Nap Time...

When the mention of the word hammocks comes out from either myself or my wife the first memory that pops out is the time I tried to lay in my brother's new rope hammock and instead of enjoying the moment I found myself fighting it for about 20 minutes before I gave up. Well my wife decided to be the conquerer of the day and try to lay in it. I told her good luck trying but she was able to lay down in a matter of seconds and not fall out. The hammock my brother owns is not one of the hatteras hammocks but it isn't too bad. Now the hammock that would really make me happy is one from the Pawley's Hammock Collection. If you want to find yourself staring at either very tall and beautiful trees or the bright blue sky then you should by all means visit the site and read for yourself what can truly relax you on one of those quiet Sunday afternoons. The one thing that will be different about my hammock is the fact that I will have sturdy stands and not the usual two tree method.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Rare

Okay for today's theme I have two entries. These two items belong to my wife Lisa, she's had these two for many years. I wanted to take a shot of them but the shelf that they were on did not do them justice. So I took them to a location that would bring out the beauty as well as the unique and rare appearance that they have. Let me know what you think of them. Oh and as always have a wonderful weekend.

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Chasing the Dream...

I once had a dream of having my own rental shop. Yeah that's right a rental shop, like a movie rental shop. Back when I was 21 I had a huge collection of both video games as well as movies. In order for this to take place I would of had to empty my basement out completely and plan a layout that would be both inviting as well as comfortable. Well this dream fell short because not many people wanted to rent video tapes, they were more interested in the DVD aspect of renting and since I didn't have any at the time I couldn't really open up a shop and not offer what people would want first hand. That's what I called a home based business opportunity that did not take place. Today I have a slightly different take on the rental world, I am deciding on a new method of renting movies and games. It hit me a few years ago when I went to the bank and then to the movie store. I wondered why hasn't anyone done it yet, why hasn't anyone combined the two together? No not an ATM at the store, but why not have the same vacuum tubes that are used at the banks to exchange information used instead for the rental process. It's just a thought I've had for quite a while now.

What Confusion?

I want to talk about it but then I don't because of it's silly contents. Okay here goes - How the heck can people think that poodles and sheep look alike?!? In order for something like this to happen you must of been in hiding for like forever to actually think that the two were close in resemblance. I heard this on a morning show and I could not stop laughing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "dog" expert but I do know when the species are different - you know claws/nails and hooves.

Lower your bid...

Have you ever wanted something for virtually nothing? Well bid4prizes.com is here to make that dream come true. Join in on the fun with what has to be the most awkward way of placing a bid. You can choose one of the following;

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Click here to sign up today and quickly join in. If I won the new iPhone I would probably spend most of my time bragging to my friends and coworkers on how awesome and user friendly it is. My daughter could use a nice vehicle, that Scion looks pretty sweet. Maybe I can get her to join in on the fun as well.

Richard Milhous Nixon...

-- In October 1925, a 12 year-old boy in a small California town wrote in a school assignment that he "would like to study law and enter politics for an occupation so that I might be of some good to the people." The boy: Richard Milhous Nixon, some 43 years before being elected the nation's 37th president.

Over 150 documents, articles and mementos are located in the new National Archives exhibit which is located in downtown Washington. Also an exhibit called "School House to White House: The Education of Presidents," opened up on Friday and runs through January 2008, just in time for voters to begin the long dragging process of electing the next president. This would be a good time to mention to my wife about this museum so that we can make a pit stop while we tour the east coast.



Addiction is defined as an overuse of any substance that changes the natural chemical balance of the brain.

The definition you just read is something most addicts don't want to hear. It's within those same words that many find closure and how some find the light on how to solve their problem. Those words can also frighten someone away from friends who are trying to help. I will have to admit that within my own family addiction played a large role that almost broke the us. In those days going to a drug rehab center was embarrassing and in my neighborhood everyone knew everyone as well as their affairs. Now a days their great programs and centers. One I want to mention because after I read their contents I can honestly say that what they offer is both effective and very helpful, that company is 1-800-NODRUGS.COM. If you have a loved one that does not want too much exposure or other family members knowing then this would be the perfect site to recommend.

What's the darn rush for...

Watching the video for this story didn't look all that impressive until they had a camera on an over-pass watching the train come from a distance. It took the train to go under the over-pass a whole 1.1 seconds. Watch the video if you get a chance and see for yourself what I'm talking about


One of the popular phone services out there that is practically a house hold name is Vonage. They have an excellent section that include reviews, forums and news. If those of you who are current customers you may want to participate Thursday May 10th for the announcement from Management who will host a webcast discussion of the quarter's outcome at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. In order to participate, please dial 800-811-8830 roughly ten minutes prior to the call, for international callers please dial the following (913) 981-4904. Come and join in on the latest discussions and press releases.

Coasting along...

It's 4:05 pm and it's not moving along as fast as I would like it. AAHHHH!
Sorry got to go, work calls.

I hope that the next few minutes don't become hours. The last thing I need right now is a long finish to the day.

Eclipse Internet...

