Many ways it can help...

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A man of his word...

Watching this video although silly and funny it made me feel that this man is not only a true person but a person who cares and would do the little extra. Showing individuals that it doesn't matter how embarrasing it would look whether it's completing a 90 day course or performing three cartwheels in public , it's about what needs to be done for the good of the people and the community. A very good man.
Visit CNN and look for Judge flips for sobriety.

Young women robbing bank all while laughing...

ACWORTH, Georgia (AP) -- Georgia authorities Wednesday were searching for two young women, possibly teenagers, who robbed a supermarket bank branch, laughing as they held up a teller with nothing but sunglasses to disguise their faces.

Just when you think that stupidity is dying slowly here come a couple of morons robbing a bank wearing nothing but sunglasses. Actually if they don't get caught then I guess the moron tag would have to fall on the police who are trying to solve this one.


If coupons are your game then read further...

I am not much of a coupon person but my wife is definitely a coupon book carrying person. Actually I'm about as bad as she is, I just hope my "male" friends don't make fun of me for this exposure. :)
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Not a bad offer...

This past weekend I spent most of my time researching the possible rental of an RV. Yes I said RV, my wonderful wife and I are looking at traveling the entire Route 66's stretch of road. The cheapest one would hold me at $356.oo a day and only $1,200 for a week. I don't know about you guys but I don't exactly have $1,200 laying around just waiting to be spent on something. The one merchant that had the nicest collection of RV was THOR. Looking through their site became more of a "Ohh Ahh" experience instead of a "Oh I can't buy that". Take a look and see for yourself what I'm talking about.

It looks like Toledo has a small branch in L.A.

It's nice to see someone from Toledo make it and fill their dreams. One of St. Urselas finest students has found herself cheering for the heavily starred Lakers. She seems to be very humble in her behavior and charisma. Let's see what her next step will be, but for now I want to wish her good luck.

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Thank goodness...

I heard over the radio that Vice Presiden Dick Cheney was trying to be targeted by The Taliban. It mentioned that there was a bomb at the check point where he was at, well he wasn't at the check point but he was about half a mile away. I continued to go about my day and then I heard the Rush Limbaugh show and he was reading on the air what some left wing nut jobs were saying on their blogs. One was written like this "Darn we missed... Better luck next time". I know that this world will always have haters but damn have a little bit of soul in you before posting stupid stuff like that. Disagree with the plan but you should never feel ill will or even death to someone you don't even know.


Don't get stuck with a Lemon...

Used Cars can be a great thing but you don't want to deal with salesman that is trying to sell you a car that has been sitting in his lot for far too long. If you are planning on buying a used car please don't visit your local junk dealer that only wants to get rid of you and something old on his lot. Come and visit LemonFree.com and find yourself something that not only fits "you" but something that you can afford and above all something that doesn't look and sounds like a lemon. One option that they have is something that everyone should have at there finger tips and that's the ability to put a vehicle on the list that you may be trying to sell as well. I own a Chevy Cobalt, check out there list of other Chevy's like the Chevrolet Silverado. Check them out and enjoy the hunt of finding what your looking for.

Something like this should be delt with...

I read this and found myself wondering why hasn't anyone taken the next step and have these two individuals made an example of. Yes I read that they will be expelled but what is that going to do, I mean really. They get to stay at home and hang out doing god knows what. They should be taken through the system and placed in jail where they'll be true criminals that might teach them a lesson as to how to behave and act around adults. These kids will get away with it while the teacher continues to teach in fear that some other punk might take a swing at him because the other guys did.
Something needs to be done about the kids that are growing up in the wrong manner.

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No it's not of moment from any sex events, finally my good man won an Oscar. Martin Scorcese has won for best picture and I am proud of that. Now I get to rub it in my coworkers face that his movie didn't win.
Okay I have to apologize for my childish behavior... uhh no I won't.


