in one of the following activities?
- Archery
- White Water Rafting (up to Grade 3)
- Golf
- Scuba Diving (up to 7 days cover, limited to 30 metres depth, must be accompanied by a qualified instructor)
- Cycling
- Motor Cycling (up to 125cc with helmet worn and correct licence available)
- Rambling/Trekking/Hiking
- Parascending Over Water
- Water Skiing
- Wind Surfing
- Snorkeling
- Hot Air Ballooning (must be pre-booked with a UK tour operator)
- Deep Sea Fishing
- Roller skating/Inline skating
- Sailing (within territorial waters only)
If you answered yes to any of these activities then let me tell you about 'CoverMyTravels', they specialize in many forms of insurance coverage including medical travel insurance. Most of you reading this don't really think that snorkeling is a hazardous activity but think back to when you first learned the basics of this fun and adventuresome activity. You remember all the tips and rules that applied to it, well 'CoverMyTravels' insures that even if you were following the rules correctly they will be there to help you out when things go wrong. Visit today and experience what I did when I visited, the website is completely user friendly and very easy to navigate.

They're Back...

Just when you thought that JibJab was on snooze here they come again with an excellent compilation of presidents saying the words of 'The Star Spangled Banner'. Now the music isn't the same as to what we're used to but it is a bit humorous. Watch it and let me know what you think of it.


Digital Frames...

How many of you out there are like me when it comes to pictures on your office desk? You know those pictures with the frame barely standing while others have seen better days. Well I can tell you one of many things, I am going to start reorganizing my office starting with those old frames. What better way to cherish special moments and enjoy those you love then by having them light up brilliantly with a digital photo frame. That's right, upload your best photos to a flash drive and have them loop through the colorful LCD and watch the rich colors make that moment come to life. Digitalframez.com specializes in many types of digital frames and their many different sizes. If you believe that your office space is fine the way it is but you know of someone that has way too many photos spread throughout their desk and it looks like they can take advantage of this product them by all means either buy them one as a gift or direct them where to go. These digital photo frame in my opinion would make almost any office look great.

A sad day in the entertainment world...

WWE's Chris Benoit has died at the age of 40, there are still sketchy details on the death. Authorities are stating that this was apparently a murder-suicide. I have not been in close contact with the show itself for almost two years because I no longer have cable but I do remember the days when he would perform. His presentations were like no other, my heart goes out to the family and friends of this great person. Some of you might think that he's a dirt bag for killing his family but until the autopsy confirms that I'm still going to honor his performance and dedication to the sport.


Keep Cash...

With Mother's Day and Father's Day out of the way the only thing you have to concentrate on is the occasional birthday and random party to worry about before the big one. If you don't know what I'm talking about when I said the 'Big One" then your not much of a shopper. The 'Big One' is of course Thanksgiving Weekend Sale duh, why wait until then to get great deals on what you know your loved ones enjoy right now. Thats' right shop at KeepCash.com and use one of their many coupon codes to ease the total cost on the many presents that you plan on buying. This site is continuously refreshing every day so that you get the latest and greatest deals on appliances, gadgets and even clothing. Do what I'm planning on doing next month, sort through the list of stores and figure out what you want to purchase or if you want to make sure that those whom you are buying for get the inside scoop on this site and possibly get what you want then pass this on to them and remind them of the codes that will save them lots off the things you or even they want.

Clever Kids...

I spent my lunch hour looking through some videos that were funny while others were just dumb. The video below is very funny and dumb at the same time.
Funny - the video was funny because of at the end the three boys... well you can watch it and see for yourself.
Dumb - because you never let a customer stay in your store unattended.

An interesting take though on the movie Ocean's Eleven.


A moment to remember...

Yesterday was the dedication of the Veterans Glass City Skyway. I had plans to be on the spectator side of the bridge but when we got to the Sports Arena my wife and I were asked if we would like to be part of the Flag Volunteer group. We both looked at each other and said yes. I don't know how the day would of been but I'm pretty sure it would not of turned out the way it did when accepting the duty of volunteering. I am proud to have been part of the ceremony especially for it's reason - The Veterans and the workers who worked on it. When the names were read of those lost during the construction the sound of silence was very heart warming. I helped hold a very large flag that was presented at the ceremony, participating in that gave me a sense of purpose during this occasion. My wife has an excellent presentation of the event, please visit her at Glass City Jungle and watch the video that she put together.


