Saturday Photo Hunt - Water

Now this entry took me about an hour and half and a little over 4.75 miles to get.
Well I decided to take a picture of a glass filled with water, but then I figured I should add little drama to it. So I decided to go to one of the Metro Parks here in Toledo and take a shot that would look kind of good and also have a unique appearance. Let me know what you guys think...


A tear dripper..

When I saw this video I immediately began to feel sad and happy at the same time. Watching the little boy look so happy to see his dad reminded me of the first time I saw my dad when I was twelve. I couldn't watch it again to get the family's name because of the hard emotional bond that that family has which reminds me of my own family.
If you want to watch click here.
Let me know what you think.

Friday Feast 137...

What are you proud of?
I am proud of my wife and all of her accomplishments.

What is the best thing you’ve ever won as a prize?
A third place ribbon and certificate in a 6th grade drawing contest.

Name something you do that is a waste of time.
Reading news articles and reviewing movies that have just come out or are on their way to the theater.

Main Course
In what year of your life did you change the most?
1999 - When I met my wife and moved to Ohio.

Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil?
Back in New London, CT under the Gold Star Bridge. The sounds of the cars above and the splashing water on the rocks.


Don't leave home without it...

Car Insurance should be the first thing on your mind before you start to drive. Well actually a driver's license would be nice to have too :) I have dealt with many friends that don't and choose to drive without insurance. My last encounter was with my 18 year old daughter who thought that there was no need to spend extra money on having car insurance especially when the care wasn't worth it. Well not even two weeks later she rear ends a Honda and finds herself freaking out after she got out of the car to see the damage. She immediately called me crying that she hit an old lady and that the two cars were ruined. I proceeded to calm her down and to inform her that even though she thought that her car wasn't worth it, that I thought otherwise. She cried even more in joy knowing that the nice lady wasn't going to get screwed over. I am currently paying $98 dollars for two vehicles a month with full coverage. Don't find yourself crying and hoping that you had insurance because if you think the damages to your car were worth crying about wait for the citation and court appearance that follows right after.

I thought I knew it all...

I saw this in a blurb on the news earlier and thought I should pay them a visit to see what the buzz was about. Well I viewed their site and will be participating in their next classroom in about a half hour. So I will talk to those of you who visit and comment later.


Classified section for me...

"Where are the classifieds in this huge newspaper?"

That was one of my well known comments every Sunday morning. This site is beyond anything I ever expected. I spent a good hour looking through the available furniture that would help my daughter's dorm room look a little bit nicer. I then wondered over to the auto section in search of some possible rims for my Cobalt. Well let's just say that I found some nice ones but they're a bit too big for my car.
The best thing about the two findings above is that they were entered under the Free Classifieds section on the Itsmymarket.com, website. So if you have something to sell and don't want to pay that added fee then this site would be perfect for you.

Still shocked...

I watched this video and found myself shocked at what I saw.
I will let you watch and then I would appreciate any comments that you may have towards the video...

Watch this...


Now he can stop whining...

I hope that my friend Jack sees this post because if I hear from him just one more time I'm going to pull out what hair I have left. :)
His stories can go on and on about how he went to the club the other night and the only women there were either too stuck-up or just down right rude. I told him that what he needs is a strong woman who can take charge as well as treat him like a man. He has dated quite a few different women since high school but I figured I can direct him into dating some beautiful Black Singles in his area. He thought I was joking at first, but when I showed him the site he was more than willing to take over my mac and look through the vast listing of available women. I don't know when he will be back but I hope to hear some good stories and not the same old ones.

Getting ready...

It's about 20 minutes til my show starts. Yeah baby that's right - LOST. I hope to find out who dies in this episode. So I'm off now to get some popcorn ready. I will have just enough time to post one more op before the show starts.



I just spent the last few minutes with my oldest daughter who is studying to be a mechanical engineer this year looking through the site. She was completely excited that I had found such a site. I have never seen anything like this before but she has heard of it. She mentioned that she has tried the dome calculator once before but did not remember what site she saw it at. Now she can visit Geo-Dome and be complete satisfied. So from a dad that can only help up to a point THANK YOU!

America ready to sacrifice...

There isn't any error in the title, what you read is completely true. I have looked into an article in the USA Today that shows exactly what America wanted after September 11. I am going to break it down into categories so that you my viewers can see for yourself where America stood them...

This is from a weekend USA TODAY, CNN, Gallup Poll showing Americans wanting a careful response but are ready for war and are willing to pay the price.

Support military response
88% Take military action in retaliation.
36% Would punish terror groups behind attacks.
52% Prefer longerterm war to end terrorism.

Take military action even if:
84% Taxes must be increased.
80% U.S. round invasion needed.
79% Oil and gas shortages occur.
78% Further terrorist attacks occur.
77% Draft is needed.
66% Action lasts for several years.
65% 1,000 U.S. troops are killed.

Support security measures
86% Metal detectors at every public place.
86% Passenger check-in 2-3 hours before flights.
77% Required ID before entering office buildings and public places.
58% Special security checks for Arabs, including U.S. citizens, before boarding planes.
51% Ban all carry-on luggage.
49% Special ID for Arabs, including U.S. citizens.
33% Make it easier for authorities to read mail, e-mail and tap phones.
29% Allow police to search people randomly.

