50th Anniversary

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the famous and truly momentous speech "I Have a Dream". Please join me in taking a few moments of your day to honor and remember the man that stood strong on helping our country heal, support and most of all Stand together as one.


Could be possible - with the right support...

Just read an article on the Toledo Blade website about one of the many candidates running for mayor. Mr. Collins is a good friend of mine so I know him very well. He has an idea that could work but it would have to involve others to pitch in in order for it to come to fruition. Collins unveils revitalization plan is the title of the article where he talks about how his revitalization can take place and what he would need for it to take off. I agree with him on the neighborhood reboot. Where I used to live we had about five homes empty, of those five homes two were left for mother nature to handle. Luckily we didn't have them (the homes) look really bad where ply-wood was needed to cover windows and doors. I know that a few out there will start to holler out "Why should I clean that up - it's doesn't belong to me". Well I hate to break it to those folks but when a home next to yours or in the same block looks really bad it affects the other homes, maybe not physically but it does when it comes to the value of your home and the neighborhood. Give the article a quick read and let me know what your thoughts are.


Can "BMI" really be a subpar measure of your health?

Now before you go ahead and freak out with what the title says please give the article a good read before doing so. Now I am safe to say that I am obese (husky actually) and I know that I have a real problem with eating the wrong things at the wrong time as well as the wrong portion. With that said I am working out four times a week for an hour each day. Between weight lifting and a quick cardio which includes bike riding and walking I feel great. In my opinion I used to follow the BMI setup but I can agree with the article and the scientists when they say it could be different for other individuals who suffer from obesity. For example, I have a nice size stomach but my back, arms and chest are well in shape with some firm muscles as well. Given that muscle is heavier then fat I tend to stay away from the BMI chart as well as the scale. Check out the article and decide what best suits your need. CLICK HERE



Well, not sure ow many of you are fans of the show Survivor. If you are a fan of the show then let me start by saying that yes there is another Survivor coming up and this one seems to be a bit more interesting. Past players are coming back but this time time instead of head to head with strangers, they have to go against a family member. Now my wife has always loved Rupert as a contestant and now that he will be on the roster chances are she will be rooting for him.Except that now he has his wife as an opponent. This could very well be a drama filled series. Check it out if interested - I forwarded the info to my wife in hopes that she will join me in watching.


What's your take?

Please watch the video below and watch the entire video and let me know what you think of the scenario that unfolded.
Well, for me I think it was well deserved, especially coming from the many players that aren't juicing. The fans cheered on because they know that this guy was not only arrogant but is potentially a cheat. I guess the next few weeks will tell a tale of what's to come in A-Rod's future. Stay tuned folks. roman

Once again...

Welcome all, Sorry for the long absence on here. I have taken a few months off to see what other area blogs/news sites were commenting on and covering, Although a few have been on point I decided to get back on track and fill in some of the important information that we need to see as well as some other coverage's that relate to our day to day functions. Hope you stay with me and continue to follow. A love inspects the distorted promise. More to come folks. :)