250 dollar gift certificate...

The title is not a false statement, you can receive a $250 gift certificate or a free round trip. Visit Hustlermoneyblog today for a chance to receive such rewards. My current cards did not offer me such special rewards or Credit card bonus when I first got them. The only thing I got were rates that were too high and a headache when it came to paying off the charges.
American Express Business Gold is a card that I am planning on acquiring and I believe my wife will get one as well.
The 25000 points bonus that you get after your first purchase is a limited time offer. Just like the $250 Chase bonus, take advantage of this offer and apply right away.

Photo Hunt - Shiny

The image that you see to the right is a nice patch of grassthat has been altered by the likes of my daughter. Here's the story, my wife and I had promised to get her a vanity for her room. She wanted us to find something inexpensive and cute. Well after searhing each department store for like a whole day the only thing we found was cute but the price tag was too much (well according to us). We finally decided to go to Savers (the same as Goodwill) and pick up some more work shirts for me (warehouse labor). That's when we saw a cute vanity and the price was just right. Now back to the picture, the vanity came in this dull brass color and since my daughter isn't into dull colors she decided to buy silver and paint it right on my grass hence the picture.

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I need New Furniture...

Ever wondered how long your current furniture will last you? I had that same question bouncing around my mind for the past few years. I currently do not have any couches or love chairs or recliners. I have three cats that are not de-clawed yet or rather I should say they can't get de-clawed because they are too old now to have that done. I am currently shopping for a nice new set that won't become cat toys by the end of the day. I would love a nice two toned sectional in my living room. Especially if it was made of leather, but I know I'll keep dreaming and maybe one day someone can invent something for my cats to wear that won't harm any kind of furniture. FurnitureFromHome.com has a large selection of the greatest sectionals that will appeal to you really easy. They also have a nice collection of bedroom furniture that will undoubtedly make you feel truly relaxed.
If you have that extra room that has become your new office but you don't have the right Home Office Furniture look then please visit today and locate what you deserve. Worry Free Purchase which includes free shipping you have nothing to lose.

Dodge Chargers as Squad Cars...

I don't know if Toledo will take the chance and acquire 36 Dodge Chargers this year. During work today i had to go to Northwood to pick up an order and just as got off the ramp leading to Wales road I saw a charger but this one looked different, it was set up to be a police vehicle. I have to admit they do look a little more intimidating then the current vehicles they have now. If you read this PDF you'll see that on page five under Police Fleet they acquired three of them for this year. I hope we get some as well, our current fleet looks a bit out dated.


E-Cards are the best...

This has to be one of the most enjoyable opps I have done so far. I just spent the last few minutes creating a cool looking castle/e-card. VirtualSandCastle.com has to be one of the most creative sites out there. The site is literally easy to use and can be fun for kids of all ages. When creating the castle fittingly titled "Roman" I found that it was entertaining and you can be really creative with the tools. My daughter spent some time on it and she found out that you can layer a few pieces together and make an even taller castle. I of course wasn't so adventuresome so my castle looks a little simpler then the other ones there. My daughter is going to mention this cool site to her friends that love to send e-cards out to family members. If you have a young one at home and would like to send a nice e-card or Build A Sandcastle then please visit today and create one either together or by yourself you just might get one back from those you care about. I created another castle because after learning how to be a little more creative I thought the first one I did was pretty pathetic.

Frank Rants #38

This post was taken from my other site because some of the viewers that come here wanted to know what I thought about Mr. Frank, so I made it a little easy on my readers to see it on both by just coping what I had on the other one and putting it here.
I have heard of this gentleman but have not had the time to read his articles or watch his videos. Today was the day that I did both, I agree with him 100%. LeBron James is a leader and those of you out there that think the Cavaliers were losers because they didn't win can kiss my butt. Name me another youngster that helped carry a team to the finals as remarkable as James did.
Kobe Bryant is a moron in some aspects, his indecisive nature as to stay or go is getting a bit annoying. T.O. went from team to team and easily won the "Complainer" award. Looks like Bryant isn't too far away from taking that title.
US Open...
It's called the US Open, you would think that we would of had a winner by now but noooo we keep falling behind.
Frank great job and I hope to catch more of your rants.


