The wins just keep on coming...

With the Bulls winning these past few days it feels even better to announce that my 49ers have won a good game in overtime with a nicely placed field goal by Joe Nedney. I wasn't able to watch the game but from what I saw on ESPN.com and read on UPI it was definitely a good game. Here is UPI's coverage of the game -

NFL: San Francisco 23, St. Louis 20 (OT)
SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- Joe Nedney kicked a 29-yard field goal 9:39 into overtime Sunday, letting the San Francisco 49ers edge St. Louis 23-20.

The 49ers had taken a three-point lead on a 16-yard touchdown pass from Troy Smith to Michael Crabtree with 2:10 left in the fourth quarter, but Rams kicker Josh Brown forced an overtime when he hit a 33-yard field goal as time expired.

Smith tossed for a career-best 356 yards and a touchdown, going 17-of-28, and Frank Gore ran for 87 yards and a score on 22 carries for San Francisco (3-6).

The Rams, meanwhile, lost for the second time in three games.

Sam Bradford finished the game with 251 yards and one touchdown, and Steven Jackson gained 81 yards on 20 carries with a score for St. Louis (4-5).

Copyright 2010 by United Press International


Very nice -

You know, just when you think you have a fix on what a team can and can't do BOOM you get surprised. A big CONGRATS to the Bulls for delivering a good old fashion whoop ass. The fact that this team is still my favorite is not a shocker but the fact that they handed GS an ass kicking truly brings a smile to my face. Read the following for UPI and tell me if this wasn't a good game.

NBA: Chicago 120, Golden State 90
CHICAGO (UPI) -- A big game from Luol Deng helped Chicago take control early Thursday and the Bulls easily held on to crush Golden State 120-90.

Deng had 26 points, 11 rebounds and six assists in helping bring Chicago its second straight win. All four of Chicago's victories this year have come at home.

Derrick Rose added 22 points and 13 assists for the Bulls and Joakim Noah had 17 points.

The Bulls built a 66-38 halftime lead and their lead grew to as many as 33 points late in the third period.

Monta Ellis scored 24 to lead the Warriors, who played without center David Lee (elbow). Golden State fell to 2-2 on a five-game road trip.

The Bulls shot 54 percent from the floor and missed just twice in 23 attempts from the foul line.

Copyright 2010 by United Press International

What a game indeed.


Not a bad show after all...

I came across this show about a week ago and I told myself not to watch it because the last thing I need is to be hooked on another show. Well, I'm here to tell you that I have failed big time. Not only am I watching the show but I'm hooked on it and have added it to my roster of shows that are a must see. Michael Imperioli is the one to look for in this hit show. I've been watching his performance since Goodfellas. That's right he was in Goodfellas. Can't remember where? Let's just say that he went by the name Spider. Watch the show and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


Let Marcy stay...

I am sick and tired of politics and those who follow it to the point of bleeding red or blue. I will for the moment stay back and watch this train wreck happen. Most people say that Marcy Kaptur is doing an excellent job at bringing back money to the state of Ohio. We need her there because she has established such a strong stance over the years that if we were to lose her things will go horribly wrong here in Ohio.
I want all of you to know this post dated 10/14/2010 will be the starting point of "I told you so" - let's give her yet another term to bring back money to this still dying state. Maybe if we give her one more term those following will continue to focus on what she really isn't doing and that's maintaining the jobs we have here as well as trying to bring in new ones. This state and the city of Toledo are in such a bad shape that the majority of the citizens don't even know it or they do know it but choose to ignore in "hopes" of things "changing".



guess not

towards Michael Miller of TFP and his article -
I am honestly shocked -

Thought I knew where you stood on this matter.

Thought I knew that you can distinguish the difference in re-enactments and actual history.

Thought I knew that you stood by someones accomplishments and not their personal lives/hobbies

Thought I knew you for being biased and seeking the candidates ideology on how to better this area.

Thought I knew you.....

guess not

Was she lying to us?

