Clevis / c-l-e-v-i-c-e...

The title says it all.
Samir Patel's dream of winning the national spelling title, a goal that dominated the last five years of his life, ended in one quick moment Thursday with the word "clevis."

This young man has been trying to win this darn contest for awhile now. You would think that he could of taken his time and thought it out thoroughly. I give his mom credit for trying to get him back on the path but her appeal was rejected. I hope that next year he'll l-e-a-r-n to be patient.


The Police...

What can say, I grew up listening to them a lot. I used to take my dad's radio at night and listen to the hits all night long. I remember the first time I heard "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and thinking to myself what an awesome song it was. I knew every word to the song on my second exposure to it, well I knew the majority of them, but I got to learn them quite quickly because they were played more then any other hit song. Now the first time I saw the video I just about flipped.
I was young then and watching them run in between a bunch of tall candle holders with lit candles without catching on fire was completely amazing to me. Then just when I thought the video couldn't get any cooler they begin to knock them down. I thought for sure one of them was going to get burned by one of the falling candles. Of course growing up I learned that this was set up that way so that no one can get hurt. Most of my friends back then didn't understand why I loved their music so much, they only listened to the up and coming rap groups. Don't get me wrong I tolerate a lot of styles and versions of music but soft rock is something that will always be a part of me. I would be floored if I got a copy of the new police cd. Here are the songs that are on this two disk pack:

The Police

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Fallout
2. Can't Stand Losing You
3. Next to You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole in My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message in a Bottle
9. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don't Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine

Disc: 2
1. Do Do Do de da da Da
2. Voices Inside My Head
3. Invisible Sun
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Spirits in the Material World
6. Demolition Man
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Synchronicity I
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Walking in Your Footsteps
11. Synchronicity II
12. King of Pain
13. Murder by Numbers
14. Tea in the Sahara

I hope I don't get in trouble but I'm going to also include the original video for "Wrapped Around Your Finger" below hey a little something extra in order to win a copy of the new police cd.

A follow up...

Earlier today I posted about this story with very little info. I have seen a video at CNN.com and I saw and heard that an eight month old is currently in good condition. hey are currently talking to the father who does not live at the same home. Some are thinking murder all around while others are thinking murder suicide. I don't think it matters what the title is because three people are no longer here and a family now has to come together to patch the hole left behind.

Get the help that is offered...

I have posted before about family members and friends on what to do when a loved one is battling an addiction. Well guess what - I'm back and this time I have a different center that can help you discuss and potentially answer those tough questions that may be hidden. I have experienced a few loved ones having addiction problems in the past, but when I wasn't informed on what to do to help them out back them so my remedy was to take away whatever it was that they craved so much. Yeah there were a few fist fights but I'm willing to take a few hits for the better of my family. Orchid offers an excellent drug treatment program that can help you and your loved one prevent terrible memories from becoming.

Wrong with the World...

I just hear of a news break that a woman and three kids were found hanging in a closet inside their home. My first thought was oh my god who could of done such a thing? I guess this happened earlier today but I didn't see it until about a half hour ago. The story isn't clear yet but I guess the woman's sister found them dead. I can only image the fear and horror that that woman felt when she saw them. I will post a little more once I find out some more details...

What she loves...

I'm glad to have this opportunity to present some of the most beautiful body jewelry that I've seen so far. MY daughter Erin loves to wear those naval rings and bars. She has been buying some from the mall but I kept telling her that the ones she buys at the mall aren't of high quality. She insisted that they were the best out there, but of course a few days after buying them she wore the ring and before she had a chance to leave the house she had somehow lost the piece that keeps it from coming off. She was really upset that I was right about the quality she chose. Gold body jewelry aren't really her style but she really digs the silver. I offered a suggestion for her to visit FresshTrends.com and see if their selection was worthy of her money. Well let's just say that she purchased more then she can afford, so I asked my wife to pitch in the rest. :)
If you love body jewelry the same way my daughter does then please visit and locate that special piece.

Feeling the empty pit...

Yesterday night was a really quiet night for me. Why you ask, well it was the first night without Heroes to watch. I didn't turn the TV on at all, I felt like it but then I decided to go and work out instead. Well it turned out that I cleaned my garage instead. It took me about and hour and a half but I got it done and now my car can actually fit with out me having to squeeze myself in or out of the car. I plan on working out tonight because I don't watch TV on Tuesday, well that and the fact that there really isn't anything on.
Back to work I go.


Rebuild.org can help...

