Back at it...

I've returned to watching 24 on Netflix, I am currently on season 4 and loving each episode as they go by. When this show first started I didn't jump on the Jack Bauer band wagon like most of the people I know. I can honestly say that after watching the first few episodes I was hooked. Considering that when I started watching they were already five seasons into the series that still didn't deter me from wanting to catch up on the missed seasons and episodes. If you haven't watched 24 before or you would like to go back and watch them just in case you missed something then grab yourself an account at Netflix and start watching today or even tomorrow.


Helpful tips...

The more I read on what's best for a great and successful workout the more I want to add to my routine. I just read a small tid bit on the Men's Health website that could help me when working out. I have had it wrong for quite a long time now. I had it fixed in my mind that when I wear "sweat pants & sweat shirts" that I was doing the right thing. Well it turns out that it would be better to switch to synthetic clothing so that the sweat that pours out of me won't weigh me down even more. I will try this out tonight and see what the difference would feel like. I will post tomorrow as to the results of my workout.


"Where can I see more pics?"

Now don't get me wrong here - this woman (Ines Sainz) to the left is hott but I wouldn't say she's the hottest in the world. Mens Health.com has mentioned that this lovely lady would be in the running for such an award. I would agree to that but in my honest opinion I would definitely put Megan Fox ahead of her easily.

from the article -

When reports surfaced over the weekend that New York Jets players had allegedly harassed Mexican sports reporter Ines Sainz, the first question was simple: Who the heck is Ines Sainz?

But once Ines's jaw-dropping photos hit the New York Post, millions of American men no doubt had a new question: "Where can I see more pics?"

Leave me a comment and let me know what your opinion is on this matter.

The video says it all...


Worth a try...

I came across this helpful video during my daily read at the Men's Health website. I just might add this routine to my daily workout. With the way it get's your body motivated it's sure to help me out in the long run. Watch it and let me know what you think of this guys ideas.


Sad, but not hurtful...

Well, the 49ers had themselves an interesting time this past weekend. Hoping to see a good game turned out to be a brutal butt whooping. I kept checking ESPN.com periodically throughout the game and I found myself stopping after half time. I knew that with it being the beginning of the season that they would need to get their game faces on before presenting some great games. The following is from a great site that I follow from time to time - please give it a read.

NFL: Seattle 31, San Francisco 6
SEATTLE (UPI) -- Matt Hasselbeck accounted for three touchdowns Sunday, passing for two scores and running for another, in the Seattle Seahawks' 31-6 rout of San Francisco.

Hasselbeck made a success of Pete Carroll's debut as head coach of Seattle (1-0) by going 18-of-23 through the air for 170 yards with one interception.

Carroll, who came to Seattle after nine years as coach at Southern California, entered the game with a 33-31 NFL career coaching record with the New York Jets (1994) and New England Patriots (1997-99).

Quarterback Alex Smith completed 26 of his 45 pass attempts for San Francisco (0-1), amassing 225 yards. Smith, however, tossed a pair of interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown by Marcus Trufant.

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