Express personal worries
48% Less willing to travel overseas.
43% Less willing to fly.
35% Less willing to enter sky scrapers.
30% Less willing to attend large public events.

Looking ahead
88% Confident U.S. can protect citizens from future attacks.
64% Would rebuild World Trade Center.

After going through that line for line I found myself agreeing with most of it than I did disagreeing.

Tell me what you think with the above numbers and tell me how far are we now from some of that.


Completely upset...

Once again I decide to watch my news and for some reason I clicked on a take that involved illegal immigrants. Most of you know that I am Hispanic well Puertorican to be more specific, after watching a couple of guys on a radio station in New Jersey mentioning that they dislike illegals. They went as far as comparing them to the common crook that exist here. I am more than happy to say that I agree with them. I am getting sick and tired of people changing the meaning of something and hoping that a little warmth can be shed with the new name. An illegal is an illegal, it doesn't matter what thesaurus you grab. If you want a good living here then for god sakes take the right steps.

Badongo is the place...

Badongo.com hosts all your files for free, including music, videos, photos etc. If your tired of the usual family trip and taking way too many pictures that the extra cards that you brought are full and you don't want to add anymore files to your laptop then pay Badongo a visit and use them for what they specialize in - Making things easier on you. The situation just mentioned happened to me on my secon trip to New Orleans. I knew I needed more memory cards to satisfy my hunger for taking pictures that after only a few hours I had all three cards filled. I went through the collection of shots but found it hard to delete them in order to have some space for the next day. Yes I ended up buying a new card. To make this story short, Have your cards and your laptop but above all Remember to visit Badongo for some quick storage.

Thank you to all who have come...

This is a post to thank those of you who have come here and commented on my blog over the last few months. I am glad to be part of the photohunt every saturday and part of the feast every friday. I am really trying to post regularly with some interesting as well as some not so interesting stories/article.
Thanks again.


Reach out if you need some help...

I want to be the first to tell you that most payday loan tips can help you but they won't mention the cost of the fee. Payday Loans can be an easy way to keep yourself out of trouble for that particular week. It can also help you for those unexpected scenarios when you just got done paying a bill and your car decides to break down the very next day. Trust me on this one, it does help when it's needed but don't become too dependent on the service or you can end up like I almost did. I used to live from paycheck to paycheck for about four months, then my car started to act up. Payday Cash Advance Loans helped me out of a bind and got me back on my feet, but I got too dependent on it and found myself catching up all the time. It was bad enough that I was going from pay check to paycheck but now I was trying to make them stretch long enough to pay back my loan. If I would of heard of paydayloanlowdown.com I would of saved a whole lot of cash on the fees. If you find yourself needing that extra boost to make that loop a complete circle then don't hesitate to apply for a loan especially if you have bad credit like I had. If you need some more details on the "dependent" issue then click here. Remember it's a good thing as long as it's not abused.


Saturday PhotoHunt - Empty

I saw a bunch of entries this morning but I did not comment because I did not have mine up yet. I saw a lot of good ones but I did not see something like the one I took about four months ago. I found this old whiskey bottle in my garage (left here from previous tenants) and thought it would look nice as a wall paper on my computer desktop at work. Well I got a few comments that were in the same ball park like "Did you save me any?" - Well I'm going to revisit the sites I saw and leave comments.
See you guys later...


Friday Feast #136

Who is your favorite news anchor/reporter? Why?
Chrys Peterson, local anchor. After seeing her last night outside the realm of television I found her to be very respectable.

Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.
Ice cream

If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?

Main Course
What will most likely be the next book you read?
Another Ted Bell novel.

What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?
Their face and hair.

Come and join in on the fun!

Something needed many years ago...

Drug treatment facilities are known to be helpful but it turns out that most of them don't offer all of the needed programs to help those who can not break the habit. I have a cousin that abused the drug known to as "crack". He would go into a sort of shock when ever he would be away from it for more than a few hours. I used to sit with him through the night to keep him from using that poison. We would stay up and play monopoly until the point where he would fall asleep on the couch. He passed away a few years ago at the age of 30. He did not know of any centers that could help him. I wonder sometimes if I could of help by locating someone who knew of such a place.
Stone Hawk is located in Michigan right by St. Mary's Lake - if you know of someone whether their a friend or a family member please don't wait like I did. Call them up and talk to someone who can relate as well as help.

Disappointing but oh well...

I stayed up late last night to watch Ohio State get their butts handed to them but nooo they had to come back and actually play a better secong half. They end up winning by one stinking point.



What's next for her...

This post is to inform the women who visit here as well as my daughters who have boyfriends and might think about getting serious. Every woman must have the broad coverage of maternity health benefits. I currently have my two daughters under my insurance plan and after reading the coverage that comes with it in regards to maternity I had a talk with my oldest who is 22 that after next year I won't be able to cover her under my plan. I guided her to Reproductive Access Solutions.com and asked her to look into their maternity health insurance coverages and see what would best suit her when the time came. She agreed that there's no better time then now. So if you are planning things for your future please don't make any mistakes and visit.

It's Mexican day at work today...

We had our pot-luck today and the theme was Mexican foods for lunch. I didn't have anything to bring in so I pitched in five bucks and bought two bottles of soda. Everything went great, the food was delicious. I hope the next pot-luck we have would be of an Asian twist.

M and R Opportunity...

