Finding the right deal really matters...

Now that Christmas has passed us we can now focus on redoing our bathroom completely from top to bottom. We are looking into getting a nice looking vanity and we heard that MaxFurniture.com has the best deals on bathroom vanities. If you know me and my habits on how I spend my money wisely then you know that by me visiting their site I will most likely be purchasing on of their bathroom vanity sets. If you're waiting to upgrade your bathroom with something much better and still save you money then please visit them and browse through the many sets and deals that they offer. With next year upon us I can almost hear my wife asking if we can upgrade our bedroom furniture as well. We currently have a queen size platform bed and I have to admit that I do miss having a real bounce when I sit down or climb into bed. Yes a platform bed is cheaper then most beds but I can get myself a great bedroom set that would include the bed and an excellent dresser. They are currently running a Winter Sale that ends on January 2nd of 09 which can save you from 45% to 75% off retail prices. Please stop reading and click on the link above to get a first hand look at their inventory and the great prices.

Sammy looking to return...

sm_333_oo.gifIt's been a while since we've seen the great one smack one out of the park but it might be sooner then later that that image will be back. Sosa is currently fit to return to MLB and he wants to come back in full force and from what people have seen he looks to be in great shape especially when it comes to his hitting. I would be really excited to see him sport a red "B" but I don't know if Boston would even throw a bid for his skills. Check out the full story at this link and give it a complete read so that you can get a full view of what he is planning on doing. If any Red Sox decision makers are reading this (yeah right) please send Mr. Sosa a bid and who knows maybe he'll come on over.


It's coming right around the corner...

That's right - CHRISTMAS! I don't know how those of you reading this poast celebrate but here in the Roman home we like to gather just about the entire family and have what we have tried now for the third year in a row is a gift exchanges. Most families do the traditional presents for everyone while there might be a few others that practice the same idea we do except that we throw in a huge dinner right afterwards. Kind of like Thanksgiving except it's in December. Now for the past we years my wife and kids have decorated the tree and the table where the family will be sitting to enjoy the feast. This year I plan on getting a few Christmas gift baskets and placing one on each end of the table. Better yet I might want to go ahead and get a centerpiece that would bring the attention of the room straight to it. If you have a tradition that doesn't include some gorgeous flowers from 1800flowers.com. Please visit their site and place your order just in time for delivery before it's too late. The last thing you want is to be in charge of decorating and not falling through on a spectacular display. Visit today and Happy Holidays.

PlayStation Home...

Well it's finally going to happen - Sony has decided to go ahead and release the online 3-D social networking service known as PlayStation Home. I remember when SEGA had their deal with certain cable companies when presenting the SEGA channel and yes I know that the two aren't the same thing but if you remember way back when the channel was introduced it lasted roughly a few months before it strted to go downhill. Some saw it as an issue with the family some said that the price that was being paid was too much especially knowing that the games offered weren't all that great.
Sony officials say they don’t expect an immediate payoff from Home. Their plan is to offer Home as a free software download to all PS3 users, and to charge gaming companies and other brands to create shops, sell goods, host events and advertise.
Now I know that I don't own a PS3 and I can mention about ten others that don't either because of the price for one of those bad boys but do they have something for those who don't have one but are devoted PlayStation fan?
It’s unclear what impact the delays will have on Home. The original plan was to have Home ready by autumn 2007. Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai announced the first delay in October, 2007. The company had expected Home to be ready by April of this year, but instead announced another delay. In late August, the company started inviting a limited number of users for a trial.

I guess only time will tell if this brand new venture for Sony wil help or hurt them.


Bringing the new look back...

We are currently in the midst of Winter and from what I've seen throughout my neighborhood it looks like half of us need new vinyl shutters. I am telling the truth here, most of them have shutters but they look like they have seen way too many Winters or any other season for that matter. On my home I don't have shutters but I can tell you that if I did it would easily bring the look of my home up by a huge percentage. Don't wait until your home becomes a statistic where it's being evaluated by others based solely on your shutters. Visit the site and get that new look to accent your home today.

Getting another win...

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- Unheralded Shaun Hill upstaged Brett Favre with two touchdown passes Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers upended the visiting New York Jets 24-14.

Hill, now 4-0 as a starter, was 28-of-29 passing for 285 yards and tossed TD passes to Bryant Johnson and Frank Thomas, who left the game with an ankle injury in the third quarter.

Favre was 20-of-31 for 137 and was intercepted once as the Jets (8-5) remained in a three-way tie with Miami and New England for first place in the AFC East. The loss was Favre's first ever against the Niners and snapped a four-game road winning streak for the Jets.

Thomas Jones ran for 56 yards and a touchdown that gave him 14 for the season and tied the Jets' record for TDs in a season.

A 32-yard field goal by San Francisco's Joe Nedney broke a 14-14 tie early in the fourth quarter. The 49ers (5-8) put the game away with a lengthy scoring drive capped by Hill's 3-yard TD pass to Johnson with 6:05 to play.
It's always a good feeling to know and see your team win a game - especially when facing the Jets with the newly acquired Brett Favre at the helm.

The look of the game could of been worse then what happened but it's a good thing that the Niners calmed down a bit because they could of mad the final a much larger lead. Even though I'm happy for the win but by them winning they helped out New England clinch their side. I'm not a Patriots fan but I have to admit whether or not they make it, I don't think they'll get passed Tennessee. I'll leave that for another day though.
GREAT JOB 49ers!!!


Taking the next step...

Are you currently looking to invest in a company that is on the up and up?
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Bending is not enough...

DETROIT (UPI) -- United Automobile Workers said they would rather bend than break, offering concessions to U.S. automakers on the eve of bailout hearings in Washington.

Executives from General Motors Corp, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC were scheduled to appear at Thursday hearings to ask for about $38 billion to get them through tough times.

Meeting in Detroit Wednesday, union leaders said they would suspend the controversial "jobs bank" that pays laid off workers 85 percent of their salaries, The New York Times reported.

Union president Ron Gettelfinger also said the union would allow automakers to postpone payments to a multibillion-dollar healthcare plan for retirees.

But Washington Democrats said critical votes for a bailout were still lacking.

"It's going to take (President George) Bush and (President-elect Barack) Obama calling people," a Democratic aide told the Times.

With new business plans in hand, auto executives have said they would make further production cuts, eliminate some brands and focus on more fuel-efficient cars.

Federal assistance should be based on "a realistic plan for how we're going to make these companies viable over the long term," Obama said.

What the Unions need to do is cut back on workers as well as cutting back on the huge wage that isn't helping the company any. It's bad enough that the top three have to find ways to make their vehicles more tempting by offering delayed payments and more incentives.

Other car companies have a good car where in some cases at half the price then those offered by anyone else. How is a company going to compete if that's where the starting point is and the top three others are in dead last place. I beleive they need to fail and file for bankruptcy so that they have to be forced to sit down and trim down what they have so that they can at least have a decent run in this future vehicle race.

The Fast and the Curious...

The title should have your attention automatically get it "automatically" - okay maybe it's a bad joke but the title does have that catch to it. You think your ride is fast now but you're still curious if it can go just a bit faster, right? Well now you can answer that very question by checking out TurboChargerPros.com today and looking through their huge inventory for that special part or parts that will elevate you to the next speed bracket. I myself own a 1990 Cavalier - I have seen this type of car charged before so I plan on spending some time at TurboChargerPros.com and see if they can set me up with some new toys. Now I know I won't be able to handle anaudi turbocharger but I would love something just as fast though. Quit reading and visit today.

A different look on the future...

I received the pics above from a friend and from what I saw it does look cool but is this really the direction we want to go. Check out the pics and let me know what you think. I would love to test drive the vehicle below...

