Sensitivity has a new home...

Good afternoon readers; I would like to get a few words off my chest that have been weighing me down for a while now. Recently I have encountered that this generation (Millennials) are a bit different than genXers. Millennials have developed a sense of being overly sensitive. They can not be criticized on what they do or how they do it. The appreciation factor is at an all time low with them. Most of them won't do something out of kindness or out of spontaneity. They would rather live a life of being asked to accomplish something that is warmhearted and or heart felt instead of seeing and feeling a need to fulfill a void in someone's life. Heck, the concept of volunteering for someone/something is seen as a sentence to purgatory where just an hour or two would seem like an eternity. Everything and anything can be done by them but it would have to be followed by a reward of sorts. I can't imagine what lives these youngsters will live but from what I have seen I can only guess a life of solitude with a hand out waiting for something to be placed in it. Now before I get any comments about the entire generation I want to make sure that this opinion falls upon some millennials and not all. roman


Coming back around...

I just read an article today that mentions Cedar Point (the best amusement park ever) has dedicated the 10th of September as a free day. Free day for? Free admission to first responders and the military. That right folks, Cedar Point has extended their appreciation for their patrons by allowing first responders, military and grandparents a free admission ticket on that day. Since Sept. 10th is National Grandparents Day they have included grandparents one free admission with a paid ticket or season pass holder. I think this gesture couldn't have come at a better time. With what we are facing in this nation something like this can and should be used as a means of keeping family and friends closer. Be Safe God Bless


Prime Time...

Well NFL lovers out there. It looks like Amazon Prime has signed a deal with the NFL Network to have all Thursday games streamed through A.Prime. So if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber you will have the added coverage of Thursday night games at your finger tips. I became an A.Prime subscriber this year in January. I have thus far seen some amazing movies as well as television series. At a one time cost of $99 for the year you can't really go wrong. I'm definitely looking forward to checking out some of the games online when the season starts. :)


Wow, are you serious...

This story through me for a loop. A pissed off one that is. After reading the article I found myself really disappointed in how the Pentagon is demanding a return on the bonuses given to the men and women who served our country. The idea of doing such a thing is beyond insanity. How many of you reading this post have asked yourself the following - (College loans are being erased/forgiven - why not this as well). I definitely thought of that the moment I read the first paragraph in the story. If the recruiters failed to distribute the funds properly then it should be identified and corrected if such an event like this were to ever occur once more. Check out the article here and let me know what your comments are below.




Tower to be awoken...

It is with great enthusiasm to mention that the downtown Fiberglass Tower will start its revival as soon as next week. According to the story it looks to be the top 11 floors to get the fresh look and turned into 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. I've lived here in Toledo for the past 17 years and I always wondered why that building sat there empty. My wife (a life long Toledoan) informed me of the many reasons why it was vacant. On one of our walks through downtown we stopped by the tower where on Thursdays many food trucks come out and park along N. St. Clair street adjacent to the tower. While eating our food I noticed that the parking garage also owned by the Eydes had what looks to be retail spaces. My wife informed me that at one point those used to to have businesses and people would visit. Now the article and news release does not mention if they will be refinishing the retail spaces but it would add a whole new factor to the area. Especially with Promedica already underway with their construction of their new headquarters. A few retail/restaurants would be promising for the 600+ employees coming into downtown to work for Promedica. Exciting times ahead - so looking forward to seeing this completed. M.R.


Ubering 08/13/2016...

Good afternoon everyone.

First and foremost the following happened at 1:00 am this morning. I was requested to pick up a gentleman by the name of Ben from an excellent restaurant here in Toledo by the name of Sakura. During the ride to his home in downtown Toledo we had shared what's appropriate for a co-workers/partner to discuss when not with the main contributor of the company present. We agreed on so many levels which led us to discuss the partnership of several businesses that are starting to sprout in downtown. There is an old building by name of "The Berdan Building" that is being renovated. Ben informed me that it will have 112 apartments and the first floor will be dedicated to retail and a restaurant. I for one think that would be excellent for any resident in the downtown area living in the building or not.

Here is what the building looked like right before they started the work. Berdan A

Here is the proposed look after the renovations. Berdan B

Even though the artist rendition looks great the building right now looks amazing. They are moving along quite quickly and seeing the way they work it should be done in no time at all. Ben and I had a great conversation during that ride. Driving for UBER is definitely an eye opener in meeting new people.

Have a safe weekend everyone. :)


Ubering 08/12/2016...

Good afternoon everyone, Well today would have to be one of those days that are one in a million. At some point yesterday a bird decided to leave it's unpleasant trails (poop) on the passenger side window and door. I saw it and told myself to clean it off the car at some point in the afternoon. Well this morning when I logged in to Uber I went out to my usual location (with WiFi) to await my first request. Well in about 1 minutes time the request came in and I was off to pick up Michael (rider's name). As I'm waiting at the stop light I glanced to my right and saw what I had forgotten to clean up the day before. I had this huge wave of embarrassment plow through me. There was no way that I was able to get that cleaned up and be on time to pick up my very first rider of the day. So I decided to think of a story for the poop being there without mentioning that I forgot to clean it up. After about a minute of processing it I decided to just say what really happened and let the chips fall where they may. Well, turns out that my first rider of the day Michael is blind. That's right folks - I was worried about the poop being all over my window and door and having to embrace the embarrassment for nothing. So with a big sigh I welcomed Michael and proceeded to take him to his destination. Rest assured that the moment I had the free time to get that hideous splat removed from my sight I was all over it. Needless to say I no longer have that poop problem any more, well until another bird decides to graffiti my ride once again.