That's right M and R Opportunities Mortgage Refinance await you at PersonalHomeLoanMortgages.com. I am looking to refinance my car loan so that I can look into purchasing a new home for my family. I have looked through the site's details and found that this company will be one to look at first. I've seen the rates for places like Californis and Florida, they look a lot better then they do here in the mid-west. Look if you're tracking down a better rate so that you can save a little more each month then give them a try. If your looking to Refinance your Mortgage, or you want some details on Refinancing Mortgage then this is the place to start -
for interested Californians just click.
for interested Floridians just click.

Sweet sixteen baby!

Today is the end for some of those teams that I do not like. I'm not sure if Ohio State is playing today but I hope that when they do that things don't work out on the hardwood. Florida is still my pick so I will be looking forward to watching them play.


Software for small businesses.

In case most of you internet folks out there didn't know - Retail software is a booming network of needs and accuracy. I have delt with software that was supposedly easy to manage and incorporate with your business's current system but it turned out to be a huge disaster. My wife is looking at opening a small ice cream shop here in town with my daughter, she agrees that this software will help her out a lot. I have looked through the site and found that they have more in depth explanation of their software then most of the other sites that deal with the same programs. View this presentation and see for yourself what I'm talking about. If you feel that this might not be enough information for you than click here and feel free to post any questions or comments towards their product. If you do want to try them out for free look at joining the MerchantOS Free below.

MerchantOS Free
Point of Sale
Basic Inventory
Up to 5 Employees
1 Cash Register

Sign up for Free.

I recommend trying the free version for now and see if it works for you. I currently work for a large company and I am going to mention this site to my supervisor and see if he thinks it's a good idea.

A shoe worth filling...

After watching the video footage of this huge horse-shoe skywalk over the Grand Canyon my first reaction was when am I going to Las Vegas and let's make sure I have $75 dollars put aside for the view. Yes the fee for such an experience is a bit high but imagine that this would be something you or your kids will never forget. The total cost of this structure is said to be 30 million dollars. To make the money back from this would take at least 400,000 visits but after that number is met the proceeds will then go directly to the tribe located there. I have no problem with this project.


Find your special someone...

If you read my previous post you'll understand why I'm writing about this site. Although I met my wife before I knew about this site I strongly believe that everyone needs that special someone. JustSayHi.com offers in my opinion is the best or one of the best free dating services known on the internet. Sign-up and find out for yourself that even though you think there isn't someone out there for you that in fact there are hundreds. Click here for the speedy sign-up.

It's My Wife's Birthday!!!

Today I got to an early start - I got the coffee ready, fed the animals, let the dog out and woke up the girls so that they can get going to school. I first waited for my wife to do her morning ritual which involves a lot of reading both news and e-mails. just as soon as that was done I waited for her to get ready you know nice and dolled up. We then went to Cafe Marie in Maumee for a nice brunch. We had a nice and relaxing conversation of just about anything. We then proceeded to The Southwyck Mall where she got a nice hair cut/do. I on the other hand had to drop her off and head on over to Wixey Bakery on Glendale and pick up her delicious cake that was ready, and of course my lovely wife wanted something extra. She requested that I pick up some apricot filled cookies which I was more than honored to do. I made it back in time to watch the woman attending to my wife perform the final touches. My baby looks even sexier then before but that's beside the point. I asked her what I can make for dinner (my dinner menu isn't much to brag about) tonight and she wanted Stroganoff. I was a bit confused because although I've eaten before I did not know what was in it - yeah I know bad husband :( . So the two of us went to Krogers and grabbed what we needed to complete the creation. To make this a little shorter I did a good job and my wife is still breathing. We are now going to go shopping for a nice outfit for her. So I will talk to you guys later.



Tonight's meeting...

I will try to hold my confused anger from unleashing itself tonight but I can only hold back so much. This meeting is going to be interesting for most citizens. I want to see if in fact anyone will be excited enough to ask the tough questions and get answers. I also heard that Fred from WSPD will be stopping by as well.
Hope to see a lot of citizens there tonight.


Get your Coupon Book...

Coupon Chief is back on this blog to remind you the viewers that there are many other stores that have just the right discounts for you. This coupon would work great for my daughter who refuses to take directions when venturing out in unknown lands. The fact that her boyfriend's name isn't Tom shouldn't stop her from purchasing a GPS system by Tom Tom which would be a perfect match for her and her confusion and it will also upset her boyfriend whenever she asks Tom Tom where to go next instead of him.
I remember her saying that her man wanted a new Zenith Surround Sound System at Circuit City.com for his birthday which isn't too far away if my memory serves me right.
Now that you know what my dilemma is and will be, I think you should visit Coupon Chief and find what store would best fit your needs or you might find a new store totally different that would also work. Take your time there's over 1,000 coupons available from familiar stores like Target coupons, Kohl's special deals, Best Buy coupons etc..

I missed most of it...

I tried to stay home in order to watch more of the tournament but of course that did not happen. I took my daughter to the library so that she can check out some books on Tony Blair. I then had to go to the store to purchase some pet items and then head on home, by the time I got home most of the games were half way through. I then decided to work out an extra hour just kill the extra time. I am now going to surf the web and look for some work. I'll talk/see you guys later.

A place for my sister and cousin...

