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Most Americans out there think and wonder if they can use a bit of a lift in their lives. Some even take out special loans in order to achieve the look that they want. I currently know of four people (three of them women) who have gotten surgery done for one reason or another but they found themselves paying way too much for a simple procedure. Two of them went in for a lipo and they found themselves looking at a never ending bill that was pretty high from the get go and was high each and every month. My other friend decided that he needed some plastic surgery so that he wouldn't lose that sex appeal that he has had since high school. I tried to tell him that there are many women that still find him very attractive but he ignored the comment and went ahead and had it done. Today being the 21st of September 2007 he is still not satisfied with his new look, I told him that he could of done some homework before jumping into the first operating table. My last friend has had two kids and is finding it difficult to get rid of the extra pounds that resulted from the pregnancy. I talked to her and she has yet to decide whether or not she will have a Mommy Makeover in the near future. As for me and my drama, I have been on a diet and exercise routine for the past three weeks, I feel better inside but as most of you already know that the first thing to go is water weight and not actual weight loss. If I lived closer to the west coast I would consider getting a Beverly Hills Liposculpture. Visiting their site has opened up my eyes and from what they charge on a monthly basis looks to be like something I can do as well as some of you who are considering this type of surgery. I have mentioned this site to my friend and she has family that lives out that way so I think if she is to do this she would do it while paying them a visit.

Beverly Hills Liposculpture

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