History/Moments on my birthday...

Here is what happened on 05/02 throughout history:

Notable Birthdays for May 2

Those born on this date include:
- Catherine the Great, empress of Russia, in 1729
- Gen. Henry Robert, author of "Robert's Rules of Order," in 1837
- Pioneer Zionist Theodor Herzl in 1860
- Broadway composer Lorenz Hart in 1895
- Child care specialist Dr. Benjamin Spock in 1903
- Singer/actor Bing Crosby in 1904 and Theodore Bikel in 1924 (age 82)
- Activist Bianca Jagger, ex-wife of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, in 1945 (age 61)
- Pop singer Leslie Gore in 1946 (age 60)
- Country singer Larry Gatlin in 1949 (age 57)
- And actresses Christine Baranski in 1952 (age 54) and Jenna Von Oy ("Blossom") in 1977 (age 29).

Other Notable Events, May 2
In 1519, Leonardo da Vinci, Italian artist, scientist and inventor, died at age 67.

Out of all that is above the only thing that caught my attention is the fact that da Vinci died on my birthday - bummer. Now everytime I think about watching the movie I will remind myself that the creator of the "Last Supper" died on my birthday.

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