Hulu - Once Upon A Time: Pilot - Watch the full episode now.

Hulu - Once Upon A Time: Pilot - Watch the full episode now.:

'via Blog this' I'm not much for storybook stories/shows but this new show on ABC has some potential. It is definitely a twist on how the original fairy tales came from and their meanings. I found myself wanting more after each commercial. Now this doesn't exactly fit my Fringe and Castle type shows but I can see myself watching the next episode. Give it a try, who knows you just might like it.



Can't wait...

Well the 49ers handed out a good old fashion butt kicking this past Sunday (48-3) against Tampa Bay. The game was awesome to watch on my new 43" Plasma. The colors were really bright and of course the action was sweet. Well the Lions won on Monday night against the Bears which puts them at 5-0. Yes, like many of you out there wondering "Where the heck did this team come from"
If i'm not mistaken I think these two teams meet up next Sunday at 1:00pm. You can safely assume that I will not be that far from the screen when this game comes on. I wish them both the best but of course I'll be rooting for my Niners.


You think it, they got it...

I was hoping the title would of brought you here, and it did. Now that you are here let me tell you about a site that I visit quite often - it's called GeekAlerts.com. This site is a definite must see to believe. Have you ever wanted a fan by your bed but didn't like the idea of having a box fan pointing right at you (trust me, it's not cool)? Then please visit and search for "Bed Fan" when browsing the site you will not be disappointed. Look through the many items available and who knows you might find that odd gadget that would definitely go with someone you know. Discount Deal Codes and Geeky Gadgets are available as well so don't think that the visit doesn't come with a little extra. If you would like to visit a national store to get great deals then please grab the Walmart Coupons or Target coupons that are available to you. That way you can visit your favorite retail store and save a bit more on your shopping trip. Now if you're interested, here is what I would like to get for my oldest daughter (click here). Now promise not to tell her. Enjoy and grab that great deal today.

On Fire...

This past Wednesday Amazon released the popular Kindle Fire. I'm not too informed on the Kindle brand but I have seen a few recently. A co-worker has one and she absolutely loves it. Now Kindle has color version and it looks to be a hit this year for the holidays. I can easily see someone getting this for my lovely wife. She wanted an iPad so bad but did not like the idea of dropping so much cash for it. Check out this article by John R. Quain, it just might get you going in the right direction.