Is it me or is it everyone else...

Using today alone I must of spotted at least 12 drivers that have a total lack of common sense when driving on the roads here in town. I have a strong theory about those of you out there that have new cars. I'm thinking that those Mercedes, Lexus, Mazda etc. etc. owners spent so much money just getting that car that the feature that should be included (turn signals) might not have been affordable. These guys were all over the road and God forbid they would let you know that they intend on cutting you off with out any warning what so ever. So for today I am sticking with any expensive car owner out there driving must not of been able to afford the turn signal package.
I will continue to post these knuckle heads on daily purpose if at all possible. Heck maybe I'll throw in a photo or two.



Just when I want to post more details on the day to day happenings around here my computer decides to take a vacation aka breaks. Well after going through some withdrawal I managed to tweak my daughter's pc so that it functions the way I like it. She has a pretty new computer but she bought herself a laptop so the pc sat in a corner untouched. It turns out that her computer functions better with my video card then what it did before. So, like I promised before - I will be posting a bit more often just to keep this fresh around here. I am going to cut and paste this post and insert it into my other blog so that the readers there know where I have been.
Till Later




Coincidence would be the appropriate word for this post. A few days ago I mentioned that my wife was having trouble with her eyeglasses and some of you who saw that sent me many e-mails offering ideas on how to soften the pain. One suggestion was so weird that someone said that she should use duct tape to keep the frame from scratching the side of her head. What they failed to realize is that the duct tape won't hold on forever and it will start to stick to her hair and cause more problems for her. I will keep those suggestions in mind but what I would like to offer my friends is a chance to read this Article and see for themselves that getting great eyeglasses can be done with out spending a whole lot. Now for the coincidence, this morning while getting into my car I accidentally dropped my glasses on the ground and stepped on them. Well, the lens on the right side seems to be okay but the left one and the left side arm are scratched pretty bad. I had to use a piece of tissue on the left side to prevent the frame from scratching the side of my face. Now the Mrs. and I have something else in common - it's a good thing I know where to go for affordable and dependable eyeglasses.
Zenni Optical

My apologies...

I am sorry that I have not posted something in the past few days. I have been feeling a bit under the weather and it didn't help that I had some issues with my PC yesterday. Well to be honest, my PC had been acting up for about a few months now. I would repeatedly get an error message that would prevent my PC from loading its' operating system. During the start up session it would present a black screen and a voice would prompt saying "System Failed CPU Test". I used to wiggle some wires inside the tower and it would load just fine.

Well last night after about an hour and a half of this issue I gave up and searched online for this error. It turns out that ASUS (my mother board creators) have had some passed problems supporting certain video cards. Since I'm thin on extra cash I decided to unplug the card and reinsert it hoping that by doing so would solve my issue. Well it did, now I was able to load my programs and go about my daily routine. So like I said before, I apologize for the absent days and I will try to be on and posting something daily.


NFR - 2010

This post might throw some of my friends off track, heck it might even have them questioning what is wrong with me. I want to inform them right now that there is nothing wrong with me. With that out of the way I would like to announce that I would be more then thrilled to attend a rodeo and not just any rodeo I'm talking about the Superbowl of rodeos - The National Finals Rodeo. My NFR tickets 2010 are just a click away. I have met strangers at monster truck events talk about rodeos and given what they have experienced I would attend one in a heart beat. Yes, I have been to monster truck shows before, (moving on). There aren't too many events out there that catch my interest but I can see myself going to a rodeo show and enjoying it. With the way that it was described by the folks at the truck show I found it easier making the decision to go. Don't miss out on this yearly event - visit the link above and round up some tickets for yourself or if you're in a sharing mood buy enough for your posse. Have fun and if possible leave me a comment on what you saw.

So far so good...

In case some of you didn't know - my oldest daughter has saved a dog from the pound by adopting her. Yes, the dog you see to the right is the one. Alma is her name and bath time as you can see is not exactly her game. She looks great and from the videos I've seen of her she seems to have a great attitude and wonderful spirit around people. I would like to thank you again Em for saving that wonderful creature and giving her a wonderful home.


Buying First Home...

This post is going out to my sister and brother. I would like to inform the two of you that help is out there all you need to do is look. Being the loving brother that I am I will guide you to a great deal when the "Buying First Home" thought crosses your mind. The two of you have been looking for a nice home that isn't too expensive for about two years now. I would like for you to watch the video below and get a first look at what this deal en-tales. I don't know about you guys but if this deal was available when I bought my home, I would of jumped on that opportunity in a heart beat. Can you really tell me that the following line doesn't excite and motivate you to hit the housing market again and find that great home ("First-time home-buyers can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit")? Don't hesitate and get the information today - this deal was extended until the end of April of this year so quit procrastinating and get the gears going.


A good deed...

Yesterday was a day that will go down in history as the day that my daughter has gone off the deep end and bought herself a dog. That's right folks a DOG, okay maybe it's not the end of the world but I thought she was going to get a dog that would be more suitable for her apartment. What you see to the left (although cute) is everything but small. The new dog goes by the name Alma, a beautiful name but I'm thinking it will change once the her personality comes out full force. Congrats Emily on getting a good looking dog and of course thank you for rescuing one from the pound. I love you and I hope Alma shows you how much she loves you for freeing her from the cages.