Getting the extra help...

Most people out there are probably trying to figure out how to find out details of someone who just prank called them in the middle of the night, while others would like a little more detail or information on other numbers that may not actually be prank call numbers. A Reverse Phone Registry can help you as a business owner where a simple background check just isn't enough. Check the site out and see if their service can help you.

A strong love...

I just got done watching a video of a man that almost lost his dog to a shark - yes a shark. The thought of involving yourself to help a fellow family member might come as a surprise to some people but for this gentleman it wasn't something worth pondering. He quickly sprung into action and saved the dog from the jaws of the shark by punching the shark hard enough so that it would release its' grip. I would probably act the same way for my dog but there are some times where I might not because the dog was a bit of a pain that day or something but if it was any of my family members I would definitely do something to help them. Watch the video and see for yourself the love that he has for his dog.


Michigan coming through after all...

This past weekend was a bit busy with me being Puerto Rico and all so I was unable to catch the game that from what I saw on Sports Center was one to watch. I know that Michigan has a history of coming from behind but coming from behind and actually getting the win feels great. Now that I'm back in the US I plan on catching the game this coming weekend. Hope to see the other die had fans supporting the team on tv. Great job Michigan!

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - David Gilreath caught a touchdown pass with 13 seconds left but eighth-ranked Wisconsin failed on a two-point try and Michigan posted a 27-25 upset.

Wisconsin committed a penalty on its first two-point try and failed in its next attempt to enable the Michigan Wolverines to overcome a 19-point halftime deficit.

Wisconsin was trailing 27-19 before Allan Evridge hit Gilreath on a 22-yard scoring strike. The Badgers converted the first two-point try, but an illegal receiver down field nullified the tying score.

Brandon Graham had two forced fumbles and three sacks for the Wolverines (2-2, 1-0 Big Ten). John Thompson added a 25-yard interception return for a touchdown for the victors.

Michigan gained only 19 yards and turned the ball over five times in the first half. Brandon Minor and Sam McGuffie each scored rushing touchdowns and Kevin Koger caught a 26-yard TD pass in the win.