This post is aimed at both my sister as well as my cousin. Single Parenting isn't an easy thing, trust me I have seen these two basically pull each other's hair out trying to find that special someone. These two ladies need to get out more and experience what it feels to date outside of the normal crowd like clubs, campuses etc.. This site would help them find that special someone that can help them fill in that void. Now that I think about it my brother is looking for someone as well. I'll be sure to send him a link as well.


I have spent most of my day watching NCAA games both on tv and on my mac at CBS Sports. I am upset that Ohio made it through pass Xavier but then again they didn't come through with holding them back. Xavier could pulled an upset but that extra free throw did not fall in for them. Can't wait until tomorrow to see who makes it and who doesn't.


Saturday PhotoHunt - Drink...

Well I did have a few pics for this theme that could of been the norm, but I figured I should present something a little different. Imagine that you are in the woods enjoying a beautiful 80 degree day and you happen to come across a brook, with it being hot and the humidity is just rising you decide to take a drink. There's nothing like the taste and freshness of all natural spring water. Oh and did I forget to mention that during this imagination you are a deer. That's right a deer, why you ask - well that's because my entry for today is a shot taken at a low level that only a deer who would be drinking can see it or maybe an odd photographer like myself that has nothing better to do then take pictures of brooks at a very low angle.

Happy St. Patricks Day and as always

Happy Hunting


FXSol trading anyone?

This year has been an exciting one for me as well as a learning experience. A great site to benefit from this is from places like FX Solutions. If you are like me and trading is something that you wanted to do but were too afraid. or maybe if you're a more seasoned expert then do yourself a favor and look into their software, download it and see how it feels to have your fingers in the mix. They have a charting solution called FX AccuCharts and a trading platform called the Global Trading System Register now for a free practice trading account so you can see this for yourself. I downloaded the Global Trading System onto my daughter's pc because I didn't want to have it in my new MiniMac yet., and I found that it's not only user friendly but I can see where I will learn more and more than I did the past few months on the whole trading aspect and best of all I can do it without making any financial mistakes while using the practice trading account. I have not needed customer support but another advantage of FX Solutions is they have tech and customer support available 24/7, even for the novice accounts, now that's not something you will can find in very many places.

Okay now I'm pissed-off

I just looked over to my tv set and found that my youngest daughter likes a certain show that she has to absolutely watch right now. So I will begin my game watching as soon as she is done with her show.
Yes the TV that she is watching her show on is that damn good that I'm willing to wait.

The Don does it again...

Trump University Speaker Series, yes you read right - This is a seminar that previous winners will be speaking about their experiences during the show and what it felt like to be in the same room as the Don. I have seen the series for about three seasons now and I found that the one Sean Yazbeck was on where he had the idea to involve a bunch of electronics that intergrated with each other as well as having the prices with them to let the customers know what they were looking at as well as the value. I plan on being part of this endeavour.

Green is Good

It's Game Time!

I am going to sped the rest of my afternoon watching the rest of today's NCAA games. So If you notice that I'm not posting anyting recent other then the occasional paid post plese don't be mad at me.

I will try to post some more before I go to bed tonight.

Just Pick One...

I have never heard of a site like this until today. I have always wanted an inside look or some insurance leads that can help me save some money each month. I have read a few leads on their web site, read ,these and see for yourself how easy it can be. As of today they are running a special promotion on how to start and close great deals. I am coming to a close on my auto insurance this month, I think I should sign up and see what's out there that might be better than my current coverage. If you believe that you're paying too much and would like a heads up on what's being offered out there - then visit QuotesAuction.com now.

Also, they specialize in other inurance coverages like Health, Life, Renters even Disability.

Checking the scores...

Watching both the scores and highlights during lunch I found myself saying "Thank God I didn't participate in the office pool". The picks I had weren't all that good especially during the first round. I picked Duke and most of you already know - they didn't make it pass the first round. I hope that the remainder games left for the first round turn out the way I predicted. Until later for those of you who watch them have fun and don't get too drunk before Irish day.

Friday Feast One Hundred & Thirty Five

Name two things that made you smile this week.

My Wife and my kids.

Fill in the blank: Don't you hate it when ________?

You write something down so that you won't forget and yet you still forget anyways.

When you can't go to sleep, what is your personal remedy to help yourself drift into Lullabyland?

Two ways, one is by listening to my wife hard at work maintaining many class A blogs or two - putting an old movie in that would put me to sleep instantly.

Main Course
What is something about which you've always wondered but have not yet found a good answer?

Why politicians know what's the right thing to do but yet purposely ignore it and play stupid.

What is your favorite pasta dish?

Oh that's easy - tunafish.
Just kidding, the obvious answer for me would be lasagna.
Mmm Mmm tasty


Made in the USA...

I have never actually owned any patriotic posters. I'm pretty sure that an old poster of Sgt. Slaughter counts either. This site has an awesome collection of posters for sale. The one you see at the bottom of this text is one that I like. The shot could not of been taken any better, it captures the feeling of a nice warm day while listening to John Melloncamp and his hit "Little Pink Houses". Come on by and see for yourself what a great selection they have.

The following one would be my next selection.

Feeling a little stupid...

It figures that it being Thursday that I can watch my usual show (Survivor), well it turns out that not only was it not on tonight but it was on yesterday - and the most annoying thing is that I wrote it down on my calendar so that I wouldn't forget but me being me "I FORGOT".

