Still looking...

Hey folks, I'm still in the search of a good show to watch. If you guys have any ideas please let me know so I can get back to work on watching and giving my report on the show. I am still doing great with the weight loss routine. My wife is starting to notice my bigger arms and chest as well as my shoulders. Let me know what shows you watch so I can check them out. See you guys later.



What's up folks. I just wanted to post a little update on my weight loss progress. Well so far so good. I have found myself lasting longer during my workout and not wanting to stop for a quick break where it ends up stopping the workout completely. I got done watching Breaking Bad yesterday and from the end of season four it looks like Walt is in the clear for now, Gustavo unfortunately faced a horrible death - (pun intended). Not sure what show I would dedicate my time to but I will let you guys know what it will be in the near future. Until then take care and see you then.


I'm Back!

Sorry for the long long disappearance. Between not feeling well and vacation I was gone for quite a bit. Well it looks like a few things happened while I was gone. First I would like to congratulate the Detroit Tigers in making it into the World Series by shutting out the ever popular New York Yankees 4-0. I did watch the second debate between the presidential hopefuls. I would have to say that Mitt Romney won it by a slim margin. President Obama did look a lot more into it this time. My 49ers took a loss to the Giants but that's ok because tomorrow will be a good day. I am back and I hope to keep things rolling. Take care folks.




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Supernatural Season 7 done...

Well I just got done watching the final episode of season 7 of Supernatural. The whole thing is still looking awesome. Watched every episode looking forward to the next. Cass was presumed dead but it turned out he just got "cleansed". Bobby does die in this season but he hangs around for a few episodes as a ghost. Dean had a flask that belonged to Bobby so he was able to follow Dean where ever he went with the flask. Bobby eventually was sent to a better place by burning the flask by the brothers. If you have no clue what the heck I'm talking about then please check it out on Netflix. You won't regret it.

What can I say...

Well, from what I saw today it looks like the Niners are here to kick some ass. This group of guys are so synchronized it's scary. When Smith threw for a season-high 303 yards and three touchdowns and Frank Gore ran for 106 yards and a score you know the recipe is good and the cooking is under way - If you can smell where I'm coming from. The chemistry is great, the staff is great and the support is definitely there. Congrats to you all for getting an excellent win over the Bills. Up next, the Giants - let's welcome them and hand them a loss in a very classy manner.



So Simple...

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Breaking Bad

I just started watching this series on Netflix and I have to say, so far so good. I know most of you might be on the new season and stuff but I've been watching other shows. This one popped up and since a lot of my friends are talking about it so I figured I should check it out as well. The first episode went well, trying to figure out the characters and the motive. I will be checking in with remarks on the show. cya

A good day...

Today (so far) has been a really good one. I took my wife out to Steak N Shake for breakfast this morning. The time spent with her was amazing. There's nothing like spending some quality time with the one you love. We try to go out once a week to kinda unwind from the week's load of work and stress. Not sure how many of you reading this take the time to spend it with loved ones but please take a moment and look into their eyes and remind them that you love them very much. We share moments like this often - some call us weird but it's those moments that people need to obtain and hold on to. :)


Follow Up....

Wednesday night's Presidential Debate was definitely an event I'm glad I did not miss. I for one enjoyed watching Obama squirm while Romney kept throwing facts and figures at him. The both did a great job but I have to hand the debate win to Romney. He kept his composure and presented a firm respect for the president while handing him a can of whoop-ass. Next week's debate between the Vice President and nominee will be one I would much rather watch in its' entirety. I know for a fact Biden will find it within him to just be him and completely screw it up. Of course I'll post something after the event.


Why Wait.......

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One of many...

Ok, sorry for the blank day there. I was catching up with work and stuff around the house. Well it looks like tonight is the first Presidential Debate on FOX. How many of you here will be tuned in to watch and see how it turns out?.......................................
Ok not sure if you guys might but I wanted to let you guys know that I will be watching part of it to see where they stand on our still increasing unemployment figures. Some of you might find this boring and choose to watch something else. The beauty of that is that you have the freedom to do so. :)
I will chime in some more tonight - going to do some quick reading on the ins and outs for today's news.