Locating a mortgage company is something that not everyone can handle easily. I am in the process of locating a good company that can help me with my first one. Mortgages can be a good thing for some but a bad thing for others. If you are not financially capable of handling a loan of that size then please by all means do not apply for one. It will do more harm then good, especially if your status was like mine a few years ago. I am planning on buying a home this year and I will hope that the company that I choose will help me bring myself to a level that can make me as well as my family feel better. Rebuild.org may be the one to guide me to a better future, and trust me with the way things are coming at me from all different directions it would be nice to have a little help from time to time.
Debt Consolidation is something a mortgage or home equity loan can help with also, if your credit is a bit behind in numbers then you can simply refinance your current mortgage so that you can get things lined up and paid off without those annoying creditors calling you every day. Take a minute to read some of their Q & A articles and read for yourself what others have done when the moment came to get help. Don't think that help isn't out there, because help and understanding is just a click away.


Was it necessary?

In my opinion I believe that everyone is entitled to a hearing and should have an attorney. With that being said I also believe that an individual that can cold heartedly shoot someone in the face and have absolutely no remorse should be given a thorough butt whoopin. What this man did was wrong from the beginning, he was brought in to be questioned about the murder of a woman and for him to react that way only has one answer - GUILTY. Watch the video and tell me what you think of it. The parents of the gentleman have completely forgotten that their very same punk child took another man's life for no reason. A father, a son, a brother, a husband was taken from this world because of their precious son.


The Coupon Chief...

How many of you out there love to shop for a special deal? If you answered "I Do" then please read on because like you I love to shop especially for my better half. Whenever I get a chance to shop for her I try to make it an all day event. When I shop I tend to put several gifts together and usually I follow a certain theme. One of my favorite sites to shop at is Overstock.com deals, they have a wide selection of gift ideas that would make my wife smile. Visit the site and read through the long list of available coupon codes that can save you as much as 75%. I want to also mention that Coupon Chief has added a special feature to their site, it's called "how-to" screencasts for some of their top merchants like target, best buy, amazon, overstock.com, kohl's, joann.com, home depot, gap, dell, and best buy. With this new feature it details what you must do in order to achieve your satisfaction when buying something using the coupon codes. Enjoy and remember Coupon Chief has many more stores, Happy Hunting or is that shopping - either have fun.

Frog Contest?

During my visit to CNN and viewing their Off-Beat news I cam across something that I'm glad does not happen here in Toledo. That's right - Frog Jumping Contests, we are known to be the frog town but I haven't seen us go all out and have a contest on how far and long a frog can jump. If you get a chance head on over to KCRA.com and read the article that describes this yearly event. Crazy but I guess it's entertaining.

Stop Your Addiction...

I have seen many sites that deal with many addictions that can potentially ruin or end people's lives. Stopyouraddiction.com offers some of the best solutions for those individuals out there that insist that they don't have a problem. One of their sections covers drug addiction, their drug rehab program can help many that think that they can not be helped. If you have some one or have a loved one that may want help but are too ashamed to ask simply mention this site and while they're going through the site volunteer to stand by their side throughout the experience.

Memorial Day Parade in Toledo...

The following video was created by my lovely wife. The photos were taken by me, my wife rounded them up and has done an excellent job of displaying them with two very fitting songs. I want to send out a special thank you to Mr. Jim Rose for his service, when watching the video he is the gentleman posing for me - this gentleman has truly opened my eyes on how some of our men and women were loved and honored in years past. My love and support goes out to him and his family. Enjoy the video and remember what Memorial Day really signifies.

Freedom Isn't Free

Photo Hunt #59 - Colorful

Thank you all for coming by. I apologize for not participating the past few weeks. Today's theme is colorful. This came as a relief to me because I have three pictures that didn't really have a place other than showing them to the family. Well since the theme is colorful you can see that the benches below have just that and then some. The city decided to re-do a section of downtown to bring it up a bit. Well I'm not sure who did the art work but they do look awesome. Enjoy and thanks again for stopping by.

I forgot I had this one as well...

Visit, Participate and above all have fun on this weekly hunt by simply clicking on the PhotoHunt image.


A different view...

Fresh from start to finish. Watch the video below and see what I'm talking about. When I first watched the video it gave me that warm feeling inside, you know that feeling when you just got a hug from you grandmother when you were young or younger and your certain that the love was going through the both of you. Watch the video and see what their next step is. Trust me the final seconds are going to go "Fast".


G Unit...

