Gourmet Sandwiches for Guys: Men's Health Lists: MensHealth.com

Gourmet Sandwiches for Guys: Men's Health Lists: MensHealth.com:

'via Blog this'What's up people! Okay, this post is for the big guys out there that would nothing more then a hearty sandwich just in time for a big game. During my Men's Health reading I came across the top 25 Sandwiches for Guys article. After going through the many types I came to the conclusion that #3 will be the creation that will be enjoyed this coming Sunday. Not sure what you guys think but take a moment and read the article and please post what sandwich fits you best. Okay, heading back to M.H.'s website for more updates. Take care all and God Bless.


Just writing...

Hey folks, Whats going on? Sorry for the long span in between posts. We just purchased a 43" plasma and a nice Direct TV bundle - so you can imagine what I've been doing for some time now. The previous entry mentions a show called Once Upon a Time, I watched the second episode and so far I'm actually enjoying it. I currently have three other shows that I'm following.
1. Castle
2. Fringe
3. The Walking Dead

These three shows are the only ones I'll watch with out any interruptions. The house could be on fire and the most I'll do is move the episode to my iTouch so I don't miss anything. :)

Now that Once Upon seems to be a good show I just might make this show number four. If you have a favorite show please leave a comment referencing them.
Talk to you guys later.


Hulu - Once Upon A Time: Pilot - Watch the full episode now.

Hulu - Once Upon A Time: Pilot - Watch the full episode now.:

'via Blog this' I'm not much for storybook stories/shows but this new show on ABC has some potential. It is definitely a twist on how the original fairy tales came from and their meanings. I found myself wanting more after each commercial. Now this doesn't exactly fit my Fringe and Castle type shows but I can see myself watching the next episode. Give it a try, who knows you just might like it.



Can't wait...

Well the 49ers handed out a good old fashion butt kicking this past Sunday (48-3) against Tampa Bay. The game was awesome to watch on my new 43" Plasma. The colors were really bright and of course the action was sweet. Well the Lions won on Monday night against the Bears which puts them at 5-0. Yes, like many of you out there wondering "Where the heck did this team come from"
If i'm not mistaken I think these two teams meet up next Sunday at 1:00pm. You can safely assume that I will not be that far from the screen when this game comes on. I wish them both the best but of course I'll be rooting for my Niners.


You think it, they got it...

I was hoping the title would of brought you here, and it did. Now that you are here let me tell you about a site that I visit quite often - it's called GeekAlerts.com. This site is a definite must see to believe. Have you ever wanted a fan by your bed but didn't like the idea of having a box fan pointing right at you (trust me, it's not cool)? Then please visit and search for "Bed Fan" when browsing the site you will not be disappointed. Look through the many items available and who knows you might find that odd gadget that would definitely go with someone you know. Discount Deal Codes and Geeky Gadgets are available as well so don't think that the visit doesn't come with a little extra. If you would like to visit a national store to get great deals then please grab the Walmart Coupons or Target coupons that are available to you. That way you can visit your favorite retail store and save a bit more on your shopping trip. Now if you're interested, here is what I would like to get for my oldest daughter (click here). Now promise not to tell her. Enjoy and grab that great deal today.

On Fire...

This past Wednesday Amazon released the popular Kindle Fire. I'm not too informed on the Kindle brand but I have seen a few recently. A co-worker has one and she absolutely loves it. Now Kindle has color version and it looks to be a hit this year for the holidays. I can easily see someone getting this for my lovely wife. She wanted an iPad so bad but did not like the idea of dropping so much cash for it. Check out this article by John R. Quain, it just might get you going in the right direction.



Final Offer...