What's your back-up plan?

Watching the news today and seeing the devistation that occured in a South Carolina furniture store not only brings sorrow and heavy hearts for those lost in the fire but when the fire is out and you have to cope with the next few days of rebuilding your next question would be "Are all of my files safe?" do not know if that company had their files backed-up but if they didn't things are going to get really hectic trying to remember the their current list of customers.
Invaluable off-site backup of your documents, spreadsheets, photos, music and more with theVegasFiles.com is something that many companies should be looking into. The Vegas Files, a VANDAO company is a highly secure, user-friendly, extensive backup solution which is monitored 24/7. They are available through phone or email, and respond promptly to customer inquiries. Try them out if you are not currently backing up your data.
CALL THEM NOW @ 1-866-461-9002

At a lost for words...

I have to admit I did not watch any of the tv hit 'The Sopranos' but I did hear that the last episode was an awful way to end the show, from what I saw on YouTube it was pretty close to resemblance but not the same. It's a bit disturbing to use a gangster show to promote the winning song for the campaign but then again I'm just a thinker.
Watch the video and you tell me what I should think of it.


Reno 911! Miami...

Wow where do I start. Well for starters I would like to say that Wendi McLendon-Covey aka Deputy Clementine Johnson is a hottie from Reno 911! Miami The Movie. The reason as to why she's my favorite should be plainly obvious, well to guys at least. She may be a little out there but she is a sight to watch. I have seen the movie twice and I would love to own a copy of the unrated dvd version which comes out today. I will wait to see if I win a copy, but I will only wait for only a week and a half. I need to add this to my collection. My wife isn't really into their type of humor but my brother and I truly appreciate it. Reno 911! Miami The Movie is one of kind, older movies tried the humor before but were unsuccessful. If those of you out there haven't even heard of them then please take a few seconds to watch this (VIDEO LINK) and I dare you not to laugh at their antics. I was going to purchase my copy today but when I saw an opp to possibly win a copy I figured why spend the money, blog about it and hopefully win. Now I may have misread the opp and there isn't a copy available for a lucky postie but either way I enjoyed the movie and I believe you should give it a try and see for yourself that she is hot and the movie is really funny.

Politically Driven / Fan Driven?

Regardless to what the answer is the new Arena will be a sight that will have many embracing a new era. Toledo is way overdue for a project of this magnitude. This endeavor was first thought to be a politically driven project but after a few citizens were involved and their voices heard I can feel the two entities coming together on a common decision - Toledo needs a fresh start.
I have to admit that although I love to debate political issues with my wife, I didn't really care for politics before meeting my her. I have her to thank for when it comes to my understanding of Toledo History and it's roots. This city is one for all of us to be proud of, especially when the Arena is just the beginning of what's to come in the near future. Politics will always peak it's head out but it's politics that we need in order to discuss what matters the most in any city "citizens".

From 50 Cent to Zubin Mehta...

Ever find yourself talkignabout celebrities and wonderign if your life is really that dull that the actions of stars make you feel some what alive? Well then you feel exactly like I do when I get a chat or two going with my teenage daughters regarding celebrity gossip. I have to hand it to my girls though, when it comes to knowing the ups and downs of celeb life they know a whole lot more then I do. Now I have the upper hand on the next conversation that takes place at the house. How's that you ask, well I just visited a site that is 100% dedicated to knowing celebs and what there up to. The have a huge selection of names with birthdates, real names even physical features. Head on over to CelebrityGossip.com today and learn what others may not know.

An Issue that needs clarification...

On my wife's blog Glass City Jungle she asked the question of why two crimes which result in murder have two different sentences. This thread has had up to 61 posted comments regarding the issue. I commented on it simply saying murder is nothing more or less then murder. I don’t care if it was done by a tricycle or a semi, a paintball gun or a 9mm. Murder should not have a difference standards. The families and friends of the departed are not going to remember them differently because one was taken by a vehicle while the other was by a gun. The laws need to be positioned so that it can have a true flow of sentencing.