No steering wheel; you drive it with a joystick. No pedals either.
Can you drive with a joystick? Our children and grandchildren probably can.
The influence of video games in our lives has really arrived, wouldn't you say?


Thinking of the hunters in your family...

Or better yet think of the friends that you know that have been hunting for years now and you;ve seen their equipment - and from what you have probably seen thay might need some new gear. With it being December you can easily try a Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion to find that family member or friend exactly what they need whether it's a new scope or maybe a DVD that can improve the skills they have right now so that a day out hunting won't be an empty one. Please visit the site and be overwhelmed at all the deals/packages they have to offer you right before Christmas.

Back in the day...

The phrase "Back in the day" comes up a bit when either families are having a festive gathering or when an individual is having a conversation with someone. I have had moments when I feel that no matter what I do I can't seem to do anything right - and the first thing that comes to mind is maybe an old friend from back in the day that would be there to tell you that it's going to be fine so don't worry about it. I read an article the other day that would be nice to see done more and more herr in the US. Give the following a read and leave me a comment regarding what you read...

SOUTHAMPTON, England (UPI) -- Nostalgia amplifies perceptions of social support, and in this way, counteracts feelings of loneliness, British and Chinese researchers said.

Constantine Sedikides and Tim Wildschut from the University of Southampton, England, and Xinyue Zhou and Ding-Guo Gao from Sun Yat-Sen University, in China, ran a series of experiments that had participants answer questions related to feelings of loneliness, social support and nostalgia.

The study participants included children, college students and factory workers. In addition, the factory workers were also assessed on their resilience -- their ability to recover from traumatic events and adverse life situations.

The study, published in Psychological Science, found individuals who felt the loneliest reported receiving the least amount of social support.

However, when nostalgia was induced in a number of the study participants, they in turn perceived to have the greatest amount of social support.

These findings suggest nostalgia boosts perceptions of social support, and in this way, mitigates feelings of loneliness. In addition, the findings revealed that the most resilient individuals are more likely to use nostalgia to overcome feelings of loneliness.


A meeting worth remembering...

There are a few company owners out there that don't know the existance of PPS (Peak Performance Services) and to this date they try to put together an escape for their employees and staff that pretty much ends in disappointment. What they need to do is look up PPS under Corporate Incentive Travel and finally present to their employees/staff how appreciative they are of them. They can easily start with one of the simple Cruise incentives which I can safely assume will be wonderful for those hard working individuals who need that broad escape. Most Corporate incentive travel companies try to compete with PPS but from what I read on their site as far as their services and the testimonials I have to admit that they are going to be a company that will be hard to beat now or in the future. If you are currently looking to spruce up you're meetings whether their for business or appreciation please take a few minutes and visit Peak Performance's website and get a clear picture of their services and please read what others have written about them as well.

History/Moments on my birthday...

Here is what happened on 05/02 throughout history:

Notable Birthdays for May 2

Those born on this date include:
- Catherine the Great, empress of Russia, in 1729
- Gen. Henry Robert, author of "Robert's Rules of Order," in 1837
- Pioneer Zionist Theodor Herzl in 1860
- Broadway composer Lorenz Hart in 1895
- Child care specialist Dr. Benjamin Spock in 1903
- Singer/actor Bing Crosby in 1904 and Theodore Bikel in 1924 (age 82)
- Activist Bianca Jagger, ex-wife of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, in 1945 (age 61)
- Pop singer Leslie Gore in 1946 (age 60)
- Country singer Larry Gatlin in 1949 (age 57)
- And actresses Christine Baranski in 1952 (age 54) and Jenna Von Oy ("Blossom") in 1977 (age 29).

Other Notable Events, May 2
In 1519, Leonardo da Vinci, Italian artist, scientist and inventor, died at age 67.

Out of all that is above the only thing that caught my attention is the fact that da Vinci died on my birthday - bummer. Now everytime I think about watching the movie I will remind myself that the creator of the "Last Supper" died on my birthday.


Knowing what you saw...

Winter is right around the corner and for those who know me you know what this means - that's right, nice bright white snow and me having trouble seeing when I'm driving. I am willing to continue to save my family money by purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses because the ones I have aren't strong enough for me. If I'm going to buy a pair I might as well get some that isn't going to hurt the wallet. The family and I have been pinching pennies in order to go on a nice vacation trip next year. We know that this Winter will be interesting enough so we are planning on visiting Puerto Rico next year around this time so that we can actually enjoy some warm air and avoid the bright white snow.
We have on our list for next Spring a nice large yard sale that can help me get my garage back to what it used to be and at the same time help my wife and kids reduce their clutter of "stuff". With a pair of eye glasses from Zennioptical I know that I can get a good quality set and not spend way too much. Check them out today and be sure to mention it to your friends and family because you know that there's a me in your world - don't deny it.

Bring the proof...

This next section is from UPI...
SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- Barry Bonds wants a U.S. judge in California to dismiss most of the charges he faces from the steroids scandal, the San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News reported.

The charges, all felonies, stem from his grand jury testimony in the probe of BALCO, the lab cited for steroids distribution in 2003.

Bonds, 44, became major league baseball's all-time home run leader when he hit his 762nd round-tripper in the 2007 season, but was not signed in 2008 by any team.

He has denied knowingly taking illegal performance-enhancing substances.

The newspaper reported six lawyers representing him said in a pretrial motion Wednesday that 10 of the 15 counts Bonds faces should be dismissed for a variety of reasons, including one claiming that some of the questions posed to Bonds in the grand jury session were "fundamentally ambiguous."

The lawyers argued before U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in San Francisco.

Bonds faces up to 30 months in prison if he is convicted.

I have stated many times on this blog as well as other sport and nonsport blogs that if the man is dirty then please present the proof that doesn't extend to just words from people that might not have too good of a reliable background.

The man is innocent until "proven" guilty not considered guilty or assumed guilty. Bring the proof to the light and let's see it otherwise shut the piehole and remove the charges.

Can't wait until next season

This season just ended for paintball gaming and tournaments with many of the team players wanting a new look that would bring their mood up just in time for next season. I tried to tell them that even though they did not make it to the tournament they weren't going to win hardly any of the matches before next years big match by simply looking cooler with Galco holsters. Knowing them they'll buy a bunch of these to later find out that they don't work for the guns they have now :) - What they should get is the black hat that can give them the added cover when in the woods especially Steve with his bright red hair. Check out the site and see if you can find something for your friends that might be in the paintballing world.

Good and not good...

Last nights game was fun to watch but at the same time it wasn't - most of you know that I'm a Bulls fan till the end. Most of you also know that I'm a big fan of King James as well - watching was a bit confusing because found myself yelling at the tv for Chicago to put a little more pressure on Cleveland and not allow the easy scores while cheering James on getting a nice shot off. If someone would of been listening they would of thought that I had either lost it mentally or just a nut sports fan that was undecided.
The following report is from UPI's site - a great break down - give it a read and if you have any comments on the game last night please feel free to leave me a note saying so.

CLEVELAND (UPI) -- LeBron James poured in 41 points Wednesday and Cleveland used a run late in the second quarter to knock off Chicago 107-93.

James made 13 of 23 shots from the field and 15 of 16 from the line while grabbing nine rebounds and handing out six assists. Both teams came into the game with 2-2 marks in the early going this season.

Delonte West added 16 for the Cavaliers and Zydrunas Ilgauskas had 15.

The Bulls were within four points with three minutes remaining in the first half, but Cleveland went on a 12-4 run that gave the Cavaliers a 57-45 advantage at the break. Chicago came no closer than seven points during the final two quarters.