It's close to the end of September which we all know it means that Christmas shopping is right around the corner. Shopping can be a true hardship especially if you're shopping blind. Please take a moment to visit the following online bid site where you can literally place a bid as low as $0.01. You won't find too many dealfun complaints on here but what you will find is a great deal on some of the many products available in the market now. Is there an iPod in your future? Then please stop reading and visit so you can get right down to it. They even offer a "Win Guarantee" whereas if you don't win in the first 24 hours all of your bids are reset. Don't worry if you're not an Apple fan because they have a wide variety of other items to choose from. If you happen to experience any hiccups during your visit let me inform you that their customer service is fantastic and on point to making sure your current visit and any future ones will be a pleasant one. Now go and find that item for a loved one or maybe for yourself (hint hint). Oh and did I forget to mention that they have a "Beginners" section? If you are new to the bidding world, they have a service that is customized for new comers so don't be discouraged when arriving. Have Fun!


FEMA Prepared In Case Plunging Satellite Hits U.S. - Fox News Video - Fox News

FEMA Prepared In Case Plunging Satellite Hits U.S. - Fox News Video - Fox News:

'via Blog this'
With time coming close I think this would be an awesome sight for those who are privileged to see it. There are actually groups out there that are placing bets as to where it's going to hit. Given that most space items end up in the water what would happen if this hits land, can someone claim it or does NASA still have dibs on it? I guess we'll find out when it crashes and who shows up first.


Getting older...

Welcome, I would like to take a moment to mention that my youngest daughter is now 17 years old. Yeah, that's right - she is less then a year away from being an adult in a world where not a lot of people take the initiative in getting the proper coverage when it comes to vehicles. I have taught my daughter the fundamentals of having insurance and the results of not having it. We agree that having insurance is a must but we also recognize that having insurance can be costly, especially if you don't shop around. Finding full coverage car insurance quotes might seem like a nightmare but you must take that journey to insure the safety of your loved ones. Please take a moment from your life and visit the link provided and seek out the right coverage for yourself and the those you care for. The last thing you want is sending your loved ones out into a world that doesn't feel it necessary to have coverage. My daughter and I will be car shopping in the near future and from what she has mentioned thus far about her taste in cars, it looks like I will be looking for an AWESOME deal. She has her sight on a nice Charger which we all know comes with a nice price tag. Yes they do have the base model but you know that teenagers can't deal with in her own words "prehistoric" accessories. Apparently having windows that roll up instead of powered falls into that Jurassic time frame. So please visit the site, find that great deal and make sure you're covered all around. Now I gotta inform my daughter that the Charger is a go but she might have to chip in a few bucks to cover those lovely payments. Remember, save money and set-up a great coverage - visit Cheap-AutoInsurance.com. Have a great day and drive safe.


Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive

Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive:

'via Blog this' This website has a timeline of different television stations on September 11th 2011 right before the attacks occurred. Remarkable on how each station had their morning planned out like usual until something of this magnitude interupts the flow of things. Please take a moment to watch and of course to remember the lost lives on that day.


Police grab $2 million worth of cars after Canadian street race – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs

Interesting, I actually didn't think the Canadians had it in them to do such reckless things. The story in and of itself sounds straight out of a movie -

"Hey, I'm hungry"
"Let's say we head on over for a burger?"
"I'll buy, but only if I lose the race getting there."

It really does sound like it can be pulled from and race movie already made. Check out the article and let me know what you think.


National cemetery's centuries-old 'Arlington Oak' felled by Irene - CNN.com

National cemetery's centuries-old 'Arlington Oak' felled by Irene - CNN.com: "The "Arlington Oak" "

'via Blog this' The "Arlington Oak"
Stories like this capture my imagination to a level so high it can actually bring tears to my eyes. If you read the article you might get an idea of what I'm talking about. The many souls that have visited that cemetery is large but the feeling of actually being there is remarkable. The many brave soldiers that have died for the very freedoms we enjoy today as well as tomorrow can not be ignored. Now having an icon like the "Arlington Oak" gone knowing that it stood before many families grieving for their loved ones will now have many grieving from its' departure. Most of you reading this won't give this a second thought but for those who know and respect this country's history please take a moment in remembrance.


