Commercials that confuse those watching...

Last night was premiere night on NBC. I enjoyed the shows that were presented, each of them had their interesting catches where they kept you watching all the way through. What I began to hate more and more each and every commercial break was an ad for anti-depressant pills. I understand that there are people out there that suffer from depression, I find myself depressed at times too but I will never turn to a pill to trick my mind and have it think that things are better. The ad shows some people really down in the dumps and sad, I can't figure out how a pill will help you feel or get better. 68% of Americans suffer from depression that is financially related. I cannot see how this pill will help them out with their scenario. They may be able to take the pill and some how feel better the next day but guess what unless they get a raise or a bonus or the winning lottery numbers to millions of dollars they will be depressed the following day 'guaranteed'. About 12% suffer from family loss, guess what folks this pill will not bring back loved ones. What it will do is make you dependent on it and you'll find yourself having not only depression but an addiction. If you have heard or seen these ads please take the time to listen carefully to the end where they speak about the side effects and harmful reactions. If some of you need something like this then by all means take them but as for me I know that things are tough and the only thing that can help me will be me not a pill.

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