A special thank you goes out to Fred for the following details -

If Marcy Kaptur only met Rich for the first time this spring, how does she explain the following:

* Rich Iott was appointed by Marcy Kaptur to the United States Military Academy Board, a group that, for the Congresswoman, screens applications and high school seniors wishing to gain an appointment to the United States military academies. If Marcy Kaptur doesn't remember Rich Iott, then the only possible explanation is that Marcy Kaptur does not take seriously whom she appoints to important positions like this.

* A few years ago, Marcy Kaptur was Rich's guest of honor at the Ohio Military Reserve's Annual training at Camp Perry. Rep. Kaptur was also named an Honorary Captain of the Ohio Military Reserve. This also begs the question, how does a 28-year incumbent Congresswoman not know what the Ohio Military Reserve is? Especially when she was named an honorary captain of the organization and has been to their annual training which takes place in her district at Camp Perry.

* Marcy Kaptur says that Food Town was part of the fabric of the Toledo community and that Food Town was one of the largest employers in her district. As the sitting congresswoman, how could she not know the CEO of one of the largest employers in her district?

* Rich Iott personally contributed to Marcy Kaptur's campaign in 1992.

please if anyone has any additional details on this please feel free to comment.


Are you kidding me?!?!?!?

After finding out that this past Saturday's event (10/02/2010) in Washington ended up with a mess left behind by those who participated I almost came unglued. The nerve of those attending that rally to leave such a mess at one of our most honored and treasured locations. There are people who understand respect and then there are others who won't produce it but will expect it to be presented to them. Watch the video below and you can see the mess left behind. Leave me a comment on what you think.

The money must be good...

I got this video in today from a good friend of mine. He informs me that he knows someone that actually does this and enjoys it. Watch the video and let me know how many times you felt dizzy or nauseous.


You think...

San Francisco (0-4) blew a 14-0 first-quarter
lead due in part to a pair of interceptions by Alex Smith.
"Those were critical errors," Smith said.

Now most of you know that no matter what happens each season I will still remain a great supporter of Niners. If it was someone else they would of dumped this team and moved on to a better one. I still truly feel that the 49ers will have a decent season. Even though Smith had a few errors I still consider him too new to blame. I just hope that my other Niners fans don't give up on the team. Still with guys!

Playing very well...

It feels good to not be able to watch the game and still see the outcome look totally awesome. With a game like that who knows what's to come in the next few games. I will definitely be focusing on their performance - join me if you're a fellow Wolverine.

from the UPI coverage -

Michigan 42, Indiana 35
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UPI) -- Denard Robinson completed a long pass and then ran in the game-winning score Saturday in No. 19 Michigan's 42-35 victory over Indiana.

Robinson found Junior Hemingway on a 42-yard pass with just 21 seconds remaining and on the next play scampered into the end zone to hand the Wolverines (5-0, 1-0 Big 10) a victory in the conference openers for both schools.

Robinson moved Michigan 73 yards on five plays during the decisive fourth-quarter drive. He was an offensive force, piling up 494 total yards and accounting for five touchdowns, including a 70-yard TD pass to Hemingway.

The Heisman Trophy candidate finished the day 10-of-16 passing for 277 yards while racking up 217 yards and two scores on the ground.

Ben Chappell, meanwhile, had a big day for Indiana (3-1, 0-1), setting school records for passing yards (480), completions (45) and attempts (64). He connected for with three touchdowns and an interception.

Copyright 2010 by United Press International


Always sets the mood...

Regardless to what is going on with me whether it's good or bad this track always gets me in the hood mode. Straight ghetto. Enjoy this track as I am right now.

The ten hottest...

All I'm going to say is Jennifer Walcott. I looked at the videos that M.H. (Men's Health) had to offer and I had to go with Jennifer. The video itself is good don't get me wrong but from what I found online it turns out she is from Ohio - Youngstown at that. If I'm wrong then please head on over to M.H.'s site by clicking the title above and you tell me what you think. Now before I forget - there will be 9 other hotties on list so don't think for a minute that it will be easy to point out Jennifer as a favorite. She's only first in my opinion so let me know what you think by commenting.


