Partially True...

Well I gave the idea two nights of testing. The first night I was out like a light. I did my usual routine and when I went to bed I really don't remember how long it took before I was out. Last night I did my usual routine and for some reason I kept tossing and turning. I did have some stuff on my mind which could of affected the trial. I will try again tonight and see what the outcome brings. I will of course post my findings. Till then - CYA.


Exercise and great sleep go together, hand in hand...

I've been working out now for about a month or so. Although I don't see the weight loss yet I do see improved looks on my arms, shoulders and chest. I usually workout after dinner which is between 6pm and 7pm. I would probably try to do a quick set or two before bed just to see if I do get a better night's sleep.

Interestingly enough, exercising close to bedtime or earlier in the day did not affect sleep quality. Previous studies had shown that exercise late in the day had been bad for sleep. Shawn Youngstedt, a researcher at the University of South Carolina who worked on the poll, pointed out to USA Today that those previous beliefs don't hold true for everyone.

Looks like I'll be trying this out tonight - I will post tomorrow on what the results were. The insert above is from an article that I read in the CBS News/Health portion of their website. Check it out. Cya