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Well it's finally going to happen - Sony has decided to go ahead and release the online 3-D social networking service known as PlayStation Home. I remember when SEGA had their deal with certain cable companies when presenting the SEGA channel and yes I know that the two aren't the same thing but if you remember way back when the channel was introduced it lasted roughly a few months before it strted to go downhill. Some saw it as an issue with the family some said that the price that was being paid was too much especially knowing that the games offered weren't all that great.
Sony officials say they don’t expect an immediate payoff from Home. Their plan is to offer Home as a free software download to all PS3 users, and to charge gaming companies and other brands to create shops, sell goods, host events and advertise.
Now I know that I don't own a PS3 and I can mention about ten others that don't either because of the price for one of those bad boys but do they have something for those who don't have one but are devoted PlayStation fan?
It’s unclear what impact the delays will have on Home. The original plan was to have Home ready by autumn 2007. Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai announced the first delay in October, 2007. The company had expected Home to be ready by April of this year, but instead announced another delay. In late August, the company started inviting a limited number of users for a trial.

I guess only time will tell if this brand new venture for Sony wil help or hurt them.

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MLE said...

OH MAN Corey and I used to looove Sega Channel. We'd always stay up until midnight at the end of the month to watch the games change over.

Games today are much more complicated. Where's my cane??