Video Virtual Tour

For someone like myself who is currently looking for a new home I found this to be an excellent tool for both buying as well as selling homes. I am impressed with the way they have the ability to create a video in 4 different formats. Take the video virtual tour and see exactly what I'm talking about when I say that they have this site looking and running really smooth. The possibilities are endless especially if you are either buying or selling a home. The days of relying on written and word of mouth or even driving from one end of town to the other in search of a better home are over, with video virtual tour available to you right at your finger tips the options are endless. So act this very moment and don't wait.


I'm Sorry What?

Sorry folks for not having something up in the past few days, I've had a few things to take care of as well of some thoughts going through my head that I have yet to resolve. I've had a sore shoulder for about a week and a day now. I have tried pretty much everything - heating pad, pain pills, ibuprofen even strenuous massages and still the pain persists. I hope it's nothing serious, I got it about two days before my brother came to visit - all I did was get up in the morning to answer the phone but I guess the manner in which I got out of bed is what resulted in this week plus pain. I don't want to go in to the hospital for something this simple, I'm just going to have to buck up and find the right antidote to take care of this.


Only in Michigan...

Aside from being a huge Michigan Wolverine fan, I want to send a huge thumbs up to the owner of the South Lyon Watch and Jewelry in Michigan. I can only imagine the look on the customer's face when they take a look at the merchandise on display and then seeing a scorpion strolling around that very same item. The owner is quite right when he says that a snatch and grab will be something that will not happen any time soon. A very enlightening story about an added security to a local business especially with the increase of coverage regarding bank robberies.


A Special Match...

Interracial dating was something that my sister would consider a bad thing back in the early eighties, now she is happy dating a great man by the name of Derek. This guy is completely awesome, although she did not meet him at InterracialRomance.com she seems to be very happy with her man. I know a few friends of mine that are currently looking for a few interacial singles to make their lives complete. I have mentioned to them of InterraciallRomance's site being free to join and is very easy to navigate. I like the fact that you can sign for free as well as view some of the photos that are available before you sign up. Visit today and navigate through their site and see that the setup is pretty easy and quick.

Treasures hidden from the world...

I received this information from a co-worker today, my first reaction was WOW. All this time and no one knew what was inside. A true fairy tale.
A New York man retired. He wanted to use his retirement money wisely, so it would last, and decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal. The modest farmhouse had been vacant for 15yrs.; the owner and wife both had died, and there were no heirs. The house was sold to pay taxes. There had been several lookers, but the large barn had steel doors, and they had been welded shut. Nobody wanted to go to the extra expense to see what was in the barn, and it wasn't complimentary to the property anyway...... so, nobody made an offer on the place.
The NY guy bought it at just over half of the property's worth, moved in, and set about to tear into the barn....... curiosity was killing him.
So, he and his wife bought a generator, and a couple of grinders.......and cut through the welds.

What was in the barn...............?
Click HERE and see for yourself what was inside.

I'm going to do a little more research and try to find out what they did with the items.


BP In or BP Out...

This post/issue is something that my family talks about pretty much on a regular basis. When the conversation is turned to environment and safety we discuss everything from low pressure in our tires that can causes fuel loss to how many refineries are there that are working on overload due to high demands. A controversy about a BP Factory in Whiting, Indiana has erupted with some accusations being unclear., I live near the Great Lakes, actually Lake Erie to be more precise and we've had some recent local issues involving the tolerance of the EPA emissions near the Great Lakes. I was asked to give my honest opinion on this issue that seems to have a few people looking both ways trying to keep this on an even field. If you ask me, this one will be one of those cases where residents focus on the environment while others focus on jobs and stability.
There's a Chicago Tribune article that centers the problem in which the increase in ammonia and industrial sludge that BP will be permitted to release into Lake Michigan will increase quite a bit but well within the allowed numbers by the EPA but the minor increase has many environmentalists concerned as to the effects.BP disagrees with the industrial solids issue and while they admit ammonia discharge will increase BP reminds everyone that they are at levels that will keep them at less than half of what the EPA will allow them to be. When it comes to family and safety we tend to lean towards the aspect of a strong family decent neighborhood and a stable job. BP has always been known in this family as a dependable source of job security and an energy giant with an eye on environmental issues. I understand both sides of this issue but if BP was given a set standard to follow by the EPA and it was followed to the T then I don't see what the need to blast them is for. I can also see that the extra emissions will cause some harm in the long run then I suggest them to have the EPA standards changed and then offer BP an incentive so that they can perform at the level that the environmentalists would prefer. Take a quick minute to read the fact sheet that BP has put out with all the facts listed out for your understanding.

