Appointed Chancellor of Germany...

Hitler was Appointed Chancellor of Germany 75 years ago today. (1933)
Hitler's rise to power began long before 1933, with his development of the Nazi party in the early 1920s and the widespread release of his book, Mein Kampf, in 1925. After the Nazi party lost seats in Germany's November 1932 parliamentary elections, leading businessmen and political figures appealed to Germany's president to appoint Hitler chancellor. As chancellor, Hitler quickly moved to eliminate his rivals and consolidate his power. Hitler's history isn't being mentioned here to promote or encourage what he did, this post is to remind people that even when someone like Adolf can work behind the scenes and position themselves higher in the ranks ou might want to keep an eye out or at least be aware.


No Boots for Brady?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (UPI) -- New England quarterback Tom Brady made an appearance at a pre-Super Bowl rally without a boot on the reported high right ankle sprain. The rally took place at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. before the Patriots boarded a flight to the site of Super Bowl XLII next Sunday in Glendale, Ariz. Last week, photos showed Brady wearing a boot on the ankle but he and team officials have been mum about the reason.

"Now this is the Foxboro faithful right here," Brady said when he addressed the fans who showed up while it was snowing. "We're going down there for one reason, for one reason, that's to bring a title back to Foxboro." When the Patriots face the New York Giants, they will try to complete the NFL's first-ever 19-0 season in their fourth trip to the big game in the past seven seasons.

"The Raven" from (1845)

"The Raven," like Poe's other works, conveys the dreamlike and often macabre forces that pervaded the author's sensibility. Poe wrote the poem while his moribund wife was suffering from tuberculosis, and it became an instant sensation when it appeared in the Evening Mirror in 1845. In the poem, the speaker, who is mourning the death of his love, Lenore, is mysteriously visited by a talking raven and asks the bird a series of questions.


Sorry for the gap in posts...

I have been busy at work as well as being really sick from Tuesday up to today. I am slowly getting better but now my wife has it and it won't go without a fight. I have been doing a lot through out the week but I was not feeling well enough to sit in front of the computer and present many posts on what I have done, for that I apologize. I have a few posts up on my other blog Basic Issues of events that I attended and sites that I have visited. If you're interested in reading then please feel free to visit. I have a link to the right. I am going to try and keep up to my promise on having something posted daily.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Important

The gentleman you see to the right is Mr. Ken Leslie. He is the a man that considers himself just another person doing the right thing for those in need. Ken, my wife and myself have had a few meetings and get togethers in the past and are planning to continue because the 'important' thing is to remember that there are homeless people out there both veteran and non-veteran. He runs a site by the name 1Matters.org. If you would like to get involved or if you are interested in what's going on locally then please visit his site and view the many stories entered and see where the next step will be in the near future. I'm Miguel Roman and I matter - my fellow Americans that are homeless matter even more. This gentleman is very Important to the needy and the deserving.

Please join in each and every Saturday!


A good day for Drudge...

Matthew Drudge, raised in Takoma Park, Maryland, near Washington, DC, is an only child. His parents are Jewish liberal-Democrats who both worked for the federal government. His father Robert Drudge, a former social worker who owns the reference site www.refdesk.com and his mother, a former staff attorney for Ted Kennedy divorced when he was six. Drudge went to live with his mother. He had few friends but was an avid news reader and radio talk show fan. In his book Drudge Manifesto, Drudge reports that he "failed his Bar Mitzvah", and graduated 341st out of a class of 355 from Northwood High School in 1984, thus giving himself, in his words, a "more than adequate curriculum vitae for a post at 7-Eleven".

The Monica Lewinsky scandal was a political-sex scandal emerging from a sexual relationship between United States President Bill Clinton and a then 22-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. The news of this extra-marital affair and the resulting investigation eventually led to the impeachment of President Clinton in 1998 by the U.S. House of Representatives and his subsequent acquittal on all charges (of perjury and obstruction of justice) in a 21-day Senate trial.