New iPad joystick promises more precise gaming actions - CNN.com

New iPad joystick promises more precise gaming actions - CNN.com:

'via Blog this' It looks like Logitech has moved ahead of the pack once again by introducing something my daughter is need when playing the cool games on her iPad. Check out the article and see what the hype is about. Hmm maybe a Christmas present for someone. Enjoy!


It's getting close...

With the year now on the 8th month you know that "The Holidays" are right around the corner and if you're a geek like myself then please continue reading. Gadgets are what I love to own, especially when it comes to phones and mp3 players. I currently own an iTouch and it is awesome and from what I gather my wife likes it as well so buying her own wouldn't surprise her but if I threw in a new head set and cover she will definitely enjoy it even more. How many of you reading this are looking for coupons or sweet deals on gadgets and such? Now how many of you weren't but would like to? Well this would be the place to visit and get what you need at a great price. How many of you own the nicely styled iPhone or any other Apple device? Well here is are Apple Store promo codes that will help you not only find the right gift but you can get it at a lower cost to you or others. Those codes can be used anywhere, so pass the word on to your friends so they can do the same and save time and money. If you live too far from friends and family then don't worry. With an Orbitz promotion code you can book a flight and save even more money when you plan a trip to see loved ones. So there is absolutely no excuse for you not to give this a shot. Don't wait another second - go now.


Hulu buyout rumors: Why Apple, Yahoo, Google are interested - Jul. 22, 2011

Hulu buyout rumors: Why Apple, Yahoo, Google are interested - Jul. 22, 2011I love to use Hulu, especially when I am unable to catch last night's episode of Burn Notice or other popular shows. It definitely is a growing company and to see that it might sell to the right bid just strengthens that comment. Regardless to whom ends up being behind the Hulu wheel I can rest assure that they will do what they can to keep the fan base and increase it as well. Good Luck Hulu!


Bill O'Reilly: Video Center - Video Of The Day

Bill O'Reilly: Video Center - Video Of The Day Ok, the case is done the Jury has given their verdict. Casey Anthony walks away from the Jail facility. Those comments are not what I'm questioning, what I am questioning is why do the guards have what looks like MP5s or MP5 RAS weaponry when releasing Casey. Was her life in that much threat that they had to break out some some of the big guns. Was she sent threatening letters that upon release she will be killed? Heck who knows maybe this is the standard issued weaponry in that facility. If it is then you know something happened that they had to upgrade their arsenal. I'm just saying...


Let's give it a try...

There are many ways to get a great workout with excellent results. I try to increase my workout so that I keep my body guessing what's next. I haven't really thought about bodybuilding supplements but if I were to venture into that world I would seek out details from the pros that know a thing or two. I came across BodyBuildingFactory.com and found that not only do they offer detailed information on the many supplements they carry but they also have an excellent service crew that help you with what ever questions you may have. Polite, courteous and on point answers is what they deliver as soon as the call is answered. My son is trying to fine tune his supplements so that he can get the most results in a normal timeline. He's been trying all sorts of powders, pills you name it he tried it. I will definitely pass this site onto him and see if he can find the right kit to continue his body building endeavor. I on the other hand will be looking at there vitamins to see what they have to offer. Check it out folks and of course don't forget to workout responsibly and safe.


Quick Full-Body Workout: Men's Health.com

Quick Full-Body Workout: Men's Health.com Now this article will help out during those long and boring lunch hours. Read the previous article and then read this one. This particular workout should have you looking good in no time. If you don't have fifteen minutes to spare then let's hop you're okay with the spare around your waist (guys). Step it up and let's get going.

5-Minute Power Boosters for the Office

5-Minute Power Boosters for the OfficeThis is one of those things that you should be doing on a regular basis. I try to do a quick workout in the morning from 8:30 to 8:45. Some simple stretches, shadow boxing and jumping jacks. I work in a warehouse and there are times that it gets really quiet back here and if I'm not alert I can find my self feeling tired and sleepy. Take a few minutes and read the article who knows maybe you can learn a few things.