Back at it...

I've returned to watching 24 on Netflix, I am currently on season 4 and loving each episode as they go by. When this show first started I didn't jump on the Jack Bauer band wagon like most of the people I know. I can honestly say that after watching the first few episodes I was hooked. Considering that when I started watching they were already five seasons into the series that still didn't deter me from wanting to catch up on the missed seasons and episodes. If you haven't watched 24 before or you would like to go back and watch them just in case you missed something then grab yourself an account at Netflix and start watching today or even tomorrow.


Helpful tips...

The more I read on what's best for a great and successful workout the more I want to add to my routine. I just read a small tid bit on the Men's Health website that could help me when working out. I have had it wrong for quite a long time now. I had it fixed in my mind that when I wear "sweat pants & sweat shirts" that I was doing the right thing. Well it turns out that it would be better to switch to synthetic clothing so that the sweat that pours out of me won't weigh me down even more. I will try this out tonight and see what the difference would feel like. I will post tomorrow as to the results of my workout.


"Where can I see more pics?"

Now don't get me wrong here - this woman (Ines Sainz) to the left is hott but I wouldn't say she's the hottest in the world. Mens Health.com has mentioned that this lovely lady would be in the running for such an award. I would agree to that but in my honest opinion I would definitely put Megan Fox ahead of her easily.

from the article -

When reports surfaced over the weekend that New York Jets players had allegedly harassed Mexican sports reporter Ines Sainz, the first question was simple: Who the heck is Ines Sainz?

But once Ines's jaw-dropping photos hit the New York Post, millions of American men no doubt had a new question: "Where can I see more pics?"

Leave me a comment and let me know what your opinion is on this matter.

The video says it all...


Worth a try...

I came across this helpful video during my daily read at the Men's Health website. I just might add this routine to my daily workout. With the way it get's your body motivated it's sure to help me out in the long run. Watch it and let me know what you think of this guys ideas.


Sad, but not hurtful...

Well, the 49ers had themselves an interesting time this past weekend. Hoping to see a good game turned out to be a brutal butt whooping. I kept checking ESPN.com periodically throughout the game and I found myself stopping after half time. I knew that with it being the beginning of the season that they would need to get their game faces on before presenting some great games. The following is from a great site that I follow from time to time - please give it a read.

NFL: Seattle 31, San Francisco 6
SEATTLE (UPI) -- Matt Hasselbeck accounted for three touchdowns Sunday, passing for two scores and running for another, in the Seattle Seahawks' 31-6 rout of San Francisco.

Hasselbeck made a success of Pete Carroll's debut as head coach of Seattle (1-0) by going 18-of-23 through the air for 170 yards with one interception.

Carroll, who came to Seattle after nine years as coach at Southern California, entered the game with a 33-31 NFL career coaching record with the New York Jets (1994) and New England Patriots (1997-99).

Quarterback Alex Smith completed 26 of his 45 pass attempts for San Francisco (0-1), amassing 225 yards. Smith, however, tossed a pair of interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown by Marcus Trufant.

Copyright 2010 by United Press International


Just for you...

I would like to take a moment out of my day to say that I love my wife very much. I love her so much that I will personally get rid of her existing old watch (looks really bad) and get her a very nice looking jacques lemans watch. Now I know that most of you guys out there are saying "Boy, I guess we know who's whipped over there". On the contrary, I am not whipped - I am in love and will be for some time, what better way to show my love to my wife then by getting her something that comes close to matching her beauty. If you have the time take a quick peek of what I plan on getting her. If you love your better half like I do then please visit BlueDial.com and find them a great watch for an incredible price. They have over twenty name brand selections inventoried and with their 24 hour open line you can place an order before they wake up in the morning or right after they go to bed. So don't miss out on this great and visit the site today. Oh and before I forget - in my opinion this watch should look good on pretty much any man out there.