An Excellent Game!

WOW! Why is it that when the boys come out to kick some butt I am unable to watch the game? I was kinda watching online. I was on the ESPN "Play by Play" section and it was pretty darn cool to see it happen but of course nothing beats watching it unfold on TV. Congrats Niners on handing a nice beat-down on those green turds. Next stop - Buffalo. Get ready Bills because from what I'm seeing it looks like trouble is heading your way. Great Game guys can't wait until the next game.


Almost forgot...

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Bring it on Jets...

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
Can't wait to see my boys kick some butt. The Viking game was a close and good game but my thirst for beating the Jets has been growing more and more each day since the loss on Sunday. Let's see what the boys bring when the Niners hit the field. Regardless on the outcome I know it's going to be an awesome game. I will post a nice follow up after the game win or lose. See ya


Saving same Benjamins...

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Getting caught...

When the TSA first became a household name I knew something good will come from this group as well as something bad. Well, they have caught a few individuals with "items" that might be harmful to others over the years and for that I thank them. Then all it takes is for one knuckle-head like the guy below to give the rest of the workers a really bad name. Everyone knows that most Americans/passengers only remember the negative experiences in the airport or on the plane. They never mention the great flight they had or the great service at the gate - all you get from them when asked is "It was ok". That's it. Now of course those who watch the video will imprint the thought that ALL TSA agents are thieves. Sad folks, it's really sad.



Looking forward...

As most of you already know the true Referees have come back. This weekend will be an interesting one considering the games at hand in the NFL. I will post more tomorrow see you guys then.

Well I didn't get to watch last night's game between the Browns and Ravens but from what I heard the refs got a nice welcome back by the crowd. Check this out - even the ESPN commentators where happy to have the officials back.



I need the news...

I would like to take a moment to discuss some stuff with you folks. I read about 75% of the news that flows through the various media outlets each day. I don't spend much time in front of the television to watch what's going on. My main source of information is through the internet. I try to keep an eye out for new developments in the tech world. Science and Technology News 2012 info at Scitechdaily.com is a great spot to check out. I have spent about an hour so far and I haven't even read half the stuff there. A lot of info for everyone to check out if you're into the Geek Alerts kind of news. I'm currently reading a nice article on Bypass Surgery and it's many benefits. Please check it out on your free time and see what I'm talking about. Oh, before I forget. If you're a shopper like me that is always looking for an excellent deal on gifts and such then let me give you a heads up. Scitechdaily.com has a nice collection of discount coupon code links on the lower left side of the site. Scroll through them and find something that might be on your mind like for instance, a ProFlowers coupon code would work great for my upcoming anniversary. Read as many articles as your time allows and if you want - add them to your favs so you can come back any time. Have fun.

Simply WOW

WOW. That alone isn't enough after watching last night's game. The last call was so wrong that I'm surprised the Ref hasn't been removed from society due to fear of harm by fans. The call was so off that I had to share an image I saw on Facebook this morning. Check out the article linked "here" and read up on what happened. Get it together Refs! Roman


Still at it...

A late entry for the day but I had to make sure something went up today. I'm still heading forward with the workout routine. Sore but it feels good. Weird, a good sore being welcomed hmm. It was sad to see my 49ers lose this past Sunday but it looked like a few other folks had a bad Sunday as well (I won't say any names - but you know who you are). Kinda busy at work today, I wasn't able to post something at lunch time but I will try to put something up tomorrow. Good night folks. Roman


Not a bad episode. Kinda freaked out when Cass was running things as "God" but after he came to his senses (not willingly) he has returned to his normal state. Can't wait until the next episode but right now it's time to shoot some nubs in Combat Arms. Check you guys out later.
Well looks like my show "Supernatural" has uploaded their 7th season on Netflix so now I must watch those thoroughly. I'm still continuing the work out routine and I have to be honest, it feels a bit sore everywhere but I know it's working. I'll touch back after I get done watching the episode of Season 7. See ya Roman