A driver does not go out looking to kill but when the SET laws are there to protect others on the road and this nutjob still persists to ignore them then he/she is a murderer when striking another. This is also true with gangbangers or of the like kind, if they attempt to pull a drive by and happen to hit other citizens that happen to be in the area would that be considered an accident? NO! It’s viewed as murder regardless to what his confession is, “Oh I was just going for the guy that dated my girl.”

Although I might get a few people to agree with me I'm pretty sure they'll be out numbered by those who oppose.


Burn Notice...

Posties, what would you do if you were stranded in an unknown city with no money or resources? How would you eat? Where would you sleep? What about the weather? Tell us how strong of a survivor you are!

The Questions above can be difficult to answer if you're in a comfortable environment already but if you deal with such scenarios already then these questions are pretty easy to answer. Well let me start out by saying that I have experienced moments where I had to make a few decisions on what to do next. When I first moved to Ohio I had a small fear that if my wife (girlfriend at the time) decided that it wouldn't work out between us what would I do in a city that is not familiar to me at all. I guess I would find a shelter to stay at until I figure out how to get back to Connecticut yes I'm from CT. I would probably find out what kind of jobs are available that pay the same day you know the pay what you work type of deal. I don't know what the shelter life would be like because I don't know if they will be open or available on a daily basis. I know I have proven to work hard and earn my own keep. I tend to frown on those who can't work but yet have the nerve to ask for more when it's pay out time. I think if work was steady and apartments weren't too expensive I believe I could make it in a new city where no one knows me and survive to tell my story to future family members. I thank my wife now and the good lord above that she liked and later loved me enough to marry me, but if it came down to survival of the fittest I just might make it.
Starting June 28th Michael Weston, of USA Network's Burn Notice, will take some time to show us how he deals with a similar situation. Don't miss a single episode, I know I'm not going to.

USA Network's Burn Notice

Apple: iPhone battery better than expected

Well it turns out that the iPhone that I want has improved a few more features before it's even available to the U.S. on June 29th. I read that the screen will be glass instead of the usual plastic form that most phones come in. That would be great especially if you have a history of scratching the screen like myself. Can't wait till the release date.

Got Insurance?

A very easy question to ask and most families will say yes but when asked if they have pet insurance, the answers usually range in a low number. I currently do not have insurance my pets, with the coverage of lost animals due to the food scare that had a large amount of grocery stores recalling their stock I seriously thought about purchasing a plan for my dog. I know that it shouldn't take a scare of that size to smarten up but in the past vet bills used to range pretty high, now I hear that almost all vets have the right equipment and skills to handle what at one point was deemed untreatable. Insure your pets today because if something like pet food can poison them you really need something to fall back on.

A True Legend...

I just watched one of Pacino's best interviews. It feels nice to know that a man like him who has done it all and be as wealthy as he is still carry a mind and characteristic of humbleness.
Watch the video and notice how he answers King's questions with absolute heart and compassion.
If you are having trouble viewing the video or it directs you back to CNN then click here to visit Larry King's section on CNN, scrll down to the interview.
King's Page.


A Place to Visit...

Father's Day is tomorrow and I don't know what my wife has planned. I tried to mention very secretly about the Coupon Chief and how they have an enormous selection of vendors an coupons. CouponChief.com is a very user friendly website where the visitor can access each page with complete smoothness. Speaking of smoothness, it would be nice to have a chilled bottle of wine from Wine.com next weekend. Hopefully she'll take advantage of the 10% coupon when she visits.


A little laugh for the day...

A passenger in a taxi leaned over to ask the driver a question and
tapped him on the shoulder. The driver screamed, lost control of the
cab, nearly hit a bus, drove up over the curb, and stopped just inches from a large plate glass window.
For a few moments everything was silent in the cab, and then the still shaking driver said, "I'm sorry but you scared the daylights out of me.
The frightened passenger, apologized to the driver, and said he didn't
realize a mere tap on the shoulder could frighten him so much.
The driver replied, "No, no, I'm sorry, it's
entirely my fault. Today is my first day driving a cab.... I've been
driving a hearse for the last 25 years.


Pull-A-Part Auto Parts..

I just read this today in one of the local papers;
Auto parts yard proposed
The Toledo Academy of Learning tried to buy the property in 2005 for its charter school, but the city wanted to keep the land zoned as general industrial.

"The fact that it was a charter school wasn't the issue," said Mr. Torres, who also serves as vice president of the Toledo Board of Education.