Looking for a new carrier that can be a little more reliable then your existing one? Are you shopping for a carrier that can help you get away from that darn dial up? Then Eclipse Internet would be the perfect stop to shop. They cover both residential and business broadband. Visit and join today in order to save a lot more on your monthly bill as well as getting FREE phone calls. They also offer a 30 day trial so that you can try them and figure out if you would benefit from their services. Start saving today!

When Penguins Rock...

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- They're the rock stars of the bird world these days, the Rolling Stones of the feathered set.

But the penguins at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium are showing it's not all film premieres -- think "Happy Feet" and "March of the Penguins" -- and sushi. It's rocks. Real rocks a bird can build a nest out of.

On Wednesday, the keepers at the Shedd started rolling out the rocks for the Gentoo and Rockhopper penguins who call the aquarium home. For these types of penguin, nothing says romance like a pile of rocks.

"What's going on here is a very exciting day for the penguins," said Gretchen Freimuth, senior marine trainer at the Shedd. "This actually cues the birds to start pairing up and building those nests."

Freimuth acknowledges that some birds didn't wait for keepers to throw down the rocks to let them know it's time to do something besides swimming and eating. But she said, "Once the rocks are put out, we will see a lot more of that activity."

The process isn't something the birds cooked up at the aquarium; it happens every year back home in the Antarctic, according to the Shedd.

Freimuth said the love nests range from simple affairs of about 15 rocks to bigger nests made of big piles of rocks. The penguins will go after a rock they like even if it's already part of another penguin's nest.

"They will steal from one another," she said.

The staff will put out rocks for about a week, according to Shedd spokeswoman Melissa Kruth, pointing out that both males and females participate in the nest building.

After that, the mating begins in earnest, and eggs start to appear about 23 days or so later.

All I can is I'm glad I don't visit much aquariums now a days. This kind of behavior may seem odd to the average person but I've actually seen this happen before when I used to visit an aquarium in Mystic Connecticut when I was younger.


A Global Difference...

Your future depends on your decision on that very same topic "Future".
Are you confident with what you have planned thus far?
Will the money that you have invested cover hurdles that may appear later on in life?
If your answer was no to those two questions then please visit Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co., Inc. today and request some information on how you can prepare your future and be able to handle any obstacle that gets in your way.
If you're an average worker like myself and don't really welcome any assistance from other companies or firms such as this one - then let me be first to tell you that if I can ask for some advice so can you. I currently have a few investments that might evolve into something good, with global futures I can work with them and find out if what I'm doing currently will actually stay in the same state in like 30 years from now. You and I would like a little more in our pockets especially when the day comes to call it quits.



Last night's episode was freakin awesome! I can easily see this show lasting for quite a few more seasons. Watching Peter harness his ability to mimic other heroes' powers when the time came was pretty sweet. It looks like Hiro is going to start his training soon. It was sad to see the artist die last night but he played his role to the fullest and was a hero after all.


Nature Calls...

Having some trouble with the teenage crowd that lives at home? I have two myself, there are times when all I can do is shake my head and wonder why they don't listen and understand simple directions. I have read a few comments on the many categories listed at Wilderness Programs Etc. site and I found myself seriously considering sending my two girls to one of these programs so that they can enjoy the outer world from the city. Wilderness Programs and Help for Struggling Teens are two programs that can help me and others out there solve the problems that exist in the young ones. Give them a look and find what is available for your area.

Heroes is back!

That's right - the show that had me since the very first episode is on tonight and I'm not going to miss it for the world. I am currently working but I am going to make sure not to over do my work so that I don't miss any scenes.


SecureZip by PKWARE, Inc.

Ever find yourself wondering if you should save your documents under a better and more secure system? I know most of you do and have not done so yet because you're either too lazy and don't want to go through the steps or you just don't know what program to use. "SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP" would be the perfect program that would help you easily save those files that you know will come in handy some time in the near future. Quit spending that extra hard earned money on memory sticks to save those same files and then loosing it somewhere in your home or office. Try their limited time offer which is now available and see for yourself how easy it is and have the added feeling that your documents are safely secured. If you are currently using Microsoft Outlook® on your home/office computer then let me tell you that SecureZIP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook® to automatically encrypt, digitally sign, and zip email messages and attachments. No more saving then moving then relocating to a folder that you probably don't feel safe using in the first place. Data security is something everyone should be practicing. Visit www.securezip.com download the free trial and experience how safe and secure it feels to do it the right way without the added steps.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Steps

I was planning on having a sequence of shots describing how to wash a dirty new car and return it to a clean new car but with some time restraints I was not able to do so. So instead I have included a shot I took when I went to Southern Ohio with the family. Enjoy and have yourselves a magnificent weekend.

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O. T. G.

1. PostgreSQL
2. Office Applications
3. Novell Training
4. PHP training
5. MySQL Training
6. Linux Training
7. LAMP Training
8. JavaScript & AJAX

are just a few of the programs available and are trained by top instructors. The instructors themselves go through some of the toughest courses out there just to make sure that you get your money's worth. Some of the courses start out at $1295, the price sounds a little high but you get the following:
-hotel included
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Some other groups train you but they tend to miss or skip certain points that may be valuable later on. Take a look and view their huge list of other courses and see what would best suit you and your plans on success.