The Best Episode of RockStartup

I would have to say that the set-up episode was one that can be remembered as possibly one of the most stressful moments, well for me watching it that is. Watching Britt single handedly put together the PPP tradeshow setup was I think an awesome accomplishment. Of course we can't forget the lunch eating in the hallway, now that's what I call a CEO in charge of his surroundings.
I know that I have to pick one episode but after watching them all I also have to throw in the episode when the posse moved into the new offices. There's nothing more eventful then having a new location as well as new equipment. Especially the $700.00 chair that was being used to I think fix an exit sign above a door way. Watching Ted walk over to the gentlemen and asking him in a very nice but yet angry tone to please not stand on the chair. I was a little disappointed though, I saw that Ted had a lot of stuff in his old office. I has hoping that he might have a raffle or something in order to make his moving of item a little easier. The reason why I'm saying this is because he had a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man doll on his desk and I was hoping that he might raffle that away to one of his lucky bloggers. :)
Now during the episode I saw that Ted brought some wine and wine glasses to celebrate the new location, hopefully somebody picked up the broken glass that was on the floor.

To my visitors, if you like a good reality show then do yourself a favor and visit Rockstartup.com and watch what a true reality show looks like.

I have not seen the show...

I made it a point today to not watch the awards. I want to wake up tomorrow hoping that my favorite movie of the year "The Departed" won more than just one award. I know that it won the best director award over at the Golden Globes. Let's hope tomorrow isn't going to be a disappointing day.

Network Security is a must in businesses today...

Imagine yourself at work going about your day when all of a sudden you find yourself unable to navigate to any of your files on the network. Your first reaction would probably be "Now what did I do?" , and while some of you are trying to find out what's going on there could be hundreds of incidents going on in the background. This is when secure networking would come into play. If you have a secure network which most businesses don't, you might be in for a long day of headaches - but if you happen to have the right solution like Cisco does then you have nothing to worry about. If Cisco isn't on your mind then I suggest you pay them a visit and look through their many services like their ANS (Application Networking Services) and hopefully after witnessing their ability your mind might change for better or in this case for a safer case.

Come and join - opinions and ideas are welcomed.

I learned of this site today from my wife. I have joined and am now commenting on issues that affects my local area. If your looking to make a change then please come and join what is now a growing community. The linked title is designed for those living here in Toledo, Ohio, but if there are you who don't live in Toledo but you do live in Ohio then I suggest that you click here instead.
Come see what the latest word is about.

What can possibly be next?

Well I have to say that since the day I heard about PayPerPost there has been more than a few puzzles that offered $1,000 dollars to the first one to complete it. I have also witnessed a man eat a whole pizza during one of PPP's challanges. Ted had a good start on the contest but fell behind after realizing that even though pizza is good, it's not that good when eating mass quantities of it. Watching Ted throw-up most of it wasn't exactly a pleasant vision. I hope that the big announcement will be that PPP will have more ops for the rookies (like me) as well as the pros. I remember the puzzle for RockStartUp which had my wife (Lisa) looking all over the web for the right pieces as well as the newly released ones. I also think the new announcement would be that they will visit more non suspecting bloggers and hopefully put them through a whole lot more than what they had in the past. Maybe PayPerPost will look for more staff in other locations maybe here in Toledo, Ohio. Well until the announcement comes out let's hope that one of mine comes true.

The net's best online advertising.

Looks like fun...

The link above will show you a woman strapped into a car seat with a five point racing harness welded on to a robotic arm. If you watch closely you can see that her head comes pretty close to the floor before being lifted up again. Watching this the first time I thought that something was going to go wrong but it actually turns out ok. Watch and enjoy.


Photo Hunt Saturday - Theme - Soft

Hello everyone, I had a tough time this morning figuring out what picture to use for today's theme. Well after about five minutes the idea came to me and sat on my lap. My cat said that he had the perfect subject for the Hunt - himself. Under strict orders from "him", I was asked not to release "his" name or "his" face. He does not want the added attention right now, so I respectfully accepted his terms and proceeded to take his picture. "The photo that you just took should get you some interesting comments", said the nameless cat. So I ask that those of you who visit and comment to please refrain from asking what "his" name is, remember he has yet to be de-clawed.

Please join the hunt if you are not already participating.


Feast One Hundred & Thirty Two

Where on your body do you have a scar, and what caused it?

