Doesn't look too bad for Sunday...

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about just look at the image to the left. Okay now that you know what's going on I'm going to go right to Sunday's game that brings the 49ers and Patriots head to head in Candlestick Park. With me living in the mid-west (Ohio) and the fact that the local stations only display local teams on television I'm pretty sure that the Niners game will not be shown here. Which is a drag but I have grown to deal with it - there are those rare occasion when they play the Browns and the Bengals but that doesn't happen too often. Okay back to the game at hand, I'm not sure how the Pats are doing without their main man Brady but what I do know is that they had their butts handed to them by the Dolphins (my wife's favorite team - Hi Baby) not too long ago - so I"m hoping for a similar performance by the Pats when coming to Cali to face the Niners. With Mike Nolan at the helm I'm confident that the boys in red and gold will not go down with out a good fight. Good Luck men and see you on Sunday!

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