Knowing what you saw...

Winter is right around the corner and for those who know me you know what this means - that's right, nice bright white snow and me having trouble seeing when I'm driving. I am willing to continue to save my family money by purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses because the ones I have aren't strong enough for me. If I'm going to buy a pair I might as well get some that isn't going to hurt the wallet. The family and I have been pinching pennies in order to go on a nice vacation trip next year. We know that this Winter will be interesting enough so we are planning on visiting Puerto Rico next year around this time so that we can actually enjoy some warm air and avoid the bright white snow.
We have on our list for next Spring a nice large yard sale that can help me get my garage back to what it used to be and at the same time help my wife and kids reduce their clutter of "stuff". With a pair of eye glasses from Zennioptical I know that I can get a good quality set and not spend way too much. Check them out today and be sure to mention it to your friends and family because you know that there's a me in your world - don't deny it.

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Edith said...

Great…. You are planning a vacation trip, best of luck for it.