Stonehenge has a basement?

I just read that the historical Stonehenge has a prehistoric village just south of the landmark. Give this article a read - it's not thrilling for most young ones visiting but it would be a nice added note to my older readers.

Found guilty on 187...

Reading the linked article above made me think what financial trouble did she have that would make her do such an inhumane act? I did read that she purchased herself some breast implants. She also bought herself a nice trip to Tijuana for some extra fun. I know that some people morn differently than others but damn.

Now a possible 12 million dollar car...

In one of my previous posts I displayed a very unique vehicle that was said to be valued at 8 million dollars. Now we have the "Auto Union" which is in the AUDI family. This vehicle apparently was an extraordinary design for it's time - some even say that it was way ahead of its' own time. This very same type of car was involved in a race and won just a couple of days after Germany invaded Poland. In the article you will read more details as to its' finding and its' rebuilding. You will also notice that not many want this marvel to be connected to the existence of Hitler. This makes for a great read and a little added history.

Explosion that could of been avoided.

What happened in West Virginia was something that could have been avoidable. When a leak is sighted or smelled you must first evacuate the area for just that. They should not of kept business going like regular, the four individuals could have been affected by the explosion from a distance but not instantly killed. I hope that better procedures are followed from this point on.

Total B.S.

I woke up this morning to find out that just about every school around me is either delayed or closed. I hope that everything goes smooth this morning because if something was to happen I can pretty much assume that a lawsuit will be following not too far behind.



My Apologies...

I have to apologize to my huge readership (not) for not posting sooner. I have missed out on the PhotoHunt this week but I will participate this coming Saturday. I had a pretty busy weekend with my wife down in Columbus. I will try to keep things rolling here as best as I can.


I wonder what the payments are?

After watching the video for the Maybach Exelero I quickly asked myself, "I wonder what the payments look like?" I can only imagine the feel of such a smooth looking car would be, but I can also imagine the matching price per month for such a feel because as some of you might already know - I don't have 8 million dollars laying around unclaimed. Read the article and then watch the video. Like I said - a smooth looking ride but I don't want the payments.


Tonight's State of the Union...

Tonight's State of the Union should be an interesting one. I have read many reports and articles today that both anticipate and predict what the president will deliver. I hope that he focuses on not increasing any taxes that may be in the works. I hope that he follows his father's words when he said "No New Taxes", but then again there were some new taxes after Bush senior said that. Well let's hope that he says it and sticks to it.

I hope that those of you visiting give him a chance and watch.


Saturday Hunt Theme - "Wild"...

This photo was saved on my wife's computer about 2 1/2 years ago. It's one of our adorable cats performing a wonderful stand attack. I immediately thought of this one when I found out the theme this week was Wild.

Happy Hunting

Beefeaters get woman...

Now this story wasn't too bad to read and I actually enjoyed its' contents.

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- The guardians of Britain's historic Tower of London are enlisting woman power for the first time in their 522-year history.

I am glad to see that they are considering a woman to apply as well as having a chance to work for an organization such as "The Tower's Yeoman Warders". Many of you might wonder as to why the nickname "Beefeater", well according to the article it states

Beefeaters, believed to have earned their nickname from their daily ration of meat, date from 1485 when King Henry VII formed a bodyguard.

Now of course some of you who read this especially men might probably add in the comment "Beefeater, what kind of beef?" So if you feel the urge to think it that's fine but don't mention it, it might upset some folks.

Is there anything else going on?

I am more than willing to jump into a debate about almost anything but not for this article that I read this morning. These people must have some serious down time right now. If argueing which state the burger came from is the only thing going on between these two states then I guess their political issues must be at ease.
You have got to be kidding me. :)


Now that's complete Bull@#*$

Just watched a video on the article linked above. I finally realized what I DON'T want to do EVER. This gentleman is a professional bull rider - I figured after he got his butt handed to him he would consider a career change, but like the article states

"Bull riders are a special breed",
"It's all or nothing every time the gates open. It's just something you build a love for and a passion for, man versus beast."

All I have to say is, TEHO - To Each His/Her Own.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Technology

Sorry for the late entry but I figured that this would be a good one. I have always had a "Walkman" for either walking or studying back in high school. I know most of you remember that using cassette tapes didn't last long especially having to flip the tape over just to hear more music.

Happy Hunting


What the heck is a 2nd class citizen?!?!?

I just got done asking a co-worker as to what a second class citizen was. He had a confused look in his eyes, and replied "I thought citizens were citizens".
Can anybody help me with the definition of what a second class citizen is?



Thank you to those who have just read my wife's site and are here because of curiosity. I do tend to vent here but most of the time I do some reporting.
Enjoy, feel free to view previous posts and do come again.

and yes I am totally using my wife for readers.


