Not so pleasant in Pleasantville...

- Jayson G. Adams
- James T. McCormick
- James A. Pressley
- Rafael Velez
- Maurice Callaway
- Keith O. Reed
- Marcellus Jackson
- Jonathan Soto
- Mims Hackett Jr.
- Alfred E. Steele
- Samuel Rivera
What due the names above have in common? Give-up? They are all guilty of accepting corrupt payments from companies that offered insurance brokerage or roofing services to school districts and municipalities. This story will definitely be under my radar, I want to know the full story and what were they thinking when they did that. Actually the true question is how long have they been doing this and who else is involved that is not being mentioned and who has been doing this kind of swinging before them?
There's going to be a press conference at 3:30pm est in front of the federal courthouse in Trenton - and I thought the day was going to be boring HA.
Watch the VIDEO to hear the players of this disgrace.

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