In the captain's chair and kicking butt...

Back at work and things couldn't be any more hectic. I have a few orders to fill but nothing too extreme. Had about ten voice mails and 25 e-mails just waiting for replies. I seem to have a huge surge of energy today - everything that I thought would take me awhile to complete is only taking me mere minutes. I will try to post some more tonight when I get home - but right now I'm going to read some more of my wife's book "King of the Hobos". An excellent book thus far.


I'm back!!!

Just got back this morning around 6 from the trip to CT. Everything went well overthere, except for missing my wife and kids a lot. I made a point to see as many people as possible (family, friends, friend's friends etc). It was about three years since I last saw them so my memory was being refreshed with every face I saw. My sister's three daughters "my nieces" were completely adorable, especially Jasmine. The last time I saw her she was just a baby - so she had no idea who I was when I came in. That didn't last too long I'd say about ten minutes after seeing me she was pretty much comfortable with me. Talked with my mom and her doctor everything is on the up and up. Found myself coming home with more than I can handle. My mom decided that I needed "some" Goya products in my house so she gave me about 25 to 30 different products to bring with me. Now the cupboards are completely spilling out with groceries (not a bad thing though). Then she gave me about four pies of "arroz con dulce" that she made to bring as well. But wait there's more. She also made about 28 "pasteles" for me to bring as well. There's more - she also bought a complete bed outfit with two pillows that of course I had to bring with me well that and the fact that my mom said that it would be pointless for me to leave it in her house :). Now for my brother, He decided that since I'm in "his" town that I should dress accordingly. He presented me with two new hoodies and matching pants, a Boston Red Sox fitted hat and a reversible Nike knit hat. I'm sorry, I must go now - my pasteles are done warming up and then I'm going to finish spending some quality time with my Wife.



Well, today is the day...

It's 8:10am and I've got about 11 more hours to go before I head out to Connecticut to visit my mom and find out the details of her health. My brother and sister don't know what my mom's findings are due to the patient-doctor confidentiality. I on the otherhand was given the ok to find out what the details were, because this blog is a public forum, I am not going to write or discuss anything here that involves her info. All I can say is that I want to see her and I cannot wait another year to do that. I'm pretty sure my family in CT don't particularly care for a computer let alone the internet. So this blog will be quiet for about four days. So for those reading this blog I am sorry but I will be back and for those who just got here thank you and I will be back in four days.



My day was pretty bad until...

I found this video that had me completely laughing out loud in the warehouse. Enjoy watching it - oh and try not to laugh.



Not the average pen...

Now here's something that should of been invented a long time ago - especially when I was growing up and needed a little boost during my elementary blues.

This would make a great gift except that the tagged price is almost $100.00 for the pen - $124.00 w/charger. If the money was available I would buy it for my youngest who loves to play with new gadgets.


The Urilift...

Now this would be something that can be used in just about all of our major cities. I don't believe Toledo could benefit from this because we would need more people in downtown then what we currently have - actually this would work during Mud Hen games. There's nothing like keeping those fanatic men from going to the restroom and being back in a very short time. The video is a must see, they are truly trying to sell this product.

Interesting idea but it won't work...

After reading the following I found myself asking - "I wonder how long after suggesting this would Bush be hung out to dry?"

The new chairman of a US House of Representatives committee wants to reinstate the military draft.

New York Democrat Charles Rangel says his plan to have Americans sign up for a military draft after turning 18 would deter politicians from launching wars.

Rangel says the US President would never have invaded Iraq if the United States had a draft and members of Congress and the administration thought their kids would be placed in harm's way.

In 2003, Rangel proposed a measure covering people aged 18 to 26.

Yes I do understand where the chairman is coming from but still, Bush never said he would reinstate the draft but yet every Democrat under the sun used that line to further their agenda during the 04 elections which of course didn't hold any water. Now by using this "method" wouldn't this be a form of reverse psychology. Place the draft and there will be no more wars, or is this just a quick reach around to calm the current issue. If in-fact this does happen and many men and women get drafted would they be able to retract if anything is to happen here - tragically speaking?

Happy and not happy...

I'm happy because the outcome was not a total blowout.

Not happy because of the loss.

The game even though I did not watch the whole thing was very good. Browsing through the super highway last night I found a lot of die hard Ohio fans actually giving Michigan credit for a well played game. The local news had live feeds at nearby restaurants where the atmosphere was more of respect then taunting. I'm glad that the game was as close as it was - otherwise my Monday morning would not be so enjoyable.


Don't know the score...

Started to watch the game and I found myself to be too afraid to watch the rest of when Ohio was up by two touchdowns. I am going to try to peek one more time to see what's going on, but that will be it for the night.


Today's the day...

At 3:30pm eastern standard time the very well known rival between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines will commence. I of course will be backing-up Michigan all the way till the end. Yes I know that Michigan is seen as the underdog but that will not discourage me from watching. I found the image below yesterday after reading many blogs that mentioned Bo. When I looked at it at first I thought "Oh how adorable", but then I thought to myself - How many parents outhere start their kids' training early for the "Big Game"?

Whatever the outcome would be, this game will be one to remember.