Follow Up...

I spoke to my mom this morning hoping that she could use the information that I was going to present to her. We spoke for about ten minutes before I told her what I found out about her symptoms. She was thrilled to find out that her current doctor has the ability to see her for those symptoms with out her having to see someone else. I have also informed her that when she is done with her visit that she should call me immediately right after so that I can get a complete understanding of the doc's findings. More as the days go on.


Be a Hero...

This post although hits really close to home I'm afraid for some of my friends and family members it's a bit too late to help. I have spoken to them about their issue several times but most of them would not seek the extra help, others have taken my advice and have signed up to clinics in the past to search for that existance that once drove their hearts. I have posted in the past here about some of my experiences with drug addiction that existed in my past, my point of doing so is to make aware of those viewing that even they don't think their addicted to the substance but in reality they really can't live with out it. While visiting 1800nodrugs.com I have quickly noticed that there is a specific page titled "Links of Interest" that would help a whole lot of people identify their issue and be able to pin point where to go for the additional help that is needed. Most other family members and friends out there don't usually know where to go to find what drug addiction treatment program would be just right for the situation.
If your reading this and you suffer from an addiction and you know that by going to your loved ones things could get worse as far as them not understanding that being upset at you won't exactly help you then please feel free to visit today and navigate through the user friendly site and locate exactly what you're looking for. Also remember that they are a non-profit hub to a huge network of locating short or long-term program assistance centers. They can find you the right center to get you back on your feet and looking towards the horizon in no time. With them being a non-profit organization there is never a charge for the referral, and they are available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Don't hesitate on this offer, please seek the help you need, if your viewing this with a loved one in mind then please don't wait like I did when my friend died just after high school by something that wasn't that powerful but in the end it took him and any future memories that could of been.

A current problem...

I spent most of the day looking at studies and input on this "restless legs syndrome". My mother suffers from this and she is afraid to try anything out that is new. I have yet to report to her as to what I've found thus far but she will be calling me tomorrow for an update. I did read this though in today's CNN Health section.
Studies: Restless legs syndrome a 'real' condition

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Scientists have linked certain genes to restless legs syndrome, suggesting the twitching condition described as "jimmy legs" in a "Seinfeld" episode is biologically based and not an imaginary disorder.

New studies published this week in two top medical journals are being called the first to identify specific genes responsible for restless legs syndrome symptoms.

Research in the New England Journal of Medicine, linked a common gene variation to nighttime leg-twitching. It involved people in Iceland and the United States.

A second study in Nature Genetics identified the same gene variation and two others in Germans and Canadians with restless legs syndrome.

My main concern is that my mom will probably have to remember if these symptoms existed in the any members of the family. I know that my grandmother suffered from arthritis in her final years but I do not recall any movement of her legs at night (I spend the last few months living with her so that I can keep a close eye on her). With these current studies and results I'm going to inform my mom's doctor as t what I've found so that he and my mom will be on the same page.


Freeze It...

I just got done using a new product for my aching muscles. I work in a warehouse environment so I tend to lift quite a bit on a daily basis. So by the time I get home pretty much all of my body aches. I tried this new product by the name of Freeze It, I can honestly tell you that this product not only made me feel a whole lot better but it actually worked instantly. There are other types out there that promise you quick relief but the only thing that is instant is the smell of mint. I also enjoy the fact that when I applied the gel it didn't have that greasy feel to it. It felt good knowing that a product will do just as it promised. I've woken up every morning since then feeling really good and I find myself moving about a lot easier and with less pain at the end of the day.
Visit the user friendly site and see that for something that works miracles the cost is very cheap and reasonable. I intend to purchase a few more roll ons this time. I can't wait to play football with the guys and try this product then. I can guarantee that they will be shocked when I call them the following day wanting to play some more. I should share my new found secret but I don't think I want them playing too good otherwise I'm going to have a tough time out running them out in the field. Try them today and trust me after spreading the gel you will feel it working automatically.

Business is Business...

If what I heard and read today turns out to be true then I suggest we get our butts in gear and make sure that other businesses don't decide to jump. If FedEx does move to Wood County then it's pretty sure that many will follow especially if Wood County is willing to build to suit. Something like this should be sure stay in the front burner, let's not let what happened with the college at Southwick happen again.