I am going to calmly go upstairs and relax and maybe throw in a paid post before I go to bed.



Save your money...

I currently have a savings account that does not have a high percentage rate, so I would have to agree that I need to do some shopping around for a better deal. I have visited this site and I can see myself easily scrolling through the many options that are available for those of us who want a little bit more of a return. Compare online banking, find a savings account or checking account and earn more interest today with SavingsAccounts.com. Check your current banking benefits and if it doesn't come close to what you see on the site then maybe you should go shopping as well.

Lost on Lost...

I just got done watching Lost on abc and I found that here I thought that Jack was still being held captive - but then during the final few scenes it turns out that Jack is having a good time playing catch with one of them. Well I can't wait until the next episode just to see what the explanation will be.

Stack'em up...

A credit card can be a nightmare to most average citizens, but if you know how to manage them and make sure to pay a little more then what your statement requires then you'll be in good shape. I myself don't have one because of bad experiences that I have encountered, balance transfers on my previous card took longer than a week to register on my account. I used to switch cards when ever I saw that another carrier had a lower percentage rate. Well the last time I did this it cost me a few late charges at one of my local utility business. I may compare credit cards with this site and see what they have to offer that might help me out. I do know that they offer 0% credit cards for those who apply today. I am going to take some time and do some homework on them before getting the added help.

It doesn't add up...

I went to bed last night around 11:00pm and started to think about what city council voted on the other day. The City of Toledo is planning on placing 6 ambulances by the first week of July. The plan according to the city is to make a profit of at least $600,000 by years end.
My question is, Will that profit be high enough to out weigh the added total amount of jobs lost and the income tax coming in from those lost jobs? Will it be higher than the tax that is coming in from those private businesses that might be relocating because of this action?
All I know is that when the year is up I want a complete detailed report showing the advantages of this switch as well as a detailed report showing the down fall of other businesses if there are any left by then.


Need some help?

Website Promotion is what he does and he's looking for anyone who happens to need some help in the world of Blogging or Webmastering. His name is Sergey Rusak who lives in Boston, MA. I have been able to keep my site up by joining a site that is run by a good friend of mine "TNChick". She runs a site that each Saturday a theme is selected and all you have to do is take a picture that would best relate to that theme. I have been doing this for about a month now and my traffic has climbed to a higher number then before. The gentleman you see below is the owner and operator of Manhattan Service.

I am out of work and enjoying the weather...

It is now 70 degrees here in Toledo, I plan on visiting one of the local parks and go for a nice walk and enjoy the afternoon. So for those of you sitting at home reading this and you happen to live in Toledo and you are planning on going to a park as well - I'll see you there.


What are you hiding?

The mere mention of spy software loaded on computers just frightens kids. They quickly jump to say "Don't you trust me?" - and the parents would look at each other and say ok never mind. In my household we are looking at putting a spy software package on all of the computers, we have had certain individuals "my kids" that visit odd sites and manage to download something and then quickly forget what and where they were before it happened. With the spy software at least you can get an idea where they went to that caused your computer to go techno. eBlaster has a few packages that can help almost anyone who are having the same problems I'm having.
Here are just a few;

eBlaster 5.0 for Windows

Spector Pro 6.0 for Windows

Spector CNE for Windows Networks

It's warming up out there...

I had two coworkers show up on the motorcycles smiling as wide as possible. They can't wait for it to get a little warmer so that they can ride more often. I thought about owning a bike once but i don't really have a place to park it where I live well that and the fact that I can't afford and extra payment right now.

Enjoy the day for those of you at home.


What color would you like?

Rainbow flip flops are at some point needed but to my 18 year old daughter these things are the corner stone of a complete outfit. She has a few pairs of sandals but they look nothing like the ones seen here. If she found out about this site I would be completely done for. So between you, me and the entire world let's keep this site a secret and hope that she doesn't find out. As for me I think I found a nice pair for myself.

Day 11...

It's day eleven and it seems that I have accompished the fact that I'm not eating as much like I used to. I feel better mentally but physically I don't look any different. It's too bad weight doesn't come off as easy at it does on. Well I'm going to keep at it and hopefully before my birhday in May comes I'll be at least a few pounds lighter. Wish me luck...


Quit Molding around...

I have never thought that by having a simple mold testing done to your home that it could actually save your life. I have just read a few stories about black mold killing young kids if it goes undetected and not removed. If your in the New Jersey area please contact these fine people at New Jersey Mold Company to see if they can perform some testing in your home or even send you some info on how to prevent molds.
If you have any family memebers living in your home you may want to read this.
Take the next step in preventing any illnesses.

'World's most valuable car' fails to sell

I blogged about this last month as being a bit too expensive for any buyer. Well it turns out that the story that came with the car wasn't entirely true. Head on over to CNN and read for yourself what the details were as to it's failure.

Have you seen my shades?

Sunglasses is the name I used to call them but I kind of stuck with what Blade the vampire action hero uses "Shades". The weather here in Toledo, Ohio is getting warmer and you know what that means, no not flip flops - more sunlight and definitely better shades to go with it. The photo you see to the right are my old ones and I plan on buying new ones, and from what I've read at Optics Planet's site it looks like I'm going to save a whole lot of money on a new pair. They also carry a huge a selection of binoculars at a reasonable low price. I don't know how many of my readers are hunters or even hickers for that matter, but a nice pair of binoculars would be a great addition to your hicking gear. Speaking of gear I also noticed that their selection and prices of telescopes are really good, so I guess my niece will get a new telescope for her birthday next month. Stop over and check them out; and if you were wondering if they have digital binoculars then the answer would be YES.