Canals and locks...

I spent my lunch hour with a friend of mine over at the Sidecut Park in Maumee. He showed me where the locks were and gave me a brief history lesson on the usage and who used them the most during the early times of Ohio. I took a few good pictures and I hope to have them uploaded some time after I get home.



IBackup - Online Backup for Small Businesses

Waking up in the morning getting the kids up and ready for school kissing your significant other on your way to work feeling great. You open up the shop and you decide to check your level of stock on your inventory software. The computer is running but the program that runs your business isn't loading, your first thought is maybe the pc is still loading stuff in the background. After 20 minutes go by you find yourself wondering what's going on. As good as your was going you have come to the conclusion that you are going to have a bad day as well as lose money until you get the problem solved. Online Backup should be something worth considering especially if you run a small business and all you have is the one hard drive for storage. IBackup will protect your information and store it for a small fee. Give them a look and check their services, who knows you might find yourself waking up every morning knowing that you will have a good day.

Just a little more upset...

I just watched the 11:00 o'clock news and I found myself agreeing even more of what I told my coworker earlier today. I mentioned that if guns were allowed on the campus that the chances of that nut-job Cho killing 32 people would not of happened. A gun carrying person would of shot back and I'm pretty damn sure that Cho would of been startled enough to stop and try to defend himself instead of having a target range available to him. My wife tried to get me to see what if the hero shot a friendly before killing Cho, I agreed that both outcomes would be bad but the numbers would of definitely been extremely low instead of the staggering 32 sum.
That's my opinion for the day.


Webcams welcomed...

I just participated in a hilarious chat with a couple of people regarding a comic named Pablo Francisco. I thought that it wouldn't be too busy seeing that it's after midnight here in Toledo, OH, but I could not of been more wrong. If you get a chance later on in the day please visit Person.com where there isn't just chatting and personal ads about good people but they even have the ability for you to chat and view who your talking to. Come by and find yourself laughing like I did.

Blog It Toledo...

This article is just one of over 60 entries my wife does for the Toledo FreePress. She is truly a gem when it comes to both working hard and entertaining. Every Sunday the FreePress releases it's paper via newspaper and in internet form. Come and read what my wife publishes each and every week.



Life Insurance Lowdown

I have viewed the site mentioned above, from what I saw and read this site is very well laid out and is very user friendly. I have read a few article on ther that discussed "Career & Money - What are your values? How much do you need/want to earn?" I found that this site has many links to articles that can help with an instant life insurance quote as well as the "Creative Power of Thought". If the site had a little more information or even stories of strong families that find themselves making the right choice in a life insurance plan by referencing a site like Life Insurance Lowdown. I honestly believe that most parents out there are looking towards the internet for information on similar scenarios that they are experiencing.

I tried...

I almost had the big one but I missed it by mere seconds. I'll try something different next time.
I hope that next month PPP decides to do sme more OPS that are of that range. I would like to congratulate those who got the top paying ops. I can tell you that if I would of gotten that I'm pretty sure it would of gone right to the "Let's fix the yard" fund.

Payday Loan Lowdown...

Never underestimate the need for more money, there will be times when you are facing a tragedy or emergency and you just got done paying your bills and you don't have the extra cash to help. There are payday loan shops out there that can help you but you have to make sure that you become dependent on it too much. Payday Loan Lowdown is the first payday loan blog that I have seen so far. I have read a few of their articles and found them to be very helpful. The one article explained on how not to become used to relying on fast cash remedies, this site would of been useful when I had my run in with payday loans. I kept relying on it and found myself almost broke to the point where I needed a loan to pay back a loan. Visit them and read the many articles available to you.

I found it finally...

I found the perfect online radio station that provides me with 80's music nonstop. That station is .977 Music Network. It felt good working while listening to the songs that carried me through some tough times in my past. Ok now back to work I go.


Advance Restaurant Finance

Small businesses come and go because they don't apply for the proper loan(s) to drive their business to the growing status that it should be. I have been talking to my wife and daughter about opening up a small ice cream shop in my neighborhood for about four months now. We have decided to shop around for the right business loans so that we don't end up like many other small business do. A.R.F can help and guide you to the right loan(s) needed to start your business. They're simpler, cheaper and are a more flexible financing organization. Visit and learn more about their No Application Fees right from the start.

It's Tuesday and the hunt is on...

It's Tuesday and I'm waiting for the big opps to drop so that I can grab them. One has dropped so far and there should be at least another 6 or so to come. Wish me luck...


Phones that don't suck...