No - I'm not talking about the rap group. What I'm talking about is the Gang Unit here in Toledo. First and foremost I want to send my congrats to the crew. The job that they have to perform day in and day out is something that most citizens wouldn't even think about. I will be watching tomorrow night at 6 pm when the second half of the patrol is televised.

Good job G Unit.

Completely LOST...

I just got done watching the finale for this seasons LOST. I have yet to clarify what I saw but it was definitely a great episode. Tonight the local news has an inside look at what is coming out next season. I will be watching the news just to see what they have to say.


An Excellent Opportunity...

This post is for UK residents, Channel Islands & Isle of Man residents and British expatriates overseas only - with that said I want to list the available loans that The Cooperative Bank has to offer.
1. Personal Loans
2. Flexible Loans
3. Career Development Loans

If one of the loan options mentioned fall into what you are looking for then please click the corresponding link and read what each loan can offer as well as what rate it will be stable at. Most banks don't follow what is needed to gain and maintain a customer friendly relationship. I can assure that with their ethical policy you can be safe and secured regardless to which loan you choose. Visit today and navigate through their user friendly website that was developed with the interest of you the viewer and potential borrower in mind.

Follow up...

I haven't gotten a chance to upload the pictures from my camera from the races just yet but I hope to have them up by tomorrow. I apologize for the delay. Please visit tomorrow to see what I'll have up.


Are you a walker?
Are you a runner?
Maybe your just like me and enjoy the surroundings of a nice park. Regardless to what you do to relax the day away chances are you are probably listening to music on your iPod or something similar. Well I'm here to spread the news that there is a software that can increase your relaxing experience. How's that possible you ask, well have you ever wanted to take a breather after running or sit under a tree after walking but the only thing you have available for entertainment is the occasional bird flying by or maybe some nice people walking by and yes that same old playlist that seems to never end. Then click your way to one of the top websites that can transfer any show, DVD or even home movies right to your iPod. PQ DVD has a DVD to iPod Software that can do just that. Just imagine the possibilities with this software, viewing that favorite DVD at the park while enjoying a nice warm breeze or maybe a show that was on last night but you haven't had the chance to watch it because there's too much noise and interruption at home. Visit today download their free trial and experience first hand what it feels like to relax and watch what you want on your time.


I guess...

The finale wasn't exactly what I expected but I guess it will have to do for now. I was hoping to see a nice dragged out battle between Peter an Sylar but of course that's not what happened. Now Hiro is back in early 1600's right in the middle of a battle. Only patience will help me wait until the next episode.

Drug Rehab

The heart can be one of the most if not the most intriguing part of the human body. When a friend needs help with a certain problem or a family member suffers from an addiction - the heart is the first to respond before the brain reacts. Stone Hawk is a leading drug rehab facility that enables those of us who can't offer the help to the loved ones to take a back seat while they proceed to help out. Stone Hawk does not use drugs or medication to resolve the issues that are caused by drug abuse and alcoholism. I have had a few members in my family that could of used such a facility and their programs. The heart ache was overwhelming but like I said before the heart is a powerful part of the human body, don't let yours feel what I did. If help is needed then please seek out Stone Hawk and give them a try, bring the top solver up front and let them show you that what they have built can and will protect you and your loved ones.

A visit to the Track

This weekend I spent my time helping a television group prepare for the race. I have pictures that I will be uploading tomorrow at lunch time. Some of them are pretty close but some are from a distance. I hope to visit the track without having to do work so that I can watch the entire race without interruption.

Photos to come soon...

CRM Software

Are you high sales kind of worker?
Do you perform your best in order to success?
If your answer to the two questions above was yes then do me a favor and ask yourself - How hard was it to get to where I am?
Chances are you probably spend hours fine tuning your contact list as well as the lead list. CRM was created with hard workers like you in mind. One of the features that comes with the 14 day free trial is the Lead Attention Meter , with this you can assure yourself not to miss a lead's attention. The system works in a color coded set-up. If you believe that you don't need this software to help improve you sales leads for you and your business then I apologize for the inconvenience but if are like most hard working seekers and you know that you can save time and effort and being able to grab another lead opportunity with that added time, then download the crm software and try it out for 14 days .

Heroes - Season Finale

Tonight's the night where we find out who actually blows up New York. I have heard that after this episode that Heroes won't be on until this fall. I pretty sure I can wait that long (like I have a choice) but it would be nice to have them come back on sooner then that. Tonight I'm going to focus more on Hiro and what he has to do. If you any of you who are reading this and are fans of the show do watch and feel free to comment here afterwards.



