All work and no play...

WOW, I've been on the road and super busy the past few weeks. looks everything is smoothing out so far. I had a few deliveries out of state and a few out of town. Thanksgiving went well, hopefully those of you reading this had an awesome one as well. I will post a few things this afternoon - at work and things are picking up here. Until then - See Ya. :)


TMNT: The Movie

Came home from work today and upon peeling my work clothes off and finding something more comfortable I decided to find something on Netflix that I can watch until my wife gets home. Well it turns out that Netflix has the first TMNT movie from the early 90's I think. I have not seen the remake just yet but I found the first one to be a bit corny but entertaining. If you have this movie or a Netflix account please watch it. Helps pass the time by.

Seems to be alright...

Currently watching The Legend of Hurcules. Somewhat of the same story as most other versions brought out by many developers. This one has a bit more violence to it then most but it can still use a bit more story and special affects couldn't hurt either. Check it out and let me know what you guys think. Now if the movie makes you blow chunks then please by all means let me know what it was that had you feeling sick. If you enjoyed please let me know as well - maybe I'll give it another try.


I'm back boys and girls. Had some time to rethink what route is best for me and this blog. I will try to keep things flowing smooth here but no promises. Let me start out by saying Congrats to the Bulls for have a good season thus far. The team is looking really great. Rose is in excellent shape and Mr. Noah is on point as well. I was looking forward to watching them play in person but as it turns out I don't have the time to take off to do so. So I have asked my lovely wife to take some photos for me when she goes to CHI-Town on the seventeenth of this month on a work related trip. Hope she gets a chance to take some shots of Jordan's restaurant and of course his statue. I will keep you guys posted as to what happened and post some pics as well. I'm back folks, bare with me. :)