Kattie Bond, the acting director of the Department of Neighborhoods, is concerned about the view of an auto salvage yard from the Anthony Wayne Trail, a main thoroughfare into downtown Toledo.

She credits the Toledo Zoo with beautifying the area, and doesn't want to see its work interrupted by Pull-A-Part.

"Instead of a junkyard, we prefer it to be something clean, neat, and green," she said.

I was discussing this with my wife on our last visit to the zoo, we were discussing the possibility of expanding the zoo or even better yet bringing other like businesses to the area like COSI. I am going to agree with Kattie Bond in the fact that the area is being picked up and maintained in a very clean and lively manner, having a junkyard placed on one of Toledo's main arteries is a silly and better yet a "wrong" thing to do.
I know that this might bring in probably 20 jobs but it does not fit the area. Toledo has a few other locations that have junkyards already, they may not be the Rolls Royce of dealerships but what's wrong with a nice regular Olds dealership?

Please make yourself count and heard at a neighborhood meeting that will be held at 7 tonight regarding the fate of the property at 671 Spencer St.. The meeting will be at Southgate Church, 1217 Prouty Ave., between the Anthony Wayne Trail and Spencer Street.


Troux Technologies...

Troux Technologies is in front of the pack when it comes to IT Transformation. Their software is the industry’s only comprehensive set of solutions to mitigate risk, lower costs, and sustain growth initiatives. Troux’s software combines tools for enterprise architecture creation and design with a new generation of informative business solutions. Metis is Troux's main player, by this I mean thy have to package that most other companies envy. Here are the three focused softwares that makes them and places them where they are today.

Metis Architect
Metis Server
Metis Collection

Visit today and read the complete details on each of their software products and see just like I did that Troux does not play around when it comes down to business.


911 operators did little...

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- A woman who lay bleeding on the emergency room floor of a troubled inner-city hospital died after 911 dispatchers refused to contact paramedics or an ambulance to take her to another facility, newly released tapes of the emergency calls reveal.

911 operators did little as well as the hospital employees. This woman regardless to what her history is needed help and even with blood coming out of her mouth they still had her sit in the waiting room. I wish that more people would take the extra step to help instead of sitting back and letting politics determine what the next course of action should be. I can only imagine the lawsuit size that will be filed because of the poor performance that was displayed and because of this incident the policy will change for future issues. That my dear friends is one of the reasons why I wish people would act quicker on those moments, changing a policy after the fact will not bring that woman or anyone else for that matter back after their dead. If it's not in your policy but you know that saving a life is the right thing to do then for god's sake please take a step forward and help out.

Jungle Jim's...

Although I can see my friend Jim laughing it up that this store is a bit silly, I can also see him wanting to shop there just to check out the restroom design of the place. I watched a video on CNN and found myself saying what most of the customers there were saying "I'm not going to use a porta-poty at a grocery store." Well after watching the entire video I thought to myself why hasn't anyone else come up with that idea before. Check them out and please vote for them.

Scramble The Police...

This post is dedicated to the group that still touches me and my wife's memories. I am posting this because my wife has received a copy of the new Police cd by simply writing about the fact that she loves The Police. I am hoping that I get a copy myself but something tells me that I won't be getting one any time soon. Anywho this opp has asked me to unscramble the following song titles and list them accordingly. Well here goes...

Here are the scrambled songs:

1 ualtofl
2 ouon ttxey
3 oylselno
4 nnebhg ttrhigoni
5 e etvekruaeyrhta boy
6 ycirysotnicn
7 irs a kut tnepwyonoifglos
8 as poidi sit larhitletrmernw
9 c rtdeleganbat a
10 esblnvisiun i

My answers are as follows:
1 Fallout
2 Next to You
3 So Lonely
4 Bring on the Night
5 Every Breath You Take
6 Synchronicity
7 Walking in Your Footsteps
8 Spirits in the Material World
9 Reggatta de Blanc
10 Invisible Sun

I hope that I got those right, some of them were missing letters. Well let's hope that they are correct, I mean after all they are from the new Police cd that will be a 2-CD compilation and not a box set. Well even though I might not win my own copy I am planning on "borrowing" my wife's copy tonight. Get your copy.

The Watch was Stolen...

