Great results and a great team...

NEW ORLEANS - Ray Allen scored 28 points and LeBron James 27, powering the East over the West 134-128 in the NBA All-Star Game Sunday. Cleveland's James -- who just missed a triple-double with nine assists and eight rebounds and scored the go-ahead points -- was named MVP of the game for the second time. HE previously won the honor in 2006.

Allen, of the Boston Celtics, sank three three-point shots in the closing stages of the game at the New Orleans Arena. Orlando's Dwight Howard made all seven of his shots from the field and added 16 points for the Eastern Conference. Miami's Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh of Toronto added 14 points each.

Denver's Carmelo Anthony, Portland's Brandon Roy and Amare Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns each scored 18 points for the Western Conference. Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant played about three minutes at the start of the contest. Bryant, who has a torn ligament on the little finger of his right hand, is considering whether to have surgery -- which would keep him out of the Lakers' lineup for six weeks.
While watching the game I found myself seeing that the East Team would be an awesome team to have. The way they were able to flow and make things happen and completing the drive and push just made me watch even closer. I would of loved to see James get that triple double during the game because that would of definitely put him in the bracket with all the other great players especially in the All Star Weekend. Great game fellas.

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