What's going on folks - Roman here delivering his inside thoughts on what he thinks of the movie Zombieland. It started out pretty normal, you know the blood splatter and human chewing creatures aka zombies. I actually enjoyed it - not what I expected for a "Zombie" movie but it was entertaining nonetheless. The fact that one of the main characters had himself a long list of rules was kind of cool but even he had to brake a few of them. If you have the time and effort please do yourself a favor and watch it. It's funny and truly fun to watch oh and keep an eye out for Bill Murray.


My next issue...

Well now that I have accomplished getting my appendix removed I am going to try and locate a great dentist because from the neglect that I have given my teeth I am going to need a really good one to help me out. I think I'm going to visit www.dentalplansdirect.com/2MonthsFree and take advantage of the 60 days free when I sign up for just a year. The pain that I have been enduring these past few months have to stop because if they don't I know that I will not get things accomplished at home or at work if I don't get enough sleep. So please follow my lead and acquire yourself a great dentist - save some time and money by visiting the site. Don't wait too long like I have.

Feeling better...

It has been about two weeks and three days since my appendix was removed. I feel great and can actually sleep a little better at night. I still have two weeks left before I can lift my usual weight in boxes and such. The doc put me on a month's time off and strictly kept to light duty. Before I continue any further I would like to thank my wife for being there for me when the pain was too much to bear as well as having her by my side before and after the surgery. Trust me fellow readers, if you find yourself with the slightest pain in the abdomen don't push it off like I did - get it looked at immediately.


Find the right one...

How many of you out there are having trouble finding the right ringtone for your phone list of friends and families? I for one don't think my wife would like a jay - z ringtone but the one ringtone I know she would love would be Guns N Roses's "Welcome to the Jungle". My wife has a political blog here in Toledo Ohio that is titled "Glass City Jungle" and what better tone to have then that one. Just the beginning alone describes the hectic time she spends blogging about the ins and outs of Toledo politics. I know that most of you prefer to keep the same old ringtone that the phone provides but if you are really looking into individualizing your phone then please do yourself a favor and locate that special ringtone for the ones you care for. Click the link above and start your exploration today with artists from A-Ha to ZZ Top and who knows, you just might ask one of your friends to pick one that suits you better then the standard ringtone they have assigned to you already.

A whole new level...

Sky diving, Base jumping, Cliff diving are great sports to try out but when you find yourself bored doing that please try what you see above. I find this type of flying to be truly extreme. The thought of them flying that close to the mountain side barely touching the bushes is just awesome. If I had the time and money and the weight loss I would definitely try this.


Try something new...

Hey Liz,
I hope you're reading this post because today is the day you're going to stop vising the same Ole boring restaurants. That's right - you need to try some mexican food frisco style. What you know and like about Mexican food is about to change - please visit the link and drag your man to the closest location and try them out then send me a comment on how it went.


Feeling a bit Lost???

If you are like I am and are going through some Lost withdrawals then please join me in watching this clip below. Trust me - the show would of been a bit different if this was actually included.


Always being prepared...

On a normal day most of us find ourselves trying to squeeze in as much as we can in an hour's time just to make sure we have enough time the following hour do fit more tasks. Now I know most of you reading this can probably relate to this scenario but if you can't then you probably fall under the same problem my daughter does. My daughter had a project that needed to be done by the end of this week. Well, most teenagers like to procrastinate - in her case she definitely knows how. With the week half way through she needed some help locating some images that she downloaded but was unable to locate where she put them. She called me in a panic because apparently the teacher wanted the project turned in sooner for early grading. I quickly hopped on my Proxy 2 (PC Remote Access) and began locating her images from work. Within a few minutes I found her images and she was able to turn in her assignment on time. The scenario I just gave you is just one of the many reasons as to why this program helps many when times are tight. Now if I can only turn this life saving moment into a chores reimbursement?


What a show!!

I have been watching the show Prison Break for the last month or so and let me tell you - this show is an awesome one. I never watched an episode before so when I saw that Netflix had all four seasons I was pretty excited. Right from the beginning it's non stop action. If you currently have a Netflix account and are able to watch this show I would recommend you watch it online through your computer, especially if you have a good surround sound hooked up. Trust me when I tell you that this show will keep you entertained and it will constantly keep you guessing what the next move will be.