What Bugs?!?

Where do I start - I know, I shall start by saying that Ashley Judd is totally HOT. Alright now that I got that out of the way I can talk to you about her latest role in the movie BUG. After watching the movie trailer I can actually tell you that the next time I feel a little tingle on the back of my neck you can count on me reaching for the knife and then the bug spray lol.

The bug movie is definitely spine tingling (pun intended), it seems that they live with in us and do not want to vacate any time soon. I have seen two posters that have been used to promote the movie. The one on the left is the one I like the most because of the fact that it looks creepy and it was a little more creative when they used the bug shape. Now don't get me wrong here the one on the right is of course beautiful but the first one gives it that creepy and dark look.

As you can see I have also embedded the trailer from YouTube so that you can watch how great of a character Ashley plays, well that and how good the movie looks as well. Watch the trailer and tell me if you agree with me that when Ashley's character decides to cut herself to show them doesn't it seem like the darn things are going to make sure that she doesn't attempt that again...

The last bug movie I watched and actually enjoyed was The Fly 1 and 2. Although those two weren't as scary and pillow gripping as BUG will be but they did entertain me back then.

Friday Feast...

List 3 emotions you experienced this week.
Joy, sadness and emptyness

Name a car you’d love to have.
I'd love to have a 1974 Ford Maverick

Describe your typical morning routine.
wake up make some coffee let th dog out for its' business make sure the cats have water and food then scoop their litter prepare my daughters lunch and finally stay awake and get ready for work.

Main Course
Have you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply?
I emailed my mayor once, I did get a reply but it was from the assistant. The email was in regards to how the city workers can save litlle more money each year by leasing their vehicles instead of owing them.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?
I don't realy listen to them but do listen to live streaming radio shows.


Calling Cards are a must...

If calling friends, family members and the occational pen pal is something that you do often then I seriously suggest you look into getting a calling card from Pingo.com. With this card you are guaranteed to have NO hidden fee's, NO surprises with the best competitive rates worldwide. If you know of someone else who shares the same passion as you do then have them sign up and you can earn a bonus each time one of them becomes a Pingo user. I have heard of cheap calling cards but have you ever heard of the cheapest prepaid phone card to call India that doesn't have strings attached. Well Pingo is the one you want, let me mention a few other added bonuses by teaming up with Pingo today.
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Now with those kinds of deals you can't possibly tell me that you don't want to join in on the savings. Let Pingo be your prepaid calling card provider now and forever. Well I'm going to let you go now because I have a dear brother to call in Puerto Rico.


PPP on tv!

Yeah Baby!!!
PPP was on tv and we have proof of it. It felt awesome knowing that PPP was given yet another oppurtunity to let the viewers know that you can make some money while doing what you already love to blog about. Congrats to PPP and to Ted for the great presentation of the company.

PPP on tv

Time and Money...

Have you ever found yourself wishing that your last customer of the day would let you know how you performed? Chances are they won't inform you of the flaws you or your company have but they will slowly remove themselves from your assistance. Cost savings in staffing and storage is what most small companies are looking to accomplish for a succesful years end. Accountants Paperless Offices are out there and you know who you are, visit today research the details on the program that will make you and your customers very satisfied.
Flickthru accountancy document management software saves you paper, time, money and storage.

LOST The finale is coming...

Tonight's episode should answer a few more questions as to where the show will be leading towards. I do hope that John isn't dead from that gun wound. Although I think Jack is going to have to answer a few more questions in order for the camp to find that trust they once had towards the doctor.


uTANGO.com a place to grow...

Planning on retiring is something that I have to really think about because my days are numbered as far as being able to work without any physical problems. uTANGO has three different courses in which you can apply for free. The following links will take you to what I am talking about;
- Single
- Engaged
- Married
I fall under the category of Married, I have read the details on how it works and I must say that their program rules specify exactly what can and cannot be done. I have also read the utango rewards program and I have to say that I specifically liked the one that has to do with the initial registration. What's that you ask - All accounts that complete the registration process may be granted a bonus for registering and successfully completing the Member Profile. You can read what the bonus will be by clicking on the link provided previously.
No other rewards program pays more for member loyalty, and is so easy to use on top of having bigger cash rewards.
Visit today and read through their information pertaining to your life style and in case I forgot to mention it, membership is free. Please click here if you are interested in making some extra money while spending money.
Spend some , Make some.

Looking for those ops...

