Saturday Photo Hunt - Original

The image you see to the right is an original architectural piece for this building in the heart of downtown Toledo, OH. I came across this beauty when I went on one of my walks through the downtown area. I have a huge collection of photos of other structures that this city has to offer. I plan on presenting those when the time comes but trust me I might present them sooner then that :)
Can you tell what year it was erected? If so write it down and post it with your comment.
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Moe said...

That's cool!

Andrée said...

Back in the days when they knew how to make buildings right. Worthy of looking at!

Mark said...

I think so much is missed as everyone looks at street level so much of the original building is just not seen. The year is 1925

Cheers Mark

PowersTwinB said...

The perfect "lesson to learn" is LOOK UP! great shot of original sculpting! My photo is up, please come and visit

Double Glazing Warwick said...

That's a nice photo you've got there. I really appreciate sculptures and every time I see one I tend to look at it for a long time. I love architectures way back then because I believe that people back then has unique taste and great passion when it comes to architecture.