Not a bad show after all...

I came across this show about a week ago and I told myself not to watch it because the last thing I need is to be hooked on another show. Well, I'm here to tell you that I have failed big time. Not only am I watching the show but I'm hooked on it and have added it to my roster of shows that are a must see. Michael Imperioli is the one to look for in this hit show. I've been watching his performance since Goodfellas. That's right he was in Goodfellas. Can't remember where? Let's just say that he went by the name Spider. Watch the show and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


Let Marcy stay...

I am sick and tired of politics and those who follow it to the point of bleeding red or blue. I will for the moment stay back and watch this train wreck happen. Most people say that Marcy Kaptur is doing an excellent job at bringing back money to the state of Ohio. We need her there because she has established such a strong stance over the years that if we were to lose her things will go horribly wrong here in Ohio.
I want all of you to know this post dated 10/14/2010 will be the starting point of "I told you so" - let's give her yet another term to bring back money to this still dying state. Maybe if we give her one more term those following will continue to focus on what she really isn't doing and that's maintaining the jobs we have here as well as trying to bring in new ones. This state and the city of Toledo are in such a bad shape that the majority of the citizens don't even know it or they do know it but choose to ignore in "hopes" of things "changing".



guess not

towards Michael Miller of TFP and his article -
I am honestly shocked -

Thought I knew where you stood on this matter.

Thought I knew that you can distinguish the difference in re-enactments and actual history.

Thought I knew that you stood by someones accomplishments and not their personal lives/hobbies

Thought I knew you for being biased and seeking the candidates ideology on how to better this area.

Thought I knew you.....

guess not

Was she lying to us?

A special thank you goes out to Fred for the following details -

If Marcy Kaptur only met Rich for the first time this spring, how does she explain the following:

* Rich Iott was appointed by Marcy Kaptur to the United States Military Academy Board, a group that, for the Congresswoman, screens applications and high school seniors wishing to gain an appointment to the United States military academies. If Marcy Kaptur doesn't remember Rich Iott, then the only possible explanation is that Marcy Kaptur does not take seriously whom she appoints to important positions like this.

* A few years ago, Marcy Kaptur was Rich's guest of honor at the Ohio Military Reserve's Annual training at Camp Perry. Rep. Kaptur was also named an Honorary Captain of the Ohio Military Reserve. This also begs the question, how does a 28-year incumbent Congresswoman not know what the Ohio Military Reserve is? Especially when she was named an honorary captain of the organization and has been to their annual training which takes place in her district at Camp Perry.

* Marcy Kaptur says that Food Town was part of the fabric of the Toledo community and that Food Town was one of the largest employers in her district. As the sitting congresswoman, how could she not know the CEO of one of the largest employers in her district?

* Rich Iott personally contributed to Marcy Kaptur's campaign in 1992.

please if anyone has any additional details on this please feel free to comment.


Are you kidding me?!?!?!?

After finding out that this past Saturday's event (10/02/2010) in Washington ended up with a mess left behind by those who participated I almost came unglued. The nerve of those attending that rally to leave such a mess at one of our most honored and treasured locations. There are people who understand respect and then there are others who won't produce it but will expect it to be presented to them. Watch the video below and you can see the mess left behind. Leave me a comment on what you think.

The money must be good...

I got this video in today from a good friend of mine. He informs me that he knows someone that actually does this and enjoys it. Watch the video and let me know how many times you felt dizzy or nauseous.


You think...

San Francisco (0-4) blew a 14-0 first-quarter
lead due in part to a pair of interceptions by Alex Smith.
"Those were critical errors," Smith said.

Now most of you know that no matter what happens each season I will still remain a great supporter of Niners. If it was someone else they would of dumped this team and moved on to a better one. I still truly feel that the 49ers will have a decent season. Even though Smith had a few errors I still consider him too new to blame. I just hope that my other Niners fans don't give up on the team. Still with guys!

Playing very well...

It feels good to not be able to watch the game and still see the outcome look totally awesome. With a game like that who knows what's to come in the next few games. I will definitely be focusing on their performance - join me if you're a fellow Wolverine.

from the UPI coverage -

Michigan 42, Indiana 35
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UPI) -- Denard Robinson completed a long pass and then ran in the game-winning score Saturday in No. 19 Michigan's 42-35 victory over Indiana.

Robinson found Junior Hemingway on a 42-yard pass with just 21 seconds remaining and on the next play scampered into the end zone to hand the Wolverines (5-0, 1-0 Big 10) a victory in the conference openers for both schools.

Robinson moved Michigan 73 yards on five plays during the decisive fourth-quarter drive. He was an offensive force, piling up 494 total yards and accounting for five touchdowns, including a 70-yard TD pass to Hemingway.

The Heisman Trophy candidate finished the day 10-of-16 passing for 277 yards while racking up 217 yards and two scores on the ground.

Ben Chappell, meanwhile, had a big day for Indiana (3-1, 0-1), setting school records for passing yards (480), completions (45) and attempts (64). He connected for with three touchdowns and an interception.

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Always sets the mood...

Regardless to what is going on with me whether it's good or bad this track always gets me in the hood mode. Straight ghetto. Enjoy this track as I am right now.

The ten hottest...

All I'm going to say is Jennifer Walcott. I looked at the videos that M.H. (Men's Health) had to offer and I had to go with Jennifer. The video itself is good don't get me wrong but from what I found online it turns out she is from Ohio - Youngstown at that. If I'm wrong then please head on over to M.H.'s site by clicking the title above and you tell me what you think. Now before I forget - there will be 9 other hotties on list so don't think for a minute that it will be easy to point out Jennifer as a favorite. She's only first in my opinion so let me know what you think by commenting.