If your interested in the new Blackberry Pearl and don't have the cash to buy it, let me be the first one here to let you know that you can get that phone and then some. That's right get the Blackberry Pearl FREE + $50 Cash Back after rebate and instant discount with a new T-Mobile account. I can tell you that this sucks for me because I already have a phone and it's not through T-Mobile. I got one of those cell phones that comes free with a plan but like they say "You get what you sign up for". My plan is completely pitiful and the phone just accents that. My current contract expires at the end of June and I can't wait to go shopping for a new one. Visit Wirefly today and see what I'm talking about, and if you know a little something about MOTORAZRs then check out their special deal that offers not 1 but 2 RAZRs with a Cingular Family Talk plan. My two oldest daughters have cell phones that I believe can need a little upgrading. My oldest has one that's been through just about everything from dropped to stepped on during a concert. The other thinks that her phone is a paperweight when doing homework and of course you know that paperweights are little heavier then cell phones but you can't tell that to my daughter, so after numerous drops she decided that using it in that manner will have to stop. I on the other hand have trouble remembering where I left the darn thing and I have to call the stupid thing in order to find it. Which is why I would be more than happy to own the Blackberry Pearl because it's a lot better then my current phone and it can actually be used for more then just calling.

Something different

Forgot to mention that I am starting something different today, it's called capoerra. It's a mixture of dancing and exercising or martial arts and dancing. I've seen many instructors do it. Seeing that I am not a dance instructor I'm going to have to combine spanish dancing with hip hop and see how it turns out. Wish me luck!

Feel Light and full of Energy...

While reading some websites that involve weight loss I came across something like this but it did not have quite the same effect. Dual Action Cleanse is a highly known product that has been proven to work for just about anyone. I am working on losing weight right now and after reading the FAQs that are on the website I can see myself trying this out just to see if it would work. I know that if it does work I'm going to recommend it to my uncle in Boston. If you are looking to feel better and get back that spring step you had when you were younger then I suggest you pay them a visit and try it out.

Keeping it going...

Business/Personal travel can be nerve racking. The bed is different, the food is questionable, and meetings can leave you sitting for hours on end. Business/Personal travel can also cause you to skip much of your daily routine – like exercising. I am trying really hard to keep my weight where it is and I'm trying to lose some at the same time. It's hard some times because I see my coworkers come and go eating whatever they choose. My main problem is consumption, I like to eat large portions. If I can only muster up the energy to keep my meals smaller I think it would work out for me just fine. I am currently reading and researching many articles that involve weight loss and the main talk is what the portion is and what it should be. I will try to keep this "diet " thing going for about two weeks and see what the scale says.

Awareness is the key...

This post is to raise an awareness about brain tumors that can form in just about anybody. This site will help you with both information for you as well as doctors. My family does not have a history of tumors and by being aware I intend to keep it that way by using the information provided. I have read all of the details involved with Gamma Knife's radiosurgery, most doctors won't recommend it because they might lack the training. If you find yourself needing this surgery or maybe a loved one please remember this site for it will be a life saver. I have also found out that with CyberKnife and other linac treatments that some doctors would recommend involve a mask that would protect you from the X-ray except they have to scan you every two minutes to ensure that there were no movements. Gamma Knife has a head frame that attaches with temporary placement pins and you the patient has only a single MRI - which means no X-rays. Find out more for yourself today.

Gamma Knife Saves Lives


The list is out...

The list that I am referring to is the list of passengers that were aboard the Titanic the night it went under to the depths of the cold ocean. I have seen the movie a few years ago, I can not help but think of those who did not survive, knowing that it could of been avoided from the beginning just made me more frustrated. Visit The Library of Virginia for the complete list. You can also view the Crew's list. The list is provided in sections as well as bold and non-bold.


Siterra can help...

Siterra is one of the finest sites that offers solutions, suggestions and top of the line Asset Tracking Software. Many companies have used and are still using their services, companies like Sprint, Cingular, Metro PCS which are all under Siterra's wireless service. This company has also a huge sheet of retailers that vary from Pier 1 Imports to Petco and my favorite Sbarros. Mentioning these companies should be more that an iron clad representation that their business operates and breathes using Sitarra's services and software. Visit today and see what your company large or small can potential gain.

A day at home...

Today I did absolutely nothing. Just kidding, I helped my wife by cleaning the house, the bathroom and doing some of the laundry. I am going to post one more thing then I'm going to crash and call it a day.



Unsigned Bands...

Hip Hop artists, Rap artists, Bluegrass Artists and Christian Rock are just a few of the categories/selections available at Unsigned Entertainment. I can listen to pretty much anything now a days although there are some songs that can be a bit out there but other than that I'm pretty flexible. I have found this artist called 211apestreet and between the beat and the flow that is accompanied they keep me moving and jammin. Now they do have a few words that can be changed if they ever want to consider some air play. Now here's a group that would do pretty good here in Toledo, Addictive Tradegy sounds like a group that can definitely get some air play as well concert appearances. Head on over and pre-register the list of listeners and obtain a listener's account.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Hobby

My Hobby

Today's theme is hobby, I had a tough time finding the right photo that would fit the theme so I decided to put the link of my true hobby "photography". Have a look and let me know what you think. Just click on the image above.
Thank you and have a happy weekend.

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Free Protection...