The word got out...

Came into work this morning and upon doing my usual which consists of feeding the area birds with some of my moldy bread from home I came across the two characters you see to the left. They must of heard that this is the place to go if you are looking for a quick bite to eat. I hope they don't think that I'll be here tomorrow with food for them you know seeing that I have weekends off and all. I'll keep you posted on this small adventure.


A little different...

The following video will enlighten you. Watch it and please let me know what you think by leaving me a comment.


Nothing like a classic to start the day...

Woke up early this morning and found myself doing the usual chores - after I was done I did some searching through Hulu's library of action movies and found an early produced film on Captain America. Watching this felt pretty good, today's film making is a bit better but you can't take away the old school ways of acting. If you ever get a chance and have some time on your hands then please visit Hulu.com and watch it. Trust me, it will redoubtably bring back some of your own memories from the nineties.


Maybe it's me?

Is it me or can guys be addicted to chatting and gossiping? I would like to use myself as an example just to prove that guys do gossip and chatter too often. I am currently addicted to a game called Combat Arms, it's an FPS (first person shooter) game that is free online for all to play. I am also part of the Facebook community world as well. My wife believes that men aren't and shouldn't be that social towards each other. I on the other hand think that a tight group formed online is the best way to be both happy and internet savvy at the same time. We are about 14 strong (in the game) and we actually chat outside of the game as well. If I didn't have an internet connection I would probably find myself reading books from morning to night (boring). I currently have a DSL connection but imagine what a satellite high speed internet connection would do for me - not only will I be able to load pages faster then before but I can probably get into the game map a heck of a lot faster then my crew. The last thing I would want is to be in the middle of a good battle to find out that the other players in the game froze because I lost connection. I would like for those of you reading this to please post a comment and let me know if you think guys should or shouldn't be close on the internet.


Don't mess with old people...

from a friend of mine -


George Phillips, an elderly man, from Meridian, Mississippi, was going up to bed, when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.

He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?"
He said "No," but some people are breaking into my garden shed and stealing from me.

Then the police dispatcher said "All patrols are busy. You should lock your doors and an officer will be along when one is available.."

George said, "Okay."

He hung up the phone and counted to 30. Then he phoned the police again..

"Hello,I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed.. Well, you don't have to worry about them now because I just shot and killed them both, the dogs are eating them right now." and he hung up.

Within five minutes, six Police Cars, a SWAT Team,a Helicopter, two Fire Trucks, a Paramedic, and an Ambulance showed up at the Phillips' residence, and caught the burglars red-handed.

One of the Policemen said to George , "I thought you said that you'd shot them!"
George said, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"


Is it me or is it everyone else...

Using today alone I must of spotted at least 12 drivers that have a total lack of common sense when driving on the roads here in town. I have a strong theory about those of you out there that have new cars. I'm thinking that those Mercedes, Lexus, Mazda etc. etc. owners spent so much money just getting that car that the feature that should be included (turn signals) might not have been affordable. These guys were all over the road and God forbid they would let you know that they intend on cutting you off with out any warning what so ever. So for today I am sticking with any expensive car owner out there driving must not of been able to afford the turn signal package.
I will continue to post these knuckle heads on daily purpose if at all possible. Heck maybe I'll throw in a photo or two.



Just when I want to post more details on the day to day happenings around here my computer decides to take a vacation aka breaks. Well after going through some withdrawal I managed to tweak my daughter's pc so that it functions the way I like it. She has a pretty new computer but she bought herself a laptop so the pc sat in a corner untouched. It turns out that her computer functions better with my video card then what it did before. So, like I promised before - I will be posting a bit more often just to keep this fresh around here. I am going to cut and paste this post and insert it into my other blog so that the readers there know where I have been.
Till Later