News of the scandal first broke on January 17, 1998, on the Drudge Report website, which reported that Newsweek editors were sitting on a story by investigative reporter Michael Isikoff exposing the affair. The story broke in the mainstream press on January 21 when it hit the Washington Post. The story swirled for several days and despite swift denials from Clinton, the clamor for answers from the White House grew louder. On January 26, a visibly flustered President Clinton, standing with wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, spoke at a White House press conference, and issued a forceful denial while wagging his finger: we all know what the outcome of that was.

Matt Drudge continues to bring stories to the spot light that sometimes either don't get mentioned or don't get enough attention. Some of his work may or may not fall under my approval stands but his information and coverage is considered to be of top quality and is respected by many.


A good shot...

This afternoon I had the privilege of seeing a sight that demanded a shot. The picture you see to the right is what it looks like to look towards the west during sunset from the parking lot at work. It looked prettier in person but a picture of it isn't too bad. I hope to get a shot of the sunset with less clouds in the sky. Until then please enjoy the unique and precious scenes mother nature provides.

Lunarpages can help you succeed...

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I have my own domain and the one thing I use the most is my FTP setup. I can easily see myself trying out Lunarpages because of their 15,000GB transfer power. If you currently have a web hosted blog site like I used and you want to get that personal feeling as well as look, then visit their site and get started today for that low price of $6.95 a month. Don't wait too long get that space and look you want for your site/blog.

Council Meeting...

Yesterday had to be one of the most interesting days in Council history. I sat down and watched the recording that my wife had on the meeting. It started out to be normal with the prayer and pledge to the flag. It's what happened after that that had me on the edge. I was watching with a huge concern that was mainly based on the way the group itself behaved with each other. It was business as usual until M. Ashford asked/demanded for a question to be seperated. I know very little on the inner workings and the rules of this group but what I experienced from yesterday's meeting seemed to be that some of them had trouble understanding their own rules and regulations. The only thing I have to say in regards to the meeting is that they should at some point either get together and work out the questionable points in the books and find a way for all of them to understand them accordingly. Maybe a re-education course on them ins and outs of the rules is needed.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Skinny

Seeing that the theme for today was skinny I quickly remembered this shot. What you're looking at is the main builing in downtown Toledo 'One Government Center'. If the name didn't give it away, this building houses almost all of Toledo's politicians. City Council, Mayor's Spokesperson even the mayor himself. I chose this one because if you were ever in need to exit this building during an emergency I don't think through the window is a wise choice because they are too skinny. Click on the image for a closer look. I want to wish you all a safe and fun weekend.

Join in on the fun each and every Saturday!


Seeing is believing...

It's been about four years since I've needed new glasses. As a matter of fact my wife has needed a new pair for quite a bit longer then me. Well it's a good thing that ZenniOptical.com is around. Why? Well for me I don't really need anything stylish but my wife would love a nice pair that would compliment her beauty. The selection is great and I know that once I mention it to her she'll agree. This is a Great Discovery: www.ZenniOptical.com and I hope that if you're reading this and haven't had a chance to shop around for a nice pair then please visit today and get caught up in the latest styles.

A follow up on Lafave...

In December I posted a piece on Debra Lafave which was titled "Caught under wrong terms...". What happened yesterday is just an extreme that they felt needed to be presented. It turns out that she gave the younger co-worker a hug because the co-worker was having a bad day and she needed some support. I can't blame her for hugging the girl especially if she is in need of comfort. I still believe that the probation officer should be held responsible for allowing her to work there when a minor was employed. Now let's assume that her mom won't hire any underage help while her daughter is working for her. The last thing we need is a headline reading "Mom knew the law but still broke it."


Common Sense since 1776...

Thomas Paine Publishes Common Sense (1776)
Paine was an Anglo-American political theorist and pamphleteer. He anticipated and helped foment the American Revolution through his powerful writings, most notably the enormously successful pamphlet Common Sense, in which he argued that the colonies had outgrown any need for English domination and should be granted independence. Paine's influence was also strongly felt during the French Revolution, and, despite the fact that he did not speak French. I found a site that was a real interesting read, if you have some time please head on over and take a look. This is a new site that was created not too long ago - and remember, there's nothing wrong with having a little common sense from time to time.
Thomas Paine


Something for Starbucks...