There are days when they come and go and everything will be going smooth and just right when all of a sudden you find yourself staring at a blue screen informing you that you are about to have a bad day. FreeAntivirusInfo.com offers you free Antivirus protection for that's right nothing. Feel comfortable knowing that you can prevent such issues by visiting them today and downloading what can potentially make a really bad moment into a breath of fresh air. I have dealt with many people ignoring my advice about protecting their PC and long and behold here they come crying about their dilemma and how they need to get back on track blah blah blah. If your one of those people that choose to do things after the fact STOP! If you can prevent it now then do it, gather the info that you need when you visit and choose which program suits you. The following programs are just a few of many available to help you when the time comes and there are others that can help you with either your new or existing blog(s) or a photo album that you may have online.

1.Norton Antivirus through Google
2.Spyware Doctor
3.Google Picasa

Stop on by and enjoy what they have for nothing, nada, zilch completely FREE.

Opening Day at Fifth Third Field...

It's Friday the 13th and so far everything has gone in the direction of the most positive and enjoyable feeling. It's the Mud Hens Opening Day and the wife and I have already been downtown to see what's going on. Today I will be spending most of my day in downtown enjoying the festivities. I will be uploading some more photos when I get back later on this afternoon.

Friday Feast 139...

When you were a child, which crayon color was your favorite?
Blue - As a child and even today I find myself still liking the smell of crayons.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how likely would you be to change jobs if it required you to move?
If the job was guaranteed... 8

Take all the numbers in your birthday and your phone number and add them up, one by one. What’s the total?

Main Course
Have you ever “re-gifted” anything? If so, what was it and who did you pass it on to?
Yes, a football - I gave it to my younger brother because my step-dad forgot to buy him one.

Name something you need from the store.
More soda/ Sierra Mist Free though


Shrimp it up...

Sautéed is the way I like them.
Hot and spicy is the way she likes them.
Riddled with butter sauce is a recommendation.
Independently eaten is not procrastination.
Maybe I'm over doing it just a bit.
Place a dish in front of me and see what happens to it.

For a great variety on how to cook these delicate morsels visit the many
Shrimp Recipes at EatShrimp.com

Enjoying my day off...

It's Thursday and I'm really enjoying my day off. I asked for the day off about a month ago but what I had planned to do did not fall through. Either way I enjoyed this day to the point of taking tomorrow off as well which of course I also did. This post is also a nice fill-in for me, for those of you who know what I'm talking about.

Hold the Boat!

Let me start by saying that I do not own a boat yet, but I knew two coworkers of mine who would go out into Maumee Bay (local area) and boat the entire day away. They would come back to work on Mondays and tell stories about their spent time out on the water. They did tell me that the most problem they had was the maintenance of them would be at times grueling. They had tarps for covers and never thought of buying some nice looking canvas boat covers. I had a chance to own a boat once but was unable to do so because of my financial standings, now although things are a little different. I have been to a few boat shows here in Toledo and saw something called a pontoon. The name is weird but it would fit my family just fine. I have looked for what would be needed for the pontoon as far as a cover and found that BoatCoversAdvice.com gives many ideas as to what you can and can't use depending on the type of boat you have. With a pontoon they recommend that a canvas be used because of it's ability to breath a little easier and it won't age as quickly as maybe tarp or just a plastic cover. Stop on by and see what else they can help you with.


That's right - Diamond Dallas Page. D.D.P. used to be a professional wrestler, apparently he teaches Yoga for Regular Guys at Equinox in Santa Monica, California and he has put out several DVDs i the past year. He's just one of many other former athletes that after putting in the time for either themselves or for a team they've decided to continue and teach what they love to the public. DDP teaches Yoga while someone you might know by the name of Wade Davis, who used to be a defensive back for the Washington Redskins who teaches the proper way to exercise and is also a personal trainer in New York. Most people would rather have a trainer who they know has a background in athletic performances rather than someone that learned from some facility. It gives them an added sense of acceptance working with a celebrity of sorts instead of a total stranger. There a guy that felt so good about the program that when he has a get together with his friends he brags that he knows Kerry Taylor of the New England Patriots and that he works with personally.

Current accounts & savings accounts...

With today's spread of different types of accounts and strings that come attached most people don't like the extra hassle of opening an account. Here are some bank accounts that not only make it easier on you but it makes it easier for any other applicant to obtain an account. I'm more of a Savings Account person myself, so after viewing the benefits that The Cooperative Bank offers I can easily see myself opening an account and minimize what goes into my current savings. Their range of current accounts that provide everything you might need in a bank account is just the beginning. Their ethical policy is one that I believe should by carbon copied to all banks that work over the internet. Today, the bank continues to be the only high street bank that gives customers a say in how their money is used and which encourages their input into the ongoing development of its Ethical Policy, with a bank and customer relationship like that it's easy to see why they are considered to be one of the elitist.

Toyota USA / GM Japan

TOKYO, April 12 – Toyota Motor announced a management reshuffling today that will elevate the president of its North American operations, James Press, to become the first non-Japanese ever to sit on the automaker’s board of directors.

The changes announced today will increase the number of board members from 25 to 30. James Press was among nine new members appointed to the board. Four members retired, including Executive Vice President Yoshimi Inaba, a popular executive who led Toyota’s important China operations for two years.

