Wow, are you serious...

This story through me for a loop. A pissed off one that is. After reading the article I found myself really disappointed in how the Pentagon is demanding a return on the bonuses given to the men and women who served our country. The idea of doing such a thing is beyond insanity. How many of you reading this post have asked yourself the following - (College loans are being erased/forgiven - why not this as well). I definitely thought of that the moment I read the first paragraph in the story. If the recruiters failed to distribute the funds properly then it should be identified and corrected if such an event like this were to ever occur once more. Check out the article here and let me know what your comments are below.




Tower to be awoken...

It is with great enthusiasm to mention that the downtown Fiberglass Tower will start its revival as soon as next week. According to the story it looks to be the top 11 floors to get the fresh look and turned into 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. I've lived here in Toledo for the past 17 years and I always wondered why that building sat there empty. My wife (a life long Toledoan) informed me of the many reasons why it was vacant. On one of our walks through downtown we stopped by the tower where on Thursdays many food trucks come out and park along N. St. Clair street adjacent to the tower. While eating our food I noticed that the parking garage also owned by the Eydes had what looks to be retail spaces. My wife informed me that at one point those used to to have businesses and people would visit. Now the article and news release does not mention if they will be refinishing the retail spaces but it would add a whole new factor to the area. Especially with Promedica already underway with their construction of their new headquarters. A few retail/restaurants would be promising for the 600+ employees coming into downtown to work for Promedica. Exciting times ahead - so looking forward to seeing this completed. M.R.