I have won...

Well after a few days of trying to find the right distributor of Dogtags I have found just the right company that can produce the amount of tags we need with what we want them to say on them. Please visit them today and place your order. I currently have a few in mind for my crew. Also remember that if you in bulk (more then a few) you can save a lot on the cost of each tag made. Enjoy and remember to check with your friends and family as to what they want the tags to say.


The crew...

Last night's meeting with the guys in the clan went well. We have decided to seek nice looking dogtags for the top members of the clan. The three admins will be searching the web for great webstores that would allow us to customize the tags with our own wording. I wish the other two admins good luck. The dead line to finding the right store is tomorrow by 6:00pm EST.
Wish me luck


The kitchen looks a bit plain...

The title you see above were the exact words my wife said to me this past weekend. I first thought that she might be talking about wanting new cupboards or a new counter but surprisingly I was wrong. She stared at the sink we currently have and said that it looks too plain. I told her that most undermount sinks don't have much of special design to them. It wasn't even two seconds later when she suggested I visit MR Direct's website. WOW is what I said because I never thought that an undermount sink could actually be design to look awesome and stylish. I also noticed that the prices were fair and reasonable especially when they start around $100 and up. Looks like I'll be spending some time on this site finding the right one for my kitchen.