Will 300 pass 300?

I just heard that the gory Frank Miller novel rendition of 300 had a huge hit this weekend, something like $70 million just this weekend alone. I guess it hit a record high, from what I heard from my friends this movie was your typical guy flik. I can tell you this, come this weekend I will be adding an additional $9.50 to that total.



Just One and Only One...

I do not have a mortgage just yet because I'm renting at the moment, but like most Americans I do have a huge debt that I'm paying off slowly. This might seem like a quick scheme to most of you reading this but I spent some time on their site going through the various documents. I've read their policies and requirements most of them are pretty reasonable. The benefits offered are something worth looking at especially knowing that you can spend your money as you wish. If you were to ask me if I liked the site and company I would answer "Great company and a very well layed out site and very user friendly", but if you were to ask me what don't you like, I would have to say "It's too bad that they don't operate here in the U.S.. Yes the great deals and benefits are for UK residents only, I hope that this post generates enough buzz that the company decides to locate a branch here. I would be one of the first to look into borrowing money to reduce my current fees and get that Ranch home my wife wants. Give them a look and send some requests about opening a branch here in the U.S..


PhotoHunt Saturday...

I had a tough time selecting what image to use for today's hunt. I have a huge collection of images that deal specifically with architecture. The image you see above was taken last year at one the churches in West Toledo. I saw them from my car when I was on my way to the dentist's office and I knew that I had to go back and capture them after my appointment.
Enjoy and Happy Hunting to you all.

Come and join the fun if you aren't already!


Do Christians date?

Of Course We Do!
Christian Dating sites are out there and waiting for you to come over an meet some good people. Well let me save you some time, energy and trouble. Chrisitan Lifestyle's site is 100% free and gives you complete access to email other users. Other sites charge a large fee for hardly any benefits. Their form for joining is really easy to fill out and again it's free. They even offer the added security code that keeps robots/spammers from creating a profile and then keeping it empty, this keeps you from clicking on an individual's profile that you think would be great person to meet but then you find yourself looking at an empty file. There's nothing more upsetting then finding a good match and find out that that isn't even a real person. Give then a try and see for yourself what I'm talking about.


A Tribute to the Man...


Get your Greek on...

Greek shirts might be something my daughter might wear but she is into hoodies but I'm sure she will still buy as many as possible or should I say I will. Her fraternity is call Theta Tau which is here in Toledo, Ohio. They were just in a Rube Goldberg contest a few weeks ago and came in second. They would of looked a little bit more stylish if they were wearing some new shirts from Greek T-Shirts.com. I have passed this information on to my daughter and she was excited and couldn't wait to check them out and see what deals were available. Stop on by and see for yourself, and if your not a member of either groups then maybe you can plan a costume party heck even closer to Halloween and make it a fun event.

Just when you thought it was over...

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Parents of an alleged teenage bank robbing duo said on national television this week they couldn't comprehend how their daughters could have, as police and surveillance tape suggest, giggled behind fashionable sunglasses as they robbed a Bank of America branch last week.

I don't know about you guys but it was pretty easy to explain the girls behavior at the bank. They knew it was an inside job and could help it that it might be that easy to attempt it and probably get away with it...

Seems like the parents aren't too bright either.


A Total Recall...

Bausch & Lomb has recalled over 1 million bottles of its' product ReNu MultiPlus contact lens solution yesterday 03/06/2007. There hasn't been any reports on the adverse effects from the trace iron contaminant that may reduce effectiveness over some time. I have check my daughter's supply and found that she does not have the product that is being recalled. The ReNu Contact Lens Solution Recall will be going on for as long as it takes, their main priority is to get as many of them back and replacements will be sent out. Visit the site provided to find out more details.

Biltmore Estate...

The image that you see above is one that I hope to see sometime this year with my family. I have been receiving e-mails from them asking to take advantage of their March package rates that I truely believe are a great deal. If any of you who visit here please click here to view and explore what they have to offer you, especially if you are into historic landmarks.

My kind of chips...

Thank you E-Pokerchips, finally I have found a site where I can get myself some Michigan 'GOBlue' chips. That way I can roll in on Poker Night and show off my new and very awesome chips. Don't waste time reading this and hurry on over get your own personalized poker chips today. Actually I should get some that look like my wife's team as well (Ohio State) which could make things a little interesting on Thursday nights

Only Time Will Tell...

Just watched the after math of an Indonesian airplane missing the runway and crashing leaving a huge cloud of smoke as well as number of news agencies and local authorities wondering what happened. The video does show some of the planes's outer components and they are speculating that there are passangers still trapped inside. Like the title says - only time will tell on what happened during landing.

Let's go camping...

Popup Campers are something to look at especially now a days. My wife and I have been looking at RVs the past few months and I have yet to find something that fits my family as well as my family's budget. Camping Earth is a new site that will make searching for an RV easier for you and anyone looking. I remember my first camping trip here in Ohio over at one of the KOA camp grounds. We had a nice size tent but I was envious of the RVs that were there as well as the nice looking Pop-ups. Come on by and visit Camping Earth and experience for yourself what it is to find everything your looking and need to know in one website.