Look closely to his left hand and see for yourself.


Massage Therapist Needs You...

Relax, let your mind go to that one place where you find yourself at complete ease. Listen to the sounds of the room... okay maybe I'm not cut out to be a therapist or even a massage therapist for that matter. What I want you to do is head on over to Vitality Massage and Bodywork in Traverse City Michigan and help yourself to one of the many treatments. Oh in case I forgot to mention this, the location is in Michigan so for those of you in Florida or California this place might be just a bit too far, but if what I'm reading on their website is true then I think you should make a special trip up here and feel for yourself what the hype is about. Over 5 years of perfecting the technique will be found at this fine location. Here are some of the techniques:
Therapeutic Massage
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Prenatal Massage
Integrated Massage
and Hydrotherapy Techniques
They have also furthered their education in the fields of Aromatherapy and Hydrotherapy, and if Steam and Essential Oils is something that is a must for you then visit traverse city massage location today and relax.

Vitality Massage and Bodywork is located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. To set an appointment or to contact them, please call 1-231-499-9990 and they will be more than happy to speak with you any time.

Next time use caution...

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- A judge on Monday voided a 10-year sentence for a man accused of having consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17. He instead gave Genarlow Wilson a 12-month misdemeanor sentence with credit for time already served.

This young man was an example of an old law that conflicted with another law. He has already served 27 months for this crime. He may be serving a little longer if the appeal goes through. Lets' hope that next time he decides to have sex with a female he makes sure that she is at least 18 years of age.

Internet Advertising by AD Volcano...

AD Volcano is an online text advertising network that offers publishers an opportunity to price their own ads and have full control over what the design will be. How great would that be to have complete control of what you put out into the internet.
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I just spent the past fifteen minutes visiting their site and I have to hand it to them they sure know how to get your attention. What brought me to the site was a video that was playing on Yahoo News. Great job you guys and I agree we should have some wind turbines in the windy city.

Coloring Pages for Kids

Remember the days when you were in kindergarten and you always wanted to learn how to color like the big kids did and stay within the lines. Well now there's a site that can do just that. Grab the kids and visit TheDollPalace.com today to see how this program works. I currently have three young nieces that are into coloring a lot, their main thing is to make sure that they have a huge assortment of drawings to be colored. The site offers many of their own pictures for your kids to choose from and they also have a feature where you can upload your own drawing and have your child's friends color them in as well. Coloring Pages is a really fun way to spend some time with your kids. I know I had a lot of trouble keeping the colors within the lines of the drawing back in grade school sometimes even now as a grown up, heck sometimes I left about an 1/8 of an inch from the line uncolored so that I knew that I can get a passing mark for staying within the lines. Visit today and let your imagination run free, the memories that will come from this will be more then enough.


A Dilemma

What do you get when you cross a new pool with an ex-high school graduate with lots of money?
Don't know - look >>>.

Trying to convince myself...

I just spent the past two days convincing myself that I can lose fifteen pounds by the end of July. I am still working out but the cravings have yet to slow down. I hope to be a little lighter this year because I'm almost pushing 295. To me that's a really high number. When I graduated high school I was an amazing 245. I have some features that look good but my over all look is pathetic. I know this takes time to work but I feel at times that this is all a waste of time. I will still how ever continue the routine because I know good things don't come free.



Take cover! I don't think they saw me.
We need to move the team over to the other side of the park NOW.
Drop your guns, and move away from them!
How did they even see us? It's so dark out here I can't even see my hands in front of my own face.

The words you have just read are from a group of guys that I get together with every other weekend. We gather up around 8:00 p.m. and meet at one of the parks. We show up with our laser tagging equipment and split up into two teams. My team came out ahead because my co-captain purchased a set of night vision goggles from a local dealer. Even though they played a huge role in our success over the other team we decided to get a pair for the other team as well. I asked him how much he paid for them. He wasn't too thrilled in telling me because he knew that he spent way too much. I told him that when we purchase the next pair that we should look to buying them from OpticsPlanet. Their price are much more reasonable then the ones at the local dealer. Hurry today and turn the average game of search and hunt in to something memorable and more enjoyable.

Congrats Erin!!!