Smooth and Delicious...

Working in a warehouse environment on an every day basis can really take a lot out of you, I usually need a little more then cereal in the morning to keep me going until lunch. I have heard of the vegetable drinks on many occasions from friends and family but I never took the time to try them. I have just visited DrinkYourVeggies.com and watched the YouTube video, this product looks like it can help me as well as my co-workers feel a lot more livelier in the morning. The other day I was talking to my sister and it turns out that she has tried veggie drinks for her three daughters and she informs me that they love drinking it. I am going to pass this little bit of information to her and see if she switches to them after she tries their product. I am going tol talk to the boys at work and I'm going to mention that even though they love their coffee and donuts in the morning, there's something out there that is much better then what they choose to start the day. I understand that the USDA tries to work a little harder then MOM and POP by wanting you to eat five to nine servings of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Drink My Daily Veggies for a complete feeling of power and confidence. There's nothing like enjoying what you would normally eat for either breakfast, lunch or dinner fit in the palm of your hand in a liquid form. Sign up today and receive a 7 day supply of My Daily Veggies absolutely free. That's right if you sign up today not only do you get the free 7 day trial but the cost for shipping and handling will only be $1.00. Treat yourself with the respect that you and your body deserve and try them out today.

Sleeping Grandson Killed...

I would of never thought that something like this would be possible. I know that most people say that there's always a first but come on now, I'm curious as to what went down that triggered her to shoot the man and then set the house on fire. I have had many arguments with my mom and grandmother but I would never get in a heavy argument if I knew that sleeping would be a sign of weakness. Someone has to file some sort of appeal to get her to say what happened that day. Just when you thought you saw it all.


The guys need this...

When I say the guys I mean the ones that join me in the gym every weekday morning. I have a few friends that when they work out they tend to look at themselves instead of visualizing a possible match for that evening's dinner. I have tied to tell them that if they want to meet that special someone they are going to have to look elsewhere because clubs and wedding parties don't really have someone that is looking to be hitched. I am going to mention tomorrow that their is a sit that will help them find that special someone that is also into working out. I've read their site and it doesn't seem to be too difficult to start one of their fitness dates today. The site has a range of searching out up to 200 miles, now that's what I call a great deal. I'm pretty sure that they won't be too thrilled with "fitness dating" but I know that they will come around.

What I'm saving for...

My wife is a huge political junkie and she finds a way to put all the politics that surrounds us into her well maintained site Glass City Jungle. I accompany her whenever there's a news conference or a fund raiser and I usually take pictures for her so that she can post them on her blog so that those individuals that weren't able to participate can get a front row seat on what happened. I currently use a FujiFilm digital camera but it seems that the life of it is coming to an end. I have searched for something a little better that won't make me broke and I found the wonderful little package you see to your right. It has a few more features to it that the Fuji does and best of all it comes with a tripod which at times can help me take steady pictures. I will keep saving for this little toy and hopefully I can get it soon so that I can take better quality pictures for my wife.

Where are my signs?

The titled question is one that most politicians are going to be asking this coming November when it's time to vote for local offices. The biggest concern for most candidates is whether or not thy have enough Yard Signs to hand out through out their area. With the low cost of the signs at Build-a-Sign it would be easy for candidates to purchase them when the need comes for more. The one thing I do like about their practice is that if your signs aren't absolutely perfect you can call them and they'll make it right. They guarantee their work 100% where other businesses won't.


84-sq. ft. dream home...

This story comes to you from Olympia, Washington. A woman who says she doesn't really need anything except for a smaller place has done so by building herself a small home and relying on solar energy and a propane tank to run her day to day utilities and uses. Dee Williams is quite content with her home and doesn't see the need to have a large home. I know a few friends of mine back in Connecticut that would probably do this just to save some money on expenses as well. Someone making $35-$40 thousand a year can find themselves having a lot of money in the bank that can be used on other necessities. As the cliche goes "You Go Girl".


Cover My Boat...