No this post is not recommending that Starbucks use animals in their coffee, but what this blogger does wonder is - Does Starbucks use the beans that the little fellow to the right poops? Sounds weird huh, well that's what I thought until I watched a video that explains what the process is for getting such unique beans. A rare type of coffee made from the droppings of the civet cat is wowing coffee connoisseurs around the world.

Enzymes in the cats' stomach break down the proteins that give coffee its bitter taste, thus enhancing its flavor. Now I drink coffee each morning when I'm at work but the thought that it's origin was being grown then eaten by a cat then processed through it and then picked up right after its' disposed of doesn't really call to me as mountain fresh like Folgers or as exotic as Cafe Bustelo. If this is considered to be a way of the future or possibly produced in large numbers then I feel sorry for the civet cat. Why? Well most of you know that our cows aren't exactly producing milk in a normal fashion anymore so these little critters are going to be fed these beans and expected to crap them out in a timely manner. So for the cats sake let's hope that Starbucks doesn't catch wind of this growing trend.


Visit Online Casinos from home...

I know most of my friends visit some online casinos from time to time and always coming back saying that it was too much of a hassle to participate. A casino online is there for you to enjoy and have a good time, from what I've seen on other sites I can only say that I would recommend that a complete overhaul should be done so that those who take the time to visit would have a great looking website as well as great games. Gamblux.com has games that most casinos have and then some. Their site is very user friendly and looks great. If my words aren't enough for you then please visit and see what a true online casino website should look like.


Can you hear me now?

First Public Transatlantic Telephone Call (1927)
The telephone has come a long way since its earliest incarnation. The switches used to route phone calls, which were once electromechanical, have now been replaced by digital electronic switching systems that make features like "caller ID," "call waiting," and "call forwarding" possible. Cordless phones, cell phones, and satellite phones have also changed the way that people communicate. I can remember when my mom had a rotary phone in the kitchen. The thing weighed like 6 pounds and for some reason red was the popular color to have. At times I felt like Batman waiting for the red phone to light up when the Commish would need me to save the day. Also when calling the relatives during the holidays it felt like I was waiting in line during a huge sale right before the store opened. When calls were placed to Boston, my aunts and uncles had numbers that started with nines so by the time you got to the last number you were pretty bored watching the dial go back to the beginning. Phones have come a long way since it's birth especially when you compare the old with the new.


Avoid the elements when you play slots...

The title alone would probably help you reading this understand where I'm going with this post. If you don't then let me explain where I'm coming from and where I'm going. The temperature outside is currently 22 degrees and the wind is blowing quite a bit. If you are like me and you enjoy visiting casinos and you find yourself looking to play slots instead of the tables then why not be able to do it right from the comfort of your own home.

Online slots are just as fun and just as entertaining as the real casino slots except you won't have to deal with the potential rude person or the delayed drink that was promised to you. Take a minute to visit today and try out the games and see if they interest you. The layout on these sites are well done, the colors are warm and soothing for any type of eyes including my very sensitive ones. Just keep in mind that you are home enjoying yourself and not outside running from your home to your car and then driving to a casino to then run from the parking lot to the casino.


Civil Right's member Jackie Robinson...

Jackie Robinson Retires (1957)
Robinson, a vocal member of the Civil Rights movement, was the first African-American baseball player in the modern major leagues and the first African American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1949, he led the National League in both stolen bases and batting average and was named its most valuable player. In recognition of his accomplishments both on the field and off, Major League Baseball retired Robinson's number in 1972.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson (1919-72), the first black man to "officially" play in the big leagues in the 20th century, possessed enormous physical talent and a fierce determination to succeed. In the course of a distinguished 10-year career beginning in 1947, Robinson led the Brooklyn Dodgers to six National League titles and one victorious World Series. Beyond his many and stellar baseball feats, Jackie Robinson went on to champion the cause of civil rights when he retired from the game. Pleas visit his site and get a better understanding on the foundation that was created in his name. You can also get a detailed list of the history of Mr. Jack Robinson by visiting this site.


A great gift...