Coincidence would be the appropriate word for this post. A few days ago I mentioned that my wife was having trouble with her eyeglasses and some of you who saw that sent me many e-mails offering ideas on how to soften the pain. One suggestion was so weird that someone said that she should use duct tape to keep the frame from scratching the side of her head. What they failed to realize is that the duct tape won't hold on forever and it will start to stick to her hair and cause more problems for her. I will keep those suggestions in mind but what I would like to offer my friends is a chance to read this Article and see for themselves that getting great eyeglasses can be done with out spending a whole lot. Now for the coincidence, this morning while getting into my car I accidentally dropped my glasses on the ground and stepped on them. Well, the lens on the right side seems to be okay but the left one and the left side arm are scratched pretty bad. I had to use a piece of tissue on the left side to prevent the frame from scratching the side of my face. Now the Mrs. and I have something else in common - it's a good thing I know where to go for affordable and dependable eyeglasses.
Zenni Optical

My apologies...

I am sorry that I have not posted something in the past few days. I have been feeling a bit under the weather and it didn't help that I had some issues with my PC yesterday. Well to be honest, my PC had been acting up for about a few months now. I would repeatedly get an error message that would prevent my PC from loading its' operating system. During the start up session it would present a black screen and a voice would prompt saying "System Failed CPU Test". I used to wiggle some wires inside the tower and it would load just fine.

Well last night after about an hour and a half of this issue I gave up and searched online for this error. It turns out that ASUS (my mother board creators) have had some passed problems supporting certain video cards. Since I'm thin on extra cash I decided to unplug the card and reinsert it hoping that by doing so would solve my issue. Well it did, now I was able to load my programs and go about my daily routine. So like I said before, I apologize for the absent days and I will try to be on and posting something daily.


NFR - 2010

This post might throw some of my friends off track, heck it might even have them questioning what is wrong with me. I want to inform them right now that there is nothing wrong with me. With that out of the way I would like to announce that I would be more then thrilled to attend a rodeo and not just any rodeo I'm talking about the Superbowl of rodeos - The National Finals Rodeo. My NFR tickets 2010 are just a click away. I have met strangers at monster truck events talk about rodeos and given what they have experienced I would attend one in a heart beat. Yes, I have been to monster truck shows before, (moving on). There aren't too many events out there that catch my interest but I can see myself going to a rodeo show and enjoying it. With the way that it was described by the folks at the truck show I found it easier making the decision to go. Don't miss out on this yearly event - visit the link above and round up some tickets for yourself or if you're in a sharing mood buy enough for your posse. Have fun and if possible leave me a comment on what you saw.

So far so good...

In case some of you didn't know - my oldest daughter has saved a dog from the pound by adopting her. Yes, the dog you see to the right is the one. Alma is her name and bath time as you can see is not exactly her game. She looks great and from the videos I've seen of her she seems to have a great attitude and wonderful spirit around people. I would like to thank you again Em for saving that wonderful creature and giving her a wonderful home.


Buying First Home...

This post is going out to my sister and brother. I would like to inform the two of you that help is out there all you need to do is look. Being the loving brother that I am I will guide you to a great deal when the "Buying First Home" thought crosses your mind. The two of you have been looking for a nice home that isn't too expensive for about two years now. I would like for you to watch the video below and get a first look at what this deal en-tales. I don't know about you guys but if this deal was available when I bought my home, I would of jumped on that opportunity in a heart beat. Can you really tell me that the following line doesn't excite and motivate you to hit the housing market again and find that great home ("First-time home-buyers can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit")? Don't hesitate and get the information today - this deal was extended until the end of April of this year so quit procrastinating and get the gears going.


A good deed...

Yesterday was a day that will go down in history as the day that my daughter has gone off the deep end and bought herself a dog. That's right folks a DOG, okay maybe it's not the end of the world but I thought she was going to get a dog that would be more suitable for her apartment. What you see to the left (although cute) is everything but small. The new dog goes by the name Alma, a beautiful name but I'm thinking it will change once the her personality comes out full force. Congrats Emily on getting a good looking dog and of course thank you for rescuing one from the pound. I love you and I hope Alma shows you how much she loves you for freeing her from the cages.