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Although not identified as a A Team member, Joe McNamara often alligns himself with this team.

B Team:

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What Happened?

I watched last night's game in complete confusion. I watched the first touchdown by Ohio and I quickly thought "Here come the Buckeyes". Then after witnessing the game unfold the way it did, I found myself lost for words. It felt as if Ohio didn't even show up to play. I came in this morning in a regular mood for a Tuesday that is and I found that some of my co-workers took the loss a bit hard. Some of them even had excuses as to the outcome of the game. All I can say is - "Better Luck Next Year".



Is it me???

Is it me or does tonight's game seem to be more like the NFL's Superbowl. Most of the commercials that are on are really funny and entertaining.
For those watching it enjoy!!!

AAAHHHH!!! I've been tagged...

Okay okay I'll calm down. Well I've been tagged by Holly. Let me think...
What are my five favorite movies. Well before you begin reading my list remember I am a guy and it is obvious that I enjoy action fliks.
2.Man of Fire
3.Training Day
4.Die Hard Trilogy
and my current addition
5.Thank you for Smoking

I will be looking through my list of contacts in order to find the next vict.. I mean contestant.


Kudos to the Security at the Port of Miami...

Just watched a video clip of the incident that took place today at the Miami Port. Apparently there were three individuals inside the cab of the 18 wheeler. The driver apparently was unable to present the proper identification when transporting electronics for vehicle assembly. Everything performed today was clean and clear, nothing was missed and all the bases were covered. Congratulations to the Miami Port.

Although Cute... Watch Out!

After reading this article I found myself wondering if the news now a days has become a bit too short and unimportant that something like this can hit a major news media such as CNN.
To my readers - I want you to take a long look at the evil character that apparently has been striking kids that aren't even his own.

You will have to look past the cute adorable eyes and see the evil within, apparently he struck a young man while posing for a picture. The father of the kid video taped the incident. When will we hold these characters accountable for their actions.
As a matter of fact in 2004 Walt Disney World's Tigger was accused of touching the breast of a 13-year-old girl while she posed with him for a photo. A jury found him not guilty.

Listen folks this post is nothing more than me being a little silly. I'm sure the kid said something to the character and the guy wasn't too thrilled. Either way this is a non-story.


Memories is the theme take 2...

Apparently my memory isn't working so great. I have broken one of the important rules. Use only photos that belong to you.
Well here is a new entry and hopefully The Powers That Be at Photo Hunt will forgive me :)
The image below was taken by me when my wife and I went to New Orleans back in 2002. This photo reminded me of the eerie feeling that I felt when I walked by the two dogs. It felt like they were continuously looking at me even though they weren't. I apologize for the previous entry. I promise not to do that again.

Memories is the theme...

This Post is Not Valid. Rules Were Broken And A New Entry is Underway.

This week's theme is memory - my contribution for today is an old show I watched growing up that not only had me puzzled as to how they created it but it set some ground rules on life. I don't how many of you who visit today will remember or maybe didn't watch it but I use to look forward to watching an episode even if it was a repeat.
and today's selection is....

Alright - who's first to make fun of me..
Their names were Davey and Goliath.



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A "Way to Go" for Oprah...

Today while viewing the top stories on CNN's website I came across this coverage -

Oprah Winfrey opens school for girls in South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) -- Oprah Winfrey opened a school Tuesday for disadvantaged girls, fulfilling a promise she made to former President Nelson Mandela six years ago and giving more than 150 students a chance for a better future.

"I wanted to give this opportunity to girls who had a light so bright that not even poverty could dim that light," Winfrey said at a news conference.

If all of the celebrities that stood for equal treatment to everyone would only follow in Oprah's steps we can surely see a tsunami of change throughout the states that are having trouble with education. In Oprah's own words she mentioned that when visiting a school here in the US she asked what the kids wanted most they replied with "New sneakers" or "iPods" but when asking the same question to some of the south African kids they just wanted new uniforms and a chance to learn.


At work and all is calm...

Came in early this morning to make sure that all of my orders were delivered on a timely manner. Everything seemed to have arrived on time except for those still traveling via ground. It looks like today may turn out to be a pretty quiet one.
I hope those of you reading this are having a good day today.


Sorting, stacking and hauling...

No I'm not moving to a new location. It's laundry day! Okay maybe I'm a little too excited :).
I'm running out of clothes to wear so I'm heading out to replenish my stock.

I wish everybody a Happy New Year!

Everything seems pretty quiet around here...
I'm glad it's not that busy today, I actually got a chance to use the larger washers WOOHOO. Sorry, I rarely get a chance to use them when I come here.