I've spent most of my morning looking for the ops that include prizes but I have yet to see one. I did take an op earlier hoping that after I was done that one of the prize winning ones were going to drop but I did not see one. I hope to catch one of them today.
Wish me luck

GoFish.com for a hottie!

WOW! First and foremost I want to say what I'm pretty sure every other guy has already said - Ms. Taylor is absolutely HOT. I did not know who she was at first but after watching her intro video I did remember seeing her on Punk'd. I looked through the candidates that are trying to seduce her with their charm and personalities, and of the ones I saw I think Big Popa has a good chance of winning. Why you ask, well for starters he seems to be a very well rounded guy and apparently he enjoys sacrificing himself to a deserving woman. Well that and the fact that he has a stable job, yes employment is a key element when dating someone. The idea of the show being an online feature is truly an amazing one. I already have my own hottie so for me this show will better suit my younger brother and my two cousins. Although my younger brother speaks mostly Spanish I'm pretty sure that with his eyes he will win the heart of Ms. Taylor. Now my two cousins are a bit on the rough side, no I'm not saying that they're crooks or anything like that, what I'm saying is that these two lads are born and raised in Boston. Although history shows them as being a bit rowdy at times but they have also been know to treat women like queens. They visit my site almost every day so I'm pretty sure they'll see this post and join in right away. Each of them have loaded videos before so for them this won't be new to them. Actually I do have a friend here locally that can use a little eye candy around him right about now. He broke up with his girlfriend of two years about a month ago because she thought he wasn't looking the type she really wanted after college. I will mention to him that Free videos at GoFish.com are available so that way he doesn't have to go through the hassle of other sites. I would like to send a HUGE Thank You to GoFish.com for having this feature available to everybody. Even if neither one of the guys I mentioned wins I would still like to see some other interesting "audition" videos sent in.


Completely Pissed-Off!

I just watched what people were talking about today. I heard that some idiot had the nerve to car jack and beat up an elderly man and to top that the elderly man was a veteran. This guy deserves what ever is coming to him and then some. The stupid idiots that stood there watching are clearly involved with the attack. They looked on and decided to look away as to pretending not to see a thing. Put me in the front seat with this guy and I can assure that I will pound the light out of him. I know that two wrongs don't make a right but it's damn to make us even.

Hook me up...

Tomorrow's Tuesday and for me that only means one thing, HDTV Tuesdays! That's right I'm ready this time, I plan on focusing on a whole lot of paperwork tomorrow and I will have the PPP window open so that I can grab one of the winning ops. I have not had the luck of winning one of the big dollar ops last month but I will win something this month. Well I hope that I do. :)
Previous Posties already grabbed Opps with Apple TVs and a PS3, and from I'm hearing there will be more cool stuff on the way including a new HDTV at the end of this month! Other items that are going tomorrow are as follows:
Nintendo Wii
Yamaha Surround Sound System
Logitech universal remote
Each one of those items can have an easy home here with me. It would be neat to have Nintendo Wii to play along with my daughter but I'll be okay with the surround system just as well.
I want to take this moment to thank Bid4Prizes, it's because of that great organization that this was made possible. Even if you don't get a chance to win one of the many prizes like myself please visit and join on the bidding wars that happen on a daily basis.
Now this goes out to the other posties that red this - take the day off tomorrow from blogging, enjoy the day and visit one of the local parks or even the museum. Let me deal with the suffering and agonizing pain of trying to blog for cash and constantly refreshing the site for you. If that last part wasn't pathetic enough then wait until next Tuesday.

Another Heroes Episode...

Tonight will be an interesting episode to watch. I don't know if Peter will contain his ability to absorb other people's ability especially Ted's powers. The will be coming on in about fifteen minutes so I better get me stuff together so that I won't need to make any special trips to the bathroom or the kitchen. Yes, this show is that important to me.


Who's winning?!

I have an awesome line-up for this years fantasy league. I know that my wife looked at my selection the other night so I'm going to pay close attention to who she has. My wife and I play with a few friends were the prize pouch consists of movie tickets with concession food included and some gift cards. Now I've been discussing with my wife the possibility of joining a bigger group and really show other people what great choices really look like. We finally came across the AFFL.com (The American Fantasy Football League), AFFL is a group that is well known for their huge prizes. Some of this years prizes include, AFFL store credit and cash prizes from $40 to $100,000. If Fantasy Football is your desire then please remove yourself from whatever boring league your in now and join up today. I'm looking forward to joining and finally show my wife and my friends that I'm as good as I brag to be.

