Wear glasses/contacts?

After about four years of straining my vision to see certain things at home and at work I finally decided to go with a Lasik surgery. I have not spent any time looking for the right surgeon that would suit my needsa just right but I did run into this wonderful nonprofit patient advocacy company that can take the time to help me make that decision that will ultimitely determine the rest of my life. Although this company does not actually provide Lasik surgery they do however locate the info needed and doctor certifications. If you are looking at getting yourself the tune up you need especially when you have that very important class or meeting to attend and you can barely focus on the dry-erase board then please visit today and go through their list of certified doctors on their website or answer the 50 tough questions so that your doctor help find that great surgeon.


Julian's blog said...

Dear I'm sorry what?
Yes, a couple of people I know have had the surgery and swear by it...
However, some people are not aware that depending on the kind of pupil & iris you have, the surgery may not be a good idea.
The end result may be "halos" or "lights" surrounding objects you view.
So, yes, get expert advice before you rush in to go under the laser.

roman said...

I have heard that from some people but I wasn't sure if that was just their side effects or if it was happening to others as well. Thank you for visit.