The move comes amid increasing worries at Toyota about a possible political backlash in the United States, where Japanese carmakers have prospered while American rivals are struggling. It also reflects the efforts of Toyota, long a solidly Japanese company, to grow more international as it now produces and sells more vehicles overseas than in Japan.

With what's going on with Toyota it now makes sense why GM was excited when the unveiling of the new concepts in New York this same month will create a huge buzz for the younger crowd in the far east.


Vancouver Lawyers...

LawyerShop.co is the number hot spot for needed lawyers in Canada. If your research for lawyers is by province, by city, by legal category or just a most popular list then this is the place. They have a full directory of legal specialists across Canada such as Ottawa Lawyers, Calgary Lawyers and Edmonton Lawyers. Their legal network also includes Immigration Lawyers, personal injury lawyers, criminal lawyers and prestigious law firms located in Vancouver. If you want representation that is close to home then feel free to contact them here. Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers like Stephens & Holman works on a contingency fee basis, clients are never out of pocket if they retain a lawyer right away. Your payment is based on the size of your claim(s). Give them a try if you happen to need representation.

A Big Wheel Race

Just watched a video that completely threw me off. I remember when this was something "kids" did for fun. Now there's nothing more silly then watching parents playing with their kids toys but what these people do in San Fran just ruins the fun for all kids. They have an annual race where adults ride on big wheels down a small hill, watch the video and see for yourself what I'm talking about.

On Demand Lead Management...

Get yourself on the program that will ensure you the best rate and best performance. With AimPromote you can do away with hidden costs and unexpected expenses. They configure, setup, and provide a complete training course with every account, which means you can concentrate more on making sales than managing technology on a daily basis. AIMPromote is a leading lead management software company that is an international provider of marketing integration and automation tools. AIMPromote.com is an on-demand software which means you don't need to download anything. Try them out for two weeks and see if you can improve your standings. If you register now not only do you get the 14 days but you also get total access to all of their features. Join today!

Sitting on the "N" Word...

That's right - I just watched a video detailing the actual N word on a type of color for a designer couch. This woman seems to be a little calm about it but I can only imagine if some one of a different nature would of handled it. It seems that the main distributor falsely named the couch of the type of color. They say that it won't happen again but even if that's the fact who else will come forward and complain, I'm pretty sure this wasn't the only couch sold.
Click on title link to watch...


Setting Rules on Outlook Express...

Ever wonder why your e-mail inbox is so cluttered with e-mails or when every time you want to look for something it usually takes you a few minutes to locate. Well the answer is simple - Set Some Rules on your e-mail account. That's right rules can be created so that when you have an everyday e-mail coming in you can have that and any others of that nature go directly to a folder label just right for it. The article linked above and here will help you prevent having a full inbox that my potentially slow down the performance of your e-mail.
Look through the article and learn how to apply such rules and make things easier on you whether your in the office or at home.

At any moment now...

At some point today PPP will bedropping some pretty hefty ops up for grabs. The top one is for $1,000 but I'll be happy with one of the other ones if I don't get the big one. I am going to be ready this time.


Ultimate Paintball

Knowing the game and actually being there are two totally different feelings. Paintballing has been around for many years and is still a growing sport with the young teenagers. The first time I heard of paintball guns and paintballs was when I was about 21 years old and a coworker introduced me to the world of paintball the hard way. He had himself an automatic and all I had to use was a pump action gun. Needless to say he won the round pretty easy. I participate from time to time in our local parks where it is allowed. Most guns out there seem good if your an amateur player but if you know what to look for you would definitely buy something like the Tippmann A-5 which in my opinion would kick butt on the field. Here are few other ones that might catch your eye as well as your skill.

Tippmann 98 Custom
Smart Parts Ion
Spyder Pilot ACS

Stop on by and find a new weapon or maybe all you need is an upgrade, either way visit and take a look at the selection.

Earth Day - Work Day

This post is dedicated to the announcement of the Earth Day Work Day Celebration on Saturday April 21st 2007. The following Metro Parks in Toledo will be holding a get together for families, groups or even just an individual, Pearson Metropark, Swan Creek Preserve and Wildwood Preserve. The times are as follows:

Pearson Metropark 9:15a.m. to noon
Swan Creek Preserve 9:15a.m. to noon
Wildwood Preserve 9:15a.m. to noon and 1 to 3:30p.m.

Locate which park is nearest you and come out and join in on the fun. The folks from the parks would like some help with plantings, prairie restoration and general park clean-up. All you need to do is bring gloves and if at all possible some friends or even a group. If you need any more information feel free to visit MetroparksToledo.com, if unable to do so then write down this number and call them when you get a chance at 419-407-9703. The number is also the same number to register. Come out and let's help out our parks!

Am I still a geek?

The answer would be YES. I remember watching the show when I was younger and kind of wishing to be a little bionic myself. There will be a reunion from June 29th through July 1st 2007 in Los Angeles California. Some of the guest will range from a few of the pilots for Star Trek to possibly George Takei aka Captain Sulu. There is also talks about having Lou Ferrigno that's right the original Hulk make an appearance. With the original Hulk and many other famous actors in one room it's going to be a blast and you can receive autographs from your favorite actors. The name for this event is Bionicon 2.0 Official Website Click Here. Make plans to stop on by and see your favorite celebrities.