Ben Gordon led Chicago with 31 points.


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I might do it....

After watching the video below I found myself thinking about my buddies back in high school doing something like this and having them ask me to join in. When younger we did a few things that would be considered to be a bit awkward and different but we saw it as fun and entertaining. Watch the video and let me know what you think and if you're brave enough to leave a comment please tell me about something you did when you were younger and silly. Please refrain from leaving anything inappropriate like make out moments or anything close to that.

Do not attempt this at home or near and college campuses either...


You know it's coming...


Here is another warning from a very knowledgeable person from the Hollywood sector that is not a preaching Democrat. His words are spooky.

Grim predictions

The writer of this essay is Jerry Molen, an Academy Award winning Hollywood Producer, who produced Jurassic Park, Hook, Rain Man and many more classy movies, and who won the Academy Award for Schindler's List. Jerry is one of the very few conservatives in Hollywood - but wants to include Democrats. He says:

We are about to make the Mother-of-All-Mistakes, because the Republican Party gave us no reliable alternative. If the conservative movement does not rally behind the only alternative left to us, this country will become a true Socialist State within the next two Presidential terms.

Ladies and Gentleman, this is the most grave situation this nation has faced in my lifetime. We just experienced an over-hyped, outrageous primary election season that has left me wondering where the heads of our citizens are hiding - must be someplace where the sun doesn't go very often.

At one time in my life I was a determined, dedicated and ever-loyal registered Democrat. Then something happened - Lyndon Baines Johnson - that turned my life around and gave me pause for the veracity of a party that lives and feeds off of the most unfortunate among us. Some of them are in their positions in life by their own choosing, others by outside circumstance. But always, always there was a door open to them, to reach for new heights, achieve new goals, change their lives for the better. Similarly, there have always been the bottom feeders, doing what they could to take advantage of those who had not or have not seen better days, nor realized that they in fact were the masters of their own destiny - these unfortunates had come to believe that they were dependent on people in Washington, who would look out for and take care of them. They waited and still wait for all those promised freebies.

Most people don't reflect upon the fact that the Democrats ruled Washington for over 40 years; it wasn't until 1994 when the so-called Gingrich Revolution changed - but only for a while. These same people do not realize that it was the Democrats who created the failed policies of the entitlement programs that are now falling apart before our eyes.

Do not think I find the Republicans blameless in all this. They, too, suffer from the ego and greed built into our system. But in the past few months I have listened with growing horror to the railings of the left, calling for yet more giveaways, more promises of a proverbial 'free lunch.' What sums up my feelings, why I am appalled by those in political power is contained within a quote by basketball legend and talk show host Charles Barkley: 'Poor people have been voting for Democrats for the last fifty years....and they are still poor.'

Now, with our elections, come yet more new promises of 'change:' 'change we can believe in,' 'hope for the future'. But if you really, I mean REALLY listen to what the new messiah is asking for, it is not 'change of policy' or 'change for the better' - this is a warning that he wants our change. And the change you will get will not be the change you expected or wanted.

I leave you my predictions of what will happen if the junior Senator from Illinois becomes President - especially if the House and Senate are veto-proof Democrat:

1). Strict gun laws, though he promised he would not.

2). 'In God We Trust' will be removed from all currency.

3). He will renege on his pledge to Israel and leave them to the wolves of Islam.

4). Hillary Clinton will be named to the Supreme Court.
5). Tax rates will surge to the highest levels in 30 years.

6). Capital gains tax will be at least double current levels.

7). Retired Army General Wesley Clark will be named Secretary of Defense.
8). Our borders will be open to all comers - especially from the Middle East and South America .
9). Amnesty will be granted to all illegals in the U.S, regardless of status or even gang membership (think MS-13).
10). Our presence in Iraq will come to an abrupt end - with tragic results to their citizens and devastating consequences to our military.

My predictions will not sit well with some people - the best we could hope for is that I am wrong.

Any bets?


We are only a few weeks away...

With the month of October just about half way through you and I know that the most entertaining holiday of the year is just around the corner - that's right Halloween. I have not found the right Halloween Costumes yet that my wife and I would like but if I had to pick one for just myself I would have to say that the Pinhead character from Hellraiser costume would be my first pick. I have loved watching the Clive Barker flicks for years now. My wife loves to watch them as well especially when it's time to collect the bodies/souls towards the end of the movie. If you plan on looking for something that fits your character or your lifestyle please visit HalloweenAdventure.com today and view the many catagories of costumes. If it's a favorite show on television don't worry, visit the site and see if they have it. If it's a movie character that you seek then like I said previously, visit their site and simply click on the desired link. Maybe you know someone who is undecided and might need a little help - simply send them to the HalloweenAdventure.com site to get the answer their looking for.

We're at 2-1 for now...

I thought for sure that the Red Sox would of come out swinging after losing game 2 but it didn't even look like they even showed up. I don't know about you guys but it didn't look like Lester found his groove thoughout the night. Game four is just around the corner so let's hope they can get themselves focused so that they don't give the Rays a 3-1 lead. Tampa Bay at Boston tomorrow @ 8:07 PM I won't be able to watch it but I will be looking on ESPN.com's site for up to the minute stats.

They are family too...

I learned a valuable lesson the last time I went on vacation. I decided to go on vacation for a few days and thought that if I left enough food out for the dog that she would be ok. Well let's just say that I came home to explosion - my living room was a mess as well as my bedroom. Well it didn't click in my mind that an unsupervised dog is a call for trouble. Don't be an idiot like me and have your dog enjoy a vacation as well at one of the many Dog Boarding facilities in your area or in the city in which you are visiting. Check them out today.

Maybe next time...

I was unable to watch the game but from what I saw during the rewind presentation on SportsCenter it didn't look like a game that would of excited me. All I can do now is sit back and welcome the next opponent with open arms and an ax to grind - we need a win fellas. Pull those straps on tight and let's see what we can do better on the next one.

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- Juqua Parker's 55-yard interception return finished off a 23-point, fourth-quarter rally that carried Philadelphia to a 40-26 victory Sunday over San Francisco.

David Akers booted three field goals in the late surge that enabled the Eagles to even their record at 3-3.

Donovan McNabb completed 23 passes for 280 yards and two touchdowns, with one interception.

The Eagles forced three turnovers in the final quarter.

Philadelphia running back Correll Buckhalter, starting in the place of Brian Westbrook, who has a rib injury, ran for 93 yards and a touchdown and caught seven passes for 85 yards.

The 49ers' J.T. O'Sullivan was17-of-30 passing for 199 yards and two interceptions.

Frank Gore ran for 101 yards and a touchdown and Donald Strickland returned a blocked punt for a score in the third straight loss for the 49ers (3-3).



With most people here in Ohio wanting the law of the land enforced and the jails/prisons crowded they don't want a new facility near their home (Not In My Back Yard) but what they do want is a site that thay can go to and research an individual. It can be for something as simple as a job like a baby sitter or maybe some landscaping that needs to be done on their yard. With an ohio inmate search you can se if the individual is truly telling you the truth about their past. Businesses can use this service as well - the last thing you want to do is hire someone that may be a threat to you, your employees or even the customers. Visit today and try them out.

What do the Dallas Cowboys and Jimmy John's have in common?

VOTER FRAUD - Well not them per say but it looks like the group known as ACORN has done some work in helping people register to vote and within the 5000 or so entries it looks like a good chuck of those submitted may be disqualified. I'm sorry but when the reporter on the video that's linked at the bottom of this post finds one that says Jimmy John's that's when I say that some people are about as dumb as a box or buttons. The address was in fact the address to one of the JJ franchises. The fact that ACORN stands behind their quality check and still has that many go through simply tells me that they are not truly checking them or if they are then they have a crew of dunmb asses. Watch the video by CNN and see it for yourself.

