Love - Not just a word.

First and foremost I would like to send a special I Love You to my wife Lisa. We have been married for seven years and and five months and I can tell you that even with all of the hurdles that have come our way we still seem to find the bright side and tell ourselves that it doesn't matter what comes our way as long as we deal with it together. I have never had the opportunity to write her a classic love letter in the few years that we were dating before getting married but I do send her some pretty romantic e-mails filled with love and emotion- now that's something worth bragging about. I can be many things in life but the one thing I won't be is complete with out my wife. Everything in life is great but without her I'm just another guy walking an empty path. Take the time to look at your significant other in the eyes and say I Love You.

Jumping Joes...

ATLANTA, GA -- "A Real American hero" has returned in true military form.More than 300 G.I. Joe action figures dropped in on the 14th annual G.I. Joe Collector's Convention in Atlanta Friday. Fans at the event will get their first look at a new line of G.I. Joe products featuring a special edition series that includes the 25 most popular characters in the history of the line. It has been 25 years since the G.I. Joe "Real American Hero" action figures were introduced. The first G.I. Joe figures hit toy shelves in 1964 and lasted until 1976.They were replaced by the much smaller "Real American Hero" figures in 1982.
The convention will conclude on Sunday.

Watching the video of this event brought back some strong memories of the days when I threw my GIs out the window with my home made parachute. Most of them got stuck on tree limbs because they would catch the wind just right and travel right into them. Nonetheless it was fun to see them fly on by knowing that I will have to rush downstairs to retrieve them before the other kids think they just found new toys. I had about twelve of them from each side. I can't remember what ever happened to them but the memories will always be there.



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Saturday Photo Hunt - Original

The image you see to the right is an original architectural piece for this building in the heart of downtown Toledo, OH. I came across this beauty when I went on one of my walks through the downtown area. I have a huge collection of photos of other structures that this city has to offer. I plan on presenting those when the time comes but trust me I might present them sooner then that :)
Can you tell what year it was erected? If so write it down and post it with your comment.
Thank you for visiting.
Join in on the fun each and every Saturday!

Free Raleigh, NC Getaway!

Attention all vacationers that have not yet taken a vacation, I want to introduce to you a great one time deal. How does a trip to Raleigh, NC for FREE sound to you? Just as I expected, calm down and read the following before you head out the door. ‘FREE Raleigh Getaway’ is a one of a kind deal that is going on right now. So if you haven't gone on vacation yet and would like to visit the city life and enjoy the city style then please keep reading because this is just the deal for you. There is nothing like visiting another state that has the history and culture that Raleigh has, if your significant other needs a reason to visit then just mention this deal as a being a ‘Fall Getaway’ for the two of you. I bet you're wondering what the deal actually has to offer, right. Well let me list it out for you so that you can show your other half what is being given away.

- One night accommodations for two at the Courtyard by Marriott Raleigh Crabtree Valley
- $25 gift certificate to Bloomsbury Bistro
- Free VIP admission for two to Rum Runners
- 2 tickets to the North Carolina Theatre
- 2 tickets to the N.C. Museum of Art’s Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism
- 2 tickets to Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

Now didn't I tell you that the deal is one of a kind. I tell you what, while you're down there please do me a favor and take some time aside to attend the NC Shakespeare Festival that will be going on from October 3-7. So don't wait and visit the site for more details on how to win this fantastic getaway!

A house to visit...

Although the billboard dictates one thing it doesn't really mean you go to a 'house' per say. The ad simply says Haunted House XXX, you visit the site and view an image of hot chick then a horror one pops after that one then another hot chick comes up then a horror one pops up. Visit the site for yourself and you'll see that there's nothing to it. Make sure that your young ones that might get scared don't watch with you. The last thing you need is a traumatized little kid wondering what exactly was it they saw.


The Cooperative Bank...

