Knowing what you saw...

Winter is right around the corner and for those who know me you know what this means - that's right, nice bright white snow and me having trouble seeing when I'm driving. I am willing to continue to save my family money by purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses because the ones I have aren't strong enough for me. If I'm going to buy a pair I might as well get some that isn't going to hurt the wallet. The family and I have been pinching pennies in order to go on a nice vacation trip next year. We know that this Winter will be interesting enough so we are planning on visiting Puerto Rico next year around this time so that we can actually enjoy some warm air and avoid the bright white snow.
We have on our list for next Spring a nice large yard sale that can help me get my garage back to what it used to be and at the same time help my wife and kids reduce their clutter of "stuff". With a pair of eye glasses from Zennioptical I know that I can get a good quality set and not spend way too much. Check them out today and be sure to mention it to your friends and family because you know that there's a me in your world - don't deny it.

Bring the proof...

This next section is from UPI...
SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- Barry Bonds wants a U.S. judge in California to dismiss most of the charges he faces from the steroids scandal, the San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News reported.

The charges, all felonies, stem from his grand jury testimony in the probe of BALCO, the lab cited for steroids distribution in 2003.

Bonds, 44, became major league baseball's all-time home run leader when he hit his 762nd round-tripper in the 2007 season, but was not signed in 2008 by any team.

He has denied knowingly taking illegal performance-enhancing substances.

The newspaper reported six lawyers representing him said in a pretrial motion Wednesday that 10 of the 15 counts Bonds faces should be dismissed for a variety of reasons, including one claiming that some of the questions posed to Bonds in the grand jury session were "fundamentally ambiguous."

The lawyers argued before U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in San Francisco.

Bonds faces up to 30 months in prison if he is convicted.

I have stated many times on this blog as well as other sport and nonsport blogs that if the man is dirty then please present the proof that doesn't extend to just words from people that might not have too good of a reliable background.

The man is innocent until "proven" guilty not considered guilty or assumed guilty. Bring the proof to the light and let's see it otherwise shut the piehole and remove the charges.

Can't wait until next season

This season just ended for paintball gaming and tournaments with many of the team players wanting a new look that would bring their mood up just in time for next season. I tried to tell them that even though they did not make it to the tournament they weren't going to win hardly any of the matches before next years big match by simply looking cooler with Galco holsters. Knowing them they'll buy a bunch of these to later find out that they don't work for the guns they have now :) - What they should get is the black hat that can give them the added cover when in the woods especially Steve with his bright red hair. Check out the site and see if you can find something for your friends that might be in the paintballing world.

Good and not good...

Last nights game was fun to watch but at the same time it wasn't - most of you know that I'm a Bulls fan till the end. Most of you also know that I'm a big fan of King James as well - watching was a bit confusing because found myself yelling at the tv for Chicago to put a little more pressure on Cleveland and not allow the easy scores while cheering James on getting a nice shot off. If someone would of been listening they would of thought that I had either lost it mentally or just a nut sports fan that was undecided.
The following report is from UPI's site - a great break down - give it a read and if you have any comments on the game last night please feel free to leave me a note saying so.

CLEVELAND (UPI) -- LeBron James poured in 41 points Wednesday and Cleveland used a run late in the second quarter to knock off Chicago 107-93.

James made 13 of 23 shots from the field and 15 of 16 from the line while grabbing nine rebounds and handing out six assists. Both teams came into the game with 2-2 marks in the early going this season.

Delonte West added 16 for the Cavaliers and Zydrunas Ilgauskas had 15.

The Bulls were within four points with three minutes remaining in the first half, but Cleveland went on a 12-4 run that gave the Cavaliers a 57-45 advantage at the break. Chicago came no closer than seven points during the final two quarters.

Ben Gordon led Chicago with 31 points.