They got people...

With families growing in large numbers and the many locations that seem to be the right spot for them you will need a service that can get you the information you need especially when it comes to death certificates. Deathcertificatesearch.org is just the place to go when you need a death certificate of a loved one. Visit them today and see that not only can they search it quickly but they can do it for a reasonably low price.

At it again...

I don't understand how this guy can get into the rouble he does and still manages to to keep his job. It's reported that the recent incident isn't that bad - it's minor. I don't care if it's minor the point is and should always be keep your nose clean and stay focused on your career and not the bad habits that may or may not consume you. The following is from a reliable source (UPI) read it and see for yourself how they (the team) are trying to brush this off as something that should worry us and that we should just understand that things happen.

IRVING, Texas (UPI) -- Dallas Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips said Thursday he expects Adam Jones to play Sunday despite the cornerback's alleged involvement in a fight this week.

Jones, who served a one-year suspension for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy, reportedly became involved in an incident with one of his bodyguards while they were at a Dallas hotel Tuesday night.

Police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made and no charges filed.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the player and his personal security guard were "kidding around."

"It went a little too far," the team owner said. "It went over the boundary. They resolved it and went home."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league was gathering information.

"We're trying to determine all the facts," Goodell said. "It's clear there was some type of incident."


Turn them in immediately...

If you have been a victim or almost a victim to a false phone call asking for information about you or anyone in your family? Then please take the time to visit the following site and Report Annoying Callers. Once you arrive at the site you will quickly view many other reports that have been filed in regards to thieves looking to draw from your life achievements. Don't let them get away with theft and report them today.

Doesn't look too bad for Sunday...

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about just look at the image to the left. Okay now that you know what's going on I'm going to go right to Sunday's game that brings the 49ers and Patriots head to head in Candlestick Park. With me living in the mid-west (Ohio) and the fact that the local stations only display local teams on television I'm pretty sure that the Niners game will not be shown here. Which is a drag but I have grown to deal with it - there are those rare occasion when they play the Browns and the Bengals but that doesn't happen too often. Okay back to the game at hand, I'm not sure how the Pats are doing without their main man Brady but what I do know is that they had their butts handed to them by the Dolphins (my wife's favorite team - Hi Baby) not too long ago - so I"m hoping for a similar performance by the Pats when coming to Cali to face the Niners. With Mike Nolan at the helm I'm confident that the boys in red and gold will not go down with out a good fight. Good Luck men and see you on Sunday!


Trying to locate them...

Have you ever received a phone call when you have just fallen sleep and it feels like you're night will be an awesome one and then the phone rings with some knucklehead at the other end trying to trick you and get you upset? Well I invite you to visit www.phonenumberinvestigator.com and share that experience along with any other ones that fall under the same scenario. I know I have a few myself to share so I'll be stopping by myself.

A complete shocker...

Well I would to say first and foremost - Congrats to the Fang Tribe for not only winning the Reward Challenge but the Immunity Challenge as well. I did enjoy watching the episode because they did catch me off guard. They performed well and did not look back when it came right down to fighting for what you want. Can't wait until next week's episode.

Looking for a shop in a different state?

Well if you're like me then this site will be all you need when you travel to a different state and would like to get a number of a restaurant, mall or even a theater. Don't mess with a Phone Book that will probably give you a headache before you even find anything and visit 50statephonebook.org where you can find anything that is in the state that you are visiting. Try it today!

Last week's episode...

I did not get a chance to watch the first episode of Survivor last week because I was in Puerto Rico but I was able to watch it with my wife on Monday the 29th on the Survivor website. I did not know what to expect but at first but soon after they had selected the teams I knew that the one team Fang was in a world of hurt. These folks were destined to fail due to the fact that they worked as individuals and not as a team. They didn't even know who would be a great leader for them. Well wouldn't you know it - they lost both challenges and were forced to vote out one of their own twice. Tonight will be an interesting night because not only do they continue the seperate thinking but they still do not have a leader. Can't wait to see the self destruction happen.


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A strong love...

I just got done watching a video of a man that almost lost his dog to a shark - yes a shark. The thought of involving yourself to help a fellow family member might come as a surprise to some people but for this gentleman it wasn't something worth pondering. He quickly sprung into action and saved the dog from the jaws of the shark by punching the shark hard enough so that it would release its' grip. I would probably act the same way for my dog but there are some times where I might not because the dog was a bit of a pain that day or something but if it was any of my family members I would definitely do something to help them. Watch the video and see for yourself the love that he has for his dog.


Michigan coming through after all...

This past weekend was a bit busy with me being Puerto Rico and all so I was unable to catch the game that from what I saw on Sports Center was one to watch. I know that Michigan has a history of coming from behind but coming from behind and actually getting the win feels great. Now that I'm back in the US I plan on catching the game this coming weekend. Hope to see the other die had fans supporting the team on tv. Great job Michigan!

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - David Gilreath caught a touchdown pass with 13 seconds left but eighth-ranked Wisconsin failed on a two-point try and Michigan posted a 27-25 upset.

Wisconsin committed a penalty on its first two-point try and failed in its next attempt to enable the Michigan Wolverines to overcome a 19-point halftime deficit.

Wisconsin was trailing 27-19 before Allan Evridge hit Gilreath on a 22-yard scoring strike. The Badgers converted the first two-point try, but an illegal receiver down field nullified the tying score.

Brandon Graham had two forced fumbles and three sacks for the Wolverines (2-2, 1-0 Big Ten). John Thompson added a 25-yard interception return for a touchdown for the victors.

Michigan gained only 19 yards and turned the ball over five times in the first half. Brandon Minor and Sam McGuffie each scored rushing touchdowns and Kevin Koger caught a 26-yard TD pass in the win.


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Looking bad at this point...

BOSTON - Torii Hunter hit a three-run home run and Casey Kotchman added a two-run homer in a six-run sixth inning Monday to lead the LA Angels to a 7-5 win over Boston.

Vladimir Guerrero was 2-for-4 and with two runs for the Angels, who have won five of their last six games.

Juan Rivera and Jeff Mathis each had an RBI and the Angels left just four men on base.

Jered Weaver (9-8) was the winner after allowing three runs on six hits in 5 2/3 innings.

Francisco Rodriguez got his 44th save of the season.

Manny Ramirez homered and drove in three runs for the Red Sox, who have lost three of their last four.

Losing pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka (11-2) gave up six runs on seven hits in five-plus innings for just his second loss this season.

It's hard to watch Sports Center in the morning when I have to work but it's even harder to watch it and finding out that your team hasn't won a game in like five days.

The way things are going I hope they find they're issue and solve it fairly quickly because before they know it the season will end and they're going to find themselves trying to catch up.

Wake up fellas and the game going because as the defending champs you have a job to keep as well as a fan base to entertain.


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A very good time...

On Saturday my wife and I had the privilege to attend the annual Maumee River Dragon Boat Race. This year I joined the Toledo Parents under the name of "Powerful Paddelin Parents". We had a blast the entire day, it started a bit late at first and just worse as the day went on but all in all it was a great experience. Our team came in 2nd in round one which wasn't too bad considering I didn't have any practice with the team the week before. On the second round we came in first place which of course is a great feeling especially when the other teams racing with you found it necessary to chant weird sayings and perform silly dances. Now on the third race we didn't do too well - we came in fourth. I think that by the time we were up again from the second race we were pretty much in snooze mode. I believe it was about 2 hours before the last race. Well either way it was fun and I hope to join again next year and maybe bring home a trophy. I would like to thank my better half Lisa for waking up that early (7:00am) on aSaturday and then basically hang out the entire day under a hot sun - I would like to also thank the team that allowed me to participate and enjoy the fun with them. We'll get them next year!