Take a moment to read the following information regarding what could be good for you or your business. Many banks out there promise you the world just as long as you try out their new credit cards. It all starts out to be a great deal but as soon as you make your first purchase you notice that the special rate that you were promised did not exist because you had to make a purchase of $1,000 or more for it to take effect. With The Cooperative Bank you automatically get the deal and you have it for for six months with 0% on purchases and balance transfers. Did I forget to mention that you can also donate to any organization of your choosing with the money you get back when making purchases. Check them out today and see where you're next purchasing adventures take you.

Hispanic or Latino...

The U.S. government came up with the term "Hispanic" in the 1970s to generally refer to people who could trace their origin to Spanish-speaking countries. The term "Latino" refers to origins from Latin America, which includes non-Spanish speaking countries like Brazil. The terms are often used interchangeably, which is a point of some contention in the wider community.
If and when someone were to call me a hispanic or a latino I don't immediately flip out and correct them. I have been exposed to many other forms of what some people consider to be my nationality some good some bad. When ever I am asked what I am I quickly answer in a funny tone "Well a human of course". Then I take a few minutes explaining the difference of latino and hispanic and how it is that I'm hispanic. Growing up wasn't as bad as most people thought it was. I had friends that just saw me as just me and not a nationality. In the article Anna Rivas, of Boulder, Colorado states "On a regular basis I get asked where I'm from". "And I'll usually reply, 'My parents are from Mexico.' And I don't say, 'I'm Hispanic or Latino, or I'm from Mexico,' because I'm not." I guess using her theory I should consider myself a Bostonian seeing that I was born in Boston,MA.

Text Messages from anywhere...

In case some of you reading this haven't noticed the new trend that's going around now a days this post will give a quick inside input on what is considered to be awesome by many people/users. If some of you perform text messaging on a daily basis but are limited to who you can send it to then let me introduce ipipi.com. This site allows you to send text messages to anyone that has a cell phone. No this company didn't just pop up out of nowhere, they have over 6 years in business. With their 400,000 users and 1000 corporate clients they assure you that they can satisfy your international text messaging needs.

Commercials that confuse those watching...

Last night was premiere night on NBC. I enjoyed the shows that were presented, each of them had their interesting catches where they kept you watching all the way through. What I began to hate more and more each and every commercial break was an ad for anti-depressant pills. I understand that there are people out there that suffer from depression, I find myself depressed at times too but I will never turn to a pill to trick my mind and have it think that things are better. The ad shows some people really down in the dumps and sad, I can't figure out how a pill will help you feel or get better. 68% of Americans suffer from depression that is financially related. I cannot see how this pill will help them out with their scenario. They may be able to take the pill and some how feel better the next day but guess what unless they get a raise or a bonus or the winning lottery numbers to millions of dollars they will be depressed the following day 'guaranteed'. About 12% suffer from family loss, guess what folks this pill will not bring back loved ones. What it will do is make you dependent on it and you'll find yourself having not only depression but an addiction. If you have heard or seen these ads please take the time to listen carefully to the end where they speak about the side effects and harmful reactions. If some of you need something like this then by all means take them but as for me I know that things are tough and the only thing that can help me will be me not a pill.


AShop cart software...

2. EASY!

Most of you out there own your own business but you haven't ventured into the world of the internet to sell your product. Well I'm here to help you with that extra step you so greatly need. Take some time away from your day to day routine and listen up. AShop has exactly what you need to get started with selling your wonderful and innovative items to the world. Visit today and see what shopping cart software can help you out with. They stand behind what they call the top six reasons to choose.

With the winning steps mentioned at the beginning there is no way you can go wrong with their software. This is just the beginning of a great offer, not only are they at the top of the list but they back it up with a free ten day trial (with no credit card needed). What this means is that you can sample the software and determine whether or not you can profit from this software. Visit today and take advantage of this wonderful offer.


She wants one too...

Well the time has come and now my youngest daughter is a teenager. Yeah that's right now the out cry for wanting piercings is in the air and the quick "I don't think so" answer is right behind it. Now my eighteen year old currently has a few gold nose rings that the younger one is looking into trying out. I have told them that if they were to purchase some body jewelry that they should at least shop at a place that knows what they're talking about and that has a bigger selection to choose from like Freshtrends.com.