Well, It's been a few months since my last post. I want to first and foremost say that my leg is much better then before. I am currently increasing my workout routine to the point where I am working out at work during lunch break. I am currently following a guy by the name of Mike Chang (on YouTube). He has an awesome collection of videos that can help you get back in shape or for others to stay in shape. I have only done this for about a week now but I do feel a heck of a lot better. I will try to keep things flowing here on a daily basis with day to day issues my transformation and whatever pops into my head that needs to be addressed. See you guys later. Roman


Great days

Took a few days off to recoup my leg. Had myself looked at by the doc on Monday afternoon because my leg had these weird red rash looking thing and it was sensitive to the touch. Turned out to be Cellulitis, I have been trying to take my meds and keep the leg elevated but with the nice warm weather that's been passing through, it's hard not to go out and go for a nice walk. I get to go back to see the doc today to where I stand (no pun intended) as well as get a quick physical done. I am strongly looking for some ideas from the man because no matter what I try I just can't shake off these extra pounds. I will post my check-up results tomorrow. Talk to you guys then.



Focus people...

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Getting better and better...

Wow, This show has definitely caught my full attention. Got done watching the first season and I'm on episode three of the second season and trust me when I say that it just keeps getting better and better. If you have Netflix please search this show and give it a try, you won't regret it. Leave me a few comments telling me what you think of it.



Almost missed it...

I can't believe I almost missed viewing the lovely ladies of this years Sports Illustrated Swinsuit 2012. In case some of you don't know, I follow this each year for more then one reason - ok maybe one reason is all I need. These lovely ladies are awesome behind the scenes as well as on. My favorite IMO is Kate Upton. Trust me when I say this. If you're into this annual event please feel free to visit SI.com for more details and of course photos and videos.



It always feels good to know that people out there understand the situation that our homeless people have and instead of walking by dropping change they actually take the time to talk to these folks and help them in whatever ways they can. Here in Toledo, OH we have an annual weekend event call "Tent City". This group of wonderful people (1Matters.org) get together months in advance to orchestrate an excellent event. Hats off to this fine group and to Mr. Frank McKinney for his continued help in making sure the homeless get back on their feet.

Here is a video done by our own Crystal Bowersox on the special event.

If you're in the area check it out - you will love the event.



I'm not sure how many of you are signed up with Netflix. If you're not then you must - if you are please take a moment to search a series called Supernatural. I saw the "thumbnail" of the show with the pop-up tab describing the show and at first it didn't look like much of a show but I clicked on it and let me tell you, it was definitely a good thing I did. The show has a few moments where you can relate to their lives and of course a little humor properly placed does well for a show. The image you see was a screenshot I took while watching the show. Please search this show and give it a try.

A good change of course...

Came across this story earlier today and I thought it deserved an "I'm Sorry What?" posting. Watch the video below and let me know what you think.

IMO, some thing like this could help many cities other then New York. For example, here in Toledo, OH we have a few empty buildings in the downtown area. So a project like this would be nice to have on the roof top. You can almost have it and if the building becomes a residential complex then you can probably have the residents pitch in a few days a month for a percentage off their monthly rent. It's an excellent idea and I hope we see more of these pop up in various cities.


The look IS Important...

We all know that today marks the first day of March and while some of you see it as just the 1st - others see today as one day down 19 to go before Spring starts. Now I'm not sure if you guys know this but Mother's Day and Father's Day are not that far away either. If you have parents like I do that always feed you that ever popular line of "Please, you don't need to get me anything - your love is all I need." I want you to do me a favor. This will involve some sneaky investigative techniques -
1. Make sure your parents aren't aware.
2. Look to see what their watches look like (appearance, age etc.)
3. Analyze the style that they currently have for future reference.

With all that set in place you can easily find a few Seiko watches that would put their old ones to shame. I'm giving you the heads up sooner then later so you can take advantage of the extremely low prices being presented. Visit the link and see for yourself the low cost of a great and finest. They offer a Free 2 Day option on shipping so if you choose to wait a few days before you decide you can rest assure that the package will be delivered to you no more then two days later. Check them out today!


Give it a try...

Just got done watching the two seasons of White Collar on Netflix. It took me about three weeks to watch all the episodes but I have to admit, it was not what I thought when I read the bio on the show. If you like nicely timed jokes and twists in story lines then give this a try and who knows you just might like it.