Head to head with each other...

"I brought them in together and had them understand why we made the decision and how important it is for them to continue to push each other and compete,"
Great words from the man in charge Mike Singletary. I would be happy with either quarterback running the team I love dearly. In an article at ArcaMax Sports/UPI that I read today they point out that Shaun Hill brought home 5 wins of the last 6 encounters towards the end of the season. Nothing against Alex Smith because I think he's great as well but let's use Hill for now and see where we stand by the end of November. I am really looking forward to watching my team play and kick some butt - game day for me starts when they have their opener against 08's NFC Champs the Cardinals. So whether we have Hill or Smith running things on the grid iron I just want others out there know that this season will be one to watch and one to watch closely.