On my left hand thumb, I got it while working in a retail store. My coworker in all his brilliance thought that it would be okay to put a broken glass jar in a plastic bag and throw it out. Well when I went to empty the drum into the trash compactor guess what came through the bag leaving me with three stitches.

What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?

When I was younger my sister decided to mimic my father's shaving technique on my head when no-one was watching. I think it was a miracle that my mom after not hearing any sounds coming from either one of us that she came to find out what was going on. Let's just say that there was blood everywhere and my sister only needed to make an addition half inch cut in order for me to be nonexistent.

Name a television personality who really gets on your nerves.

Barney Rubble, not him in particular just his laugh.

Main Course
What was a funny word you said as a child (such as "pasketti" for "spaghetti")?

Well the word that I thought was funny ended up being a word that wasn't so funny to the family. The word was "butt", but I didn't say it in english I said it in spanish which translates to "culo".

Fill in the blank: I have always thought ______ was ______.

Hamilton / a president.

Brightening things up with Shoppremier...

I'm planning on brightening things up on my back deck this spring so that it's ready for the summer night parties. I saw one that would fit the scenery to my home just right. The Santa Barbara has a Sienna finish to it and it looks great, especially with the dark finish that my deck has now. The wall that connects my home to the deck isn't too long but I'm sure that with just the right added wall lights it would accent my deck to a whole new level.
Take some time and visit their collection.

Van Halen is back or maybe not...

Just read the news that the plans for the reunion tour has been put on hold. Although my type of music tends to lean towards hip hop, I sometimes find myself being "Hot for Teacher" every now and then. They are to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 12th. Let's hope that this little squabble will end soon because I think this band is really overdue for a great concert.

Encyclocentral can help you out...

This year would mark the 11th year that I've been collecting NBA basketball cards. Although I wouldn't say that they are of vintage quality but more of a memorabilia. When I read through the article titled Sports Cards Memorabilia I found out that since the nineteenth century many collectors/sports fans needed more details on their favorite athlete. There's nothing more enjoyable then looking at one of your cards and remembering the moment it happened and what your feeling was when you saw it. Come by and browse the many other articles that may interest you in more ways that you can imagine.

Car Insurance


Back on the Mac - mini that is...

It feels nice to be on the Mac again after a long vacation, well actually my wife needed a keyboard because hers died and we didn't run out and buy a new one right away because Fellows does not make the current style that she has, so she borrowed mine for about a week. Well thats only til last night when she bought a new wireless mouse and keyboard at Wal-Mart. Although its not a Fellows it' pretty close to what she likes - Logitech.
Well I'm off to Wal-Mart to purchase more things for the home.


A Huge Happy Birthday to my EMILY!!!

Happy Birthday Emily! Another year has come and gone by and you have definitely been through a lot for a one year period. Let's pray that this year brings you more fortune and joy.
I love you Em.


Keeping the arti(facts)...

When watching a news clip this morning I came across one that caught my interest. The National Museum of Health and Medicine keeps a large collection of former president's belogings. Stop on over and take a look, CNN has a small snip of an interview with one to doctors there. One of my favorite sections was the Otis Historical Archives, this section is a must see especially if you're into medicine and it's origin.


Saturday PhotoHunt - Antique...

Well here I am late as usual, the image below is one of many that I took when I went down to Southern Ohio to visit some caves with my wife. I was hoping to use something under my normal column when I heard the theme was going to be antique, but then I remembered that the images I took in the caves are if anything "antique".
So I spent a good 15 minutes looking for the right one to present here.

Happy Hunting


FedEx will be on time no matter what...

A tractor trailer loses control on an icy highway and plows into a car. Nobody was hurt. (February 15)

When I read this I thought to myself "Is this one of those stories with the exagerated title?" - Well let me be the one to say NO, Head on over to CNN and navigate down the center column, locate the videos portion and click on Semi plows into car. After you watch it let me know what you think of FedEx's delivery methods.



Don't smoke, someone is watching...