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Another bad one but it could of been worse...

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Garret Anderson drove in five runs with four of Los Angeles' 14 hits Friday, carrying the Angels to an 11-3 bombing of Boston.

The Red Sox slipped a half game behind Tampa Bay in the American League East after the Rays ended a seven-game losing streak earlier in the evening.

Los Angeles expanded its advantage over Oakland in the AL West to 7 1/2 games -- easily the largest lead in the majors.

Anderson singled in a run during the Angels' three-run first, added a solo homer in the fourth, singled in another run in the fifth and had a two-run base hit in the sixth.

It was Los Angeles' third win in four meetings with Boston this season. The Red Sox swept the Angels in the American League Division Series last year.

John Lackey (7-2) picked up the victory, allowing three runs on five hits in seven innings. It was only his second win ever over Boston in 12 starts.

Clay Buchholz (2-5), who has been in and out of the Boston rotation this year, took the loss. He surrendered four runs on eight hits in 4 2/3.

It's a good thing that I did not watch this game because from what I saw on the coverage it wasn't exactly the best performance. I'm looking forward to having them focus a bit more on the big picture and not let this game get to them. With the All-Star weekend over and the AL coming out on top they must feel a little bit good about that seeing that the NL has never won it but maybe their saving their explosion for later on in the season. I can only hope.


Getting a little help...

This weekend is going to be project time. A simple home improvement is what they call it but as most of you all know it's not that easy. I'm looking at redoing my bathroom, not all the way but I need to get the sink done because the one we have is a bit out dated. Now what I did see at luxuryhousingtrends.com was what they call a towel warmer. This would be great for my wife - especially when winter comes around and she decides to take an early shower before going to work. Check out the site and look for what can help you complete your project.

Boston doing great and only 3 games behind...

2008 AL East Standings


Tampa Bay_______55______36______-______427_____369
NY Yankees______49______43______6.5_____426_____399

With the standings being where they are now I feel comfortable saying that Boston will have a great season from here on out. Now I would love to see another title won but that might be pushing it a bit much. Can you imagine the burst of energy that would come out of Boston if that were to happen. I'll just wait and look forard to it in the next few months - I'll focus more on this weekends trio when the Red Sox take on the Orioles.
Good Luck Boston!


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Not exactly a stellar performance but it's still a win...

BOSTON - Manny Ramirez had an RBI single in eighth inning Monday to give the Boston Red Sox a 1-0 victory over the Minnesota Twins.

Boston's Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched 7 1/3 shutout innings. He scattered six hits and three walks to go with five strikeouts. Matsuzaka has allowed just one run in his last three starts.

Hideki Okajima (2-2) came on in the eighth and got the final two outs for Boston.

Minnesota's Scott Baker, who had won his previous three outings, worked seven scoreless innings, striking out seven while allowing just five hits and two walks.

Brian Bass (3-3) took the loss.

Justin Morneau singled, doubled and drew a walk for the Twins, who had won five in a row and 16 of their previous 18 games.

Red Sox 1 Minnesota 0

This game wasn't exactly one to put in the history books as an all time favorite but it's a win nonetheless. Yeah there were a few moments of some great pitching performance but I was looking for some good clean hits out the park. Well let's hope that this doesn't become a trend for Boston because I look for some top rated action when it comes to viewing a Red Sox game.


The season is coming - so get ready...

I'm not much of a hunter unless you call fishing and relieving our waters of the never ending number of bass that seem to keep coming around this time of year. I have hunted for other opponents when it came to paintball tournaments but as for actually hunting live game I would have to say no.

I grew up in a city slick surrounding so hunting wasn't exactly the thing to do when it came down to father and son time. Now that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to learn because if there's something that I enjoy more then having fun is knowing that hunting isn't easy and that your targets aren't going to hide behind barriers for hours on end.

You're out in the wilderness searching for the perfect game and you know that the slightest sound will set them off and you'll lose your opportunity. I have visited HuntersHide.com and found myself learning a few things about hunting. The first thing I learned is that you must know what Hunting Rifles you'll need when going out there.

You don't want to successfully capture a deer to later find out that you can't process most of the meat because there are way too many bullets in it. Visit the site and search the many rifles available to you so that you won't make that mistake, the last thing you want is a great outing and then having to get rid of a lot of meat from the hunted.

A close one but not a win...

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Gabe Gross hit a two-run homer Monday, helping the Tampa Bay Rays defeat the Boston Red Sox 5-4.

B.J. Upton hit a solo home run, and Carlos Pena and Jonny Gomes each had an RBI for the Rays, who have won six of their last seven games and have the best record in the majors.

James Shields (6-5) got the win after giving up two runs on five hits with a walk and five strikeouts in 6 1/3 innings.

J.D. Drew hit a solo homer and Mike Lowell went 3-for-4 with an RBI for the Red Sox, who scored twice in the ninth inning but left the potential tying run at third base.

Justin Masterson (4-2) got the loss after he gave up four runs on five hits with five walks and five strikeouts in six innings.

Tampa Bay 5, Boston 4

If only they would of kept the momentum going when it came down to the third base runner trying to get home for the tie. I have to hand it to the Rays because they have been performing at their best winning their last six of seven games. They put on a good show and were able to keep Boston back so that they can secure a win over them. Boston usually goes into a slump this time of year but I know that their drive for a second championship is deep within them and trust me when the time comes for it to be released there will be no one there to stop them.


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We need to drill today for the future...

This past week I've been hearing on the radio that most hard core politicians are against the drilling just outside our shores. With gas prices hovering around the $4 mark most Americans can't keep the status quo when it comes to living a life that was once normal and enjoyable. I have taken some serious changes in how I drive and how I spend my money knowing that help is far from coming. With president Bush saying that he'll remove any barriers that he may have up if Congress is willing to lift the ban on offshore drilling. The image you see at the top left will illustrate where it's okay to drill and where some drilling is already going on. Obama made it clear that this will not help us right away, he is correct on that point but my two questions for Obama are -
What does he plan on doing to lower the cost of gas?
Why shouldn't we drill now, it would benefit our children in the future when it comes to world survival.
I am okay with offshore drilling especially if it can release us from depending on foreign oil. We as Americans are being kept on our knees and it looks like the Democratic Congress is just fine with that.


Is it football season yet?

Yes I am going through football withdrawals. I know that the 49ers aren't going to make any spectacular moves this upcoming season but I can hope. I have found a site where I can join in on conversations regarding football and the many teams. Were your football picks last season great, good or really bad. Either way visit the link and see how many other people are just like me or better yet - like you.
After watching last night's game three between the final two teams Boston and LA I felt like Boston was not executing properly their complete attack for the win. Garnett and Pierce need to get their game going early on and keep it pumped throughout the night. They were both struggling and were only able to bring in 19 points total. Well let's see what game four will bring.

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Lakers, led by Kobe Bryant's 36 points, climbed back into the NBA Finals series with an 87-81 win over the Boston Celtics in Game 3 Tuesday.

The Lakers, 9-0 at home in the post-season, avoided falling into an 0-3 series hole. Game 4 will be Thursday in Los Angeles.

Sasha Vujacic came off the bench to score 20 for the Lakers, while Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom scored just four and nine points, respectively.