Another work week...

Here it is Sunday night and work is just 11 hours away. I enjoyed this weekend a little more because I got a chance to chill and relax a little more then usual which of course means that I did the bare minimum around the house. I did a little more today though and had a good time with my better half. She decided to help one of my daughters friends out by baby-sitting his dog for ten days. I don't know how my dog and this new dog are going to get along but I guess we'll find out tonight.


Whogets.com is free...

Are you in the mood to win some prizes for the cost of nothing? Yeah that's right, you can win a prize at whogets.com after you sign up for free. The prizes range from $10 all the way up to $600. I'm planning on joining tonight just to see what I can win on my first try out. Visit today and see what's in store for you.

Friday Feast 143 is served...

Tell about a time when you had to be brave.
I was about fifteen and a friend of mine wanted me to accompany him to Rhode Island so that he can settle some issues with his ex-wife. Well when we got there he had a discussion with her and some of his buddies kept giving him beers to drink so that he wouldn't act stupid (beer makes him very calm and slow). I was talking to some guys and before I knew it he had downed about 13 cans. We had to get back to Connecticut that same afternoon but when we reached the exit ramp he began swirving from side to side. I told him to pull over so that I can get us home safe. Now mind you - I did not have a license at the time let alone driving experience so the thought of getting home safe was rather scary. The vehicle was what some guys call a "Man's Van". This thing in my eyes was huge and not easily driveable. Well to make a long story short we got home safe and he and I had a long discussion on the lack of responsibility on his part. I did not want him to get pulled over because of his history with the local cops in Rhode Island.

Which upcoming movie are you excited about seeing?
Well I guess it would have to SpiderMan 3. It was 300 but things didn't line up and things were a little hectic then.

Name an item you try to always have on hand.
My sanity, between work, the family drama and some of the political bs in this town I try to have some of that handy at all times.

Main Course
Imagine the most relaxing room you can think of. Now describe it!
I really don't have such a room in mind but when ever I'm with my wife any room becomes relaxing.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how spiritual or religious are you?
I'm about an 8.


Pass me the Tea please...

How many of you out there are trying to lose weight but can't seem to find something else to drink other than water? Well this post will direct you to a list of teas that can be used for just that. Black Tea is one that I haven't tried just yet, but if it tastes anywhere near Green Tea then count me in. I have done some research on the WuLong Tea and from what I gather it can help you increase your metabolism,lose weight, lessening the effects of aging, and increasing resistance to cancer. Now I am a bit skeptical when it comes to something that can increase my metabolism and yet have little if any caffeine in it. Being the adventuresome person that I am I am going to purchase some of the WuLong Tea and create a process of succession and see if in fact it can quicken the weight loss aspect. I have been working out now for about a month and I'm finding it a bit boring drinking only water every day. This tea might help me feel better as well especially when it comes to the office. I work in a warehouse environment and it's important to keep an alert mind as well as an active body. With the WuLong Tea I'm hoping that it would help my daily performance, this would also be great when having to do yard work. Visit today and read through the list and see which one would suit you the best.


Survivor is on tonight and from the previews it looks like Yao-Man might get the short end of the deal tonight. It's getting interesting now because the group isn't as big as it was a few weeks ago. This show is well known by a lot of people and yet when it comes down to the final days they still get shocked that someone lied to them or that they never knew that so and so could betray them so easily. It's for $1 million dollars - of course someone is going to try and out smart you to get to that money. DUH!

Much love to PPP...

I want to send a special congrats to Colleen in reaching the 10k mark and surpassing it. I also want to thank my lovely wife Lisa Renee for introducing me to PPP's world of blogging for $'s. I've enjoyed my experience so far with PPP, I truly enjoy the episodes of RockStart-Up. I did watch the blooper video of Ted trying to announce his name and PPP, I think it took him a least 20 takes before he landed it. I have encouraged a friend to join in on the fun, he's excited and can't wait until he meets his 90th day in order to join. He is also aware of the blog reviews that PPP offers for those who want to submit their opinions on certain posts that other posties have entered. I have grown to love PPP and Tuesdays even more ever since the 1k Tuesdays started. I did not get a chance to land one of the big ops but I hope to land one of the new ones for this month. Ted Murphy, you my friend have an awesome company and an excellent crew supporting you and the company. I plan on bragging to my other friends about PPP in the near future.
Thank You PPP!!!

After the show...

