Hulu buyout rumors: Why Apple, Yahoo, Google are interested - Jul. 22, 2011

Hulu buyout rumors: Why Apple, Yahoo, Google are interested - Jul. 22, 2011I love to use Hulu, especially when I am unable to catch last night's episode of Burn Notice or other popular shows. It definitely is a growing company and to see that it might sell to the right bid just strengthens that comment. Regardless to whom ends up being behind the Hulu wheel I can rest assure that they will do what they can to keep the fan base and increase it as well. Good Luck Hulu!


Bill O'Reilly: Video Center - Video Of The Day

Bill O'Reilly: Video Center - Video Of The Day Ok, the case is done the Jury has given their verdict. Casey Anthony walks away from the Jail facility. Those comments are not what I'm questioning, what I am questioning is why do the guards have what looks like MP5s or MP5 RAS weaponry when releasing Casey. Was her life in that much threat that they had to break out some some of the big guns. Was she sent threatening letters that upon release she will be killed? Heck who knows maybe this is the standard issued weaponry in that facility. If it is then you know something happened that they had to upgrade their arsenal. I'm just saying...


Let's give it a try...

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