Tell Toledo » Blog Archive » 2011 Classics Gift Shop Book Sales

Tell Toledo » Blog Archive » 2011 Classics Gift Shop Book Sales
Just wanted to remind Toledoans that the Stuff-A-Bag Book Sale starts today and will continue until the 17th. The store officials will hand you a five dollar bag and you get to fill it with audio books, books and videos from specialty marked carts. So don't be late and get there soon - and if you see any books by Ted Bell please set it aside for me.


Have fun!!


Creepy Photos From Stolen Laptop Lead to Man’s Arrest | The Blaze

Creepy Photos From Stolen Laptop Lead to Man’s Arrest | The Blaze
Now this is a simple case of 'Who Done It'. Now that the program "Hidden" has been brought to light how long do you think it will take for other mac users and laptop owners to acquire this program for such an emergency. Here in Ohio a laptop was stolen from a city worker that contained a lot of detailed info on citizens living in Ohio. With that program we could of gotten a good look at who took the device and had the nerve to power it up.
= and yes, that guy was creepy.


MSNBC Anchor: Palin‘s Use of American Flag Could be ’Breach of Federal Law’ | The Blaze

MSNBC Anchor: Palin‘s Use of American Flag Could be ’Breach of Federal Law’ | The Blaze.
When something like this comes along you can only imagine that there will be more dumb reporting to follow. I hope that MSNBC can find better researchers to help their anchors because if this is the kind of work that is presented to the mouth pieces then I guess it's a good thing no one really cares for that network.


NBA: Miami 85, Chicago 75 - Sports « ArcaMax Publishing

NBA: Miami 85, Chicago 75 - Sports « ArcaMax Publishing
It was an interesting game last night but I would of liked it if the Bulls would of picked it up in the fourth. Rose was a bit off in the fourth but I can honestly say that he will be on point on the next match up. Go Bulls!


The Bulls are still alive...

Eastern Conference finals

(Best of seven)

No. 1 Chicago vs. No. 2 Miami

(Chicago leads series 1-0)

Chicago 103, Miami 82

Miami at Chicago, 8:30 p.m., May 18

Chicago at Miami, 8:30 p.m., May 22

Chicago at Miami, 8:30 p.m., May 24

Miami at Chicago, 8:30 p.m., May 26 (if necessary)

Chicago at Miami, 8:30 p.m., May 28 (if necessary)

Miami at Chicago, 8:30 p.m., May 30 (if necessary)

With the way the Bulls have been playing I can only hope that tomorrow's game goes really well especially being at home and all. If you're a Bulls fan leave me a comment about how you feel this group of guys are doing. If you're not a fan then you can leave a comment as well just as long as it isn't rude or mean.

We must remember...

As most of you may have heard, there have been some amazing breakthroughs this past month in linking certain genes to Alzheimer's, but there is still a lot of work to be done. This year, the first of the Boomer Generation turns 65. To bring urgently-needed attention to the risk facing the Boomers, Alzheimer's Association released a groundbreaking study, Generation Alzheimer's: The Defining Disease of the Baby Boomers.

The information you read is just the beginning of what has been discovered. Please take a few minutes of your time and do some homework on the ever growing problem of Alzheimer's.


Getting ready...

Well, Spring is finally ere and you have found yourself looking out the window at the beautiful blue skies. With every inner strength you have launched yourself outside to enjoy the wonderful day that surrounds you with the hopes of seeing and feeling everything. This all starts to come together in a sweet and smooth harmony until you realize the one thing that everyone else will - You're still wearing the same old prescription eyeglasses that you had since high school. Do yourself a favor and discontinue any further exposure to the outside world. Do some research online and locate a great looking pair of glasses that exemplifies your facial features and your body style. If you think that buying glasses online is too expensive please walk over to a mirror and look at yourself, raise your right hand (with your palm facing you) just above your eyebrow and hit yourself on the forehead while repeating the following -
"Prescription Glasses online are not expensive."
Click the link above and start your journey through an excellent website that will make you look awesome as well as saving you a lot of money. Go Now!


New Rules - Are they needed or not?

