Jumping Joes...

ATLANTA, GA -- "A Real American hero" has returned in true military form.More than 300 G.I. Joe action figures dropped in on the 14th annual G.I. Joe Collector's Convention in Atlanta Friday. Fans at the event will get their first look at a new line of G.I. Joe products featuring a special edition series that includes the 25 most popular characters in the history of the line. It has been 25 years since the G.I. Joe "Real American Hero" action figures were introduced. The first G.I. Joe figures hit toy shelves in 1964 and lasted until 1976.They were replaced by the much smaller "Real American Hero" figures in 1982.
The convention will conclude on Sunday.

Watching the video of this event brought back some strong memories of the days when I threw my GIs out the window with my home made parachute. Most of them got stuck on tree limbs because they would catch the wind just right and travel right into them. Nonetheless it was fun to see them fly on by knowing that I will have to rush downstairs to retrieve them before the other kids think they just found new toys. I had about twelve of them from each side. I can't remember what ever happened to them but the memories will always be there.

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