Boston was led by Ray Allen's 25 points. Allen hit five of seven three-point attempts. Kevin Garnett managed just 13 points -- missing 15 of his 21 shots from the field -- and 12 rebounds. Paul Pierce was even worse, missing 12 of 14 shots and finishing with just six points.

The Celtics have lost six of eight road games in the post-season.

NBA: LA Lakers 87, Boston 81


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Keep them coming...

BOSTON - J.D. Drew produced both runs Sunday in the Boston Red Sox' 2-1 decision over the Seattle Mariners.

His solo homer broke a 1-1 tie with no outs in the bottom of the sixth inning.

The veteran right-fielder pushed the other run across the plate when he was hit by pitch from Seattle starting pitcher Erik Bedard with the bases loaded and two outs in the third.

Five players had one hit for the Red Sox, who have won five of their last six games overall and 15 of their last 16 at Fenway Park.

Winner Justin Masterson (3-0) gave up an earned run and just three hits in six innings. Closer Jonathan Papelbon recorded his 18th save this season.

Seattle's run scored on a fielder's choice groundout by Yuniesky Betancourt in the top of the second.

The Mariners managed five hits in the sixth loss in their last seven games.

The losing pitcher was reliever Sean Green (1-2).

Boston's Manny Ramirez extended his hitting streak to 13 games.


I need one today...

Before the summer season ends my wife and I plan on visiting the "Garden of the Gods" while on route to visit my oldest daughter in California. A new Binocular would come in handy especially if I want a closer look at the naturally made sculptures. With the shipping cost being free for orders over $29.95 I can't resist the temptation to buy not only one pair but possibly buying a second. Check them out today and see what "catches" your eye.

Let the Finals begin...

BOSTON - The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, who make up the most tradition-bound rivalry pro basketball, open the NBA Finals Thursday.

It will be the 11th time the franchises have met for the league championship, with the Celtics having claimed eight of the previous 10 confrontations.

Boston dominated the rivalry when Bill Russell was the symbol of the team and the Lakers won the last two meetings with the tandem of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Now it will be the Boston trio of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce attempting to get the best of Los Angeles superstar Kobe Bryant.

Bryant has hit 50 percent of his shots and averaged 32 points a game in 13 playoff contests this season.

The Celtics, meanwhile, have played only one post-season game under the maximum. They were extended to seven games by both Atlanta and Cleveland before closing out Detroit in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Boston won both regular-season meetings this season and will be at home for the first two games of the Championship Series. All games in the finals are scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. ET.
I can't wait to watch game one, I want to see which team will try to gain the lead early in the game. Who knows maybe my uncle can add the Celtics to his list of favorite teams right next to the Red Sox.


Finding my spot...

When ever I'm in the mood I try to throw in some classic rap music but with my wife and kids not liking my choice in music I usually find myself in my man cave listening for hours. I recently visited Busta Rhymes Biography and I learned a few things about him that I did not know like him being part of the group "Tribe called Quest". With that knowledge I'm going to see if I can get all of Busta Rhymes Lyrics and see what his style was early on into the business.

Are you a "Nervous Wreck"?

MADISON, Wis. - U.S. scientists announced the discovery of a gene they call "nervous wreck" that is essential to the proper development of nerve cells in the fruit fly.

The gene governs the size of a synapse -- the junction between nerve cell endings. University of Wisconsin scientists said the gene prevents synapses from overgrowing by damping the effects of a pro-growth signal. Mutations in a human version of the "nervous wreck" gene have been linked to a severe genetic developmental disability

The 100 billion nerve cells in the human make trillions of synaptic connections to neurons, muscle cells and other cell types. Malfunctions at synapses are believed to be among the many factors leading to various neurological disorders.

Kate O'Connor-Giles, a postdoctoral fellow who led the study, said, "We really need to have a deep understanding of how all the factors involved are working together to develop rational treatments for neurological disorders associated with aberrant synaptic growth."

The researchers say their findings might speed the development of treatments for neurological disorders.

The study appears in the journal Neuron.
After reading the article above I have learned that the many friends in my past may have had this infamous gene. Heck half of the baseball team might of been affected by this. Go figure.

Trying to understand...

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Add 1 more to the count...

BOSTON - J.D. Drew homered and doubled Tuesday to pace the Boston Red Sox to a 7-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Red Sox recalled Justin Masterson (2-0), who started Tuesday's game and got the win after allowing four runs on six hits in six innings.

Mike Lowell hit a two-run homer and Coco Crisp had a two-run double for Boston, which extended its home winning streak to 11 games.

Carlos Pena went 2-for-3 with a two-run home run and three RBI for Tampa Bay, which had a three-game win streak broken but maintained its lead in the American League East. Matt Garza (4-2) gave up seven runs on six hits in 5 1/3 innings.


The right gear...

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Kicking butt in style...

BOSTON -- Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew hit grand slam homers Thursday to boost Boston past Kansas City 11-8 and give the Red Sox a four-game sweep.

Boston starter Daisuke Matsuzaka improved to 8-0 and closer Jonathan Papelbon recorded his 14th save this season.

Lowell had three hits and scored three times. Drew, whose grand slam in the bottom of the second inning erased an early 1-0 deficit, had two runs and two hits.

Kevin Youkilis and Julio Lugo both had two hits and one RBI while Dustin Pedroia drove in a run for the Red Sox, who completed a 7-0 home-stand.

Kansas City got two doubles, a three-run homer and five RBI from Miguel Olivo. Jose Guillen had four runs, three hits -- one a solo homer -- and three RBI.

Joey Gathright and David DeJesus added two hits each for the Royals, who have dropped five of six.

Losing pitcher Brian Bannister (4-6) was shelled for seven earned runs and 12 hits in 5 1/3 innings.


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Adding another win to the total stat...

Red Sox
BOSTON (UPI) -- Kevin Youkilis' three hits and four RBI Sunday led the Boston Red Sox 7-3 win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Youkilis started the scoring with a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the first inning, and then added a solo homer in the seventh and a two-run double in the eighth.

The eventual winning run scored on Dustin Pedroia's fourth-inning groundout, which gave Boston a 4-0 lead.

Coco Crisp and Jason Varitek had two hits apiece for the Red Sox, who completed a three-game sweep and have won five of their last six contests.

Winner Jon Lester (2-2) gave up an earned run and just four hits in six innings with three walks and five strikeouts.

Jonathan Papelbon retired the final four batters to earn his ninth save.

Tampa Bay got one RBI each from Carlos Pena, Akinori Iwamura and Carl Crawford, with Pena hitting a solo homer in the sixth.

The losing pitcher in his first start this season was Scott Kazmir (0-1).

Catching up on missed games...

Red Sox
BOSTON (UPI) -- Jason Varitek drove in three runs Saturday in the Boston Red Sox' 12-4 rout of Tampa Bay.

After an early 3-2 lead, the winners expanded their advantage to 7-3 before scoring two in the bottom of the sixth and three more in the eighth.

Varitek hit a key two-run single in the eighth. David Ortiz had three hits and two RBI and scored twice.

J.D. Drew and Manny Ramirez also had two RBI while, like Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia had three hits for the Red Sox, who have won four of their last five games.

Winner Josh Beckett (3-2) gave up four earned runs and seven hits in eight innings with a walk and five strikeouts.

Tampa Bay's Gabe Gross hit a two-run homer in the second. Evan Longoria and Akinori Iwamura drove in one run each, and Iwamura hit a solo homer in the eighth.

Iwamura and Dioner Navarro had two hits each for the Rays.


NFL Draft Day Baby!

NEW YORK (UPI) -- The NFL Draft begins Saturday with all the suspense concerning the No. 1 pick having been wiped out by Miami's signing of offensive tackle Jake Long.

