It's coming right around the corner...

That's right - CHRISTMAS! I don't know how those of you reading this poast celebrate but here in the Roman home we like to gather just about the entire family and have what we have tried now for the third year in a row is a gift exchanges. Most families do the traditional presents for everyone while there might be a few others that practice the same idea we do except that we throw in a huge dinner right afterwards. Kind of like Thanksgiving except it's in December. Now for the past we years my wife and kids have decorated the tree and the table where the family will be sitting to enjoy the feast. This year I plan on getting a few Christmas gift baskets and placing one on each end of the table. Better yet I might want to go ahead and get a centerpiece that would bring the attention of the room straight to it. If you have a tradition that doesn't include some gorgeous flowers from 1800flowers.com. Please visit their site and place your order just in time for delivery before it's too late. The last thing you want is to be in charge of decorating and not falling through on a spectacular display. Visit today and Happy Holidays.

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