Getting ready...

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New Rules - Are they needed or not?

The following came in from the NFL and brought to you by UPI -

NEW ORLEANS (UPI) -- NFL owners meeting in New Orleans Tuesday enacted several rule changes, including moving kickoffs from the 30- to the 35-yard line.

Players on the kicking team will only be allowed a 5-yard running start, instead of 15 yards.

However, the owners declined a recommendation by the league's competition committee to move touchbacks from the 20-yard line to the 25.

In another change, the booth official will now confirm all questionable scoring plays. Coaches will still be allowed two challenges per game, gaining a third if they are correct their first two.

The owners also acted to end confusion on penalties for dead ball fouls. The end of a half will not be extended for those infractions.

The league decreed all playing surfaces must remain grass-colored.

Copyright 2011 by United Press International

I can already see that the idea of giving the kicking team only five yards to run will cause a few penalties due to passing the kick-off line with it being closer than before.

I can safely assume a lot of touch-backs will be the end result based on the added five yards. The league denied the addition of five yards to the touch-back from the 20- to the 25- yard line. I can see why they kept it at the original 20. The last thing the opposing team needs is an added advantage to driving the ball to the end zone.

I will also have to agree that the field should remain green and not any other color. It was green when it all started so it should remain green from now on.

Leave me a comment on what you think about the rule changes.


Shop smart...

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