Union free if you ask me...

Here in the Toledo area we have seen reports of families wanting for GM leaders to sit down and agree on a contract. I personally know of three people that are current workers at some of these plants. They bring in a lot of money and have some pretty awesome benefits but if you were to ask me if I'm pro union, I'd have to say no. Unions were good back in the day but what we have today is nothing more than highway robbery. I believe that when you work for a living you actually work for it.

Yes there are some out there that have put the time in for their benefits but what I'm talking about is the ones that continue to punch in and do absolutely nothing all day and get a yearly salary of up to $75,000. Listen, I shop at a store called ALDIs here in Toledo, when I want something for less that's where I go or when I want something that's not food related I shop at Wal-Mart. I don't care what union you're in or what you think the union can offer me as a person, a citizen or a family man you cannot argue the point that when it costs you three dollars for a box of cereal at a union store as a opposed to one seventy five at a non-union shop that at the end of the day unions and union shops are considered to be better. I don't know what the out come will be between these two entities but the one thing I can say is that there are other companies out there (Toyota) that run union free and are still producing profits left and right.

I am currently working in a non-union environment and it's great, yes times are tight and the cost for insurance went up which if anything makes my point all the more understandable as to why I shop non-union stores. This strike will hurt those who are used to the big paycheck because although GM has enough stock for a month they can start a hiring binge and get people to work at yes a lower rate but the job will still be there for them as opposed to nothing. Unions are going to be a thing of the past especially if we are to compete in this global economy with the rest of the world.

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