We need to drill today for the future...

This past week I've been hearing on the radio that most hard core politicians are against the drilling just outside our shores. With gas prices hovering around the $4 mark most Americans can't keep the status quo when it comes to living a life that was once normal and enjoyable. I have taken some serious changes in how I drive and how I spend my money knowing that help is far from coming. With president Bush saying that he'll remove any barriers that he may have up if Congress is willing to lift the ban on offshore drilling. The image you see at the top left will illustrate where it's okay to drill and where some drilling is already going on. Obama made it clear that this will not help us right away, he is correct on that point but my two questions for Obama are -
What does he plan on doing to lower the cost of gas?
Why shouldn't we drill now, it would benefit our children in the future when it comes to world survival.
I am okay with offshore drilling especially if it can release us from depending on foreign oil. We as Americans are being kept on our knees and it looks like the Democratic Congress is just fine with that.

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