A very good time...

On Saturday my wife and I had the privilege to attend the annual Maumee River Dragon Boat Race. This year I joined the Toledo Parents under the name of "Powerful Paddelin Parents". We had a blast the entire day, it started a bit late at first and just worse as the day went on but all in all it was a great experience. Our team came in 2nd in round one which wasn't too bad considering I didn't have any practice with the team the week before. On the second round we came in first place which of course is a great feeling especially when the other teams racing with you found it necessary to chant weird sayings and perform silly dances. Now on the third race we didn't do too well - we came in fourth. I think that by the time we were up again from the second race we were pretty much in snooze mode. I believe it was about 2 hours before the last race. Well either way it was fun and I hope to join again next year and maybe bring home a trophy. I would like to thank my better half Lisa for waking up that early (7:00am) on aSaturday and then basically hang out the entire day under a hot sun - I would like to also thank the team that allowed me to participate and enjoy the fun with them. We'll get them next year!

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MLE said...

Looked like an awesome time!!

Only ONE MONTH from today and I'm back HOME for a bit :-D

Can't wait. I love you!!