Union free if you ask me...

Here in the Toledo area we have seen reports of families wanting for GM leaders to sit down and agree on a contract. I personally know of three people that are current workers at some of these plants. They bring in a lot of money and have some pretty awesome benefits but if you were to ask me if I'm pro union, I'd have to say no. Unions were good back in the day but what we have today is nothing more than highway robbery. I believe that when you work for a living you actually work for it.

Yes there are some out there that have put the time in for their benefits but what I'm talking about is the ones that continue to punch in and do absolutely nothing all day and get a yearly salary of up to $75,000. Listen, I shop at a store called ALDIs here in Toledo, when I want something for less that's where I go or when I want something that's not food related I shop at Wal-Mart. I don't care what union you're in or what you think the union can offer me as a person, a citizen or a family man you cannot argue the point that when it costs you three dollars for a box of cereal at a union store as a opposed to one seventy five at a non-union shop that at the end of the day unions and union shops are considered to be better. I don't know what the out come will be between these two entities but the one thing I can say is that there are other companies out there (Toyota) that run union free and are still producing profits left and right.

I am currently working in a non-union environment and it's great, yes times are tight and the cost for insurance went up which if anything makes my point all the more understandable as to why I shop non-union stores. This strike will hurt those who are used to the big paycheck because although GM has enough stock for a month they can start a hiring binge and get people to work at yes a lower rate but the job will still be there for them as opposed to nothing. Unions are going to be a thing of the past especially if we are to compete in this global economy with the rest of the world.


Pros and Cons...

Many men out there are looking to find that special someone but can't seem to have any luck doing just that alone. Some of those very same men find the right person that will fill that void that has been in them for so long that they now feel complete but little did they know that E.D. was something else that they needed to deal with. Listen up guys - if you are currently in a relationship and are having this issue occure one too many times then please visit ManOfPeople.com today to get the complete details of what you can do to correct this situation. Also take some time to read their detailed list as to why they don't recommend using generic perscriptions when solving your issue. The error factor will cost you more than it would for Viagra, Cialis or even Levitra. Levitra prices are considered to be a bit lower then the other two. Visit today and get the complete inside review before buying anything.

A definite repeat...

Last week's Dream Concert was an event that a lot of people were talking about, my wife and I would of loved to have gone but with the extra spending cash being a bit low we were unable to afford the tickets. It would of been awesome to be their knowing that he is looking down upon us and smiling, there were many artists who attended as well as friends and family. Knowing that his daughter is still talking to groups of children as well as adults about the importance of freedom and the words that her father spoke in a bold and comforting manner is a feeling that will carry almost anyone to do good in this world. This concert should be given quarterly, that way I can have a chance to attend.


XML Aficionado...

First and foremost - do not visit this site if your used to looking at boring blogs and average sites. The XML Aficionado blog is far from the norm, if you want something worth looking at and reading then please feel free to visit. I have to honestly say that when I visited I got some ideas to improve my own blog from simply going through his site. Here's a sneak peek at one of his articles - Restaurant Review. Visit today and see what's out there that you haven't seen just yet.

Still a fan...

I haven't played the Resident Evil games for about three years now because my PS2 died and I have not had the money to replace it. I have watched the first two releases of the movie and I plan on watching this third installment when it hits the DVD market. Watching these flicks although end up the same way are still enjoyable to me. There's nothing like spending a Friday night at home with a small bucket of popcorn and some soda watching a hack and slash movie. No my wife doesn't really care for these types of movies, they seem to bore her because of it horror nature. To her it's more survival horror then just plain horror. Either way I'm waiting for the release so that I can make that night happen, heck I might even ask my daughter to join me.


I'm getting a Dell...