I watched a video on this over on CNN. I thought that the "I'm going to tell on you" theory here in Toledo or for that matter Ohio was bad. Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) called officials to complain about Congressman Tom Tancredo’s (R-Colo.) cigar smoking. Apparently there isn't any smoking in public buildings, but a seperate law describes that it's ok to smoke within your own office. I'm sorry that things are slow for Mr. Ellison but for him to go out of his way to report something that is legal to do within ther own space is completely out of line. I hope that these two individuals can get along and hopefully nothing will come of this.


Naps are no longer for the kids...

I read this article this morning and found myself saying "Yeah Right, Not in my company". The idea of having some refill rest at work would never cross my boss's mind. The thought alone might cause some trouble trough out the company. I have read the studies that they have and all I can say is DAMN, why don't we use this method? If some of you who visit and read this have or know someone who has one of these please let me know so that I can hear first hand how the power nap helps them feel especially in one of those pods. This site has a few more details then the article does, give them a view and hopefully we'll see something like this spread through out the businesses here.



I apologize for my late entry but I was busy doing nothing all day long :). I searched through my collection of pictures and found one that fit the theme perfectly. This image is part of a collection that I have on my photo site. It was taken last year during one of the family walks in the park. Most people would walk by and say nothing. When I saw it I gasped at the unique attention it demanded, or maybe the sun was too bright and I needed water - either way it looked nice so I took the shot ENJOY.


Diamonds finding their home...

NEW YORK (AP) -- A taxi driver returned a black bag carrying 31 diamond rings to a passenger who earlier had given him a 30-cent tip on an $11 ride.

It feels great knowing that someone out there still has the heart to think of others before themselves. This gentleman could of taken the diamonds to some hole in the wall pawn shop and gotten a heck of a lot more then $100. It's too bad that his original tip that he received from the woman was only 30 cents, let's hope that the woman would be a little more generous the next time she hops in a cab.


This is not the answer...

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Ku Klux Klan has rebounded by exploiting current hot-button issues, especially immigration, according to a new report released by the Anti-Defamation League.

I agree with the fact that we need to protect our borders from "illegal" immigrants but not in the manner that the KKK would like. I do not agree with illegal immigrants getting a free pass while the ones who are doing it the "legal" way take up to two years completing the necessary course, if anything they should be rewarded for taking the time to become an American citizen.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for helping the fellow man but when you cross my border and then work here under a different name for months or even years and then have the nerve to be offended when your asked about your papers or working slips I'm sorry I can not just stand by and say nothing. This whole amnesty program is nothing more than a bandage for something that was screwed up many years ago.

I myself am hispanic and for so many years I've been publicly vocal on how I feel about this issue. My parents were both born in Puerto Rico, I was born in Boston MA. I began learning the English language when I began first grade. I spoke Spanish at home as well as English. I spoke English around my parents most of the time just to help them in translating some of the everyday words that were being used around the house. Both of my parents decided to take the English night courses at the local library in order to as my mom would say "fit in". Growing up I noticed that my mom would encounter many folks that chose not to learn the language, all she would say is "If you want to communicate with someone make sure that you have a translator with you".

The KKK although recognized as an evil group just may bring this issue up even louder in Washington, I just hope it doesn't spark any riots just like we had here in Toledo.


Mummified baby found after 50 years...

DELRAY BEACH, Florida (CNN) -- The partially mummified body of a baby, wrapped in 1950s newspapers, was found Monday by a woman going through her deceased parents' belongings in a southeast Florida storage facility, according to police.

I want some more details on this, don't get me wrong - although the findings are both sad and terrifying one of my first questions would be, "How long has this storage facility been open for business? I kind of find it hard to believe that this business still exists from that time era. My second question would be, "Can they run a sort of background check on the renter of the storage unit and who else had access to it?

Either way this story won't have a good ending. A baby was found unburied, a family that just inherited a truck-load of questions and a family (even though they asked the press to back off) won't get a complete nights rest.
Even though this won't be a closure for the family it would be one for the young boy.


And the theme is...... Gross.

Good morning everyone,

I missed last weeks entry but I will not miss it today. Although my wife's entry was a little better than mine I hope that you the viewers will give me a chance.
Well with out further ado here is my entry:

There's nothing worse than owning a white car and then trying to keep it looking some what clean, especially in the winter.

Happy Hunting