Almost forgot...

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Bring it on Jets...

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
Can't wait to see my boys kick some butt. The Viking game was a close and good game but my thirst for beating the Jets has been growing more and more each day since the loss on Sunday. Let's see what the boys bring when the Niners hit the field. Regardless on the outcome I know it's going to be an awesome game. I will post a nice follow up after the game win or lose. See ya


Saving same Benjamins...

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Getting caught...

When the TSA first became a household name I knew something good will come from this group as well as something bad. Well, they have caught a few individuals with "items" that might be harmful to others over the years and for that I thank them. Then all it takes is for one knuckle-head like the guy below to give the rest of the workers a really bad name. Everyone knows that most Americans/passengers only remember the negative experiences in the airport or on the plane. They never mention the great flight they had or the great service at the gate - all you get from them when asked is "It was ok". That's it. Now of course those who watch the video will imprint the thought that ALL TSA agents are thieves. Sad folks, it's really sad.



Looking forward...

As most of you already know the true Referees have come back. This weekend will be an interesting one considering the games at hand in the NFL. I will post more tomorrow see you guys then.

Well I didn't get to watch last night's game between the Browns and Ravens but from what I heard the refs got a nice welcome back by the crowd. Check this out - even the ESPN commentators where happy to have the officials back.



I need the news...

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Simply WOW

WOW. That alone isn't enough after watching last night's game. The last call was so wrong that I'm surprised the Ref hasn't been removed from society due to fear of harm by fans. The call was so off that I had to share an image I saw on Facebook this morning. Check out the article linked "here" and read up on what happened. Get it together Refs! Roman


Still at it...

A late entry for the day but I had to make sure something went up today. I'm still heading forward with the workout routine. Sore but it feels good. Weird, a good sore being welcomed hmm. It was sad to see my 49ers lose this past Sunday but it looked like a few other folks had a bad Sunday as well (I won't say any names - but you know who you are). Kinda busy at work today, I wasn't able to post something at lunch time but I will try to put something up tomorrow. Good night folks. Roman


Not a bad episode. Kinda freaked out when Cass was running things as "God" but after he came to his senses (not willingly) he has returned to his normal state. Can't wait until the next episode but right now it's time to shoot some nubs in Combat Arms. Check you guys out later.
Well looks like my show "Supernatural" has uploaded their 7th season on Netflix so now I must watch those thoroughly. I'm still continuing the work out routine and I have to be honest, it feels a bit sore everywhere but I know it's working. I'll touch back after I get done watching the episode of Season 7. See ya Roman


Well, It's been a few months since my last post. I want to first and foremost say that my leg is much better then before. I am currently increasing my workout routine to the point where I am working out at work during lunch break. I am currently following a guy by the name of Mike Chang (on YouTube). He has an awesome collection of videos that can help you get back in shape or for others to stay in shape. I have only done this for about a week now but I do feel a heck of a lot better. I will try to keep things flowing here on a daily basis with day to day issues my transformation and whatever pops into my head that needs to be addressed. See you guys later. Roman