This post is dedicated to my daughter Erin. She has graduated High School and is now in the world of the free. I am very proud of her. She has been through a lot of joy, anger, hardship and above all the feeling that even though all of her thoughts of the past may be too many to count, she can count on the future having many more for her. I love you Erin and once again Congrats on a milestone achievement.

No Catch...

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Al Pacino receives AFI's Life Achievement Award

The only thing I can say is "Are there any more of them coming?"
This man has done some great work in the past, When I was in high school a lot of the guys would come in to school and walk around using the same accent that Pacino did in the movie Scarface. There nothing like a bunch of cuban drug-lords running around school acting tough. Congrats Al on achieving yet another award for your excellence in acting. Thank you for the memories and the great films of the past.


Math Tutors...

My youngest daughter participated in a school program that would enable her to tutor other fellow students with reading. She would of been great helper as one of the many Math Tutors, but it turns out that they already had the required number of volunteers. She would love to be part of the program that Score Educational Center offers except that the course is not available just yet in Ohio. I told her that when they decide to expand this way that she can attend some of the courses so that she can improve her knowledge in math.

School reverses decision...

GALESBURG, Illinois (AP) -- Nadia Trent still wants an apology, but for now she'll settle for getting the diploma her high school withheld from her and four other students when cheers erupted for them at their graduation.

It's nice to know that when you know something feels wrong that the idiots out there that caused it actually wake up to fix it. This next portion made my point all the more understandable.

Denisar cited talks with the Illinois State Board of Education, which has said it cannot support the district's decorum policy because it makes students responsible for behavior they cannot control.

It's nice to know that common sense is not gone and that idiots will not ruin special moments by repressing feelings.

Spy Sweeper

The worst thing to happen to in a web surfer's is when they get attacked by a virus that literally takes hours to catch and destroy. This happened to me about three years ago when I decided to download a bunch of games that I thought were reliable. Well after a few weeks of playing them I realized a few items were running in the background that aloud just about anyone into my system. I spent a good amount of time trying to get rid of them because for some reason if you don't they tend to multiply in other programs.
Spy Sweeper would of been an awesome program that I could of used back then, it would of made things a whole lot easier. This program will only cost $29.95 but if you visit today the price will drop to $19.95. That's right visit today and save ten dollars on your purchase. Don't find yourself in my situation where the only thing I could of done was sit there and try to find them by myself. With the Spy Sweeper it will take care of that and then some. The time and hassle won't even exist when you get attacked by spyware. Don't wait for the headache, cut it off at the pass before it happens. If you have any doubts or questions about the program please click here to get those thoughts clarified.

Google is still growing...

Does anyone have an extra $518.84 I can borrow? That is the going price for just one share on Google stock. I should of jumped on the wagon about a few years ago when the cost wasn't all that much. I can only imagine what my life style would of been if I did just that. Well I guess I should start looking into those new companies that are still up and coming.

Debt can be a problem..

Debt can be one of the most hated words in the English language. I unfortunately have a nice size debt that can probably make some people faint. I am really trying to catch up on most of it. My only problem is that the darn interest that is attached to the debt is so darn high it seems like I'm not even making a dent on it. I will have to eventually shop around and find a company that can consolidate my debts and focus them to just one bill payment, yes I need some debt help. I wish I had known of the many companies out there can help you understand your debt and how to tackle them. If you are currently in a bind and need some quick assistance then please visit "The Thrifty Scot" today and see what they can do to get you on the right track.
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A Follow Up...

I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the family of the young lady found not two miles from where she was abducted. I hope for the best, something like this shouldn't happen at all. Join me in wishing them a peaceful and memorable recovery from what has to be one of the most ha nus acts on earth.


Rack it up...

Sponsored Post:
One of my plans when I retire is to collect the best wine that is available within my budget. I have had plans drawn up as to how my wine cellar will look. The one I fell in love with is one that is about ten rows deep and holds about 30 bottles per shelf unit. What makes this a favorite of mine is the fact that they will be movable - by that I mean each shelf will have wheels/sliders on the top as well as the bottom. This way I can store more bottles without having the need for walk ways. Simply have the shelfs span from right to left about ten feet and have the track set up so that it can reach the other side of the room which will only have about an extra 5 feet available for other items such as bar and stools. When I visited The Vine Store I came across something that would help me a lot especially if I decide to have a section aside from my collection show casing my favorites. The one I saw was called the Vertical Vineyard - 9 Bottle. This rack definitely cries out elegance with a bit of a rugged look.
If I were to leave it up to my wife she would have the cellar filled with these Grapevine Hanging Wine Holder, I don't know about you guys out there but the last thing I want is my head bruised when walking down to the cellar to pick out a great bottle. The two types I mention are metal; The Wine Store offers racks that are made of wood as well. They have a nice selection of accessories to go with the decorative idea that hides in your head. Visit today and view their large selection of racks.