Owning a PC is not as easy as it seems. I spent about an hour at our local PC store with my oldest daughter where she bound and determined to buy herself a generic pc just to save a few bucks. I had to quickly inform her that even though she can build a pc from scratch tht not all of her parts and pieces were guaranteed with a warranty. She then proceeded to tell me that she can probably go for a Dell and that building a pc from scratch would be more of a headache then a solution. Regardless to what she chose or didn't chose, buying a Dell is the right decision to make, many top companies use Dell as their main hardware. Visit on line and get yourself a cheap pc that will last you for a long time and it comes with a warranty. There are many pc deals out there waiting for you to snatch them up just make sure you get yourself a Dell.

Saturday Photo Hunt - Paper

The piece of 'paper' you see at the top was printed for my wife when she performed her first live blog coverage of our County Commissioner Debate. She was given a special seat so that she had a close view of the whole event. I was very proud of her for being the first in our city to live blog the debate. The following image you see is that of the newspaper company she works for, she adds a special and intriguing column each and every Sunday called 'Blog It!'

Join in on the fun each and every Saturday!


Notebooks by Dell...

I currently own a Dell laptop that I use at home for my photography hobby. I have not had any problems with it just yet but I have heard of some of my coworkers who use their laptops (which of course aren't Dell) for business purposes. I have heard that some of them would like something that is a little more durable and a little more stylish like the new pc portables that are currently out in the market. Although my laptop is a Dell I've had it for about a year and a half and when I've had my fill of that one and the itch for a new comes up I will not have any problems buying a hew Dell laptop. I'll hand my current one down to my 13 year old daughter who can use it for school projects or maybe start her own photo hobby.

Money Museum...

After reading that the 5 dollar was getting a facelift I did some searching online and I came across this site where they have a virtual tour of many types of money that was and is currently being used. They're located in Colorado Springs, Colorado which isn't too far for me to visit next year. The site is very well done and the flow of the pages are really smooth without any interuption. Please take a minute to watch the tour and see for yourself that this site is truely awesome and the museum as well. I will be mentioning this to my coworker today - he's a big coing collector so I know he'll enjoy this site just a bit more than the average person.

Rodeo Drive P.S.

Most Americans out there think and wonder if they can use a bit of a lift in their lives. Some even take out special loans in order to achieve the look that they want. I currently know of four people (three of them women) who have gotten surgery done for one reason or another but they found themselves paying way too much for a simple procedure. Two of them went in for a lipo and they found themselves looking at a never ending bill that was pretty high from the get go and was high each and every month. My other friend decided that he needed some plastic surgery so that he wouldn't lose that sex appeal that he has had since high school. I tried to tell him that there are many women that still find him very attractive but he ignored the comment and went ahead and had it done. Today being the 21st of September 2007 he is still not satisfied with his new look, I told him that he could of done some homework before jumping into the first operating table. My last friend has had two kids and is finding it difficult to get rid of the extra pounds that resulted from the pregnancy. I talked to her and she has yet to decide whether or not she will have a Mommy Makeover in the near future. As for me and my drama, I have been on a diet and exercise routine for the past three weeks, I feel better inside but as most of you already know that the first thing to go is water weight and not actual weight loss. If I lived closer to the west coast I would consider getting a Beverly Hills Liposculpture. Visiting their site has opened up my eyes and from what they charge on a monthly basis looks to be like something I can do as well as some of you who are considering this type of surgery. I have mentioned this site to my friend and she has family that lives out that way so I think if she is to do this she would do it while paying them a visit.

Beverly Hills Liposculpture

Show me the money! The real one...

Well it looks like the printing press has changed yet another bill, this time it's the 5 dollar bill. They have added and have taken some features, what they added was an added color "purple" and the have moved the security strip from one location to another. What they took out was the ever popular oval frames that surrounded the president and the memorial. I was a bit shocked to find out that the 5 dollar bills were bleached and then were reprinted as fake 100 dollar bills. Apparently the features of the 5 and 100 were similar so the counterfeiters didn't have much trouble swapping the two. Well let's see how long it will be until the next facelift.


