Gourmet Sandwiches for Guys: Men's Health Lists: MensHealth.com

Gourmet Sandwiches for Guys: Men's Health Lists: MensHealth.com:

'via Blog this'What's up people! Okay, this post is for the big guys out there that would nothing more then a hearty sandwich just in time for a big game. During my Men's Health reading I came across the top 25 Sandwiches for Guys article. After going through the many types I came to the conclusion that #3 will be the creation that will be enjoyed this coming Sunday. Not sure what you guys think but take a moment and read the article and please post what sandwich fits you best. Okay, heading back to M.H.'s website for more updates. Take care all and God Bless.


Just writing...

Hey folks, Whats going on? Sorry for the long span in between posts. We just purchased a 43" plasma and a nice Direct TV bundle - so you can imagine what I've been doing for some time now. The previous entry mentions a show called Once Upon a Time, I watched the second episode and so far I'm actually enjoying it. I currently have three other shows that I'm following.
1. Castle
2. Fringe
3. The Walking Dead

These three shows are the only ones I'll watch with out any interruptions. The house could be on fire and the most I'll do is move the episode to my iTouch so I don't miss anything. :)

Now that Once Upon seems to be a good show I just might make this show number four. If you have a favorite show please leave a comment referencing them.
Talk to you guys later.