The shield could have helped out my daughter about three months ago. She placed her ipod in her purse but forgot that she placed inside the same pocket as her tweezers and her nail cutters. Let's just say that her ipod now has a scratch that goes from right to center and then from center to top left. She was really upset and tried not to carry her ipod with her when she went shopping. If she would have had an ipod case then she would have been okay especially when placing it inside her purse. Now with this clear film that goes right over the ipod she can simply apply the film and have her device protected forever for a one time fee. I recommend that if you currently own an electronic device that you would like to keep looking at its' best then please visit the site and see if they have your type in their list and buy one today so that you don't end up with a slanted check mark on your screen. If you don't need one then consider getting one for a friend or a family member that you know needs one because you never know when they accidentaly putntheir devices in harms way.

COSI is gone...

If some of you don't know what I mean by the title, the title is in regards to a Science Museum that had a bit of trouble the past few years. They had a levy for it this past election and it went down in defeat by a large number. I didn't get the opportunity to visit the museum but from what I heard from my friends and neighbors the place was nice to visit every once in awhile but not consistently.

Most of them said that the museum needed to bring some different exhibits for the kids rather then keeping the old ones running. I even expressed that the museum should incorporate Ohio's/Toledo's CSI Unit and have a section in the museum dedicated to forensic technology where they can have either students or parents come in and get an inside look at the steps and procedures taken by the unit. They could of had a weekend program running for about a month showing others how to grid a crime scene and collect valuable evidence that can potentially solve the case in hand.

The picture you see to the right corner is that of the building in which the Science Museum is located currently. I'm not sure if anyone is interested in the spot as of yet but it is a great location for a club/restaurant. Let's see what the city decides to do with it. The blue is the roof of the museum so you can see the size in which would be available to a new business.

Serving Servers...

Pragma TelnetServer
FortressSSH Server
FortressSSH ClientSuite
The list above are products from Pragma Systems, these products ensure that your experience with flowing through your servers is safe and productive. Visit their site and you can view each type of solution for your business including Telnet. They also offer a Try It section where you can download a portion and try it out before you buy it. Don't wait too long because intrusions happen when ever it wants and not when your ready.


Get a hold of yourself...

If you get car sick, you probably anticipate every extended road trip with dread. Car sickness is just one kind of motion sickness (or kinetosis) that some unlucky people experience when they're riding in a car or any other type of automobile. Dizziness, fatigue and nausea might make the trip miserable, and even vomiting doesn't make the affected person feel any better.

My oldest daughter Emily went on a cruise to the Bahamas and found herself vomiting on the ship well not on the ship but in the restroom. She is currently in Vermont skiing with her boyfriend Joe. I know she doesn't get car sick because I know that she loves to drive and I forgot to mention that she flew to Florida to board the ship, as far as I know she doesn't get air sick either.

So how do you go about preventing car sickness in the first place? Here are some ways to enjoy the ride, sickness-free heck maybe these tips can help with other motion issues.

* Get a good night's sleep before stepping into the car.

* Don't eat a heavy meal or consume alcohol right before you take off on your trip.

* Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

* Don't talk about motion sickness, or even look at someone else who's experiencing it.[6]

* Help prevent car sickness in children by giving them a raised seat where they have a clear view of the outdoors, and play games that encourage them to look outwards.

* If you find map-reading makes you sick, ask the driver to pull over to check a map.

* Some people suggest freshly sliced ginger in a bottle of water to sip helps them alleviate motion sickness.

* Some people swear the smell of newspaper makes them feel better. Since reading the paper will probably make you sick, just have some newspaper in the car with you because all you really need is the smell. If you don't always have a newspaper handy, many art supply stores sell pads of newsprint (which smells the same) that you may put in the car.

* Take 50-75 mg of vitamin B6, sense the day before, or at least 60 minutes before boarding the vehicle. Take it every day while the trip lasts. No harm in it, excess of B6 will go out by the urine. (The only problem could be if you are allergic to B6.)

* Some people can be upset in a car by eating chocolate in the morning.

Hopefully the previous tips can help those of you out there handle this matter with a better outcome.