Take the Quiz...

- Quizzes
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- Polls
- Personality Tests
If you enjoy participating in one or more of the above items when visiting other blogs or sites then please take the time to visit Quibblo.com today and get one of many types of quizzes that are available, you can even create your own quiz for your readers to try out for fun. Check them out and start having fun on your own blog with these interactive quizzes.

MySpace blog quizzes

Tase me or don't tase me...

The incident down in Florida can be taken many ways. I didn't think they should of tased the guy, they already had him down on the ground. I heard others actually thought the tasing was with int the right circumstances and was not out of line. Either way you look at this it looks bad on the school as a whole. Can't wait to see what will extend from this incident. Watch the many versions of the VIDEO and let me know what you think.


The right equipment...

Working out for the past few months has been a bit stressful because it's kind of hard to juggle many tasks and still maintain a steady diet and an exercise routine. What I need to help me get all of my numbers correct is a site that has a good calorie counter. The last thing I want is having a diet journal that doesn't have the right information as to what calories go with the right foods. I'll tell you what I do need, what I need is a calorie chart so that way I can get a complete look at what I've taken in and what's to come in the next few days.
Well after all that I have found a site by the name of MyFitnessPal.com the other day and let me inform you that they have all that I need and then some. Visit them today and see what they can offer you right now.


I just joined a new community that is structured under the opinions of sports, sports and more sports. It seems that the majority of the people there are very into the world of sports. I can see myself enjoying some quality time there writing chatting and reading. If any of you want to visit please do o and please sign up. The idea of venting and releasing that bad day of sports to a community that will listen and probably agree is something that feels great instead of having someone telling to pipe down because they want to watch their soaps.

Home Improvements...

The time for most home improvements comes when the weather isn't too hot or too cold. My landlord decided to get new windows and doors for the home I'm renting and I don't think he got a good deal for what he purchased. Anglian Home Improvements is well known through out the UK. Many home owners hold them on a high pedestal for providing not only great products but great services afterwards such as customer care. I know that most home owners love to work on their homes and adding that special something to their space makes them very happy which is why Home improvements is something that will always be here now and tomorrow. If you're not improving the home just yet and want to focus more on your garage then this would be the right place to visit as well. Their door style selections is long and it makes it hard for you to decide which one you want because the types are really good looking.

Pull'em up...

TRENTON, New Jersey (AP) -- It's a fashion that started in prison, and now the saggy pants craze has come full circle -- low-slung street strutting in some cities may soon mean run-ins with the law, including a stint in jail.

Proposals to ban saggy pants are starting to ride up in several places. At the extreme end, wearing pants low enough to show boxers or bare buttocks in one small Louisiana town means six months in jail and a $500 fine.

When I attended high school the trend was there s well but it didn't go too far especially when it cam to walking the hall with coach Vargas. Our football coach made sure that the saggy or as hhe called it the crappy in my pants look was not going to be tolerated while he was working at the school. He didn't care if there was a policy or not, his policy was pull'em up or get out. Now a days the trend has gone to a new level where now just about all types of groups are doing it and ?I have to adit it's getting a bit annoying. There's nothing attractive about having these kidswalk around showing their name brand boxers or briefs to the public. I applaude the effort that NJ is presenting to their citizens, and this should spread through out the US.

Wear glasses/contacts?

After about four years of straining my vision to see certain things at home and at work I finally decided to go with a Lasik surgery. I have not spent any time looking for the right surgeon that would suit my needsa just right but I did run into this wonderful nonprofit patient advocacy company that can take the time to help me make that decision that will ultimitely determine the rest of my life. Although this company does not actually provide Lasik surgery they do however locate the info needed and doctor certifications. If you are looking at getting yourself the tune up you need especially when you have that very important class or meeting to attend and you can barely focus on the dry-erase board then please visit today and go through their list of certified doctors on their website or answer the 50 tough questions so that your doctor help find that great surgeon.

Gaming causes death...