The following came in from the NFL and brought to you by UPI -

NEW ORLEANS (UPI) -- NFL owners meeting in New Orleans Tuesday enacted several rule changes, including moving kickoffs from the 30- to the 35-yard line.

Players on the kicking team will only be allowed a 5-yard running start, instead of 15 yards.

However, the owners declined a recommendation by the league's competition committee to move touchbacks from the 20-yard line to the 25.

In another change, the booth official will now confirm all questionable scoring plays. Coaches will still be allowed two challenges per game, gaining a third if they are correct their first two.

The owners also acted to end confusion on penalties for dead ball fouls. The end of a half will not be extended for those infractions.

The league decreed all playing surfaces must remain grass-colored.

Copyright 2011 by United Press International

I can already see that the idea of giving the kicking team only five yards to run will cause a few penalties due to passing the kick-off line with it being closer than before.

I can safely assume a lot of touch-backs will be the end result based on the added five yards. The league denied the addition of five yards to the touch-back from the 20- to the 25- yard line. I can see why they kept it at the original 20. The last thing the opposing team needs is an added advantage to driving the ball to the end zone.

I will also have to agree that the field should remain green and not any other color. It was green when it all started so it should remain green from now on.

Leave me a comment on what you think about the rule changes.


Shop smart...

I would like to mention to all my readers that even though you know Spring is just around the corner remember that with warm weather comes new drivers. It's been reported in the past that most new drivers (teenagers) are out in full force around the beginning of Spring. If you have car insurance already then you have nothing to worry about - but if you are one of the few that think they can get by with out it, shame on you. Most accidents happen just a few miles from your home, so the last thing you need is to get into an accident and not have the proper coverage. Even though I live in Toledo, I know that people reading this that live elsewhere just might be shopping for cheap car insurance Tacoma isn't that far. If you live in Tacoma, WA please be advised of the Mandatory Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage that must be met. Trust me, when you are involved in an accident the police officer will not conveniently forget to ask for your driver's license, registration and car insurance card. Depending on your financial, lifestyle or family you might want to make sure you select the right coverage for yourself that will meet the needs of those with or around you. I currently have Liability Coverage Low Cost, see the vehicle that I own is an oldie but it gets me to work just fine. Now my daughter just bought herself a nice sports car so she understands that she can not just get the low liability plan and hope no one hits her because she likes the low payments. She purchased the Full-Coverage so that she is covered on all aspects. Please, find the right one for yourself and above all drive safe.


I have won...

Well after a few days of trying to find the right distributor of Dogtags I have found just the right company that can produce the amount of tags we need with what we want them to say on them. Please visit them today and place your order. I currently have a few in mind for my crew. Also remember that if you in bulk (more then a few) you can save a lot on the cost of each tag made. Enjoy and remember to check with your friends and family as to what they want the tags to say.


The crew...

Last night's meeting with the guys in the clan went well. We have decided to seek nice looking dogtags for the top members of the clan. The three admins will be searching the web for great webstores that would allow us to customize the tags with our own wording. I wish the other two admins good luck. The dead line to finding the right store is tomorrow by 6:00pm EST.
Wish me luck


The kitchen looks a bit plain...

The title you see above were the exact words my wife said to me this past weekend. I first thought that she might be talking about wanting new cupboards or a new counter but surprisingly I was wrong. She stared at the sink we currently have and said that it looks too plain. I told her that most undermount sinks don't have much of special design to them. It wasn't even two seconds later when she suggested I visit MR Direct's website. WOW is what I said because I never thought that an undermount sink could actually be design to look awesome and stylish. I also noticed that the prices were fair and reasonable especially when they start around $100 and up. Looks like I'll be spending some time on this site finding the right one for my kitchen.


Hope and change...