LOST last night was pretty good, I found out more then I wanted to know but it was interesting nonetheless. Ben can be a real jerk-off at times but he does have a crappy history. Knowing that he killed his own father did not surprise me at all, it's the fact that he saw his mom or he thought he saw his mom even though he knew she was dead that's what had me wondering what really is it that resides on the island that messes with people's minds.



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LOST - just a few episodes left...

Tonight 's episode will hopefully shed a little more light on the whole island existence. It looks like John might actually get some answers from Ben, but knowing the way Ben is he might tell him some bs story that would be easily accepted. Well the show starts in about ten minutes. I will try to come back after the show to either vent or agree with the outcome.

It's in the list...

Encyclocentral.com has a huge selection of information that can and will appeal to anyone who is interested in knowing just a little more. Parenting is one of the categories at this site, it has info on some celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and even George Lopez. I have also found out that the herbal product Ginsana is purely meant for the dynamic and the active people. I am not really active but I'm definitely trying. Visit today and search through the many categories that interest you.

Feeling tired but healthy

Tired can be the most used word when avoiding something that involves either too much time or too much effort. I just got done working out for about an hour and ten minutes. My usual workout routine only lasts for an hour but I decided to increase it by ten minutes. Let me tell you that I feel real good right now and if this is how I'm going to feel then I think I might increase it by another ten minutes. Well I have to hope that I meet my goal by the desired date of July 20th.


A Strong Bridge to Cross...

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Where are my sandals?

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Summer thoughts are in the air and as a parent of four girls I can already hear the question that always seems to dominate any other comment or question that may be presented before summer, "Where are my sandals?" - This very same question adds confusion to the world of the normal, sandals don't walk away on their own and they don't play hide and seek, so my reply would be "Where ever you took them off.",,,
Now of course you would think that with the answer that I gave them would make everything cool, oh no - now the follow up question is "Do you know if someone borrowed them and didn't ask?" - I try not to pull what hair I have left because I know that they switch each others sandals and then have the nerve to be upset when the one they want to use is still being used by the other sister. So my answer to her is "Nope, I have no idea what rotation it's on." :)
I have told them that they should buy some that will last them longer especially if they want to continue this switch around game. I recommended that they visit Active Sandals.com and browse through their huge selection of sandals. I have a strong feeling that they will go for the Reef Sandals style. They seem to like that style very much. I also mentioned that Active Sandals.com offers more then just one color and knowing the way my girls think, they're going to want to have a pair for each of their summer outfits. Thank you Active Sandals.com for your existence because you have made my upcoming summer a little better to handle.

A Zoo Trip with my better half...

Today was spend some time with my wife day. Well actually everyday is spend some time with my day, yes I'm that needy.
We haven't been to the Zoo in about two to three years, There were some changes to it and I found myself feeling like a young kid again. Walking to each exhibit became more and more interesting. Our first stop was on the side where we parked the car, these bald eagles were absolutely beautiful. The look on on them reflect Pride and Leadership. Our second stop involved a few tigers that didn't feel up to performing for anyone. The next station had a little more then we expected. Just before approaching the penguin tank two ducks flew down and landed on the water, my wife and I thought that they were just a little too low and very close to other visitors. Well the reason for this outrageous behavior was answered rather quickly, the two began to perform something that definitely was not allowed especially in the penguin tank - let's just leave it at that :) We enjoyed the our visit to the zoo, we hope that the next time we go the zoo they will have the polar bears available for viewing. I did get a chance to visit one of my wife's favorite exhibit - The Bird House. I tried to get a lot of shots of the chirping bunch but wasn't able to get them to sit still except for this one.
The one disappointing moment well actually the first disappointment was that I did not want my wife to get something to eat there because like an idiot I told her that the food there would be way over priced. So I blew an awesome opportunity to spend some time with her and at the same time give the two of us a break from walking. So yes I'm a jerk. The second disappointment was the Africa experience. Yes they had some animals but it didn't live up to the hype that the commercial had you believe. I did take some shots but none were really neat to post. Now I did take a picture of a lion. Yes the lion wasn't real but it did look awesome. Now the following picture is some action that I would of enjoyed but I know the zoo wouldn't of allowed it. Click here. So in a nut shell that was our experience at the zoo for 2007. Now the next tim we go we will have our youngest daughter with us so you might see some cute shots of her as well as some of the attractions, and yes I'm already expecting to walk out of there with a life size stuffed polar bear.


Bookkeeping in order...

