Which One?

First-grader dropped off on wrong side of river
By: The Toledo Journal
The Toledo Journal
Originally posted 9/4/2007

Little Najaé Pettaway got off the yellow school bus after the first day of school at the same corner, just like last year.
But Najaé, 6, doesn’t live there anymore. Not even close. She lives on the other side of the river, in East Toledo.

Now something like this happens pretty much anywhere, thankfully the end results were good and not a tragedy. I can understand how a child might be placed in a group to board a bus mistakenly. I am wondering will they implement a new policy where each teacher will have a roll call list of each of their students noting which bus they are to board so that they don't have to rely on a computer that might go down because of something either breaking it or possibly spilling on it. If this was done before the coolant leak they would of simply relied on the list to get the kids home safely. Hopefully they will create such a list so that parents at home don't have to wait in anticipation to see if their child will or will not come out through those bright yellow doors. My daughter had that same problem just yesterday when one of the bus monitors (adults) told her to get on a bus she knew wasn't the right one and proceeded to tell the monitor that this is not her bus but the adult wouldn't let her explain. So she ended up missing her bus while the monitor simply said nothing and went back in the building. I ended up leaving work so that I can pick her up, I told her that regardless to what any of the monitors says about what bus she is to ride she knows exactly what bus to ride and where to catch it. Some of the assistants are trying to remember faces and names and I'm glad for that effort but if the student knows for a fact what bus they ride home please don't ignore the student just listen and be brave enough to say "I'm sorry, I've made a mistake".

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