Hope and change is what the Obama campaign rode on but unfortunately here in Toledo we seem to keep things the same without any strained thought. Once again we have another offer for the docks across from downtown Toledo and from what I've read/heard in other blogs (GCJ) and the many callers on the radio - it looks like we might be turning this down as well and continue to think that the city should be in the business of running a business. This city can't resist an opportunity to keep us in the depths of blight. We will dick this around for weeks, the group interested will change their minds and we will soon see matching plywood panels (like the many buildings in downtown) covering the windows of the empty restaurants and like clock work we will have the same stupid questions from elected officials i.e. "What can we do to better this city?".

Hoping for a change in the politics here in Toledo but I pretty much know the answer to that one.


Two rooms done - now for the bathroom...

This past weekend was how can I put it uh BRUTAL. We moved two bedrooms around and redid the basement so that everyone in the house would be happy. Well, I can honestly say that I am still tired from all the work and energy spent. Just like the title states we are looking into redoing the bathroom as well. Yes, you can feel free to comment and say that I am crazy for taking on so much and it's not even Spring yet but if you saw our bathroom you would most certainly agree that it needs a good face lift.

Between you and I we both know that when we shop we like to find stylish designed interiors as well as a matching sale price. Well I found a site that can do them both - www.betterbathrooms.com. Follow me and search for that bathroom set that will set you apart from your friends and families (as far as design that is), so that when they come to visit they can get an idea of they need to do to better their bathroom. Visit Better Bathrooms today and indulge your sight to the many potential sets that can bring your old bathroom back to life. Now if you guys can I would appreciate it if you can drop a few hints to my wife in the comment section regarding towel warmers. Trust me when I say that this item is a must, especially if you have large bathrooms. Don't wait - check it out soon.

Not too bad...

Well, I would like to start out by saying that I am not the best dancer in the world and you wouldn't see me in Dancing with the Stars any time soon. What I can tell you is that if I'm challenged to a duel in dancing then I will do my best to win. My daughter bought Just Dance 2 for the Wii and not only is she good at it but my wife and other daughter are as well. I tried a couple of the songs but nothing really hit me as "the" song to dominate with until I heard Power by Snap. Boy did my old school senses come up from the grave. I jammed and shook my tail like no one can. Now we have a date scheduled to challenge each other this Saturday afternoon. Wish me luck - I'll try to bring the trophy home (no trophy exists).


Rescue Me

I started to watch Rescue Me about a month ago on Netflix. I have to admit that I did not want to try it when I first heard about it but now that I've watched season 1 I have to say this show is awesome and very well presented. Each episode leaves you wanting more and more to the point where you can't wait to watch the next episode (I space them out so that I don't watch them all at once) just to see what happens next. If you have Netflix and are on the hunt for a good show to watch please take the time and chance to watch Rescue Me.

Did you say FREE?

If it's one thing I've learned in the past is that when someone mentions the word free all those around will suddenly perk up their ears and look to the source. Well I'm here to do just that. FREE, that's right FREE - I have found a site that truly has free products waiting for you to try them out. If you are the kind of shopper that I am where every purchase has to be done properly then this is the site to visit. There are hundreds of free samples from different companies where they are looking for a little feed back and some that are simply advertising a different product. If you don't like ordering online then you can receive free offers/products by mail as well. Heck, my sister is still having trouble finding the right cell phone that fulfills her every need at work and at home. I told her to visit the site and search free cell phones. She hasn't called back yet to let me know what she got but something tells me that she is looking at other offers. Maybe you're like my brother where getting free stuff is the only reason you need to visit. I went through the site earlier and found what I needed - a tire gauge kit. Look, open up a separate tab and visit the site and trust me, you will find something for either yourself or someone you know. Visit soon visit today.


Getting there...

Well, it's week two and I've trying this new workout that makes me focus on my actual workout and not how much I can do in a short period of time. Each rep I do I have to slow it down and really focus on the movement. I can honestly say that it feels great after my first set. Bench pressing is tough already but adding the slow factor really makes you feel the burn.
Till next time




Happy New Year to all of you who are still visiting. I apologize for the lack of reading material for you. Between being busy and not remembering to post something this blog has been a bit cold and dry. Come back from time to time - I plan on switching things up here.