Many small businesses decide to run all aspects of their company on their own. Well as noble and great as that sounds most of those same companies find themselves trying to do it all and are not able to do so because the demand is becoming more and more overwhelming each and every day. Visit Accounting Paradise.com today and see for yourself that this company can help you out during those tough and tight situations by doing the bookkeeping for you. If you don't need any assistance but know of someone who might then pass the word on and watch them be relieved of stress and headaches. I have known some close friends run a small business for about two years and then finding themselves needing extra help but not able to locate it, then the famous question comes out "I wish I knew of a company that can help me with bookkeeping for small business. Visit today and leave the headache to them.

Hat's Off to the man...

Visit CNN and view the popular video of the twister up close. Reed Timmer did an excellent job at capturing the tornado on video and still have a decent audio to go with it. I give these guys a lot of credit on deciding to chase storms and actually capturing the event live for those of us who aren't so adventuresome to watch from the comfort of our homes. Great job you guys, keep up the awesome work.


Maybe, maybe not...

Just watched an Off-Beat report at CNN.com on a sandal that I guess can hold up to an ounce of any favorite beverage drink of your choosing. The sandals go for about $46.00 a pair. I agreed with the reporter that this may influence teenagers to store something a little more than juice, soda and even water. That's right I'm talking about alcohol - or better known as "The Relaxer". I can almost bet that concerned parents are going to try to take this off the market quickly. I'm going to keep an eye on this one because I know that something will come from this in a negative way, just like the Jello shots.
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Getting Help...

Looking at a wall and hoping for an answer to appear:
Staring into the darkness hoping to see a light illuminate:
Wondering if anyone can help you:

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I'm not sure what's going to happen tonight on survivor but for those of you who followthe series will know what I'm talking about. Knowing that Mookie was the one looking through YaoMan's belongings it's going to be a little more interesting and entertaining on how Alex plays his cards. The show starts at 8:00pm and I'm not planning on missing a thing.


Seeing clearly now...

I have personally fought against having surgery done because I still believe that if contacts can't help you then I suggest that glasses should be the final option. Well that was my comment a few years back when the procedure first came out. I have two friends and a cousin who have done this and they have found themselves enjoying life even more. They told me that the freedom of wearing contacts and the relief of not having to wear glasses that seem to change styles ever year was one feeling that will never go away. Lasik surgery in my opinion is a procedure that should be done to those who wish it and not to those who are skeptical. I can't afford such a surgery just yet but the minute I come across some extra cash I'll be signing myself up at the local center. I visited the site UsaEyes.org and found that they have a larger list of available Certified Surgeons then what I've found trying to search myself. Visit today and read some of the FAQs that are listed.

Still battleing...

It's my birthday and I have to get a grip on my goal of losing a lot of weight this year. I have gained an additional 22 pounds since my last birthday which puts me at 289 lbs. I need to keep up my workout program and not fold under pressure from others when asked if I'm trying to lose weight. I read the following article and I found that I do need to keep up my program and step it up a notch in order to get results quicker. The article I'm talking about is the one in today's CNN/Health section. Here is a small piece of what I read:

Researchers believe that their e-mails, mailings and phone calls to study participants for the initial 18 months of the study were successful in helping them to reach exercise goals; continuing to stay in touch may have helped them sustain this level of activity

Click here to view the article in its' entirety.


Resevations are a must...

Traveling is something everyone does whether it's for a week or a weekend. I love to travel throughout the states when the weather becomes a little more enjoyable. Visiting out of state hotels became an intriguing experience especially when you show up late at night and have to sign in quietly but your kids think that it's okay to talk loud and run instead walking to the room. We decided to make Hotel Reservations prior to traveling just to make sure that the kids don't have enough time to act foolish. I have used HotelReservations.com before and found that they have a very well developed site that is easy to navigate even for those who don't like to enter information and reserve rooms like myself. I love the feature where you can change the language especially to Spanish, my mother understands and speaks English fluently but she finds it quicker and easier to read Spanish so thank you HR for having that feature. We are looking at visiting my family this summer and I plan on using the coupon that is offered at HotelReservations.com. With me staying for a week I am going to save at least $30.00 on my expenses. I viewed the many Vacation Packages that are also offered and I have to say that they look rather tempting. All you need to do is select one of the following in order to get going,
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A Great Episode...

Heroes last night had me asking so many questions that of course can't be answered until the show actualy airs again next week. I can honestly say that when this season comes out on DVD I will be one of the millions to buy it. Well I have to get to work now, talk to you all later.