Hope and change...

Hope and change is what the Obama campaign rode on but unfortunately here in Toledo we seem to keep things the same without any strained thought. Once again we have another offer for the docks across from downtown Toledo and from what I've read/heard in other blogs (GCJ) and the many callers on the radio - it looks like we might be turning this down as well and continue to think that the city should be in the business of running a business. This city can't resist an opportunity to keep us in the depths of blight. We will dick this around for weeks, the group interested will change their minds and we will soon see matching plywood panels (like the many buildings in downtown) covering the windows of the empty restaurants and like clock work we will have the same stupid questions from elected officials i.e. "What can we do to better this city?".

Hoping for a change in the politics here in Toledo but I pretty much know the answer to that one.


Two rooms done - now for the bathroom...

This past weekend was how can I put it uh BRUTAL. We moved two bedrooms around and redid the basement so that everyone in the house would be happy. Well, I can honestly say that I am still tired from all the work and energy spent. Just like the title states we are looking into redoing the bathroom as well. Yes, you can feel free to comment and say that I am crazy for taking on so much and it's not even Spring yet but if you saw our bathroom you would most certainly agree that it needs a good face lift.

Between you and I we both know that when we shop we like to find stylish designed interiors as well as a matching sale price. Well I found a site that can do them both - www.betterbathrooms.com. Follow me and search for that bathroom set that will set you apart from your friends and families (as far as design that is), so that when they come to visit they can get an idea of they need to do to better their bathroom. Visit Better Bathrooms today and indulge your sight to the many potential sets that can bring your old bathroom back to life. Now if you guys can I would appreciate it if you can drop a few hints to my wife in the comment section regarding towel warmers. Trust me when I say that this item is a must, especially if you have large bathrooms. Don't wait - check it out soon.

Not too bad...

Well, I would like to start out by saying that I am not the best dancer in the world and you wouldn't see me in Dancing with the Stars any time soon. What I can tell you is that if I'm challenged to a duel in dancing then I will do my best to win. My daughter bought Just Dance 2 for the Wii and not only is she good at it but my wife and other daughter are as well. I tried a couple of the songs but nothing really hit me as "the" song to dominate with until I heard Power by Snap. Boy did my old school senses come up from the grave. I jammed and shook my tail like no one can. Now we have a date scheduled to challenge each other this Saturday afternoon. Wish me luck - I'll try to bring the trophy home (no trophy exists).


Rescue Me

I started to watch Rescue Me about a month ago on Netflix. I have to admit that I did not want to try it when I first heard about it but now that I've watched season 1 I have to say this show is awesome and very well presented. Each episode leaves you wanting more and more to the point where you can't wait to watch the next episode (I space them out so that I don't watch them all at once) just to see what happens next. If you have Netflix and are on the hunt for a good show to watch please take the time and chance to watch Rescue Me.

Did you say FREE?

If it's one thing I've learned in the past is that when someone mentions the word free all those around will suddenly perk up their ears and look to the source. Well I'm here to do just that. FREE, that's right FREE - I have found a site that truly has free products waiting for you to try them out. If you are the kind of shopper that I am where every purchase has to be done properly then this is the site to visit. There are hundreds of free samples from different companies where they are looking for a little feed back and some that are simply advertising a different product. If you don't like ordering online then you can receive free offers/products by mail as well. Heck, my sister is still having trouble finding the right cell phone that fulfills her every need at work and at home. I told her to visit the site and search free cell phones. She hasn't called back yet to let me know what she got but something tells me that she is looking at other offers. Maybe you're like my brother where getting free stuff is the only reason you need to visit. I went through the site earlier and found what I needed - a tire gauge kit. Look, open up a separate tab and visit the site and trust me, you will find something for either yourself or someone you know. Visit soon visit today.


Getting there...

Well, it's week two and I've trying this new workout that makes me focus on my actual workout and not how much I can do in a short period of time. Each rep I do I have to slow it down and really focus on the movement. I can honestly say that it feels great after my first set. Bench pressing is tough already but adding the slow factor really makes you feel the burn.
Till next time




Happy New Year to all of you who are still visiting. I apologize for the lack of reading material for you. Between being busy and not remembering to post something this blog has been a bit cold and dry. Come back from time to time - I plan on switching things up here.