Where to look...

Have you been looking online for that special something and aren't able to locate it. I have reviewed the following site and found that no matter what I thought of they had it upon searching, that company is Masterseek. Many companies have entered their information into the system so that some one like myself would be able to find it by simply searching. When using the search engine you can even narrow it down so that it can search per country of choice. Let's say that you are looking for certain artifacts that can only be found or seen in Australia then you can search under the Australian tag and find what you're looking for without the many other locations that aren't even near you. Pay them a visit and do s I did, make them a bookmark for future visits.

Hookahs may be next...

After reading an article at CNN.com on the possible banning of the widely known hookah and hookah pipe in Maryland I began wondering what can possibly be next on this whole banning kick that some Americans are on. Here in Toledo I know of a few bars that allow smoking even though it's illegal, there is a loop hole in the system that doesn't really specify where you can and can not smoke. Bars and bowling alleys were to be exempt but their those die hard smoke-free people out there trying to get those places shut down. My three oldest daughters smoke make flavored tobacco products using the hookah. They have not heard of the news of the possible ban for all forms of tobacco but I'm pretty sure there aren't any Hookah Bars here in Toledo. So as long as they keep it with in their own apartments then I guess things won't get too bad. Let's hope that Ohio gets their act together and not be dumb enough to completely ban smoking.


I have just joined a new company that is similar to other ones out there. Bloggerwave is a new company that pays you for blogging about the things you love and enjoy. The setup is fairly easy and it only takes a few minutes to get started. If your looking to make some extra cash while enjoying your time online then please sign up and start today. I have a friend in mind that would be more then excited to know that Bloggerwave exists.


Saturday Photo Hunt - Clean

I had no idea what to use for today's home until I got home yesterday and noticed that the dog needed a bath. So here is my dog Quila as in Tequila, long story on the name. Here she is with a confused look on her face wondering why I would give her a bath and then take a picture of her.

Come and join in on the fun...


Probably for me...

The following comments might be familiar to you the viewers or maybe it won't at all. How many of you are over weight and just can't seem to keep the steps going to achieve just that. Well I can nominate myself for such a person who gets a good start and then just flops and ends up gaining what was lost if not more. I've gone up then down and then up again as far as my weight is concerned and each time it gets harder to get back on track. Nueslim is a new diet supplement that can help with the problems that I'm having. The one thing that caught my eye on this special is the price, your first bottle will only cost $9.95. Yes I know that the price that is being offered is much less than those other pills. With the budget that I am following this would fit right in and not be an expense too high to handle. Visit now and try them, oh did I forget to mention that they offer a Life Time Guarantee on their product - oopps m badd.

Feast One Hundred & Thirty Eight

When you travel, which mode of transportation do you prefer?
Driving - there's nothing more relaxing then driving for many miles.

Have you ever met a blogging friend in person?
No not yet.

When was the last time you were really, really tired?

Main Course
If you could have dinner with any one fictional character from a book or movie, who would it be?
It would have to be a dinner with all the trimmings - by that I mean the proper surroundings that would fit the character. That person would be Maximus from The Gladiator.

Fill in the blank: One day, I hope to see _______________.
Myself in a smaller outfit, size that is.

Light it up...

I currently live in a home that is too small to host such a thing like Chandeliers, but I am looking at buying a different home this year. This one will definitely have a nice foyer that can easily be decorated as well as lit by the beautiful D'Legne chandelier. If you want good quality you know that a large price tag will follow but at D'Legne you will get an elegant and very stylish chandelier of excellent quality for a whole lot less that the other competetors. Stop by and see what will light up your special spot in your home today.

A new member to the blogosphere...

I want to announce to the world that a good friend of mine is now in the blogosphere. His site is appropiately named Broken Arrowhead, his site will specialize in the details and naturalistic history of America - especially Native American history. Stop on over and please give him a warm welcome.


Blog Awards...

I did not know about the Awards until I saw this op for the announcement of it. I have never seen or heard of blog awards but they sound interesting. I don't know who was on the list to vote for or what their blogs were about but I hope we have another awards ceremony so that I can vote and participate as well. My wife has an excellent blog that deals with politics and if you ask me it's one of the best I've seen out there and no that's not because she's my wife, it's because I know a great site when I see one. This op mentioned that the voting will be until the end of March - we are on April now. Hopefully they meant to say that voting will be through April and the winner will be announced at the end of the month.

Well I just read the site's details and the announcement will be done at the Posticon in Orlando on June 2nd. Get there and vote for your favorite site now and cross your fingers wishing that your selected blog wins. I am planning on voting for my wife's blog GlassCityJungle.com just as soon as I'm done with this post. Then I'm going to enter my two blogs and see if I can win the Worst Blog award for the year. I know that's not an award favored by many but I figured that if any one can win worst blog it would be me.

Not too happy right now...

