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FEMA Prepared In Case Plunging Satellite Hits U.S. - Fox News Video - Fox News

FEMA Prepared In Case Plunging Satellite Hits U.S. - Fox News Video - Fox News:

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With time coming close I think this would be an awesome sight for those who are privileged to see it. There are actually groups out there that are placing bets as to where it's going to hit. Given that most space items end up in the water what would happen if this hits land, can someone claim it or does NASA still have dibs on it? I guess we'll find out when it crashes and who shows up first.


Getting older...

Welcome, I would like to take a moment to mention that my youngest daughter is now 17 years old. Yeah, that's right - she is less then a year away from being an adult in a world where not a lot of people take the initiative in getting the proper coverage when it comes to vehicles. I have taught my daughter the fundamentals of having insurance and the results of not having it. We agree that having insurance is a must but we also recognize that having insurance can be costly, especially if you don't shop around. Finding full coverage car insurance quotes might seem like a nightmare but you must take that journey to insure the safety of your loved ones. Please take a moment from your life and visit the link provided and seek out the right coverage for yourself and the those you care for. The last thing you want is sending your loved ones out into a world that doesn't feel it necessary to have coverage. My daughter and I will be car shopping in the near future and from what she has mentioned thus far about her taste in cars, it looks like I will be looking for an AWESOME deal. She has her sight on a nice Charger which we all know comes with a nice price tag. Yes they do have the base model but you know that teenagers can't deal with in her own words "prehistoric" accessories. Apparently having windows that roll up instead of powered falls into that Jurassic time frame. So please visit the site, find that great deal and make sure you're covered all around. Now I gotta inform my daughter that the Charger is a go but she might have to chip in a few bucks to cover those lovely payments. Remember, save money and set-up a great coverage - visit Cheap-AutoInsurance.com. Have a great day and drive safe.


Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive

Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive:

'via Blog this' This website has a timeline of different television stations on September 11th 2011 right before the attacks occurred. Remarkable on how each station had their morning planned out like usual until something of this magnitude interupts the flow of things. Please take a moment to watch and of course to remember the lost lives on that day.


Police grab $2 million worth of cars after Canadian street race – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs

Interesting, I actually didn't think the Canadians had it in them to do such reckless things. The story in and of itself sounds straight out of a movie -

"Hey, I'm hungry"
"Let's say we head on over for a burger?"
"I'll buy, but only if I lose the race getting there."

It really does sound like it can be pulled from and race movie already made. Check out the article and let me know what you think.


National cemetery's centuries-old 'Arlington Oak' felled by Irene - CNN.com

National cemetery's centuries-old 'Arlington Oak' felled by Irene - CNN.com: "The "Arlington Oak" "

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Stories like this capture my imagination to a level so high it can actually bring tears to my eyes. If you read the article you might get an idea of what I'm talking about. The many souls that have visited that cemetery is large but the feeling of actually being there is remarkable. The many brave soldiers that have died for the very freedoms we enjoy today as well as tomorrow can not be ignored. Now having an icon like the "Arlington Oak" gone knowing that it stood before many families grieving for their loved ones will now have many grieving from its' departure. Most of you reading this won't give this a second thought but for those who know and respect this country's history please take a moment in remembrance.