Owning a boat goes beyond just maintaining the deck, the sail (if it's a sail boat), the anchor, the engine etc.. You must have a cover for your boat even when stored inside for the winter. I have family members that live in Florida and they always laugh at me every-time I mention to them to buy something durable and long lasting for their cruiser. They simply tell me that a simple piece of tarp will do the job. Well not too long after that they got hit pretty hard with about five to six inches of rain. The wonderful tarp did not hold up too well. To make a long story short it was lucky for them they had a decent boat insurance policy that basically covered stupidity. Visit Cover My Boat today and get a quick online quote in just seconds. Their site is very user friendly, just select what type of boat you own to get started. If you happen to know of someone who has a boat and they happen to share the same thoughts that my family does please make sure that they have boat insurance because I don't want them to experience what my family did.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Shadow

Today's theme was a bit hard but after going through only two folders of pictures I came across this one. The photo you see to the right is of one I took on one of my many trips to the zoo. This little guy was pretty happy to swim in the shadow because the temperature was around 84 and the humidity has rising early in the morning. Cute isn't he.

Join in on the fun every week.


Gas prices can and will change your mood...

Driving home last night from the store I couldn't help but notice that the price of gas at the gas station closest to me was set at $3.29/gallon. No this was not the high octane type, this was for the lower grade that most people buy. I came across this site (GasBuddy.com) when watching the news and although some of the locations that they suggested to go to and fill up at a lower rate were more then just a few, none of them were close enough to me. I didn't see the point of driving an extra 6-7 miles just spend a little less at the pump, it would kind of defeat the purpose of saving money and gas. Click on this LINK to see what is near you here in Toledo.


Fresh Trends...

Expressing yourself is something that most teenagers love to do, whether it's wearing bright clothes, dark clothes, type of hair color or even piercings/body jewelry. My daughter is a firm believer in design and designer looks. She currently has a body jewelry but she has yet to have some Gold Body jewelry. I directed her to look through FreshTrends' web site to do some inside reasearch on what others think about body jewelry. She said that she has a pretty good grasp on design and looks, she then proceeded to inform me that if she was to choose which one she would want - she said that the Gold Belly Button Rings would be her first choice. So I told her to visit today and receive an additional 10% off your purchase when you register. She is currently in her room on the pc shopping.

Can I Borrow $225,000?

The title to this post sounds a bit extreme but if I were to live in that part of New York then that's what I would be asking for because there is no way that I would pay that much for a parking spot.
NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Parking spaces in New York cost as much as $225,000 and could soon be going higher still, putting the cost for the prime spots above the price tag of the typical U.S. home price.

Manhattan real estate agent Tom Postilio said there is a waiting list of seven or eight people hoping to pay $225,000 for one of five private parking spaces that has been approved in the basement of 246 West 17th Street, a 34-unit condo development scheduled for completion next January.

If the money that these few people have is burning a hole in their pockets the please by all means send me the money and I will be sure to save you a spot here in Toledo if you were to visit in the near future. You can send it under a title like "The Bettering of Roman Fund". I would gladly take the money and make necessary improvements and I will also make sure to send a special thank you letter and an update of what's going on.

Still a struggle...

I am currently on the path of losing weight and I have to say that thus far I have lost about eight pounds that is not water weight and it feels great. I usually have to remind myself to check the calories that I'm consuming because I tend to forget and when it comes time to add them up it's usually off by a few hundred points. With this new calorie counter by MyFitnessPal.com it will make it easier for me to calculate all the incoming calories with out having to write them all down in hopes of not forgetting a number. Their calorie counter is easy to use and it will teach you the nutritional values of what you are eating on a day to day basis. Visit today and see the other features that are offered by them like,
Free Diet Profile
Free Dieting Tips
Visit today to get an inside look at what road is available to you to better your health.


Unsafe Toothpaste?

Reading an article from the New London, CT paper (The Day) and I found that there has been a type of scare in some toothpaste products. Apparently there have been some brands tainted with extra chemicals like anti-freeze to add a distinct sweet taste to the paste. New London has a factory by the name of Sheffield Pharmaceuticals and from this scare it looks like their production level has increased quite a bit. Many discount stores like Wal-Mart, Target and various Dollar outlets carry their product. There is a list of what name brands to look out for, here is the list (each letter corresponds with each other - Store to Brand:

a. 99 Plus Store, 302 Farmington Ave., Hartford
b. 99 Cent Store, Wolcott Rd., Waterbury
c. Just A Buck, 49 Pershing Road, Derby
d. Home Market, 1264 Park St., Hartford
e. Dollar Dreams, 903 New Britain Ave., W. Hartford
f. Save and Discount, Foxon Rd., N. Branford

a. Colgate Max Cavity, Colgate Gel, Colgate Triple Action
b. Colgate Gel
c. DentaKleen Jr. (Strawberry and Blueberry flavors)
d. DentaKleen (Regular and Fresh Mint)
e. Colgate
f. Colgate Triple Action

If you frequent these shops please make sure that you check your labels on the product, if you find one either in your home or in a different store please call 1-800-842-2649. Visit the Department of Consumer Protection if you have any other questions or concerns.