I began reading this article and my first reaction was "How long before parents in the US use this unfortunate event to further ban video games whether they're pc or console". This guy could of gotten up at any time and bought himself a damn soda or even a damn water bottle. The game he was playing could not of been that frickin good that he couldn't even ask someone to get him a drink. He must of died at some point in the game, he could of thn used that time to refresh himself - or is this story going to say that he was that good that for three days he kept winning, well now the guy is dead and is game over for real.

William Fernandez

I just spent the last hour going through Mr. William Fernandez's site that advertises his skill in the world of Interactive Marketing. I have read his very detailed and extensive resume that is very well laid out. I have to admit that his site is very well organized and is very user friendly. The flow of his site is very appealing especially if you want to know what he's currently exploring on his blog. While reading his blog I learned a few things that MySpace is doing that I did not even know was possible. I enjoyed reading the details about MySpace sneaking in some interesting characters into an outgoing link by throwing in an extr dot to the URL (example)
- http://www.espn.com was used but when sent out it would look like this http://www.espn..com -
This may be a little nothing to most of you out there but for those of you who surf a bit on the internet the last thing you want is to be redirected to a fake page... Check out his site and get some input on his previous entries amd enjoy.


EXPOSED: The Perfect Day Part 2...

This is part two of Glenn Beck's exposure of what we should be looking out for and the awareness that we should have regardless to what the threat level is at. I have read and seen videos of what glenn is talking about and I can understand clearly what needs to be done. I have already mentioned it to some of my daughter's teachers that what ever they have in the plan book as far as emergencies need to be changed around every so often. If you watch the video please be advised that there will be talk of certain moments during a hostage situation in Russia a few years ago.


Tutors galore...

If you're seeking for a tutor that can help your child between the ages of 4-14 then Score Learning Centers is the place to go and get started. Reading Tutors are available at your request, visit their user friendly website and locate a center nearest you and experience what they can do to help your child succeed in school and achieve those high end scores.

EXPOSED: The Perfect Day...

Glenn Beck is a talk show host as well as a television icon. Well he's going to be an icon sooner or later anyways this post is to help you folks out there get a better understanding of what is going on and what can and from the looks of it will happen. I f you don't like the thought of something being planned behind your back then I suggest you click on the 'Back" button and surf to another site because what's going to be shown when you click on the video link you might be surprised of the complete absence of awareness by the government.



Having the essentials...

When moving into an apartment or a home you definitely want to have the basic essentials. What are the basic essentials you ask? Well here is a list of the things that you will need first and foremost;
Living Room Furniture -
Bedroom Furniture -
Home Office Furniture -
To not have either of the previous items is just plain crazy. For example - I've been eying this dining room table ever since I visited the site, the only problem is that in order for me to own that lovely piece of furniture I would have to get a bigger dinning room but that's something I'm going to have to figure out on my own. Now you on the other hand can take a few minutes to visit the well organized and well developed site.


I just watched a video that had a few people tasting several types of MREs, the weird thing about this is that some of the people trying it actually liked them. My older brother was in the military and he has some pretty convincing stories that the food served in the mess hall was a lot better then the ones that came in pouches for the soldiers. I have never tried food that came in pouches let alone food that came in a powder form. Actually I do remember having some eggs when I was younger and it came in a container and it was of a powdered nature.


Let's Clean...

I can remember the first time I helped my dad vacuum his 1974 Ford Maverick complete with rims and slicks. The vacuum we had wasn't really all that great so we would literaly spend more time vacuuming the car then we would washing and waxing the car. Now a days I use my regular vacuum cleaner to clean out my car. At CarGuyGarage.com you can get a car vacuum that mounts right to the wall of your garage, check it out today and also look at what other products might make that special someone of yours feel warm inside.

I knew it!