First-round trades have been forecast during the days leading up to the draft, but barring any moves at the top of the selection process, Miami will be followed by St. Louis, Atlanta, Oakland and Kansas City.

Kansas City moved into the No. 5 slot through a trade with Minnesota and the Chiefs now own two first-round choices.

Having won only one game in 2007, the Dolphins need help throughout. Under the guidance of new front-office boss Bill Parcells, however, the Dolphins decided to keep the No. 1 pick and take Long -- a product of the University of Michigan who will be the first offensive tackle taken at the top of the draft since Orlando Pace went to St. Louis in 1997.

The only other offensive tackle taken at No. 1 since the draft started in 1936 was Ron Yary, who was chosen by Minnesota in 1968.

The draft will begin at 3 p.m. EDT with only two rounds scheduled to be concluded Saturday. The remaining five rounds will be conducted Sunday.

Today is the day where I spend most of my morning watching ESPN and other sports stations just to get an even further review of what's going to possibly happen tonight. I hope San Fran. can get themselves a good player because the days of "rebuilding" should be done by now - I ready for some butt kicking.


Charging through...

MILWAUKEE (UPI) -- Luol Deng scored 32 points Monday to lead the Chicago Bulls in a 151-135 slugfest win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Ben Gordon added 29 points and Chris Duhon had 22 points and 15 assists for the Bulls.

Andrew Bogut scored 25 points for the Bucks, who have lost seven games in a row. Michael Redd and Charlie Villanueva each had 22 points and Ramon Sessions had 20 points and a franchise-record 24 assists.

Milwaukee led 45-39 after the first quarter and 81-71 at halftime. The Bulls had a 49-20 edge in the third period.

I'm not sure where the Bulls stand as far as playoff time but even if they don't make it this time around I definitely hope they bring their A Game next year and focus on the entire team's talents.


Nothing like a holster...

With the zoo preparing for the Spring days ahead you can rest assure that they are looking forward to completely opening up the African exhibit 100%. I have seen some of the security personnel that work there at it would look neat if they had some safariland holsters to go with their uniforms. That would easily tie in with their surroundings. I'll be sure to send them an e-mail tonight regarding the designer holsters - who knows, I might see them this coming Summer.


Winning over Utah...

CHICAGO - Six Bulls, led by Drew Gooden's 24 points and 10 rebounds, hit double figures Tuesday, carrying Chicago to a 108-96 victory over the Utah Jazz.

Ben Gordon added 19 points for Chicago, which moved within a half-game of idle Atlanta for the final playoff spot in the NBA Eastern Conference.

Mehmet Okur had 22 points and 18 rebounds for Utah, which had a five-game win streak halted. Deron Williams added 20 points and 10 assists as all five Jazz starters scored in double figures.

With last night's performance and their performance against Cleveland I can honestly say that the Bulls are on track for the Conference battles and if they keep the momentum up they will further themselves on the list and actually be a threat to others. Watch out folks - here come DA BULLS...


Noah and the Bulls...

CHICAGO - Joakim Noah turned in perhaps the best outing of his rookie season Thursday with 13 points and 20 rebounds, leading the Chicago Bulls past Cleveland107-96.

The Bulls overcame a 39-point effort from LeBron James.

Luol Deng and Ben Gordon both scored 23 for Chicago, which put together a third-period run to win its second straight. The Bulls have won two in a row for the first time in almost two months and have not had a three-game winning streak all season.

Cleveland had won its three previous games, including a victory Wednesday over New York in which James scored 50 points.

James scored 26 in the first half Thursday, but was not as effective after colliding with Chicago's Kirk Hinrich early in the third quarter.

Cleveland owned a 53-49 advantage in the third before Chicago scored 17 consecutive points. The Cavaliers came no closer than eight in the fourth period and Chicago tacked on a 14-2 surge in the final quarter. Noah finished off that burst with a layup.


Stockton gets 11,000th NBA assist..

On this day in 1996, the Utah Jazz’s point guard John Stockton gets his 11,000th assist in the NBA. When Stockton retires from basketball in 2003, he leaves with 15,806 career assists, a record that still stands.

Stockton attended Gonzaga University and in 1984 was drafted by the Utah Jazz, where he would spend his entire career. The 6’1” point guard was the 16th overall pick in that year’s draft, which also included Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Stockton got his first NBA assist on November 26, 1984, and his 1,000th assist on April 5, 1986. During the 1987-1988 season, he made 1,128 assists, setting a record for most assists in one season. Isiah Thomas had previously held the record with 1,123 assists.

On February 1, 1995, Stockton shattered the NBA record for career assists--9,921--which had belonged to Magic Johnson. Stockton earned a reputation as hard-working, consistent and the ultimate team player. During his 19 seasons with the Jazz, he and forward Karl Malone led the team to the playoffs every year, although they never won the championship. Stockton was also known for wearing short basketball shorts throughout his career, even when most players began sporting a longer, baggier style in the 1990s.

In addition to Stockton’s 10 All-Star game appearances, he played on the U.S. men’s Olympic basketball teams that won gold in 1992 in Barcelona and 1996 in Atlanta.

When Stockton retired from the NBA in May 2003, he was known as one of the greatest point guards in the history of basketball and was the all-time leader in assists, with 15,806, a record he still holds. He had 19,711 career points and led the league in career steals, with a total of 3,265. In November 2004, the Utah Jazz retired Stockton’s jersey--number 12.

Watching him play was a complete enjoyment, waiting for his quick shots and razor sharp passes were two of the many weapons that he brought to the court. When they played the Bulls they brought all of their attacks hard and on point, not once did I ever think that the Bulls can walk through this team and move on. Congrats to Stockton for an achievement worth remembering.


Trading for a future...

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. Marcus Williams, temporarily replacing Jason Kidd, scored six of his 25 points in overtime Wednesday, leading New Jersey past Chicago 110-102.

After the multi-player trade that sent Kidd to Dallas this week, the Nets plan to use newly acquired Devin Harris as their point guard. But with Harris out of action with an ankle injury, Williams filled in and produced a season-high point total. He made nine of 18 shots from the field, including three of five from three-point range. Vince Carter also delivered a season-best 33 points, helping the Nets to their fourth win in five games. Richard Jefferson added 24 points.

Chicago, losers of three out of four, was led by 17 points from Joe Smith -- one of eight Bulls to score in double figures. Carter made a free throw with 49 seconds left in the fourth period to tie it and neither team could score another point in regulation.

Having Chicago lose by that small margin isn't too bad but it's a loss nonetheless. After the trades between Chicago and Cleveland I'm looking forward to an interesting outcome for the second half of the season. It was tough lossing Wallace but with the new guys in play maybe we can get a wave of talents together and become "The" team to beat.

Just one of the many reasons why I support him...


Great results and a great team...

NEW ORLEANS - Ray Allen scored 28 points and LeBron James 27, powering the East over the West 134-128 in the NBA All-Star Game Sunday. Cleveland's James -- who just missed a triple-double with nine assists and eight rebounds and scored the go-ahead points -- was named MVP of the game for the second time. HE previously won the honor in 2006.

Allen, of the Boston Celtics, sank three three-point shots in the closing stages of the game at the New Orleans Arena. Orlando's Dwight Howard made all seven of his shots from the field and added 16 points for the Eastern Conference. Miami's Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh of Toronto added 14 points each.

Denver's Carmelo Anthony, Portland's Brandon Roy and Amare Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns each scored 18 points for the Western Conference. Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant played about three minutes at the start of the contest. Bryant, who has a torn ligament on the little finger of his right hand, is considering whether to have surgery -- which would keep him out of the Lakers' lineup for six weeks.
While watching the game I found myself seeing that the East Team would be an awesome team to have. The way they were able to flow and make things happen and completing the drive and push just made me watch even closer. I would of loved to see James get that triple double during the game because that would of definitely put him in the bracket with all the other great players especially in the All Star Weekend. Great game fellas.