Score Learning Centers...

Score Learning Centers can help your child improve and boost their skills in Math, Reading and Writing. This program is available to kids who are between 4 and 14. My youngest daughter would of loved to join the program if it was available in Ohio. We both looked at the locations portion of their website and found that Ohio is not listed for the Summer Program. I hope that the Center expands to this area in the near future, but for those of you who are in the selected states please talk to your child and discuss the possibilities this Summer Program offers and sign up today.

Still a Journey...

I am still trying to keep this diet/workout routine going. It gets a little hard sometimes because my habit of eating when not hungry still exists. Last night I was proud myslef because I only had a total of 1877 calories for the entire day. That was pretty awesome. I feel a little better now and I also feel lighter on my feet. I am going to try and buy a scale this weekend so that I can keep track at home as well.


Spooky Story...

I have always believed that the supernatural is all around us all the time. I remember when I was about thirteen my mom had decided to move away from the projects and into an apartment complex after my grandmother died. She said that the old apartment reminded her too much of her. I knew something was a little off because nothing ever spooked my mom. This came to be a fact when one night I woke up to use the bathroom and I could hear my mom talking in her bedroom. I first thought that she was on the phone with some one, but when I heard her crying I wanted to make sure that everything was alright. When I walked into her room I found her fast asleep crying out "Please don't leave me". I went to wake up my mom because my though was this is a nightmare and she needs to shake it off. When I nudged my mom to wake up she opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling saying "Yes I will try to be strong". I looked at my mom closely and said "Mom , who are you talking to?" She looked at me and said, "Why I'm talking to grandma" at that very moment I heard foot steps coming from the apartment upstairs that began walking and then changed to a jogging sound heading away from the bedroom. This story doesn't get much mention because it still spooks me till this day. The 1408 Movie looks to be a hit for those of us who love to watch a good chilling flick. I haven't seen John Cusack in a Creepy film before, I did like his performance on the movie ConAir though. I will definitely watch this one in theaters and I will be buying it on DVD because you know as well as I do that the 1408 Movie DVD version will have some extra scene as well as deleted scenes.

Hoping for the best...

My heart goes out to the Smith family that are now dealing with the thought of a dead daughter. I have always thought how can something like this still happen? With as much media and media devices out there I'm surprised that no one caught this on tape or video. The young woman's car was taken to a different store but the parking cameras weren't good enough to pick up who it was that dropped off the car and took off in another. They have two suspects that can lead to the finding of this young lady. I wish them my best.


Where do I start. This story still gives me the chills every-time I think about it. I don't think this story is as good as the 1408 Movie but I'll give it a try. A friend of mine told me once that when he was younger that he had a dream/nightmare that he was enjoying a wonderful day at the park with his family and friends playing games and listening to music. He remembers seeing his mom at a distance asking him to please get up and stop playing around. He of course being a teenager he didn't listen and began messing around some more. Now his sister approaches him and tells him the same thing, he finds it weird that his sister would say something like that. He brushed it off and continued to play around some more. Now he was really concerned as to what he was doing because now his brother was telling to please stop acting silly. This brought my friend's attention to a complete focus. He then remembers laying on the ground looking up at the sky laughing and having a good time. Not too long fter that wonderful feeling he notices his mom, sister and brother stand over him smiling, the smiles did not last long because soon after he noticed that they began to cry. He kept telling them I'm fine, I'll get up in a minute I'm just resting. The next thing he sees is some sort of door closing above him, it didn't take long for him to realize that the door he saw wasn't a door at all but a coffin lid shutting. This story always reminds me to keep an eye out for danger because you never know when death is coming.

I just watched the awesome trailer for the 1408 Movie below and all I can say is that this movie is a definite theater and DVD viewable for me.