Another hero rises...

CNN's Jennifer Eccleston has an exclusive report on an Iraqi who lost his life while saving others. The man known to all his family and friends has lost his life doing what he knew was for the better of his country. My heart goes out his family and my thanks go out to him for his courage and his protection.


Where's the Phone?

Cingular / AT&T - These two giants are now ONE. I am going to enjoy the service even more now seeing that these two companies have joined together to bring me and my family a better service, from phone line assistance to adding a line at the house when needed. I have caught wind of the new iPhone by Apple, Let me be the first one to let you know that this phone will be my next purchase that is produced by Apple. My last phone was an LG and the coverage I had was through Alltel, let's just say that I haven't had a cell phone for about a year and a half. I currently own an iPod and I do my internet surfing and blogging using my new mini mac (small version of the apple mac). These two products have been nothing but wonderful for me. I have read many articles mentioning the iPhone as being done too early and that it's probably going to fail. Some even have said that it's too early to be announcing who the provider will be. I think that AT&T along with Cingular will be more than ready for the Apple family when the time comes. Now back to the iPhone, I mentioned that I have a mac and the front page that loads when going online presents the new iPhone and some of its' features. I fell in love right away. The user friendlyness of the iPhone is just awesome. I mean look at the phone and tell me it doesn't look sweet. I know that AT&T has been around for a long time and Cingular is pretty new to the game but I think they should have a name that can describe them both to what they really are a "Vision". A name like "Vision" not only sounds great but it has that added meaning, the iPhone along with the other cell phone selections that these two carry and support are all appealing. All I know is that June is not that far away and my money is already set aside for the new phone.

A complete invasion...

It's bad enough that my wife and I love these little characters as a snack but when her and I want to take pictures of the stuffed ones and post it online that's when people will call us crazy. So from this crazy to the next, enjoy the picture and let me know what you think.

Click here for the surprise...

My Office List...

Office Furniture London or in this case Office Furniture Express has a huge selection of furniture that will make my office look pretty pathetic. If my desk looked like this, I would probably enjoy going to work a whole lot more. The extra space that it alows you to have is perfect. I currently have a semi-leather chair now but when viewing this one, I may not be able to get much work done. Their prices are on a fair scale. If you find yourself wanting more than the usual desk and chair like O.F.E. offers many financing arrangements that would fit your needs. Come and take a look at there selections.

It's sweep time baby...

March madness is in the air and this weekend is the start of it all. Half of my co-workers are talking about Wisconsin while the other half says Florida. I simply think U-Conn will end up with it this year. It's been awhile since the mens and the womens teams won the title. I may be alone on this one but then again I usually am alone on my pics. So for all you march madness freaks out there pick them but pick them wisely...



Security is everything...

Secured online loans may sound very unsecure, but rest assured that they do offer a very secure system and service. Bad Credit is something that will haunt me forever, even though I am caught up on those annoying bills. I started out at an early age thinking that credit cards will buy me anything and that all I had to do was pay the minimum fee each month which as you all well know it takes FOREVER to pay off.
Sorry about that - just a little something that I don't want to remember. If your situation deals with the fact that you have bad credit the don't hesitate and click above to see how easy it is to get back on your feet and truely get what you deserve.

Sick Twisted Freak: The Glenn Beck Podcast

I have to say that after watching the podcast of Glenn Beck's "Sick Twisted Freak" involving the accidental placement of products throughout our normal everyday shows has had me looking a little harder for the placements. I just watched Heroes tonight and I thought I saw a bottle of Elmers' Glue in Mikah's bedroom. I think Glenn is on to something, with having the Tivo ready at hand to skip commercials - the marketplace is trying other methods. Just keep an eye out for the products that appear on your favorite show, and if you see one - buy the opposite of what the product was - e.g. if Coke comes up then you go and buy Faygo instead. Got it.

Good Luck.

Got Vonage? If so try VoIP now and save a month's service...

Vonage seems to be the new thing going around. I have seen the commercials for it and I have to admit they do seem to get the laughter out of you. I have visited the site and found that Vonage offers a coupon for a free month of service when signing up under their $24.99 a month plan. I currently have a plan that is "supposedly" saving me money each month but it seems to go up a liitle more each month. I am going to talk to the wife about switching (she makes the decisions after all :) ) to Vonage and hopefully save a lot more than what I'm saving now. Give them a look and find out for yourselves what savings they can bring to you.


Glenn Beck Program...

I'm not sure how many of you here are into politics but if you are into politics and like to hear them in a unique and yet humorous manner, then I suggest you visit Glenn Beck's site and do some reading on this guy. I live in Toledo Ohio and I listen every weekday from 9 am - 12 pm. Although some other radio and television hosts find him a bit out there on some of the issues I find his program a little more educational than the drive-by media. Check your local listings on the radio or watch the program on CNN at 7pm and at 9pm Monday thru Friday.

Italian Anyone?

I have been discussing with my wife about one day when we have the money to visit other countries. My wife wants to see one of her favorite pictures of Psyche in France at a museum by the name of Chateau de Versailles. I want to hopefully travel and see the city of Sicily in Italy. Watching the Godfather repeatedly I found myself wanting to see the city as well as the country side for years. We have discussed buying some land here in Ohio somewhere near Springfield. If we had the money we would be more than happy to buy property in Italy and move there instead, but until then I guess we'll just have to dream for the day to come.