I just spent the last few minutes reading something that I knew was already happening to me. My family tends to save pretty much everything, I call them pack rats. Well for some time now I've noticed that I get a bit jerky and stressful in the afternoons when I get home. Little did I know that a study was being done regarding stress levels at home when a mess is involved. Read the quick snip below and then take a minute to read the article...
Get the urge to purge

Every time you look around and feel anxious that the mess is getting out of hand, your body releases cortisol, one of the classic stress hormones, says Steven Maier, PhD, a neuroscience professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

(Complete Article)


My old friend...

I don't know about any of you guys out there but my old leather chair has seen better days. I have a site to talk about today, this site has a very beautiful collection of chairs that will help you make a decision on buying a new chair just like one of the following -
- Leather Club Chairs
- Brown Leather Chairs
- Recliner Leather Chairs
Check out their very well done website and feast your eyes on the Dark Brown Leather chair, that's the one I would love to buy to replace my current chair.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Music

The image to the right might not be a quick look into music but if you look at what my daughter is holding you will notice that she is holding onto a warthog and for those of you out there that know what a warthog is you should get that catchy music in your head right about now. You know 'Akuna Matata', yeah that's the song/music I was talking about. If some of you out there still don't get it then watch the video below and you will finally be one of the many who do know.

Join in on the fun each and every Saturday!


Legal Funding...

If justice is what you want and you know that in order to get things going in the right direction you're going to need the proper funding to get that done. Any Lawsuits will find that money that will be a factor in trying to keep your case open and get the results that you want. If you run into a snag where you know that the case that you are involved in will be longer then you expected and you need a little extra money to finish off the case then please visit the site today and get the details as to how you can apply for addition money.

Patience would not of worked...

Police said they also found a backpack inside the home that they believe belonged to Marks. Inside it they found petroleum jelly, plastic gloves, girls panties, chemical-soaked rags, gum, candy, a razor and putty knife and costume false teeth.

After reading the article about this guy the only thing I wanted to do was pound on this guy with a bat until my arms got tired. This guy has been slipping through the law and only getting time for burglary cases and not for his sexual conduct towards his victims. I can now be sure that this clown won't be seeing day light any time soon. I hope they lock this guy up for a lot more then just 16 years. This guy can be an angel of angels for fifty years straight and I still wouldn't give him early release. I would of definitely made him pay a hefty fine before the cops would of arrived. I may need to clean up my lousville slugger after I'm done with him but I'm pretty sure he won't be thinking of little kids for a very long long time...


Kilts are cooler...

For years I've always honored the fallen soldiers, policemen, firefighters etc. Knowing that they will be honored during their funerals with a 21 gun shot solute as well as a gentleman in full dress mode that involves wearing kilts and playing Amazing Grace on their bag pipes. I have seen many parades that had groups and organizations that wear kilts, my daughter thinks it looks a little weird but I reminded her that even though it looks weird they wear those kilts with pride. I have been asked to wear one for Halloween but I turned them down because I don't believe it's something to wear just to poke fun at it, I strongly believe it's an outfit that only emphasises the greatness of a moment. The site that has many types of kilts is a site that is very well organized and it flows pretty smooth. The one outfit that my daughter did like is the one I have shown to the right, she likes it because #1 the guy looks handsome and #2 it comes in black.

Not so pleasant in Pleasantville...

- Jayson G. Adams
- James T. McCormick
- James A. Pressley
- Rafael Velez
- Maurice Callaway
- Keith O. Reed
- Marcellus Jackson
- Jonathan Soto
- Mims Hackett Jr.
- Alfred E. Steele
- Samuel Rivera
What due the names above have in common? Give-up? They are all guilty of accepting corrupt payments from companies that offered insurance brokerage or roofing services to school districts and municipalities. This story will definitely be under my radar, I want to know the full story and what were they thinking when they did that. Actually the true question is how long have they been doing this and who else is involved that is not being mentioned and who has been doing this kind of swinging before them?
There's going to be a press conference at 3:30pm est in front of the federal courthouse in Trenton - and I thought the day was going to be boring HA.
Watch the VIDEO to hear the players of this disgrace.

Yard signs...