Something worth sharing...

A video that had me from day one. I hope that those of you here will spend some time and watch it.


Viewing the incredible...

While on a trip to Gran Rapids Ohio on Thursday I noticed that some of the roads were closed due to flooding. Now when I finally got to the village I had a chance to get a few pictures of a home that was near the river and as you can see it didn't turn out so good for that family. Then on Friday when I went to make a delivery to one of our affiliates I noticed the Maumee river was way over it's height. I have not had a chance to go back and see what the level looks like now but I plan on going over tomorrow and seeing what the river looks like now.

Taking a lose hurts but it's okay...

SALT LAKE CITY - Carlos Boozer had 22 points and 12 rebounds Saturday night and the Utah Jazz beat Chicago 97-87. Deron Williams and Andrei Kirilenko each scored 15 points and Williams had 11 assists for the Jazz, who have split their last two games but have won 10 of their last 12. Ronnie Price scored 10 off the bench for Utah and Mehmet Okur had seven points and eight rebounds.

Thabo Sefolosha led the Bulls with 22 points, seven rebounds and four assists. Joe Smith and Andres Nocioni scored 14 points apiece and Chris Duhon had 11 points and eight assists for the Bulls, who played with three starters -- Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng -- out due to injuries.

The Jazz jumped out to an early start, but the Bulls closed the gap to 22-20 with a 9-4 run at the end of the first period. Utah led 49-39 after a 13-2 run at the end of the first half. The Jazz went up 57-43 late in the third before Chicago put together a 12-4 surge, but the Jazz practically owned the fourth quarter -- going up 83-69 with a little more than nine minutes left to play.

With the score ending the way it did I'm surprised they didn't end up losing by a lot more then 10. I mean I love my Bulls and all but they did show some heart by getting closer to the lead. I mean come on the score in the fourth was 83-69 and if you do the math the Bulls came from being down from 14 to being down by 10. That may not mean anything to those of you reading this but for a sports fanatic that is a great deal. Let's see what their next performance will be. Until then - See ya.


Gotta work on the winning streak...

PORTLAND - Jarrett Jack put Portland ahead from the free throw line with six seconds left Wednesday and the Trail Blazers downed Chicago 100-97.

Portland finished off a 3-3 homestand by surviving a Chicago comeback that saw the Bulls take a one-point lead with 14 seconds left on Chris Duhon's jumper. Jack was then fouled by Andres Nocioni and Jack gave Portland a 98-97 advantage with two free throws.

Nocioni then missed a three-point attempt and Brandon Roy completed the scoring with two free throws with two seconds left. Roy led Portland with 28 points, LaMarcus Aldridge had 18 and Jack 17. Chicago was paced by Nocioni and Thabo Sefolosha with 22 each.

Well I'm hoping that the Bulls would pull off a win but as you can see they were just three points short. I just want them to keep focused and continue to hold together as a team and as a family. They are scheduled to face the Warriors tonight at 10:30pm on the national channel TNT. I hope to see some push and force against Golden State because after losing to only three to Portland I anticipate some hunger for a win.


Going through the motions...

SEATTLE - Joe Smith scored 25 points and the Chicago Bulls pulled away in the final 8:41 Monday to pocket a 118-108 road victory over the Seattle SuperSonics. Smith also had 10 rebounds as Chicago broke a two-game streak while ending the Sonics' three-game win streak -- their longest this season. Ben Gordon added 20 points for the Bulls.

Seattle got 21 points from Wally Szczerbiak and 20 from Kevin Durant. Chicago pretty much led from start to finish, going up 27-25 after the first quarter, 56-49 at halftime and 83-73 going into the final period. Seattle hung around and trailed just 91-84 after a Luke Ridnour three-pointer with 8:41 remaining but could pull no closer the rest of the way. With Chicago setting a pace they might keep this streak going, seeing that they're heading to Portland tomorrow to face them at 10:00pm. I hope that a win their will propel them to continue the current streak.


Third brother feeling proud...

Just watched an interview with Cooper Manning regarding his reaction to his brothers' accomplishments. Cooper Manning is a great man and very outspoken. He is proud of his brothers both Eli and Peyton. The question of him possibly being jealous of his siblings' goal setting success was asked and as a stable and self aware gentleman he quickly answered by saying that what his brothers have done now and in the past are moments that places him in a proud and privileged to have them as part of the family. He is a strong son, brother, husband and above all a great father. My hat goes off to the Manning family in all of their successes as well as the NY Giants for achieving what many said they couldn't do

Cooper Manning Interview


Appointed Chancellor of Germany...

Hitler was Appointed Chancellor of Germany 75 years ago today. (1933)
Hitler's rise to power began long before 1933, with his development of the Nazi party in the early 1920s and the widespread release of his book, Mein Kampf, in 1925. After the Nazi party lost seats in Germany's November 1932 parliamentary elections, leading businessmen and political figures appealed to Germany's president to appoint Hitler chancellor. As chancellor, Hitler quickly moved to eliminate his rivals and consolidate his power. Hitler's history isn't being mentioned here to promote or encourage what he did, this post is to remind people that even when someone like Adolf can work behind the scenes and position themselves higher in the ranks ou might want to keep an eye out or at least be aware.


No Boots for Brady?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (UPI) -- New England quarterback Tom Brady made an appearance at a pre-Super Bowl rally without a boot on the reported high right ankle sprain. The rally took place at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. before the Patriots boarded a flight to the site of Super Bowl XLII next Sunday in Glendale, Ariz. Last week, photos showed Brady wearing a boot on the ankle but he and team officials have been mum about the reason.

"Now this is the Foxboro faithful right here," Brady said when he addressed the fans who showed up while it was snowing. "We're going down there for one reason, for one reason, that's to bring a title back to Foxboro." When the Patriots face the New York Giants, they will try to complete the NFL's first-ever 19-0 season in their fourth trip to the big game in the past seven seasons.

"The Raven" from (1845)

"The Raven," like Poe's other works, conveys the dreamlike and often macabre forces that pervaded the author's sensibility. Poe wrote the poem while his moribund wife was suffering from tuberculosis, and it became an instant sensation when it appeared in the Evening Mirror in 1845. In the poem, the speaker, who is mourning the death of his love, Lenore, is mysteriously visited by a talking raven and asks the bird a series of questions.


Sorry for the gap in posts...

I have been busy at work as well as being really sick from Tuesday up to today. I am slowly getting better but now my wife has it and it won't go without a fight. I have been doing a lot through out the week but I was not feeling well enough to sit in front of the computer and present many posts on what I have done, for that I apologize. I have a few posts up on my other blog Basic Issues of events that I attended and sites that I have visited. If you're interested in reading then please feel free to visit. I have a link to the right. I am going to try and keep up to my promise on having something posted daily.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Important

The gentleman you see to the right is Mr. Ken Leslie. He is the a man that considers himself just another person doing the right thing for those in need. Ken, my wife and myself have had a few meetings and get togethers in the past and are planning to continue because the 'important' thing is to remember that there are homeless people out there both veteran and non-veteran. He runs a site by the name 1Matters.org. If you would like to get involved or if you are interested in what's going on locally then please visit his site and view the many stories entered and see where the next step will be in the near future. I'm Miguel Roman and I matter - my fellow Americans that are homeless matter even more. This gentleman is very Important to the needy and the deserving.

Please join in each and every Saturday!