Kilts are cooler...

For years I've always honored the fallen soldiers, policemen, firefighters etc. Knowing that they will be honored during their funerals with a 21 gun shot solute as well as a gentleman in full dress mode that involves wearing kilts and playing Amazing Grace on their bag pipes. I have seen many parades that had groups and organizations that wear kilts, my daughter thinks it looks a little weird but I reminded her that even though it looks weird they wear those kilts with pride. I have been asked to wear one for Halloween but I turned them down because I don't believe it's something to wear just to poke fun at it, I strongly believe it's an outfit that only emphasises the greatness of a moment. The site that has many types of kilts is a site that is very well organized and it flows pretty smooth. The one outfit that my daughter did like is the one I have shown to the right, she likes it because #1 the guy looks handsome and #2 it comes in black.

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Muhammad Umar said...

Nice kilt,,,,,,