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Show Halted over N-Word...

MIAMI -- A performance by stand up comedian Eddie Griffin was stopped after he used the N-word repeatedly, a magazine's spokesman said Wednesday.

I am glad to see that organizations out there can and will take action when ANYONE uses that word or any other word that is deemed inappropriate. I also hope that this spreads so that the people in the black community can understand that the word is terrible regardless to who is saying it. I have heard the many excuses as to why they can say it and no one else and that they have been the people of shame and that the use of it is ok because their the ones using it and no the white people. A friend of mine who is black agrees with me that this definitely has to stop now, even if it means canceling a performance.


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Which One?

First-grader dropped off on wrong side of river
By: The Toledo Journal
The Toledo Journal
Originally posted 9/4/2007

Little NajaƩ Pettaway got off the yellow school bus after the first day of school at the same corner, just like last year.
But NajaĆ©, 6, doesn’t live there anymore. Not even close. She lives on the other side of the river, in East Toledo.

Now something like this happens pretty much anywhere, thankfully the end results were good and not a tragedy. I can understand how a child might be placed in a group to board a bus mistakenly. I am wondering will they implement a new policy where each teacher will have a roll call list of each of their students noting which bus they are to board so that they don't have to rely on a computer that might go down because of something either breaking it or possibly spilling on it. If this was done before the coolant leak they would of simply relied on the list to get the kids home safely. Hopefully they will create such a list so that parents at home don't have to wait in anticipation to see if their child will or will not come out through those bright yellow doors. My daughter had that same problem just yesterday when one of the bus monitors (adults) told her to get on a bus she knew wasn't the right one and proceeded to tell the monitor that this is not her bus but the adult wouldn't let her explain. So she ended up missing her bus while the monitor simply said nothing and went back in the building. I ended up leaving work so that I can pick her up, I told her that regardless to what any of the monitors says about what bus she is to ride she knows exactly what bus to ride and where to catch it. Some of the assistants are trying to remember faces and names and I'm glad for that effort but if the student knows for a fact what bus they ride home please don't ignore the student just listen and be brave enough to say "I'm sorry, I've made a mistake".


A Great Night!

Last night had to be one of my best moments in having fun thus far here in Toledo. We attended the CityFest last night and it turned out great, they had the usual foods and vendors but the real reason as to why we went was because of the famous man himself 'Eddie Money'. We had a blast watching him perform more then twelve songs and then an extra two songs for an encore. I have heard most of his music when I was younger but I didn't know the artist that sang them until last night. Two Tickets to Paradise is one of my favorites along with Take Me Home Tonight. The crowd that was there was completely excited and definitely enjoying themselves. I hope that next year's attraction will be as awesome as Eddie was.



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Four hit $330M jackpot...

It figures that the wife and I played the darn thing but didn't even math one single number. We played eight dollars worth and still didn't even match a number. Well congratulations to the four lucky folks that won the drawing on Friday. I don't know what the pay-out is going to be but I'm sure that it will still be a hefty amount. As for me and the family, we're just going to continue to wish for the winning numbers so that we too can enjoy the extra cash that come from winning.

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The results...

Last night the wife and I ended up having a third game of Monopoly which ended up in a tie of sorts. We owned a few properties that were of high value so all we kept doing was take money from each other and then giving it back later on. We did this for about an hour before we decided to stop. We saved the game and hoped that one day we might continue that game and see where it ends. We plan on playing Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition, I plan on winning this endeavor tonight. I took a sneak peak at this game it looks to be a little bit easier then the original Trivial Pursuit.


Black Friday...

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The good ole days...

I spent most of my afternoon looking through YouTube trying to find some cartoons from the eighties. My wife and I found afew that we remember and we also found some that were just a little too disturbing. The image you see to the right is that of the Thundercats, well this one is a remake of the original. While growing up I didn't realize how much these cartoons actually influenced some of my decisions as a young kid. Their messages would sound corny now but back then they really meant more to the watching audience. God I miss my childhood.