Host208 - Webhosting Services...

Do you have a website that is a bit out dated and tends to be a bit of a drag when loading? If your answered yes then please set aside some time and visit Host208 - Webhosting Services for a complete explanation of what they offer. I currently have a photo web site but it tends to lag sometimes when I try to view it. With the $4.50/month plan I will receive 15000 MB of Data Storage and 300 GB of Data Transfers, this would be more then enough to run my site smoothly and be able to add more to it. Try them out today and if you are not satisfied they offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Crazy Coffins are coming...

I can only imagine what most of my family would like as a coffin. I can pretty much assume that my younger brother would want one designed as a microphone because he does a lot of free style rapping in his spare time. There are some coffins at the website that catch your eye and some you may not want to put in the ground because of the shear beauty. Like this one for instance. A young man was killed in an accident so his parents decided to bury him in a large replica of his favorite guitar. Check out the others that they have displayed. The one I would want not for myself but for a show piece is the egg. If you don't know what I'm talking about here it is.



Now this is a post that makes me want to make sure that all my family members are viewing and reading. I just got done viewing what I believe would be a dream come true especially if it appeared in my garage mysteriously. Seriously though this site is very well organized and is really user friendly when it comes to viewing each of the products. I enjoyed viewing the Diamond Metal collection but I'm more of a Metal Garage Cabinets kind of guy. If garage storage seems to be a problem with you as it is with me then please take some time aside to visit their site and see first hand the quality of their products and the matching low prices.

Keeping Cool...

I just read about this device and although it is advertised as a nice way to keep cops cool during those long hours in the squad car I can't help but think that this would be great for those long car trips that for some reason the a/c can't reach the back section of the car right away or for the truck drivers that have older trucks and they need that extra cool breeze going down either their chest or their backs. I would probably consider getting one because my daughter usually complains that the air isn't cool enough in the back seat. Check it out, it's not a sophisticated device but it gets the job done.

Scanning MedicScan...

Visiting a clinic or hospital you know that when you approach the receptionist's counter chances are your information might be mis-typed and the confusion is just moments away from occuring. I have to be very thankful that I haven't had the experience of having my information either lost or transfered incorrectly. I can only imagine what the wait time would be if my info was confused with in the medical offices. Most of you reading this have had at one point experienced the delay at a clinic or hospital. The last thing you need is someone approaching you asking if you can display your card again because there has been an error on the data entry of your information. ScanshellStore.com offers many scanners that will reduce your wait time by at least 15 minutes. Even though it's only fifteen minutes shorter you really don't want to spend that extra time watching a tv channel that you know no body even knows it exists because everyone else there with you are probably sleeping while they wait. The medicscan can be a true time saver if added to the normal runnings of any clinic and hospital. If you know of any medical professions that does not have a scanner please inform them of the MedicScan and all it's features. Imagine producing clear and sharp images, automatic image rotation and alignment or even having the ability to scan any photo media including paper photos, checks, ID cards and even rigid plastic credit cards. Visit today and read some the articles that be released on this product.


PhotoHunt 65: Fake

This weeks entry is something that I find happens a lot in many cities. Ohio has become smoke free and even though you can smoke outside some locations there are some businesses that like to spread the rule just a bit too far. My entry is based on the FAKE impression that it's ok to smoke by government/business buildings by placing a sign on an ashtray bin. If there was a theme as ironic in the future then I would probably enter this one again.
Happy Hunting


I have visited the Procerin site and I have to say that when I get to that point in time where I'm going to recoup some hair I'll be more then happy to try them out. I have a few family members today that try to use that silly comb over to hide the fact that they are loosing hair. Some of my friends are currently doing that as well, I can see a little spot forming above my head but then again I cut my hair really short so that it looks like I'm really going bald. Hair Loss is something that 92% of men have to deal with, Procerin is scientifically designed to help men retain and regrow their hair in a short time. Visit today and take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee.

Can people understand the basics...