It's Thursday and it's freakin cold out. The beginning of this week it was about 65 to 70 degrees outside but when Wednesday came aroung it dropped down to almost 36 degrees. I had a minot cold on Sunday and it figured that I would get over the runny nose bs right after the weather got worse. The weather folks are predicting that it will get better some time next week. Well I can tell you this I can't wait until then. I got used to the warm weather on those tow days and I want them back NOW!
Yes I'm feeling better now and I want the weather to reflect just that.


Managed Inventory...

I run a mid-sized inventory warehouse that contains a multitude of parts. We have many customers that need parts as soon as possible. Our current system could use something like IMS. I have been running the inventory for my company for over seven years and we haven't tried anything different because we figured if it has worked for us this far then it must be OK to continue.Looking through their site I have learned that they not only can save you money on many unnecessary steps when it comes to inventory counts and management but they do all that during your working hours without interrupting you or your employees. We have been looking into incorporating a barcode and scanning process to our inventory but haven't decided on a final system yet - I believe that IMS can solve a lot of our problems. IMS also provides training with every service sold, not many companies offer that kind of service with your purchase. IMS is highly recognized as well as utilized by many companies like Ben and Jerry's, American Bank, Datatel and more. The companies mention enjoyed the fixed asset software that IMS provided. Click here to read the many letters from their clients that have been sent to IMS thanking them for the needed help. Stop delaying and give them a look and see for yourself the extra time and money you will save but trying their thirty day trial.



The name itself sounds funny but I'm here to tell you that it's no laughing matter. I just got done watching a clip of this still growing company in the US that caught my attention and I'm hoping to mention this site to my coworkers at work tomorrow.
Click on the following links below to get an idea of how this system works.
The Works
The Options

Something like this might work here in Toledo but I don't think it would last too long because we are not a major metro city. It would be interesting to try this out in Washington when I visit this summer.

Covered Area...

DesignerFloor.com has a large selection of area rugs that would suit your needs. My wife and I have been talking about buying a few area rugs for both our living room and bedroom. Navigating DesignerFloor.com's website we fell in love with the Regal collection that was listed. There is an Ivory design that would look great in our living room. The price range for the many sizes are more than reasonable. We haven't found the right one yet for the bedroom but it will only take us a few seconds to decide because the website is very user friendly and the many images available load at rapid pace. If your looking for a great area rug and don't want to fall into buying a poorly made one then visit DesignerFloor today and see which rug fits you.

Coyote Ugly

Just when things can't get any more stranger. Apparently the word has gotten out that Quiznos was the place to go. A coyote wandered into one of the franchises of the sub shop and decided to cool down next to the Gatorades. Just remember the next time you visit one of the shops - look before you sit.

Clear the Mind...

Dealing with a headache in the morning can be a real pain. I live in Ohio but I have a huge part of my family that resides in NY. Visiting them last year made me appreciate the open state of Ohio even more. The city of New York can be a great location to visit but not place I would like to live in. On my second day there I found myself with a huge headache and unable to shake it off. If I would of known about the NY headache center back then I'm pretty sure I would of stopped by and seeked help. Now all I have to do is remember where they're located when I go this year and stop by and receive some chiropractic services.


A sweet repeat...

Just like I said in my previous post regarding the win for Florida - It feels good to see Ohio lose. Florida became one of a few programs to repeat. They are also noted to be the only team to repeat with the same starting line-up from the previous year. I don't know what the outcome is going to be for the team but I hope that next year they try their hardest to make it a three-peat.

CNN shooting in Atlanta...

Reading the article linked above reminded me of an older article that I read about a year ago that involved cameras being placed in buildings for safety reasons. Obviously the man involved in this situation did not get away but there is still many cases that are still open because there weren't enough evidence of the felon/crook. I hope that many business owners that have either read or saw this story will take the next step to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

Big if not Huge Directory...

Big Web Links Bid Directory is going to be one of my many sites that I will be visiting for assistance in searching web-pages that I can relate to. This site is young right now but I want those of you who visit to head on over and register your site and the cast of nothing - yeah that's right get recognition on your site for absolutely nothing. I plan on adding both of my blogs to the list so that I can get more name recognition. Don't wait for them to come to you go out and get them. This site would help out those of you who are just starting out (Jim) and want to gather some traffic flow.

Repeat baby!

All I can say is "get your chomp on!"
I am glad that Ohio State lost last night. It felt great watching Florida win their second title in such a professional manner.
more to come soon


Rankings - Rankings - Rankings

A search engine optimization company like etrafficjams.com can do many good things for you and your site/company. Etrafficjams has a pay-for-performance organic optimization service allows you to increase a nice traffic flow through your site by having them do all the leg work. They only get paid for the Top 10 search engine rankings that they locate for you in the Three (3) search engines that matter most.
Which search engines you ask?
Yahoo! - Google and MSN that's who, and if you work the net like most quick growing companies do then these three engines are of the top elite. If any reason they don't deliver then that month would be free. One of their biggest attraction is that they don't charge a flat rate month after month even when your rankings aren't growing. Which means that they can be on vacation while your ranks are dropping and you have to still fill out those checks and the end of each month. Etrafficjam has a variety of options that you can choose from by clicking here.