Go Blue


A sad day for the family...

Today as you may all know Bo Schembechler has passed away today leaving many memories and loved ones that will always define him as an extraordinary human being.

Rest in Peace

Better luck next time...

Well - I'm here finally after a long day from hell. For starters last night was going pretty smooth except for the final question in the TenHunt.com contest. The question was, What action do enemies do when they quack? This was of course referencing an XBox game. Well after searching for about two minutes I gave up, well that and the fact that the hunt was already over. I did learned something from that experience - never think you know video games when clearly you have no clue. I was a strong gamer in the past but it's been about 2 1/2 years since then so I'm kind of fuzzy on the subject these days. Well I hope things work out better next week.


It's 23 minutes and counting remaining...

Well this will be my first attempt at trying an online scavenger hunt. I wish all of you who are participating good luck. I can sure use a new Xbox but then I'll have to buy games for it. Well they do include the receipt with the unit. Either way whether I win or lose it will still be an excellent experience.

Once again Good Luck to those participating.

Common sense should be a required skill...

After talking to my wife today she and I agree that some companies do not know what such a thing is or how it works. It seems that companies would inform you of cetain details but in actuality they are merely trying to get you suckered, (ie) Purchase a brand new PC from any retail store, go home install it enjoy it for about a week. You then notice that certain programs aren't cooperating with the OS (operating system). You've got yourself a new PC but are unable to run the basic programs. Well being the concerned consumer that you are you would call the manufacture's number to find a resolution to your problem. Well the first thing you get is the oh so familiar run-around on the automated voice prompts. After about an hour on hold you get someone that after trying to help you informs you that the model you bought has a few "bugs" in it and that a correction model was created to eliminate the problem. So you tell yourself sweet I just bought this one so I have at least a one year manufacturer's warranty. That's when the idiot on the phone adds that the warranty on that model is voided due to the fact that it's obsolete, but they'll be more that happy to issue a certificate that only covers for about a third of the supposed "New and Improved" PC. The answer to this whole bs experience is to
A) ask before buying if the product is capable of operating on its own after it leaves the store or
B) have the manufacturers keep all current known issues available to all of their vendors so that a bad one does not get sold before being removed from the shelf.

This happened to a co-worker of mine yesterday - let's just say he's still upset.

Added note:
This was bought as a package deal which those of you who have bought package deals before it usually has an extra detail that once opened it cannot be returned - kind of like the if you open a cd/dvd you can't return it.


How it's hard to be a conservative...

During lunch I went to the CNN site to view some news that are currently displayed for today, well after about two minutes of looking I came across a video detailing fraud in marriages.

CNN's Louise Schiavone reports on an immigration scam in which investigators uncovered fake marriages. (November 14)

This other site has a little more detail on this. VDARE.com

I recall about two years ago talking to my wife about one of the problems that this country has - "Illegals". Turns out that there are huge numbers out there that are married for merely the documentation aspect of it. Louise reports that this can and may be a haven for possible terrorists. I do not know how most of you feel about illegals entering the country - but I can easily tell you that if I were to retire today I would definitely find myself joining the Minute Men group.

hUMp Day is here and I'm sleepy...

Well this morning started out to be the usual one - feed the cats, feed the fish let the dog out for its' business and brew some delicious coffee for the Mrs.. One thing that was not normal was the police chase this morning on Wayne Trail. Boy I tell you what the guy trying to get away should of chosen a better vehicle then an old Chrysler K car. When I saw was this beater of a car speed right by me doing at least 70 I told myself "Boy where is there a cop when you need one?". I kid you not as soon as I said that one of Maumee's cruisers flashed right by me. AHHH nothing like a little justice in the morning to get me going. Well it's meeting time - I'll be back by lunch. No the meeting is not that long... :)


Responding to requests...

I received a message yesterday that one of my viewers was having trouble seeing the lettering on this blog - so I took some time to correct the error. Hopefully the "viewer" likes the adjustments. :)


Let the experience begin...

Today I had a surprise visit from one of my wife's good friends. That individual would be H.T. He is correct on one thing though, this blog would explode with visitors once I start mentioning my wife and her site. I've seen what happens when you get too popular - so to counter balance this issue I have decided to mention my wife and her site at least three times a week. :)


Wow what happened to them?!?

I came across this earlier when I searched for a stupid video called "Charley the Unicorn". Apparently the Muppets have gone a bit further than the average film preview. A must see...

Oh - and by the way, I am not responsible for any addiction that the unicorn film may create...


And here I thought that schools through out the US weren't going to change with the times. I saw this during my search for the results of the college games that took place yesterday. From what I gather it seems to be an interesting as well as enjoyable method of learning. It will be interesting when the average kid tries to come home and do his/her homework and finding themselves being looked at by their parents wondering if the kid is ok.


I'm ready for the blog world... Bring it on!

I am going to keep this template and color scheme for now until I find something else that catches my eye. So Welcome to all that have come and those that are here and for those coming.

Blogging can sure be an uphill battle...

I've just spent the last hour just trying to adjust certain aspects of the template. This unfortunately is not my final presentation - I will continue to add, delete and modify this page for quite some time...