Here in Toledo there are a few people that can't seem to grasp the concept of trash delayed pick up. The city has been trying to save on spending too much money throughout the year, so they implemented the wait a week after the holiday pick up. What this means is that Toledo city officials have told certain sections of the city that if your trash pick up falls on a holiday that instead of paying the overtime cost to the workers on the following day to pick their trash as well as that day's pick up that it would make better dollar sense to have those affected hold their trash until the following week. Well a few of these folks decided to take the trash out anyways and leave it by the road. Here in Toledo the mayor has asked that when taking out the trash to be picked up the following day to please not bring it out too early the previous day. There is an ordinance that is filed that states if trash is brought out too early before your pick up or left out on the curb for too long you will be given a warning if it is not taken care of soon after then a ticket is handed that I believe is about $75.00. Listen people don't be morons on this issue, we have asked for the city to tighten their belts a bit so that we can meet the budget this year and here they are presenting a system that will save us $40,000 each holiday. Do the math if you have time and you'll see that this makes great sense.


Innovative Tutors Needed...

Here in Toledo we have a few programs that involve kids to participate in tutoring younger students to help them grasp the lesson taught. What we need here in Toledo is an excellent center that can offer an innovative tutor to each of those students that are from the ages of 4 through 14 that need that extra push in learning their studies. Score Learning Center isn't currently in Ohio but they are in other states near by. Pay them a visit and see what they can offer you and your family.

Wired Homes - Living Homes...

My first reaction is WOW! If money wasn't an issue I definitely would love to own a home just like this. Watch the video and see what it is that I'm talking about.
Click here for the TOUR
The gentleman presenting the tour and also does the narrating goes by the name of Steve Glenn. He does an excellent job at presenting the home in a serious and yet a funny manner. Watch the entire tour and give me your opinion on the home, for those of you who don't like the open look of a home this may not interest you but for those who love a great look as well as an excellent way to recycle material please view and enjoy.

Tutors in Toledo...

TNT or Tutors in Toledo is something that is needed on the days that most students tend to lose touch with their learnings from the school year. Score Learning Centers should seriously consider opening a few centers in midwest Ohio. Here in Toledo most students want to keep the knowledge fresh in their minds while school is out. During the school year I know of a few kids who would love to spend some extra time with a tutor especially math tutors. Some kids don't catch the lesson right then and there so they need a little boost to catch and recall the lesson taught. Visit today and see where they are located in reference to your location, and if you can get a word out make sure to mention Toledo, Ohio.


Just a message...

For those of you who visit and enjoy the site please if your are planning on having fireworks at your residence or maybe a park or neighbor's home, please look out for one another and keep a close eye on your children before during and after the fun/show. Watching a mom in Michigan crying her eyes out because of fireworks playing a role in taking her daughter's (Danialle Barse) life was a bit hard to watch.


Termite Removal...

Growing up I can remember my uncle's shed in the backyard having a home made sign saying "Stay Off". I never really understood the reason as to why he didn't want us playing inside or even playing by it. Now of course I know that the reason why he kept us away was because the termites were so bad that the structure wasn't strong enough and could of tumbled down at any second. The one thing he hated the most were termites. Even if you had one wood termite you can pretty much assume that the structure will be bad in no time at all especially if untreated. The shed was torn down the following weekend after we went back home.

Will he do it again?

The question above is stated for the courts in Orangeburg. I left a comment on that site saying that this man probably didn't receive any punishment for his previous occurrences so he doesn't take it too seriously. I hope that he doesn't hit someone the next time he decides to break the law because that's when the city/court system can get sued because of negligence in not locking him up.


'Vampire' peacock?

Yup that's right, A man believed he was fighting and had intentions on killing this 'vampire' that had strolled on to a McDonalds parking lot. Apparently some of the employees there were feeding it some bread when this man arrived and took the bird by its' neck and began to beat the feathers out of it. The man ran when he saw that police were coming.
My concern is will some animal activist come out and blame the workers at the restaurant for its' death because they caused it to be distracted. In this in age, I would not be surprised if it did take place.

State Rt. 2 collision sends 14 to hospital...

By reading that title you would think that death has come to claim some more individuals. Well let me inform you that no one has died from the accident - all there was was some bruises, bloody noses and back and neck pains. Rt. 2 is famous for accidents especially this time of the year. Most accidents don't end up as well as this one did, those two buses although bumped into each other kept their end of the bargain and took the remaining students to the park. Something as simple as maintaining a safe distance isn't really that hard to apply on an everyday basis. I hope not to hear or read any more stories about this route, or am I being too naive.