My Prayers to the ones left behind...

My heart goes out to the families of the people lost in the bus accident. It felt good knowing that the teammates decided to help those in greater need before seeking help themselves. I feel very proud of those young men for assisting the wounded first, I also would like to thank A.J. for his remarks towards his teammates families. I will be praying for you all...

What I've made so far...

This post is dedicated to what I have made so far in blog marketing. I have been doing this for about three weeks now and I've managed to get 13 posts on review, I only have one that was accepted that would pay me $7.75 in a few weeks. I have seen many other blogs that are part of the PayPerPost family that are bringing in thousands of dollars. I started doing this so that I can pay back my wife for the two month struggle that I put her through when I bought a 2006 Chevy Cobalt without discussing it with her. Although I did it for a good reason (click here for reason) it was still wrong. She is a great woman all around and I love her very much. I have also made money and then donated the earnings to the American Red Cross. I plan on donating at least one of my ops to charity at least once a week. A healthy lifestyle is what I'm tryin to follow and keep and if I can help someone else other that myself by just posting something that interests me then how can I say no. I hope to be paid off with my wife in the next month or so, after that I plan on making more money and ignoring the total for about three months and then plan a vacation and use whatever money is collected on the trip. Come and join the fun and make some money while doing just that.

A follow up on previous news...

I had an entry on the 28th of February regarding two idiots robbing a bank with nothing more than sunglasses. Well I'm here to say that they have been caught and are now being processed.
Nice job on the capture, well not that it wasn't that hard to identify.

Photo Hunt #47 - Salty

I know that most of the participants for today's hunt will probably have something like this but I figured I should give it a try anyway. The photo that I chose for today was taken in November at a beach called Ocean Beach in Connecticut. I had gone there to visit my mom and family for thanksgiving, and since I had some time on my hands I figured I can fill it with taking pictures of the beach that I went to as a kid. Although most people didn't smell it I sure did - the air was filled with that salty smell of the ocean.

click on image for larger size.

If you are here visiting and want to join on the weekly hunt then visit TNChick today.


Vacationing in Florida?

Vacationing in Florida can be hard at times, but most of that problem originates from the over crowded hotels and villas. Most florida vacation rentals can cost you way more than the actual trip itself. We are currently planning a trip to Florida to revisit the theme parks. On our last trip we experienced one too many delays at our hotel and at the nearest beaches were crowded with people. Visit VLBO and see for yourself the many available townhouses. Here I'll make it a little easier for you. The following image is one of the townhouses that my wife and I are thinking about renting.

Stop the continuos planning that will only lead you to the same end results. If your going to vacation in florida then please visit VLBO today and see what location will best fit your needs.

Open Pandora and experience the sounds...

If you ever find yourself tired of listening to the same ol' cd over and over again, then I suggest you make a point to visit Pandora. The site was created to bring together a huge compilation of songs that fall under the same category. Click here to check them out.

Review My Post - No Seriously

Here's another way you can get paid to blog. I know that there are still a few of you out there who still doubt this method of work but believe me I've been doing it now for a bit and it feels great to get paid for something that I was doing for free. Visit PayPerPost.com and sign up, you will see the difference in how you blog and you will also see a larger traffic on your site as well. PPP has just added a new service that enables you the viewer to Review what me or someone else has posted well that and get paid for it as well. This program is aimed at interested bloggers as well as non-interested bloggers that don't really care for sponsored posts. I mean honestly if you want to continue to post similar articles or products for free then be my guest, but if you decide otherwise then you might become quite the money maker; especially from the comfort of your own home. This new program will leave you wondering what took you so long in finding out that even though money does not grow on trees but they do grow through out the internet.

Not the way to go...

Watching the video news today on CNN I came across one of a young man who had things lined up just right for his future end up dead because he apparently took someone elses parking spot. I tell you what - this country can be a great country but those few jerk-offs that do stupid things like that really make it hard for the other ones to succeed. How good of a spot was it that made that young man think that spending 2 life sentences was worth it.
If you ask me and that's if you ask, I believe an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth. In jail for killing someone then that individual's life will be taken as well.

A Health Site just for me...

Tips on losing weight can always make things a little easier, especially if you haven't done it before. I myself have started to control what I eat as well as what I drink. I used to drink the equivalent of 1 1/2 two liter bottles of soda each day. I have stopped drinking soda entirely, yeah I got a headache the following day because my body was used to the caffeine but I delt with it and now I can manage not having a single drop. I've visited a few health sites in the past but to me it seems that this one contains some interesting articles as well as understandable tips on how to start, follow and complete a weight loss endeavor. Pay them a visit, read the many articles and see for yourself what I'm talking about. As for me I'm going to read some more of this "How to maintain a health heart" article.

Day five and feeling a little better...

I have decided to take up excercise and eating less fatty foods to see if I can drop a few pounds before my birthday, May 2nd. My current weight is 289 lbs, my goal is to get to my original size when I first moved here back in 99 and only weighing 265 lbs.. I've stopped drinking soda for about two weeks now and exchanged it for vitamin water, water and the ccasional V8 splash. I will try to keep a weekly post regarding my weight so that at least I can see what my progress would be.